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Confirmed Dead

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Confirmed Dead

Story Title: Confirmed Dead

Story description: It’s a bit of a thriller, you never know what’s going to happen until it happens

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Tasha, Robbie, Kit, Kim, Rachel, Amanda, Belle, Zoë, Peter, Jack, Hayley and Scott, with others providing supporting roles

BTTB rating: A (just to be on the safe side

Does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: Death, possibly sexual content

Summary: A rewrite of when the stalker resurfaced in Summer Bay

On the outset it was just a normal seaside town, idyllic for a weekend break away from the city. Or a great place to raise a family right? Wrong for appearances can be deceiving, this town is filled with terror, murder and angst and the residents of Summer Bay were about to get a shocking reminder…

Dani Sutherland stepped out of the car, the sun was blazing down on her causing her to shield her eyes. A warm chill was welcomed as it swept past her, a small smile crept onto her face when she cast her eyes down to the beach nearby where she had parked. She then saw the familiar figure of Colleen Smart staring at her, mouth wide open. Dani then let out a small giggle as Colleen started rushing towards her with an excited expression, Dani was home… at last

Tasha made her way slowly through the streets, her destination was the Diner to have lunch with Irene but she was trying to walk as slowly as possible in order to have a little thinking time. The last few months ran through her mind as she thought of the Believers, Mumma Rose and the terrible thing that Jonah did to her. The things that had torn her life with her beloved Robbie apart, it wasn’t as though she could forget all about it. Yes she could forget the memories of it all in time but she wouldn’t be able to forget her baby, she knew Robbie would treat the child as his own but she knew deep in her heart that Robbie wouldn’t truly accept the child…

“Tasha.” A voice called bringing Tasha out of her thoughts, the blonde girl then turned around and to her unexpected surprise saw… Kit. Of all the people she expected to see, It turned out to be Kit Hunter. A welcomed appearance by the sight of her good friend to distract Tasha from her thoughts

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” Tasha suddenly screamed out whilst rushing to hug her boyfriends’ sister.

“Its so good to see you.” Tasha added still squeezing the former red head.

“Its good to see you too.” Kit beamed.

“Does your mum know you’re here? And Robbie? Matilda?” Tasha said firing a load of questions at her friend.

“No, no. It’s a surprise, I’ve got some time off so I thought I’d come up and pay a visit.” Kit laughed, Tasha smiled

“Come on, you can come say hi to Reeny at the diner and then I’ll come with you to Beth’s. I can’t wait to see her face and Robbie’s.” Tasha said getting very excited.

“Sure why not, I’ve not eaten yet so I’ll grab a quick burger.” Kit laughed, happy her friend was so happy to see her

Dani looked around at all the familiar faced as well as a few new ones, after being cornered on the beach. Colleen had decided to drag the eldest Sutherland daughter to the diner to see everyone, Irene, Leah and Sally were all sat around her. Alf, Morag and the faces she’d never seen who Irene introduced as Cassie and Martha, Dani also recognized that Dalby kid who had bullied Henry Hunter. Dani was quite shocked when Alf revealed that Dalby or Ric was his grandson, the child of a son Alf never even knew he had. Things certainly had changed in the Bay whilst some things managed to retain their familiar feel.

“How’s Shelley?” Colleen asked with a smile on her face.

“Oh she’s okay, her and dad are doing fine.” Dani felt slightly awkward, Shelley and Rhys weren’t highly regarded after the way they treated Beth.

“Oh good, I always liked your mother. Next time you speak to her say Colleen was asking after her.” Colleen said.

“Okay I will do.” Dani laughed, she had missed Colleen.

“Ooh.” Colleen said suddenly, causing everyone to jump.

“How’s Maximus.” She finished.

“Oh he’s great, he’s living with Mum and Dad now.” Dani answered.

“Oh good, I haven’t heard off him in a long time… still at least he’s happy.” Colleen said, her tone had a hint of sadness in it.

“How’s Jade.” Sally asked.

“Oh… well… she doesn’t speak to us that much anymore, mum and dad made a point of getting to know Laura and well… Jade felt a little pushed out… ever since then she’s been distant.” Dani explained, she wasn’t giving everyone a very good impression of her parents.

“So what brings you back to the Bay love?” Alf asked sensing Dani’s discomfort.

“To be completely honest… I’ve missed the place, I never thought I’d say that. When I first came to town I kicked up a fuss and wanted to go back to the city, after finally going back and spending some time there I started missing this place.” Dani explained.

“Oh that’s lovely.” Colleen said, Irene then looked and spotted something glittering on Dani’s hand, which shocked her slightly.

“So who’s the lucky fella?” Irene suddenly said, causing everyone to look at her in confusion. Leah and Colleen then spotted a ring on Dani’s hand, an engagement ring.

“Oh my gawd.” Colleen screeched, Cassie and Martha then backed away and covered their ears. Colleen could be too loud sometimes

“You remember Stafford McRae… its him.” Dani giggled, staring adoringly at her ring.

“If my memory serves me correctly he is an employee of Ian Osborne, Tasha’s biological father? Am I correct.” Morag who had been keeping quiet suddenly spoke, Irene suddenly shifted her expression of happiness for Dani into a serious one.

“Yeah but Stafford is taking a back seat, he’s just going to be dealing with business around the Summer Bay and Yabbie Creek area.” Dani explained sensing Irene’s gaze.

“Its nothing to do with Tasha I promise.” Dani said reassuringly

“Okay.” Irene said forcing a smile, whilst sounding a little disbelieving.

“So how long are you staying for?” Martha asked.

“I think I’m staying round for the long run, Stafford and I are planning on buying a house here.” Dani said to the new face, everyone’s attention was soon grabbed by voices coming from the doorway. Everyone watched as Tasha walked through the doorway followed by none other than Kit Hunter.

“Well stone the flaming crows, everyone’s making a bloody comeback.” Alf said as everyone rushed to greet yet another returnee, Tasha then spotted Dani and rushed over to hug her as everyone welcomed Kit… this was going to be a long afternoon.

Kim sighed as he walked along the beach, he too was thinking about the last couple of months and how they had taken a toll. First a girl who he really liked turned out to be a complete psycho and had kidnapped Sally Fletcher, then the paternity thing came along between Scott Hunter and Hayley Lawson. Then he ended up in hospital, then his dad was found to be the murderer of Josh West. The list was absolutely endless, still he had his two best friends Robbie and Tasha to support him despite their own problems and at least one good thing came out of the trouble and that was his new girlfriend Doctor Rachel Armstrong, but was it good? Every woman that Kim had had been in a relationship with had let him down, women weren’t as brilliant as they were cracked up to be according to the blonde hunk and now his eyes had started to drift elsewhere…

“Robbie.” Kim smiled as he spotted the familiar spectacled face of his best friend, Robbie turned around and smiled his trademark signature smile. Just as they were walking over to each other, Matilda walked onto the beach.

“Robbie! Mum is looking for you!” the youngest hunter girl shouted out, Kim sighed as Robbie smiled weakly before running off to his sister. Chatting to his best friend would have to wait until another time.

Amanda Vale dressed to kill as always strutted along the beach, she was in search of the girl who had recently been revealed as her daughter. An enemy of hers… Belle Taylor, both Amanda and Belle had reacted with immediate horror on learning that they were mother and daughter. However Amanda had started to have second thoughts, she was excited about having a daughter and she wanted to bring Belle round to her way of thinking. She then spotted Robbie and Matilda walking up the path from the beach, Robbie didn’t acknowledge his former school teacher/brothers girlfriend whilst Mattie shot a disgusted look at her. Amanda returned the look and then shrugged it off before carrying on with her search, her interest was then sparked slightly by the appearance of a brunette woman stood in the distance on the beach. Amanda merely shrugged once again and left

Belle sat in the counsellors waiting room, it was her first appointment suggested by Irene under advice from Sally Fletcher to help Belle deal with issues that may be bothering her. Belle didn’t seem to be into it however and she just stood up getting ready to leave when…

“Belle Taylor.”

Belle turned around to look at the receptionist who had called her name out

“The counsellor is ready to see you.”

Belle smiled a forced smile before sighing and then walking towards the counsellor’s room

This better be worth it

After everyone had finished asking both Dani and Kit questions about their return to Summer Bay, they decided to leave the diner. Kit, Tasha and Dani all walked out of the diner together, Tasha hugged Dani and then she and Kit watched as Dani walked away to find where she had parked her car. Kit then threw a questioning glance at Tasha

“What?” Tasha asked

“Her.” Kit scoffed

“Who Dani?” the blonde asked

“No Colleen.” Kit said in a sarcastic tone, causing a look of confusion to appear on Tasha’s face.

“Sorry Tash, yeah I mean Dani.” Kit apologized.

“What’s she done?” Tasha asked

“What hasn’t she done more like?” Kit said angrily, Tasha eyed her warily.

“What?” the former alcoholic questioned

“Is this about her parents and what they did to your mum?” Tasha asked.

“No that wasn’t Dani’s fault, but the way she just dumped Scott and left for Paris.” Kit explained.

“Yeah but Scott isn’t around anymore, he’s living with Hayley now and they have baby Noah.” Tasha said

“Still! She hurt my brother, I’m not going to just forgive and forget, I don’t think she should be forgiven.” Kit sighed.

“Mum will probably forgive though.” Kit added with a laugh

“You should follow your mums example.” Tasha said flashing a sweet smile

“I guess your right.” Kit said before suddenly jumping out of her skin as someone suddenly cut around the corner.

“I’m so sorry are you okay?” the person said in an apologetic tone

“Peter?” Tasha stated, the person was actually Detective Peter Baker the blonde hunky brother of Summer Bay high counsellor Dan Baker and brother in law of Leah.

“Hello Tasha, I’m sorry about frightening you guys. How are you doing?” the blonde hunky copper asked

“I’m doing fine… I’m pregnant now.” Tasha said feeling her belly.

“Oh congratulations.” Peter said.

“I don’t think you two have met.” Tasha said suddenly pointing between Peter and Kit

“Peter this is Kit, Kit this is Peter.” Tasha introduced.

“Nice to meet you.” Peter said

“Nice to meet you too.” Kit added

“You aren’t by any chance another of Beth Hunter’s kids, Scott Hunter’s sister!” Peter asked.

“Yeah.” Kit giggled feeling herself getting slightly embarrassed for some unknown reason, Tasha sensed it and came to the conclusion that Kit had taken a bit of a shine to the heroic cop.

“Anyway we better get going, I think everyone in town has seen you apart from your mum.” Tasha said.

“Oh yeah of course.” Kit answered

“Okay see you ladies later.” Peter said shooting them a smile before walking off and disappearing out of sight.

“I wonder why he is back in town.” Tasha said, a suspicious feeling crept up inside her. She then shrugged as she and Kit got talking and headed for Beth’s place.

Peter moved at a fast pace across the beach, he had to work quickly before people started talking about his return to Summer Bay. Every time he had been around it was related to incidents connected to psychopathic townsfolk E.G Sarah Lewis and Zoë McCallister otherwise known as Eve Jacobsen, Tasha and the Hunter girl had already spotted him and it wouldn’t be long before the information passed to Irene Roberts and Beth Hunter. Soon enough the whole town would know, putting his new case into jeopardy. A brunette woman then appeared in front of him, the same woman who Amanda Vale had spotted earlier on.

“Peter?” the woman questioned.

“No sign yet Tracey.” Peter Baker answered.

“Are you sure she’s even here, are you sure she is even alive.” The woman identified as Tracey questioned.

“I’m positive, there have also been rumours of sightings. Not to mention the case of that missing girl Laura McPherson, I think… no… I am certain, that the body recovered from that factory was not the body of Eve Jacobsen. I believe this is the truth Tracey, you must believe it as well otherwise you wouldn’t have helped me get the go ahead to reopen the case.” Peter explained.

“If Jacobsen is indeed alive and heads back to Summer Bay then I only hope that she doesn’t attack anyone, the whole town is completely unaware and I wouldn’t like them to suffer for our secrecy. I just hope Jacobsen bides her time long enough for us to track her down and capture her.” Tracey answered.

“Come one, lets discuss this at the station. We don’t want anyone over hearing us and causing a mass panic.” Peter stated, Tracey nodded and the two of them walked to exit the beach.

Beth stood next to the cooker stirring the contents of some pot whilst humming along to Abba on the radio and their rendition of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Tony Holden and his son Lucas were sat a few feet away at the table. They seemed to be assembling some sort of toy plane, not their usual thing but an opportunity to spend some quality time together. The youngest Hunter child Matilda commonly known as Mattie was sat on the sofa with C.D earphones in whilst reading a teen girlie trend magazine, the eldest of the Holden sons Jack was also sat on the sofa watching an episode of Law and Order on the television, Robbie was also sat on the sofa watching the show along with Jack. They then heard knocking on the front door from outside the house, no one looked away from what they were doing except Beth who let out a huff when she realised that no one intended to answer the door and that they expected her too.

“Oh I’ll answer the door, its not like I’m busy or anything.” Beth said in a sarcastic tone walking towards the front door, she then twisted the handle and pulled the door open. Stood on the other side was Tasha with a smile on her face

“Hello sweetheart! You seem cheery, what’s put a smile on your face.” Beth smiled at the young girl, Robbie looked up from watching his television programme and then jumped to his feet to greet his pregnant girlfriend.

“There’s someone here to see you.” Tasha beamed happily

“Who?” Beth said in a curious tone, Robbie looked at Tasha like she was speaking Latin. Tasha then beckoned to someone and Beth and Robbie waited as Kit of all people suddenly walked into view.

“Kit!” Robbie screeched happily pulling his big sister in for a hug, Beth just stood their speechless. Matilda took out her earphones and as soon as she spotted Kit jumped to her feet to greet her, Tony, Lucas and Jack all smiled but remained where they were sitting.

“What brings you back.” Beth said gently pushing Robbie out of the way then she could pull her daughter into her arms.

“I just wanted to pay you all a visit.” Kit beamed as she hugged her mother gently

“But first things first, you will never guess who’s back in town…” Kit began.

“Peter Baker.” Tasha snapped excitedly, causing Beth to look at her and laugh.

“Okay…” Robbie said kissing his girlfriend on her cheek.

“No not him, I don’t even know him… Its Dani Sutherland.” Kit said, Tony, Lucas and Jack looked confused at the mention of the unfamiliar name. Robbie looked a little wary and Matilda’s jaw dropped like it was set to hit the floor, Beth however simply smiled.

“You must be joking.” Matilda said in shock

“I wonder what brings her back.” Beth said ignoring her youngest daughters seemingly melodramatic reaction to the news of Dani Sutherlands return to the town of Summer Bay.

“Come on, tea’s nearly ready we can have a nice chat.” Beth added, Kit then smiled as she and Tasha entered the house closing the door behind them.

Belle left the counsellors with an unmistakable look of happiness on her face, she assumed that the counsellor would be some sort of quack or something. But the counsellor actually helped Belle sort out quite a few things in her mind that needed sorting out, the counsellor had certainly worked wonders on the usually troubled girl. With a smile on her face that threatened not to face Belle decided to head for the bus station to catch a ride home, she was just about to cross the street when a car stopped in front of her… Amanda Vale’s car! Belle immediately started walking in the opposite direction.

“Belle wait!” Amanda said stepping out of her car

“What do you want?” Belle said angrily, her smile well and truly faded. The counsellor’s work looked set to be undone right before it had settled and managed to take true effect.

“I was just wondering if you would like a lift home.” Amanda said sounding kind of nervous.

“No thank you, the bus will be fine.” Belle said sharply

“The bus station is in the opposite direction.” Amanda stated

“Look I don’t want a lift so leave me alone.” Belle snapped

“Please Belle, I just want to talk. If you want talk then at least let me give you a lift back to Irene’s place just then I can be sure your safe, its dangerous for a girl like you to walk the streets on their own. Especially with all the freaks that wander the streets nowadays.” Amanda said almost begging.

“Okay, but its only a lift. Don’t think you can ask me questions or anything.” Belle ordered.

“Deal.” Amanda smiled, the two then made their way back to Amanda’s car.

Beth looked around happily as she saw her three children Kit, Robbie and Matilda laughing together along with their who Beth hoped to be future step brothers Jack and Lucas. Tony also smiled as well, Tasha smiled from the distance whilst she washed some pots. All the others were unaware though that Tasha felt slightly distanced, mainly due to the pregnancy. She knew everyone loved her but would they love this baby, would they accept the baby into the family? Would they have laughing along with the baby one day like he or she was one of them? Tasha sincerely hoped so because she would put her baby first and if the Hunter/Holden clan couldn’t accept it then they would have to make do without Tasha as well, she loved them all dearly. They were good friends and she loved them all like family, especially Robbie but as a mother her child had to come first… simple as that.

“Hey guys, I am going to leave you all to it.” Tasha said finishing the last pot, everyone turned to face her.

“I’m absolutely tired.” Tasha giggled.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” Robbie asked.

“Its alright I’ll give you a lift.” Tony interjected.

“Oh no, its okay. I’ll be fine walking… on my own….” Tasha emphasised the last part whilst still retaining a smile.

“Are you sure?” Kit asked.

“Oh yeah no problem, I need a little time alone with my thoughts. You know how it is.” Tasha laughed.

“Only if you’re sure.” Kit said, Robbie looked at Tasha with a slight hint of sadness in his eyes.

“Yeah I’ll be fine.” Tasha said, she then rushed around to give everyone a hug good night with Robbie being the special exception when she gave him a kiss before reaching the door.

“Bye everyone.” Tasha waved.

“Bye” they all waved back, Tasha then walked out and closed the door behind her.

“Okay what’s up with her.” Kit said immediately, everyone turned and stared at Robbie accusingly.

“I think she feels pushed away.” Robbie said, an obvious sadness filled his tone.

“Because of the baby.” Beth asked, Robbie just nodded. Kit looked at him sympathetically, Tony, Jack and Lucas all looked slightly awkward. Matilda and Beth felt Kit’s sympathy for the middle Hunter child, Robbie just smiled sadly.

As the sky started to turn pitch black, Irene moved around her house turning all the lights off and closing all the curtains. Belle had returned from the counsellors a short while ago and had gone off to bed, Tasha still wasn’t back but she had a key to let herself in plus if she didn’t come home Irene knew she was safe at the Hunters. Just as Irene reached the staircase to head up to her own room the front door knocked.

“Flamin heck girly, forgotten your keys have you? I was just about to go to bed.” Irene said walking towards the front door picturing Tasha on the other side, Irene then pulled the door open and to her big surprise her former foster daughter Hayley Lawson was stood on the other side holding in her arms baby Noah Hunter.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Irene almost screeched.

“Nice to see you too.” Hayley smiled.

Tasha walked slowly home, she didn’t want to go back to the beach house just yet in case Irene was awake. She wanted to avoid any chitter chatter about trivial things, not when she wanted to be alone in her thoughts so she took as much time as she could walking down the path going past the diner next to the beach. After a short while she reached the surf club and just as she got past it a shadow jumped out of the darkness, what happened next was over before Tasha knew it as a hooded figure dressed in nothing but black clothing advanced towards her whilst carrying what seemed to be a crow bar. Just as Tasha turned to run the hooded figure aimed the crow bar and whacked Tasha knocking her to the floor in an unconscious heap, the figure then started running as Tasha lay on the floor with no one around, no one who knew she was here, no one to come and rescue her.

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Finally, a decent sized chapter to read, not all this bullsh!t one paragraph stories that everyone is doing these days.

Great read. I really liked this era; not because of the stories, but because of the characters. They were a good bunch. It's good to see Danni, Hayley, Peter and co are returning so the original story can play out with the original characters.

I love Danni, and Kit and I love that there's still "conflict" going on between the two... They should have a scrag fight... Yeah, write a scene involving that :lol: ... Ahhh, the Belle vs. Amanda days, I loved it! Glad that you're writting it into the story as well, I love these two charatcers. I love most of them, that's probably why I'm reading it haha... I'm confused to as why Belle is going councelling for, is this meant to be continueing off a story that happened back in 06? Or this is a brand new story?

Tasha being knocked over the head with a crowbar :o Why couldn't that be Jack? ... Wait, that happened alreadya few years ago. Man I laughed, but it can happen again. Do it! :P

Just to be clear on everything, what you're rewritting is the sequel of the Stalker story, yeah? Or is it a story after the sequel?

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Finally, a decent sized chapter to read, not all this bullsh!t one paragraph stories that everyone is doing these days. Great read. I really liked this era; not because of the stories, but because of the characters. They were a good bunch. It's good to see Danni, Hayley, Peter and co are returning so the original story can play out with the original characters. I love Danni, and Kit and I love that there's still "conflict" going on between the two... They should have a scrag fight... Yeah, write a scene involving that :lol: ... Ahhh, the Belle vs. Amanda days, I loved it! Glad that you're writting it into the story as well, I love these two charatcers. I love most of them, that's probably why I'm reading it haha... I'm confused to as why Belle is going councelling for, is this meant to be continueing off a story that happened back in 06? Or this is a brand new story? Tasha being knocked over the head with a crowbar :o Why couldn't that be Jack? ... Wait, that happened alreadya few years ago. Man I laughed, but it can happen again. Do it! :P Just to be clear on everything, what you're rewritting is the sequel of the Stalker story, yeah? Or is it a story after the sequel?

Yeah this is a rewrite of the sequel to the stalker story :) im really glad you like it, i'm not a fan of the one paragraph stories. When people can just save up those paragraphs and make up a decent chapter lol

This fic is supposed to be continuing after 2006 and because of such ive mentioned things that have already happened such as the believers, Jonah, the murder of Josh West, Amanda and Belle learning of their relation to each other however i am not absolutely clear on all the facts so this story will be going into an alternate universe which is basically just an excuse for me not getting my facts entirely right lol


Peter and his new collegue Tracey are stirred into action

An unlikely person proves to be Tasha's saviour but will they find her in time?

Hayley refuses to tell Irene why she is back in town without Scott

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This chapter may be slightly upsetting, just a warning so sorry in advance if it does upset people

Beth and Kit both sat on the sofa in the living room as they watched the last person in the household other than them disappear into the bedrooms.

“Night.” Beth and Kit both called after Matilda who yawned as she walked out of view.

“So sweetheart, what brings you back?” Beth asked

“I’ve told you, I had some time off. I wanted to come up and visit.” Kit said

“Sorry sweetheart I thought it was for everyone else’s benefit.” Beth said feeling slightly uncomfortable at being accusing towards her door

“Honestly mum, I’ve just missed everyone.” Kit smiled

“So its nothing to do with that boyfriend of yours… James?” Beth asked

“Mum!” Kit sighed

“Sorry sweetheart, but a mother has got to ask.” Beth smiled

“Mum?” Kit questioned


“Do you think Robbie and Tash will be okay?” Kit wondered aloud

“Oh I’m sure they will be fine, if they think there relationship is worth it then they will make sure of it and if not I will personally see to it that they get back together.” Beth said, Kit just smiled at her mother before letting out a yawn

“Oh am I boring you?” Beth laughed

“No I’m just tired.” Kit said rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah come on lets go to bed.” Beth said, the mother and daughter then stood up and walked towards the bedrooms.

Irene sat in her living room sipping on a cup of tea, Hayley then walked down the stairs after putting baby Noah to bed.

“You know I still cant get used to you dying your hair bloody red girly.” Irene cackled.

“I think it suits me, plus people can’t accuse me of being an airhead blonde.” Hayley laughed.

“Don’t let Tasha hear you say that or she’ll probably get it into her head to change colour.” Irene giggled.

“Well Amanda Vale certainly qualifies as an airhead blonde.” Hayley sniped.

“Amanda is a bit too clever to qualify as the typical airhead blonde, besides where’s that come from?” Irene questioned.

“She wasn’t clever enough to make sure that Scott would never be found out as Noah’s father unfortunately!” Hayley said almost angrily.

“What! I thought you and Scott were all loved up?” Irene said taken by surprise.

“So did I? But no, I’m beginning to wish Kim was Noah’s father after all.” Hayley sulked.

“Okay have you and Scott had a bust up or something?” Irene questioned.

“You could say that.” Hayley said refusing to meet Irene’s questioning stare.

“Okay I’ve walked out on him!” Hayley added, Irene stared in shock at her former foster daughter.

“You cant just up sticks and walk out even if Scott has done something wrong? Especially not when your coming all the way back from Paris, its unsettling for the baby.” Irene lectured.

“I really don’t want to talk about him, I’m home now back where I belong where me and my baby will be happy. Isn’t that the main thing?” Hayley said forcing a smile.

“Summer Bay is the wrong place for you if you don’t want to talk about Scott especially considering his whole flaming family live here.” Irene explained.

“I’ll deal with them when it comes to it but for now I just don’t want to hear his name.” Hayley sighed.

“Okay darl whatever you say.” Irene sighed shaking her head

Tasha moaned slightly as she moved into a state of semi-consciousness, she was throbbing painfully from where her masked attacker had hit her. She let out a small whimper but no one was around to here it, Robbie, Irene, her best friend Martha and her best friend Kim the people who she wanted the most weren’t around to save her. She let out another whimper before slipping back into unconsciousness

Amanda just drove and drove, she couldn’t bare being alone in her mansion. Not when she had her newly discovered daughter Belle on her mind, the blonde vixen had decided to take a drive to help clear her head but it wasn’t helping and now she was just driving for the sake of driving.

“I must have driven through every bloody street in Summer Bay!” Amanda hissed to herself, she then turned a corner driving on the road alongside the beach to head home when she spotted something lying motionless on the ground. Amanda Vale then pulled her car to a grinding halt and stepped out to investigate, she recognized instantly the person on the ground by the tanned complexion and the long blonde hair… it was Tasha.

“Oh my gosh.” Amanda said running towards the younger blonde

“Its okay Tasha, its me Amanda.” She said kneeling down next to the girl checking for a pulse

“Can you hear me?” she questioned but there came no reply, Amanda then whipped out her mobile phone and dialled in a number

“Hello this Amanda Vale of Summer Bay, yes a young girl is unconscious her name is Tasha… Tasha Andrews. She’s pregnant as well, she needs medical help immediately.” Amanda said frantically over the phone

“I’ve checked her pulse.” Amanda continued she said casting a glance towards Tasha.

“We are outside the Summer Bay Surf Club, get here quick.” Amanda finished with an order before turning her phone off.

“Its okay Tasha, help is on the way.” Amanda promised, in the distance peering from around the back of the Surf Club. The masked figure watched Amanda Vale helping Tasha Andrews, after watching for a few moments the figure went back behind the Surf Club and disappeared.

At the police station, sat in a private office Peter Baker was working late doing paperwork. According to his bosses as well as working on the Jacobsen/McCallister case Tracey and himself would also have to work on other crimes committed in the Summer Bay and Yabbie Creek region starting with the paperwork over filling the table in front of him, Peter just sighed as he reviewed a file about vandalism. An officer then popped his through the door

“Ever learn to knock?” Peter said in an annoyed tone.

“Sorry but this is urgent, we have just received a call from Miss Amanda Vale. She was requesting assistance from an ambulance crew, according to her Tasha Andrews is unconscious outside the Surf Club in Summer Bay. Police assistance may be required.” The officer explained, Peter was quick to jump to his feet. Tasha Andrews was a healthy girl, he had seen her just earlier and she looked fine to him. Not the kind of person to just fall into an unconscious slumber in the middle of the night outside the Surf Club, he knew he shouldn’t jump to conclusions but if Eve Jacobsen was alive and back in Summer Bay then she had to be responsible. Peter only hoped that Eve didn’t try and make a move on hurting Amanda as well before the cops and the ambulance crew turned up, he then rushed towards his phone and dialled a number.

“Tracey, its Peter. I need your assistance, I think Jacobsen may have struck in Summer Bay.” Peter said quickly before putting the phone down and rushing for the door.

The door to the hospitals flew open, Doctor Rachel Armstrong who was stood at the nurses station soon sprung into action as a paramedic crew wheeled an unconscious Tasha in on a trolley which alarmed Rachel. She then spotted Amanda Vale running in after them.

“What happened?” Rachel asked the older blonde.

“I was driving around and I saw her unconscious.” Amanda began

“It appears that she has taken a nasty blow by some sort of weapon, possible a crow bar.” A paramedic butted in with an urgent tone.

“Oh gosh, I hope the baby is okay.” Rachel said in a worried tone

“Does Irene know? And Robbie?” Rachel looked from the paramedic to Amanda

“No but I can let them know.” Amanda replied

“You do that, but do it as quickly as possible.” Rachel instructed, Amanda nodded and then rushed towards the front doors of the ward. Rachel then took in a deep breath before running after the paramedics who had started to wheel Tasha away into a side room.

Peter and Tracey with a couple of police officers searched the area surrounding the surf club, Peter felt guilty about Tasha being the first victim of Eve. He didn’t particularly want anyone to come under attack from the psycho stalker but if it had to be anyone then he didn’t want it to be her, such a sweet, beautiful yet naïve young woman who never meant anyone any harm.

“Jacobsen could be miles away by now.” Tracey stated.

“I’ll call off the search in a while, I just want to give the officers more time in case there is a chance of Zoë still being close by.” Peter said in turn.

“We’ll need to get a witness statement of Miss Vale as well along with Miss Andrews if she wakes up.” Tracey continued

“If she wakes up? Way to be negative Tracey.” Peter said.

“Oh come on, she was in a bad way according to the officers that first arrived on the scene with the paramedics. The chances of her waking up are slim to nothing.” Tracey said in a matter of fact tone.

“Come on.” Peter huffed before walking off in front of his female colleague

Amanda stopped outside the hospital building and pulled out her mobile, she then dialled in a number and waited for a reply.

At the Hunter house, Beth dressed in her nightgown rushed into the living room when she heard the phone ringing. Her expression was of pure disgust at having woke up during the middle of the night and tutted angrily as she went to pick up the phone

“Do you realise what time it is?” Beth snapped without waiting for a hello or finding out who was on the other end.

“Beth its Amanda, can you put Robbie on please.” Amanda said to the angry woman on the other end of the line whilst she looked at a trampy man walking past her into the hospital.

“ROBBIE!” Beth shouted, she was a very angry woman when she was woke up from sleeping which surprised Amanda as Beth was usually a very happy person. Robbie came running out into the lounge like he was scared for his life and he had good reason if his mother was cranky.

“Hello.” Robbie spoke

“Robbie its Amanda, you need to get to the hospital straight away… its Tasha, she’s been attacked.” Amanda explained.

“Raped?” Robbie asked in a mortified tone

“No not that, but someone attacked her and knocked her unconscious. Get to the hospital as quick as you can, I’ll let Irene know what’s going on.” Amanda answered, she then turned her phone off…

Robbie stood staring at the phone in shock, Beth’s cranky expression was replaced by one of concern.

“What’s happened? Who’s been raped?” Beth asked in worry

“No one, its Tasha. Someone has attacked her, oh gosh mum. What is the baby is hurt? I knew I shouldn’t have let her walk home on her own.” Robbie said really starting to panic.

“Come on, get dressed. We’re going to the hospital.” Beth said rushing off to her bedroom, Robbie soon followed.

An hour later and near enough everyone who had learnt about the attack on Tasha’s life had gathered at the hospital, Robbie, Beth, Matilda, Kit, Tony, Jack and Lucas all sat together in the waiting room. Amanda sat at a distance, Kit eyed the blonde vixen suspiciously. No one else took notice of her presence in the room, Irene along with Belle and Hayley who was carrying baby Noah came running into the waiting room.

“We got here as soon as we could.” Irene panted, Belle took in a sharp intake of breath to signify that they had practically ran from Irene’s car all the way up to the waiting room. She then spotted Amanda who looked hopefully at her daughter, Belle however refused to meet her glance. Everyone else was staring in shock at Hayley and the baby

“When did you get back?” Beth questioned.

“Where’s Scott?” Kit added

“Is he here with you?” Matilda joined in.

“Okay now’s not the time for this, its Tasha we should be thinking about.” Hayley snapped back at them, causing everyone to look at her with slightly shocked expressions on their faces, Rachel then walked into the waiting room.

“How is she?” Robbie jumped to his feet in desperation

“I think we should talk in private.” Rachel said, her expression was grave. A sickening feeling twisted inside Robbie’s stomach, Beth and Irene seemed to share the same feeling. Robbie then nodded and followed as Rachel led him into an empty side room, everyone else watched with concern as sinking feelings filled their stomachs.

Peter and Tracey pulled up in Peter’s car outside the hospital, Tracey threw him a questioning glance

“What?” the blonde cop asked.

“There will be rumours, especially after the attack on the life of Natasha Andrews.” Tracey answered.

“Yeah?” Peter questioned.

“We were supposed to work on this case without the residents of Summer Bay learning of your return, now that there has been an attack they will all find out that you are back putting our case in jeopardy. If the whole town starts talking and Jacobsen learns that you are investigating it might cause some serious trouble and put everyone in potential danger.” Tracey spoke.

“What like the danger Tasha walked into.” Peter said

“I think the danger is already out there, I don’t think Zoë McCallister…” Peter began

“Eve Jacobsen!” Tracey interjected

“I don’t think Eve Jacobsen! Cares whether I am working on the case or not, she will still pick people off in her twisted revenge for Sarah Lewis.” Peter finished, he then climbed out of the car stopping to peer in at Tracey…

“You coming?” he asked, Tracey nodded then followed him out of the car

In the empty side room Robbie sat down on the bed listening very carefully as Rachel explained what was going on…

“Tasha is going to survive, thanks to Amanda she got found just in time. If she was found any later then she would have died, unfortunately we ran some tests to see if the baby was okay… I’m so sorry Robbie but the baby didn’t survive, the attack was too severe.” Rachel said regretfully, Robbie stared sadly. His relief that Tasha was going to survive subsided on hearing that the child he and Tasha were going to raise together had died in the womb.

“How am I going to tell Tash.” Robbie said as a tear slid down his cheek

“If you want I can tell her.” Rachel said in a considerate tone.

“No… I think it should come from me.” Robbie took in a deep breath.

“Would you like me to give you a moment on your own.” Rachel asked, Robbie shook his head and started crying silently. Rachel then pulled him into a comforting hug as he started crying onto her shoulder, he then lifted his head off her shoulder and she gently pulled herself out of the hug.

“Can I see Tasha?” Robbie asked wiping away his tears, Rachel nodded.

“Of course.”

Beth climbed to her feet as Rachel led Robbie across the hall into the room where Tasha was being kept, Robbie looked at his mum sadly and then walked past.

“Robbie?” Kit stood up and called after him, Robbie ignored her though and continued to follow Rachel. Kit’s attention was then captured by the appearance of Peter Baker and his colleague Tracey walking through the doors to the waiting room, she wasn’t the only one as everyone else had their attention grabbed as well.

“Peter?” Beth called out and then she remembered that Tasha had revealed Peter was back in town earlier in the day.

“Good evening.” Tracey said stepping in front of Peter

“What’s good about it?” Amanda sniped

“I am Detective Tracey Thompson and this as you all might be aware is Detective Peter Baker.” Tracey explained

“Are you here about Tasha?” Belle asked out of concern

“We are here to investigate the incident leading to Miss Andrews hospitalisation yes.” Tracey spoke.

“She’s still being treated by the doctors.” Jack Holden revealed

“You are?” Tracey questioned.

“I’m Jack, Constable Jack Holden.” Jack explained

“How do you know the victim?” Tracey asked.

“She’s a friend.” Jack answered, Rachel then reappeared after showing Robbie through to see Tasha.

“Can I help you?” Rachel asked the two detectives.

“You are?” Tracey asked.

“I’m Doctor Rachel Armstrong.” Rachel confirmed.

“I am Detective Tracey Thompson and this is my colleague Detective Peter Baker, we are here to investigate the attack on Miss Natasha Andrews life.” Tracey explained.

“I’m sorry but Tasha isn’t up for questions, she’s still in a bad way. You can come back tomorrow with your questions.” Rachel answered, Tracey then nodded and then made her way towards the exit followed closely by Peter.

“We will be requiring your presence at the station tomorrow Miss Vale for a statement.” Tracey quickly added and with that she and Peter left.

“I hope they catch the son of a bitch that did this.” Lucas snapped.

“Language.” Tony said in shock, Lucas merely looked at his dad and then bowed his head.

“Lucas is right in what he is saying.” Belle spoke up

“I wonder why they didn’t question any of us.” Irene said.

“She wants to see her tomorrow.” Beth said almost accusingly looking at Amanda

“Yeah but why didn’t they want to speak to anyone else, you know about Tasha’s last movements before the attack, who saw her last, has she got any enemies. The usual things police tend to ask.” Irene said looking at Constable Jack Holden for the answer, he just looked at her stumped for an explanation.

“Maybe they already know who did it.” Matilda said

“It could be those freaky believers, wanting revenge for Tasha bringing down the cult.” Beth aired her own theory

“But she’s pregnant with their special child or whatever the hell they called it, they wouldn’t risk hurting Tasha in case the baby suffered.” Irene answered.

“Look this isn’t getting us anywhere merely speculating, I am sure they will fill us in when they find out who is responsible.” Rachel said, everyone nodded as Rachel’s words made sense.

Robbie sat and watched as Tasha slept, she looked so peaceful. Practically angelic, like the attack had never happened. Completely unaware that her baby was gone, she then started to wake up

“Robbie?” Tasha said in a groggy tone, she then winced in pain

“Take it easy, its okay Tash I’m here.” Robbie said stroking her forehead gently

“Someone attacked me, outside the Surf Club. That’s the last thing I remember.” Tasha tried to explain.

“Who did it Tash?” Robbie asked gently

“I… I didn’t see…” She winced again

“Oh god, the baby Robbie! Is it okay?” Tasha added in an urgent tone, Robbie looked away sadly.

“No.” Tasha said softly.


“No.” Tasha started getting upset

“Tash.” Robbie said tears welled up in his eyes

“NO.” Tasha screamed, she started getting really hysterical. Robbie cried as he pulled her into his arms, Tasha started sobbing. The two then clung to each other like they were clinging to keep a hold of their souls, both then cried desperately. After a while, the tears started to subside and the heartbroken couple eventually went to sleep in each others arms.

I feel slightly guilty having written the masked figure attempting to kill Tasha and succeeding in killing her baby, but i thought it was necessary to develop the story and to give Robbie and Tasha, especially Tasha the fuel in her to get revenge on the person who did this to her and to allow two of the characters of my story too take centre stage. I thought it important to tell you all in case you all decide that i'm heartless, i know its only a story but i want it too be appreciated and not hated

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