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Could we have a password on another section?

Guest Miranda

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Is it possible to put a password on the Out of the Blue thread? It is a brilliant series that hooks the audience by making us work out the identity of the murderer but has not been shown in Australia yet. It would be such a shame if the whole series was spoilt for non English viewers [even though we OOTB fans are trying to put everything in spoilers to avoid this].

Can you let me know please?

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I don't think it is being screend here anymore... Originally it was meant to be on air already but because it didn't rate well over in the UK, Ten decided not to show it... Unless they do in the Neighbours timeslot once summer begins, even so that's only four weeks worth of episodes.

Shame though, I was intrigued to watch it.

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I hope they do show it in Australia- maybe it does take a while to get into, but surely that is a mark of good drama. I can't believe they think the audience is too stupid to follow a complex plot- how insulting!

TBH, I'm still in total shock, having just found out who the murderer was- the acting in that episode was brilliant and by this time, I care so much more about the characters that I was horrified. In fact quite a few times this series has had me crying or laughing.

Tell the Australian networks to ignore 'the Poms' and make their own minds up :lol:

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