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Carry On London

Guest Luc

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I had to laugh when I read this, and yes, it's all true.

This synopsis is taken directly from the Intandem Films website:

When 23 year old slacker and part-time rickshaw driver Ryan London inherits his dads ailing limo company Londons Limos, he has a few questions: why is local bad boy Tony "Two Times" Taylgarth sniffing around his dads business? Why does Tony seem so friendly with Ryans stepmum - the gorgeous, Swedish Anna Uvula (careful how you spell that)? What was Annas part in his dads death from organ failure? And why are all the so-called limo drivers attractive, scantily-clad 20-something girls???

This last question is answered when Ryan discovers his dads limo company was actually a brothel (on wheels)! Eager to hide this fact from his girlfriend the lovely, high maintenance Gwyneth, whose dad just happens to be the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (a man who has the words zero tolerance where his heart should be), Ryan re-launches the firm as a (legit) rickshaw company and actually wins a contract from sleazy Hollywood producer I.P Freely, in town to pick up a movie award (I cant wait to get my J.Arthur from Dame Judi!).

And thats when things get really complicated. What a Carry On!

I reckon that may give a few laughs, but if Carry On Columbus is any indication, this film is going to be crap, what do other people think?

This will be released sometime in 2008

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This has been on the slate for a good two years or more now, so it seems to be having a rather troubled production....in a way I hope it never gets made because as much as I'm a fan of the Carry On's, they were very much a product of their time, and when the times started changing, it brought about the end of the franchise....so I'm not sure how well a modern one would work!

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