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Ok I don't know if this is in the right place, but this is kind of fun. I found a website that creates anagrams, so I thought I'd get some for the character's names.


Here's some examples of what I found, some of them are kind of appropriate to the characters:

Leah Patterson-Baker: A Heartbroken Plates.

Irene Roberts: Beer Rot Siren.

Alf Stewart: Water Flats.

Miles Copeland: Misplaced Lone.

Colleen Smart: Scream No Tell.

Aden Jefferies: I Feed Fan Jeers.

Martha MacKenzie: Amaze Cam Rethink.

Jack Holden: Handle Jock.

Tony Holden: Hot End Only :lol:.

Rachel Armstrong: March Large Snort.

Belle Taylor: La Telly Bore.

Annie Campbell: Amen Panic Bell.

Geoff Campbell: Clamp Gel Be Off :blink:.

Melody Jones: Seldom Enjoy.

Charlie Buckton: Back Cult Heroin.

Ruby Buckton: Tubby Uncork.

Angelo Rosetta: A Rental Stooge.

Nicole Franklin: Cannon Fire Kill.

Jai Fernandez: Dear Ninja Fez.

Kirsty Sutherland: Harder Stinky Slut :lol:.

Ross Buckton: Rub Sock Snot.

Morag Bellingham: Global Hammering.

Larry Jefferies: Jails Free Fryer.

Nurse Gloria: Liar Surgeon.

Ric Dalby: I Cry Bald.

Matilda Hunter: A Hardline Mutt.

Sally Fletcher: Caller Thyself.

Cassie Turner: A Secret Ruins.

Drew Curtis: I Screw Turd.

Lucas Holden: Each Dull Son.

Kane Phillips: Happens I Kill.

Kit Hunter: True Think.

Kim Hyde: He My Kid.

Beth Hunter: Be Then Hurt.

Tasha Andrews: Seawards Than.

Scott Hunter: Stench Trout.

Dani Sutherland: Underhanded Trials.

Angie Russell: Seagull Siren.

And my absolute favourite one has to be this:

Sam Tolhurst: To Harm Sluts :D!!!

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LMAO. You must have a lot of free time on your hands. :P

Love Kirsty's, it so suits her. Actually there are a few there that suit really well; Colleen especially. And I like Jai's as well. Only because it has ninja in it.

Sam's :lol:

Boredom can cause all sorts of craziness.

I love Kirsty's one, I don't even dislike Kirsty, but I knew the non-Kirsty fans would like it.

I think Sam's anagram just re-confirms for me that she is the greatest legend of all time!

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