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Site Check Please

Guest Reo

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I have no-where and no-one else to ask this, but I am trying to get on the site DigitalSpy and it hasnt been loading since last night. I want to know if it is my computer or if it is the site. Could anyone go to the site and tell me if it is working for them?

Thanks. :D

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Sorry about the crash Cerise. :unsure:

But thanks, I thought it was the site, but having no-one else to check for me and having a few other sites going slow, I wasnt sure if it was me.

What browser do you use zzazzb?

Maybe its a firefox issue(what I use) or country.

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I know awhile ago it went down and it effected some people and not others.. But Im not sure what was causing it..

I didnt want to have to clear my cookies or anything, but I may have to just to check.

lol zzazzb It should say on the very top bar of the broswer.

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