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The Day Never Forgotten

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Story title - The Day Never Forgotten

Summary - When Aden's mother dies, grandpa moves in.

BTTB rating - A

Characters - Aden/Larry/Sean/Justin/Grandpa

This chapter is just a taste of what is to come. This will be a long shot and hopefully I don't ditch it x]

12 years ago.

Five year old Aden Jeffries stood in front of his entire first grade class and recited the alphabet slowly. It was his first day at school and he wanted to show everyone what he knew and he wanted to be recognised as Aden Jeffries, not as Sean or Justins little brother. His teacher was smiling at the blond haired boy who bravely stood in front of herself and twenty three other children.

".. L. M. N. O.." At that point, when Aden was nearly finished, Aden's clearly drunk father Larry stormed into the classroom, grabbed his boy by his arm and pulled him out of the classroom with force and almost threw him into the car that was waiting outside for them, the car where Aden's older brothers, Sean and Justin and mother Tania were waiting for them to come back. Aden, Sean and Justin had no idea what was going on and decided to stay silent and just wait till the car stopped as they couldn't stand being held at by their father.

The car stopped all right, but only after crashing into a power poll and rolling over and over down a ditch ten minutes later.

Aden lost his all of his hope and faith, his own mother that day, but his dad got some more help from someone who everyone thought would be the perfect rolemodel for the three young boys.

His grandpa.

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Ten Years Ago.

Seven year old Aden Jeffries cowered under his bed, squeezed between dirty socks and his skateboard, hating knowing what was going to happen in a few minutes, something that had happened every single day for the last two years. Larry just left to get drunk again down at the local pub and his grandpa was due to take care of Aden and his brothers any minute. Aden knew he wasn't allowed to run away as his brothers will dob him in and they'll go out and find him, making him feel scared of punishments that would follow. Sean and Justin never went through what Aden went through as they were older and their grandfather knew they were braver than Aden and would go tell the police staright away. They also had no idea what was happening to their little brother so they kept hasseling him about him being so weak and scared all the time, bullying him.

His grandfather walked into the room and called out to him. Aden stopped breathing so there was no sounds and stayed as still as he could, his back pressed against the wall behind him. His grandpa soon left the room to see what Sean or Justin were up to and Aden got his breath back. He hated having to hide from his own family but knew that if he was seen, the unevitable would happen and he would be in more pain. Physically and Emotionally. Emotion, that was another thing that Aden never tried to show. If he did, taunts would come, followed by a beating from Sean and/or Justin. Even his dad sometimes, which hurt the most.

Often Aden thought 'why me?, what did I do to deserve such things?' and even asked his dad this once when he was sober and all he replied to his young son was "You caused your mother to die so you deserve everything you get boy. Now pass me a beer." Aden couldn't even bare to look at his brothers as Larry had filled them with lies and made them beleive that their own seven year old brother killed their mother, even though they were both there in the car that dreadful day and knew that Aden had nothing to do with it.

Aden finally climbed out from under his bed and grabbed his baby blue security blanket. He knew that only babies carried them around but he needed this as he was wrapped in it on the first day he was born. It was also special as his mother made it for him and Tania always kept it with her so if he was upset, it would be there for him to hug. Surprisingly, it was kept pretty clean as he kept it folded neatly under his mattress where no one ever looked except him.

Aden crawled back under the bed, clutching the blanket in his arms but was not fast enough and his grandfather walked in and grinned wide, shutting the door behind him and reaching for Aden and dragging him back out by his feet before he could even react. He took one look at the blanket that Aden was clutching, grabbed it and tore it in half with a single swipe. With breaking the blanket, he also just broke Adens heart and all calmness that was locked up inside of him.

"I HATE YOU!" Aden screamed, grabbing the two torn peices of blanket and examining them carefully, a tear straming down his face and staining the blanket. His grandfather ignored the young boys cries, and pushed him onto the bed, the torn blanket falling to the ground as he carried on a nightly tradition.

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Eight Years Ago.

Nine year old Aden Jeffries felt lost. His last hope of a half decent life just walked out on him. Justin just walked out after a fight with Larry, never to return again. Aden was terrified now as even though his brothers fought him, they always supported him when he was in a school production or somethng similar. Sean had left the day before and now it was Justins time to leave the scared nine year old alone with Larry and their grandfather. At first, Aden felt scared then sad but then all of that turned into anger. So at nine o-clock that night with Grandpa walked in, Aden threw every threat he had at him. After ten minuted of screaming at the old man, Aden ran up to his room and got his plan ready. He took the tin of marbles from his closet and spaced them out in the doorway. He was hoping that would make his grandfather slip, or at least make him stop and look down.

Grandpa Jeffries walked in and just as Aden suspected, he didn't fall, just looked down at the scattered marbles and laughed. "Won't work Aden, I was in the army, I can with stand anything you throw at me." That made Aden smile, he now had a good excuse to complete his plan, even though rape was a good excuse nethertheless. Aden nodded and looked down. "Sorry grandpa." Aden then stood a step back and grabbed his school dictionary. It was a hard covered book with hundreds of pages that Aden had issued out at the library that after noon for this very occasion. He tossed the book at his caught-off-gaurd grandfather and like he has pictured in his mind, hit him right in the face. Aden felt guilty for a couple of seconds then remember all the torture he had been through every night for the past four year and smiled once more. "Can you take it down pop?" Aden reached down, grabbed the book again and heaved it. This knocked grandpa Jeffries down and Aden bolted for it. He jumped over his grandfathers body and ran straight out the door, headed for his school as he knew that would be the last place they looked for him.

Ten minuted towards reaching his school, he spotted a blonde hair girl standing with her father, both licking ice creams. Aden looked at the girl closely. She was in his class he realized, smiling. He sort of liked her, and even looking at her made him forget all the trouble he was in. Aden stood staring for a while at the pair when the man looked over in his direction and whispered something to his daughter. The man then walked forward and grabbed Adens hand, bringing him back over to where his daughter stood and starting walking towards a parked car.

"Aden, I know you don't know me, but listen. I see your grandfather and he's not looking happy. Before he spots you, I'll take you to my house and you can fill me in on what is happening."

Aden agreed, mainly because he was about to spend more time with the girl he liked. In his mind, wedding bells were ringing. Aden shook his head and climbed into the backseat of the car while the blonde hair girl sat in the front with her father.

"Aden, ready?"

Aden nodded and clicked in his seat belt.

"You ready Nicole?"

Nicole Harris nodded and smiled up at her father Roman.

As you can tell, Aden gets two years older every chapter so soon i'll be able to introduce more characters. :]

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