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H&A High Definition Comedy Skit

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Hello long time viewers of home and away. I have a quest to find a particular skit which I saw sometime in the 90s which was done with some of the cast from Home and Away in the Home and Away Dinner. Ray Meagher was the main actor in this skit, and I think "Tom".

What made this skit so damn funny was that it was about "High Definition" television (a concept which was still just being introduced at the time) and the skit was done using "High Definition" - everything was being overtly explained.

One line I remember was Alf calling..was it Lance?, someone like Lance a "Drongo", and then Tom asks "A Drongo? Like the small old world bird?" Alf: "No you twit, A drongo, a slang term referring to someone not as bright as they should be. So called because of the racehorse Spangled Drongo from the 1920's who was deemed unlucky never to have come better than second in thirty-seven starts."

Obviously I am paraphrasing, I can't remember how it actually goes after having not seen it for more than 10 years, but I do remember the definition of the word Drongo being a focus in my mind.

Anyway, I am told that the skit was done on Andrew Dentons channel seven program. I believe it is the program called "Denton".

Can anyone else remember this skit? Does anyone know where one would be able to view it again?

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I haven't seen it but it sounds funny! :lol:

Have you tried searching on Youtube?

I have done every form of search I can think of. YouTube, Google, Google Video...it doesn't exist online yet. Hence why I am posting in forums, hoping someone has a copy of it somewhere and would be willing to upload it or something.

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i don't know how to acces a link etc to the scene, but i DO [loosely] remember it.

I think that the HD TV piece actually featured Pippa & Micheal, and i remember it just the way you did [many meanings for the same word, like drongo], and, yeah, it was certainly on a late night chat show that Denton hosted.

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