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Ready to answer a role call

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Ready to answer a role call

Herald Sun

June 11 2008

After losing her soulmate to cancer last year, Home and Away star Jodi Gordon has found happiness again with Channel 7 heir Ryan Stokes.

Gordon doesn’t want to comment on her new relationship, beyond saying – with a coy smile - that she is “very happy”.

She admits she was hurt by initial media coverage of the relationship, which had suggested Gordon became involved with Stokes too soon after her former love, Chris Burkhardt, died on March 3 last year after a year-long battle with leukaemia. He was 23.

Gordon says losing Burkhardt was terrible.

She understands the media interest in her private life but doesn’t pay much attention to what is said.

“It’s part of the job,” she says. “Mostly it’s been positive. There was some (negative publicity) last year. Everyone has their opinion, but I don’t let it affect the way I live my life.”

She ignores gossip about herself but does admit to having Googled her name at least once out of curiosity.

She says most of what she saw that day was fairly tame. But she has since been told by her former co-star Jessica Chapnik, that a recent blog featured entries written by two people pretending to be the two actors.

“Jess told me there were two people having an argument on Bebo about us,” she says, laughing.

“That’s pretty strange.”

Gordon says she loves working on Home and Away and, in particular, the on-again, off-again relationship her character Martha has had with Jack (played by Paul O’Brien).

Three years later, she is in no hurry to leave Summer Bay, but would like to try her hand at films and possibly Hollywood one day.

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O-M-G. Can they not write an article about her and Ryan that DOESN'T talk about Chris over and over again?

Lmao at Jess and her laughing at people arguing about them. :P That's pretty funny. There should have been some sort of interview with the both of them together, would have been pretty amusing I think.

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