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We've had these style threads a few times before... and now it's time for yet another one. I'm currently in the mood for working on the main site (not something that happens very often at all), and want to improve it, increase visitor numbers, and generally get the place tidied up and in full working order before I disappear back off to Uni in September.

So, you, the people who really matter :P, what would you like to see change about the site? What new sections would you like added? Is there anything about the website you don't like, or would like changed? Are there any current sections that you like, but you think that could be improved? Let rip, tell us how you can make your favourite Home and Away site bigger and better (and if we're not your favourite, how can we make ourselves?).

Oh, and whenever we do these threads, we always get the request for more videos, so let's presume that's already been suggested and move on. :P

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