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Life Without Him

Guest sarahandkatie

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Story Title: Life without him

Type of story: Depends on feedback I get

Main Characters: Can't say as it would spoil the first chapter

BTTB rating: G perhaps some others but I WILL INFORM IF THIS IS THE CASE!

Genre: Emotional gritty!

Does story include spoilers: Maybe ~ again will have to see where the story takes me!

Any warnings: Will be given when neeed

Summary: A bay resident has to cope with the sudden death of her beloved, finding solance in a weird diary found in his belongs, the resident relies on the gossip and dirt he held on the other residents of the bay, but will these help her grieve or cause her more harm?

OK here goes this first chapter will tell you about how the resident is feeling, I want to hear who you all think this resident is who the beloved that passed away is and how it happened, ALL ideas are welcome! ENJOY AND PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!

Chapter One ~ HER FEELINGS

She stood hand on coffin, wanting so much for this to be one big bad dream. A dream she would wake up from any minute. This didn't happen. How could she go on with life without him, how could she wake up every morning knowing he wasn't downstairs whistling along to the music on the radio and brewing her a lovely cup of tea.

As she turned she saw all the faces of the loved ones they both shared, the people that meant so much to them, the people that were now looking at her with sympathetic eyes, eyes that said poor her, she's going to need some help. She kissed her fingers and placed them on top of the coffin 'I love you always and forever' she whispered at it before taking her seat in the front pew. The rest is a blur of people talking, songs being sung, hugs and well wishes. Then she's back home, to the empty house they shared, the quietness startling to her, the happiness stumped.

She slumps to the floor the raw emotion of the last week finally engulfing her, tears rolled down her cheeks, large sounds came from her throat. Her hands pulled at her hair, all she really wanted to do was curl up in a ball, never moving again, never having to speak to anyone, never having to be anything then she screams, a scream so deafening, a scream filled with emotion and sorrow.

O.K that's as much as I'm giving away at the minute I want to see what you all think, who you think it could be, what happened, how it happened.

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Chapter Two ~ the house with so many memories!

She sat in his favourite arm chair, her legs curled underneath her the blanket they always snuggled under on the winter nights wrapped around her, his glasses still sat there on the arm, the newspaper he had been reading the morning he died still lay on the table at the side, still open on the half finished crossword, pen still there. She stared aimlessly around her, standing up she turned on the radio and raised the volume.

She couldn’t stand the silence anymore, see couldn’t stand the space where he should have been, but then again she couldn’t leave, she didn’t want to leave. She walked around mindlessly fingering things as she went, running her hand over the phone she had taken off the receiver, stopping and crouching to touch his running shoes, left where he always left them, by the side of the front door. She walked over to the coat rack and placed her forehead against his favourite coat, taking comfort from the smell, his smell. She headed up the stairs, the stairs he carried her up the night they got married, stopping to touch the spot he banged his elbow that very same night. Making her way towards his office, she stopped, this was his space, the space he only ever entered, she had her own laptop downstairs, she never came in here. This is where he did his work, this is where he wrote, and sometimes spent days and nights. She walked over and sat on his chair, she lightly touched his keyboard, the keyboards she listened to being tapped many times, the sound that reassured her when she lay in bed at night, him still working. She hadn’t minded though, when he came out of his space, he always had that relieved, happy sparkle in his eyes, that made up for anything, She stood again, feeling like she was invading his space, she opened the window, then shut it again not wanting to loose his spirit which she sensed was there with her.

She picked up the picture of them two on their engagement night at Noahs bar, the look in both their eyes made her eyes fill again. She placed the picture face down and left, but not before turning and whispering once more how much loved him. Closing the door behind her she headed into the bedroom and checked her phone on the bedside cabinet. She had twenty two messages, all asking if she was, most of them from Tony. She thumbed a quick reply:

I’m o.k just need some time.

Will speak to you soon

I promise


She lay back onto the pillow, exhaustion suddenly overpowering her, she couldn’t remember the last time she had slept. She pulled the blanket around and rolled onto his pillow, She placed her hand on another picture of the two of them before falling into a deep sleep, a sleep filled with dreams of her and him, happy dreams that made her smile in her sleep, dreams she hoped would continue to come to her.

Ok here’s some more, I threw in quite a few clues there so I hope you get who it is because I will be revealing it in the chapter anyway! FEEDBACK wanted thank you!

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this is really testing my detective skills, cant figure out who it is though.

he wore glasses, did crosswords, worked from home alot

her name 'M', can't have been married too long ago because had their engagement in Noah's

????? I have no idea!!!! can't wait to know who it is though.

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