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We love Aden and Nicole

Guest aden_hottie101

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Welcome!! :D

We <3 Aden and Nicole



There was nothing on Aden and Nicole so i decied to post something on here about them so yeah as you may know that Nicole is Romans Daughter she is very Spoilt,Rich and the popular girl.

Aden is living with Roman because of things in his family is going on Eww

so we have the perfect couple with Aden and Nicole Sooo I have started a thread for them coz they are awesome...

so yeah enjoy i am going to post pictures up of them soo keep posted and avatars are comming soon

Sunshyne aka Aden_hottie101


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i want them together :)

they would be way better than Aden and Belle :o

even though Nicole's really annoying,

i would like to see a softer side, wich is there somewhere,

and also find out the real reason why she came to the bay since i think she lied about what she told Roman.

but i'm sure it has something to do with the stepdad :P

but Nicole & Aden, <3

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Hey just wanted to know if we can post some sigs and av that we make of nicole and aden in here?


A few every now and then should be okay. If you've got heaps though, you might want to start a thread in the artwork forum :)

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