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Rachel & Angus

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I can't really vote yes or no, because I hate Rachael, but I like Angus :P. I think that Rachael is selfish and has ruined Angus' life without a second thought about it, but Angus seems really dedicated to her and I want him to be happy after everything he's gone through. So... I guess I would like for Angus to realise what a pointless child (mentally, not physically) Rachael really is, and to dump her and go find a better life for himself, away from someone who would encourage him to destroy his career and get himself imprisoned on her behalf.

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Yes, he was her teacher, but they fell in love and they love each other so much that they're willing to give up their good life for each other!

Yes, Angus left now, but I have a feeling he'll come back and him & Rachel are gonna have a surprise!

OK, I apologise, but there are reasons why this kind of thing is illegal. It's an issue that's really close to me because a friend of mine is currently pregnant to our ex-history teacher. Rachel is someone who lost her father figure during her formative years. Sure, she's got Karl now, but I don't believe that they have that parent-child relationship - he is simply someone who happens to be married to her father's wife. I'm not saying they have a bad relationship, but he still isn't the father figure she needs.

Enter Angus, who is an older man, and someone that she feels close to, and able to confide in. I know he didn't know that she was a student when they first met, but when he did, he should have stopped it. As teachers, we are trained specifically in developmental psychology, so we are able to AVOID situations like this - and to me, it still seems like they have the kind of relationship where Angus is the dominant one, and Rachel plays the part of the adoring daughter. While he may have genuine feelings for her - and I know it happens - I think she has mistaken trust and friendship for something more romantic, and he has, either consciously or subconsciously, taken advantage of that. THIS is why it's illegal - because as teachers we have a duty of care over students, and because we have been put in a position of authority and of trust, and for a teacher to form a relationship with a student is an abuse of this power and trust.

I readily admit that I am biased because of my own personal experience, but my interpretation of Rachel is that she is questing for the father figure - just look at her boyfriends/love interests: - Stingray, who was older, Angus, who I've explained, and Ty, who is again, older. The only one that didn't fit this pattern was Ringo, and look how that turned out. I don't know if the writers are doing this consciously, but that is how I read her character and, as such, I don't like the coupling of Angus and Rachel.

Sorry about the long rant :P

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