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The Official Fan Fiction Section Rules and Guidelines


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This thread contains all the rules and guidelines for the Fan Fiction section as well as links to important threads. Authors must obey the following rules at all times.


1. Forms

When you open a thread to post your story in, you must have filled out this form and pasted it in your first post right before your first chapter. If you do not comply with this rule you will receive a reminder and/or warning PM from a Librarian.

Story Title: **Story title** - If you can't think of a name, just call it anything. If you would like it changed at a later stage you can contact a Librarian.
Type of story: One Shot / Short/Medium Fic / Long Fic - If you aren't sure if it's going to be long or short just put short/long fic and (undecided) in brackets.
Main Characters: Who will be in your story, what character/s does it centre around.
BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance right here
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Comedy, whatever fits. Try to fill it out, if not sure just put General.
Does story include spoilers: Yes or No, yet make sure you mention if it includes Aussie spoilers too.
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death, language are the main warnings, however you can include further, eg. Drug References. It is also recommended that before each chapter you make specific warnings.
Summary: 5 lines max - The main plotline.

Note: Please keep these forms in the given colour, as this lets us know which fics have been updated with the new form. Thank you.

2. Titles

The Title of your story should go on it's own in the 'Topic Title' field. In the 'Topic Description', also known as the sub title, you must include the rating, warnings, spoiler warnings, and characters your story centers around.

3. No Promotion Threads

This is a simple rule that you are expected to follow. Every time you post a story you must have a Prologue or First Chapter in THE FIRST POST. No teasers, sneak peeks, character descriptions etc. Your root post must contain the beginning to your story, simple as that. Want to advertise your story? Click Me!

4. Ratings and Warnings

Ratings and Warnings MUST be included in your sub title and your form. The reason for them is simply to make sure younger readers do not stumble across unpleasant material in stories.

4.1 The Adult Forum

The Adult forum is a new sub forum in which all fan fics rated A+/R should be posted. It serves the purpose to stop readers coming across explicit material. Rules for the adult forum can be found here

The password for this forum is
adultbooks. You must be over 18 to enter this forum, however, BTTB takes no responsibility for younger peoples curiosity.

5. SPAG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation)

While we appreciate that some members might have difficulty with SPAG we do encourage you to try your best. If there is a particular reason you have difficulty however, do not hesitate in PMing an Admin or Mod about it. A good idea is also to request a beta reader.

5.1 Beta Readers/Proof Readers

A beta reader/proof reader is a person you send your chapters to before you publish them. They fix SPAG errors and tidy things up to make them readable. Some will offer you tips and help you develop your story. For more info on betas, and to request one/to become one, click here

6. Reviews

After reading a story the author usually appreciates comments. They should be detailed and include constructive criticism. It is understandable if you don't have time to review every bit of the chapter however it will help the author improve, and they usually ask or expect honesty from readers. For review guidelines, click here

7. Different Forums

There are three sub forums in this section, The Vault, The Northern Districts Library (which includes a comments sub forum) and The Adult Forum, as mentioned previously.

7.1 The main section

This bit is for posting on-going stories.

7.1.1 Length of Fictions

The maximum length for a Long Fan Fiction is 200 chapters or fictions with parts that equals a total of 200 posts. Fictions beyond 200 chapters/posts in total would need to consider finishing their fiction(s) immediately and to consider writing a sequel instead.


7.1.2 Maximum Number of Fictions

The maximum number of on-going published fictions, written as part of a group or as a solo effort, in the Fan Fiction forum at any one time is two (2) per forum member. Any new fictions started after 30 March 2015 that don’t abide by these rules will either be deleted or locked, at the discretion of the Librarian.

7.1.3 Restrictions for Publishing of New Fictions

Current members who have more than 10 vaulted fictions to have restrictions placed upon them when publishing new fictions. They are to be limited to one-shot fictions for a period of time and need to show a concerted effort is being made before restrictions are to be lifted.

7.1.4 Fiction Re-Posts

Fictions that authors would like to re-post may do so only if their original fiction has been completed, both chapters and comments, and have been moved to the Northern Districts Library. Fictions that don't comply with this rule will be deleted.

7.2 The Northern Districts Library

BTTB's archive of completed Fan Fictions. If you have completed a fic and want it moved to the NDL, please contact a Librarian (see below).


When a fic is moved to the NDL it is split from it's comments and they get moved into a separate thread in this section.

7.3 The Vault

A collection of abandoned and unfinished Fan Fictions. If you would like to have a fic moved there, please contact a librarian (see below).

7.3.1 Deletion of Vaulted Fictions

Any more than the specified 10 vaulted fictions will be deleted, according to their placement alphabetically.

7.3.2 Time Limit of Vaulted Fictions

Vaulted fictions to have a time limit of five years before fictions are to be deleted, according to date published.


7.3.3 Deletion of Abandoned Fictions - Librarian's Discretion

The deleting of abandoned fiction in the Vault, when requested by an author, will be at the discretion of a Librarian who will take into account the interests of readers and the forum.


7.4 The Adult Forum

The Adult forum is a new sub forum in which all fan fics rated A+/R should be posted. It serves the purpose to stop readers coming across explicit material. Rules for the adult forum can be found here

The password for this forum is
adultbooks. You must be over 18 to enter this forum, however, BTTB takes no responsibility for younger people's curiosity.

If you don't know whether a fic has to go into the adult forum or not, ask for a Librarians (as listed below) opinion.


8 Librarians

The Librarians are the ones who look after the Fan Fiction forum. If you have any queries or want something moved or deleted please contact them. They are recognisable by their red names and banners instead of pips. The following users are Librarians (in alphabetical order).


If there are no Librarians online and you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact another member of staff that may be online.



Fan Fiction Requests

Advertisement/Promotion of future Stories

Writers Assistance

Fan Fiction Discussion



Failure to abide by these rules will result in a PM correcting your mistakes, if you receive three PMs you will receive an official warning.



* Additions to the Fan Fiction Rules, as of March 2015 and May 2015, are highlighted in blue.*

* Additions to the Fan Fiction Rules, as of November 2015, are highlighted in red.*

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