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New Kids On The Block

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Take That, Spice Girls, Wham move aside New Kids On The Block are back and better than ever! :D

How great is it that they've re-formed? I'm so excited about their new album! I'm loving their new single Summertime!

Donnie is better looking them I remember, mind I was only 6 when I first heard about them, but he was my first crush. :wub: I remember watching the video to Cover Girl, with the ripped jean on and I totally fell in love with him! :wub: I still dance around the house lstening to Step by Step and Hang Tough. You can't beat classic cheesy pop like that. I really hope they tour the UK after USA, but I can't see it happening! I'd love to see them live!

Anyway is there anyone out there who still loves them. :D

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I was 4 when they first were out! I loved Hang Tough as well. Also Step By Step, The Right Stuff, Cover Girl and Tonight.

You should listen to their new album, it's brilliant. I didn't think as I was love it as much as I do, as my taste in music has totally changed, but IMO they've changed with it, but kept to their style of music as well. Just got the tour dates. They are only doing 8 shows in UK. I hope I can get a ticket. Don't care who much it costs, I just need to go.

You should listen to Single with Neyo. It's the next single off the album, they all look amazing in the video! Twisted and 2 In The Morning. They are some of my favourites, mind I love all of the songs from it.

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