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Shipwrecked - UK

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i've been a tiger every series....they're always so much nicer. the sharks are mean and coniving. Evil faith and cerys (don't know how to spell it) :angry:


same .... i never like the sharkies <_<

We love you tigers we do, we love you tigers we do, we love you tigers we doooo oh tigers we love yoooouuu

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Yeah he's like my mums cousins son :)

I have been watching it.... i had to switch off on sunday though... the whole chops thing made me really, very upset.

yeah i dont like her.... shes horrible. i like Lottie :)

Even though she picked sharks <_<

so you think hawks will be choosing who wins?

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I'm not sure....because that kind of makes the whole things pointlesss....if they all have to choose an island it wouldn't really be fair cos people like char don't know most of the people. i hope it's more interesting than that....i want them to shock me!

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