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Story Title: Holden

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Holden, Nicole, Belle, Amanda

BTTB rating: T/A Recommended 15+

Genre: Romance/Drama (actually, I'm not sure)

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Adult themes

Summary: A pro surfer comes to town and get a big surprise from Amanda


Holden walked along the peer looking at the water, then walked into the diner

"How can i hep you?" Belle asked

"Long black to go thanks" he replied

"Sure" she smiled

"Do you surf?" he asked her

"What, why?" she asked

"I was just wondering what the waves were like here".

"Well to answer your question. No i don't surf but some of my friends do and they say the wave are pretty good" she said and smiled again then put the lid on the coffee.

"Here you go" she said handing it to him.

"Thanks" he said then turned around to walk away.

"Mandy" he said and stopped as he saw Amanda.

"Holden, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Nice to see you to" he replied

"You didn't answer my question" she replied

"Checking out waves and i see you still a cold hearted bitch"

"Bite me"


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There was a knock on Holden's motel room door.

"Mandy" he said and frowned as he opened the door.

"What are ya doin' here"

"We need to talk" she told him

"Can i come in?" she asked

He moved from the doorway and help it open.

"What's up?" he asked

"You remember our baby don't you. The one i had when we 14"

"So, didn't she die"

"No, my mother sold her and told me she was dead" Amanda told him


"I know i was shocked to hear she was still alive too"

"Do you know who she is?"

"That girl that served you at the diner today"

Holden looked like he was about to cry

"Can you say something please" Amanda said

"Get out" he told her


"How long were you planing on keeing this from me?"

"I knew how you'd react"

"Just go" he said and lowered his voice.


"Now, Amanda"


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Holden walked into the diner and saw Belle sitting with Annie.

He stopped ans stared at her for a few minutes.

"That guy's staring at you" Annie told Belle

Belle looked up and Holden gulped

"What are you looking at" Belle said

But Holden kept staring still looking like he was about to cry

"Are you ok?" Irene asked

"She looks just like me" he said quietly still staring

Amanda came in and grabbed Belle and walked up to Holden. But he wiped his eyes turned and walked out.

"Holden" Amanda called out

"Who was that guy, Staring at young girls like that can get you in trouble. I'd make a complaint to the police if i were you Belle" Colleen added her two cents worth.

"Stay out of it Colleen. You don't know anything about him" Amanda told her.

Amanda looked at Belle.

"Stay here"

She walked along the peer and saw him sitting on the edge.

"Why don't you go and meet her"

"She's lived without a father for this long" he told her

"Yeah and she's always been curious about who you were. so come on" she said pulling him up

"Ok" he said and followed her back inside.

"Belle, this is someone you should meet" Amanda said.

Belle looked at her.

"This is you father" she told her

Belle's jaw dropped


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Holden and Belle sat at a table in silence. Holden kept going to say something but stopped himself.

"I don't really know what to say" he told her

"Well i have a million questions for you" Belle replied

"Yeah, like what?"

"How old are you because you look abot 20" she asked

He smiled

"29 i turn 30 this year" he answered

"Where you you live?"

"Gold coast"

"What's your favorite color?"


"What your mum and dad's name?"

"Mum's name's Tarhnee, but she died when i was like 7 months or something and dad's Trevor and he killed himseld when i was 14"

"What do you do for a living?"

"Get paid to surf"

"Oh cool"

Can i ask you some things now?" he asked her

"Sure like what?" she replied

"Do you have a boyfriend that i can his ass if he does anything to you" Holden asked

She laughed.

"Typical father question. And the answer is no"

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked him

"No, we broke up recently"

"How's everything going?" Amanda interupted.

"Fine, look i gotta get back to work. But we can talk tomorrow" she told as she stood up.

"Bye" he said


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The next day at the beach Holden walked out of the water.

"Hey you'll get sun burnt" He told Belle who was sun baking

"Wouldn't be the first time" she replied sitting up

"So you still wanna catch up?" he asked and Belle looked behind him.

"You have an audience" she told him and he turned around.

"Who's that?" he asked

"Nicole Franklin and two words for that, jail bait" she said.

"Hmmm, not my type"

"Well i'll come by your place later. Mum told me where your staying" Belle said getting up


"You can take me somewhere nice. Give us a chance to catch up" bele yelled waving.

"Oh your just like you mother. How very wonderful for you" he called back

"Hey" Nicole said and turned around to find her upclose to him

"Is Belle your girlfriend?" she asked

"No, is that guy staring at us your boyfriend" he asked her

"Oh Aden, no he's just someone i live with" she told him.

"So what are you doing later" Nicole asked

"Going out somewhere nice, now if you excuse me" he said and walked past her.

Nicole sighed


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