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Things I Haven't Told You

Guest Jess

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Is it just me, or are BBC Three trying to be a lot hipper and cooler?

I saw 'Things I Haven't Told You' on Monday night, and it was weird. I didn't understand it at all - nothing seemed to be resolved. A quick search on Google revealed that it was in fact a pilot episode for a drama that BBC Three could possibly air in the future. It seems there's a whole host of them - it was quite edgy, and rather reminded me of 'Skins'. Did anyone else see it, and manage to make any more sense of the point of Ashling's story and the whole Blue Eyed Boy thing?

I really hope it gets commissioned - it looks like it could be really good!

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I'd use the term 'actress' very loosely for the one thats moved on to Corrie! :wink:

It was a brilliant pilot though, and I shall be extremely annoyed if it doesn't make it to a series.....could be a UK, teen orientated Twin Peaks for anyone thats familiar with that show!

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