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Life Without Him

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This definately is for MACCAZ! Great detective skills!


Chapter Three ~ Dedication

She sat once again in his computer chair and after hesitating a few times, opened the top drawer of his desk. Everything was laid out so neat and so tidy she didn’t want to disturb them. She quickly found the key to his filing cabinet and gently closed the drawer.

Opening this was like a whirl wind of emotions, the first drawer contained the manuscripts to all his stories, each one lovingly labelled, with it’s title and the date it was published, each one contained a sticky note with it’s highest position in the book charts, that mostly was number 1. She lifted the final one, the one which wasn’t going on sale for another month out of it’s jacket. She hadn’t read it yet he wanted her to wait until it was bound. She rubbed her hands over the dimples of his writing, on the font page. Opening it she placed her hand over her mouth and let a tear drop onto the page. He’d dedicated it to her, he never dedicated his books, ever! She read the words over and over.

To my loving wife and bestest friend Mattie, without you I wouldn’t be me!

He always had a way with words, he always knew how to make her cry or what to say to comfort her. He was perfect in everyway. She ran her hands over his words once again. Lucas Holden, this is why I love you so much. She smiled and headed down stairs suddenly finding energy and strength she ordered a takeaway from her favourite Chinese place, when it arrived she poured herself a huge glass of wine and settled down in his chair again, careful not to drop any food on it she began to read and she read from start to finish. Only stopping to fill up her glass or use the toilet.

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Awwww Im in love with this fic,

Mattie and Lucas, I loved this couple, still do, still wish the writers never broke them up :(

I loved the way you kept the suspence at the start of the fic, and its short and sweet but so full of emotion... well done :)

Keep up the amazing work :rolleyes:

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Chapter 4~ The find.

She placed his manuscript carefully back into it’s jacket and reached in to put it back into the filing cabinet. Her hand brushed against something further back. She frowned knowing her husband didn’t leave anything but his manuscripts in here.

Pulling it out she saw it was a sealed envelope, on the front of the envelope was three words:

‘ The bays life!’

Matilda frowned what did that mean? She opened it slowly, inside was a slip of paper.

Safe: 233445

Matilda looked at the numbers for a long time and then headed to the safe. She and Lucas had had it fitted to keep their jewellery in but she never learnt how to use and always asked Lucas to do it for. She walked over and gently typed in the code. She felt so apprehensive, even though it was her safe aswell she never used it she felt like she was prying in her husbands belongings. She heard the click and opened it. The first thing she spotted was a gift bag, pulling it out she read the label:

Mattie, just a little something to thank you for being so supportive as I’ve been writing my book! I love you xxxx

Pulling out the box she opened it to find an exquisite pair of earrings, gold ones with little diamonds set into them. Ones she’d admired so many times in the jewellers window. She placed them back into the bag and looked back into the safe it was nearly full up to the top with brown envelopes all full of paper. Pulling out the first one she saw the words: investigation, new book ALF STEWART, she frowned and pulled out the next one, this said the same apart from the name which said IRENE ROBERTS. Everyone she pulled out had a different bay residents name on them. She couldn’t understand it, she didn’t know anything about another new book, she didn’t know why her husband would have these in his safe. Seeing his handwriting so many times brought a lump to her throat and tears to her eyes.

This is the story of Mr Alfred Stewart, a bay stalwart. You could describe him as summer bays history. Every knows mr stewart, and here’s a little bit of history you would know and a little bit of gossip no one does:

Alfred Stewart was born on 7th November 1946

She continued to read fasinated at all the information Lucas had gathered and then stopped suddenly, now she knew what gossip he meant.

Alfred had an affair with a business women who was passing through in the last 1980’s, she fell pregnant and there followed the birth of a child, a daughter named, francessca, a daughter who Alf has never met, but still sends money to every month. A daughter who he describes as ‘the secret’.

Matilda almost dropped the papers she was that flabbergasted, as she turned the pages she found contact details for all his family including his secret daughter, she found pictures of him by the wharf, in the diner, at the house.

What the hell is this all about? Gathering as many of the files as she possibly could she headed into her bedroom dropping them all on the floor, she slumped down beside them.

‘What were you upto Lucas Holden, why do you know all this?’ she spoke out loud hoping he would help her. Picking up the next one she found Irenes name on it. She was in for a long night, perhaps even longer!

SO the gossip starts, what does everyone think MAtilda should do with the information she has infront of her? PLease discuss!

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