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Passionate Endings....

Guest LisaCarmen

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So i've been reading all the fan fictions and they are fantastic!!!

I thought i'd give it a go....

I havent done it before, so if it sucks i appologise :lol:

I've decided to do it based on Jack and Martha's love story...

And have named it Passionate Endings :rolleyes:

Story Title: Passionate endings

Story description: A jack and martha love story

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: nope

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: nah

Summary: Read ..... and find out :lol:

Chapter One

**Christmas Day 2008**

Martha woke early, and a smile grew on her face as she looked at her husband laying beside her.

He was up late the previous night, with a break in on a jewlers in the city, so she dare not wake him.

She moved to the kitchen and smiled at the sight of all the presents sitting under the perfectly decorated tree.... her main present to jack wasnt included, but she knew, when she finally gave it too him?.... It would be the best present she could ever give him.

As she made breakfast, she heard jack stirring from the bedroom... and as he aproached the kitchen, she smiled and ran into his arms and gave him a kiss which was full of passion.

''Morning Gorgeous'', Jack said.

''Morning'', replied Martha. ''Merry Christmas'', she said pointing to under the tree.

Like a child in a sweet shop, Jack bounced over to the foot of the tree and franticly began searching for gifts labeled ''Jack''. Martha gave a snigger and joined him.

After Jack and Martha,exchanged gifts and had a bite to eat, Tony and Rachel made an appearance from the back bedroom.

''Good Morning, Mate'' Tony yawned

Jack and Martha both smiled and Martha bounced over and hugged Rachel.

'''Merry Christmas'' Rachel replied.

''There are loads of presents over there for both of you.... but jack might have already burst all the ones with his name open'', Matha Giggled.

After all the presents where open, and everyone was showered, dressed and fed. Everyone headed out to the summer bay house to see Alf, Ric, Miles, Morag, Colleen and Matilda, where they would be spending the rest of the day and evening.

As they approached the house, Martha stopped Jack.

''Your proper present will come this evening'', she explained.

Jack looked entrigued and demanded to know what it was, but martha wouldn't give any clues until after Dinner.

**The opened presents, pulled crackers, sang songs, ate dinner, watched the queens speach... everything else families do on christmas day**

As they were all getting tired, Martha and Jack decided to call it a day and headed up to bed.

Jack got changed out of his clothes and into the bed as quickly as possible, hoping to get lucky. But martha just smiled and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Jack felt like he had waited for years by the time Martha came back and he was now to tired for anything.

Martha just grinned and looked at him.... ''Would you like your present now?'', she commented.

''I'm too tired for any of that now, i've waited too long'' he said disheartened

Martha sniggered...''Good, because your not getting any''

She reached into her bag and brought out, what looked like a photo, and handed it to Jack.

''Merry Christmas, Jack''

Jack was speachless ......


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**The opened presents, pulled crackers, sang songs, ate dinner, watched the queens speach... everything else families do on christmas day**


Great start.

I'm thinking Kaitie's right ^ maybe shes pregnant!

Do you know how many chapters this will be? :unsure: Just wondering :D

More please

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Jack and Martha woke early on boxing day morning, Cuddled up the each others arms. Neither of them thought it was possible to feel this happy inside. Everything was working out, second time around, and they were both determined nothing was going to spoil it for them.

Jack moved slightly, enough for him to be able to reach the picture he had placed on the bed-side cabnet the previous night. He gave it a quick glance before slipping it into his bag beside him and getting out of bed. Martha was quick to follow and after they were both washed, dressed and looking presentable, they made their way downstairs.

Alf, Morag and Ric were all awake. Rachel and Tony had made and last minute decision to head home the night before, and no-one dared question why.

''Morning Grandad'', Martha said in an unusually happy manner.

''Er, Morning Love'', Alf replied, in a slightly confused voice. ''Everything okay?''

''Everything is .... Perfect'', she explained before skipping merrily to the fridge.

Jack gave Alf an look, as if to say ignore her, shes crazy. Alf gave a slight giggle.

''Where's Mattie'', Martha asked.

''Still asleep, I think she maybe had one too many last night'', Replied Ric.

Martha gave and snigger and headed upstairs.

So, did you both enjoy your day yesterday then, Jack?'' Morag asked

Jack grinned and paused for a second....

''It was the best christmas I could dream of''


''Knock, knock, Mattie, you awake?'' Martha whispered

A slight growning voice came from under the duvet. Martha laughed and walked over the the bed.

''I brought you a glass of water.... you need to flush it out your system''

Mattie threw he duvet off her face and looked at Martha.

''I feel like I'm dying!!!''....

Martha places the glass on the table beside the bed and sat down on the edge.

''Hardly mattie its just a hangover''

''I saw you weren't drinking last night'' Mattie replied

''Because I didnt want to end up like this!!,.... and spoil my boxing day'' Martha giggled

''Anyway, me and Jack are heading off soon, so I thought I'd come and say bye''

Mattie sat up and gave Martha a Hug.

''See you later, yeah?'' Martha said, before getting up and heading back downstairs.


''Okay we better be heading back, see what dad and rachel have planned today'' Said Jack... **He shouts upstairs** ''MARTHA, COME ON''

''I'm coming, I'm coming''

''Okay, you got everything'' Jack asked

''Yep, i think so'' she replied

''Thank you for a great day and lovely dinner Guys'' they both added

As they said their goodbyes, Martha was suddenly taken back as she stopped to think of everything she had going for her.... she was surrounded by the people that mean the most to her in the world, and the man she loved, and she suddenly felt her eyes fill up with tears. However determined not to let them see her, Martha made a quick escape for the door.They would have to walk home and Tony and Rachel took the car back the previous night, but the sun was shining and the decided to take the beach rought home. As they both walked hand in hand along the beach that was so quiet, the sand and sea looked untouched they were filled witha special joy only they could feel at that moment in time.


As they approached the house, the car wasn't anywhere to be seen.

''They must of headed out for the morning'' Martha said

But as they entered the house, everything seemed, just like they left it - Rachel and Tony's bed, untouched.

''Do you think they came home last night?'' Jack said confused.

''They must have... they probibly just tidied up this morning'', martha joked.

Jack look unconvinced....''Yeah'' he smiled

As jack headed to the bedroom to get into something more comfortable, martha began unpacking the bags. She laughed as she took out silly presents she had recieved from Ric and Matilda and Jack's stupid 3D christmas T-Shirt, he had insisted he wear the previous day. Then she came across it.... the picture. She lifted it out and smiled a smile so big, her lips could crack.

She walked over to the fridge and with a magnet she placed the picture beside one of herself and Jack....

She stood back and smiled

This was going to be a wonderful year .......


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**The opened presents, pulled crackers, sang songs, ate dinner, watched the queens speach... everything else families do on christmas day**


Great start.

I'm thinking Kaitie's right ^ maybe shes pregnant!

Do you know how many chapters this will be? :unsure: Just wondering :D

More please

I'm aiming for 10 :)

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Chapter three

As Jack emerged from the bedroom, he spotted Martha asleep on the couch.

He smiled and picked up the blanket on the table and layed it over her.... he stood for s few seconds and watched his beautiful wife sleep peacfully, knowing that soon enough, she wouldnt be the only person he could sit and watch sleep.

It was now 4 hours since Jack and Martha returned from the summer bay house, and Tony and Rachel were still no where to be found. Their mobiles were ringing out and Jack was getting worried. He left a note on the table, it read: GONE TO LOOK FOR DAD AND RACHEL, I HAVE MY MOBILE ON, WILL CALL AS SOON AS THERE IS NEWS

On his journey out he asked everyone he saw, No one had seen either Tony or Rachel since Christmas Eve, apart from those they spent christmas day with. Jack began to panic, and rushed to the summer bay house to ask for Alf's assistance.


Meanwhile Martha woke, to an empty house

''Jack? Jack?'' She called out

Then spotted the letter on the table. In finding it, she began to think, maybe this was more serious than she first thought, Should she be out helping jack look? Should she stay and wait for news?....

**Phone rang**

Martha: Hello?

Jack: Martha, its me

Martha: Jack, are you okay, any luck in tracking them down?

Jack: No one has seen them since Christmas Eve Martha, I'm begining to worry

Martha: Jack, just calm down, i'm sure they are absolutly fine, they probibly just wanted some time alone

Jack: They wouldn't leave like this

Martha: *pauses* Okay I'm coming to help you look

Jack: Martha, No! You dont need this stress. Just you rest, I'll call you if there is any news, your grandad is helping me look. The best thing you can do right now is rest. And take care of that baby, for when I come home.

Martha: Jack I love you

Jack: I know, I love you too, take care, bye

Martha: Bye

**Both put the phone down**

Martha sits down on the sofa and places one hand on her stomach.... It'll be fine, Daddy will make everything better...**looks into the distance**


Alf: Jack, lets go

Jack: Okay, walks away from the phone and heads out with Alf

**They Leave** **Phone Rings**

**Answering Machine comes on..... Beep**

Tony's Voice with slamming and loud noises in the background: Alf, Mate its me, I cant get through to Jack and Martha you need to come we're .........

**Bang....Phone goes dead**


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