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Before Her Fame

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Type of story: longish fic

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Indiana Evans, Rhys Wakefield, Jodi Gordon, Paul O'brien and the rest of the cast

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: (SC) (V) (L)

Is Story being proof read: No but I would like it to be if anyone wants to proof for me

Summary: before she became famous for playing Matilda...Indiana had a dark past that she wants to keep secret...until her past catches up with her in the name of the new cast member.

ok so I have the first few chapters written so if you like the first chapter then I'll keep going...this is my first ever fic so please...comments would be good

Chapter 1

She walked along the dark streets of London and surveyed the dark and dimly lit alley ways. She pulled the sweater further over her shoulders and chest and crossed her arms. Her slim figure shivered in the cool breeze and the wind picked up slightly and swished her hair around, messing it up and making it even more mangled and tangled than it already was. She huddled herself tighter as the wind picked up and just as she turned down the street she lived on she ran straight into someone. Head’s bumped and bodies collided and both people ended up on the ground, rubbing there forehead’s and whispering a constant ‘ouch’ in between there muttering. As they both clambered to there feet the girl looked at who she had bumped into and her first look was with fright but his, his look was with love.

“Indianna!” the guy said at once, through the thick smog that was now starting to break through the dark night’s sky, the only light was a street lamp about ten feet down the road. Through the thick smog and the darkness hovering over his face, all she could really see was his light blonde hair and his green eye’s which were gleaming in the dark.

“Tom!” The girl who went by the name of ‘Indianna’ whispered as she looked at the ground, careful not to say anything that she shouldn’t and most careful not to look at him.

“I’m sorry I…I didn’t see you” he said as he studied her long, haunted, drawn and sad face. Her blonde mangled, wavy hair clung to her neck and she looked like she had bags under her eyes from either not sleeping, or constantly crying.

“It’s ok… I… I should have been watching where I was going…’ she said as this time she met his gaze but quickly looked back down at the ground. She couldn’t keep his gaze for his stare reminded her so much of the man she loved… The man she loved and then lost two days after finally gettting him.

“Indi…’ He started to say but was cut off by her shaking her head.

“Don’t, please just don’t. I loved… I love him, he mean’s everything to me and I was going to spend the rest of my life with him but then he left...he...” she said as she trailed off, her voice starting to crumble and crack, tears starting to form in her eyes as she blinked to try and hold them back.

“I cant live without him, what am I meant to do without him?” she said as tears were now trickling down her cheeks and her whole body beginning to shake.

“Indi I love him too, he was my best friend and I miss him every day that he is gone and I wish that I could do something to bring him back but I cant and it tear’s me apart seeing you blame yourself for this when there was nothing that you could have done either!” Tom replied as he too blinked back the tears threatening to escape his eyes and run down his face. “But Daniel made me promise him one thing; that I would be there for you if you ever needed a shoulder to cry on and I promised him that I would be here for you if ever you needed it. You’re not the only one who needs a shoulder to cry on, I need it to ok me and the only thing we can do is be there for each other.”

Indianna looked at him and for the first time since Daniel’s death, she gave a slight smile. Tom smiled back and for the first time he felt slightly happy, illuminated, even the word ‘carefree’ came to mind but he quickly suppressed it when he saw that Indianna was shaking. He quickly removed his leather coat that he had one and placed it softly over her shoulders.

“Let me walk you home!” he said as she looked at him and finally nodded. They walked down the rest of the street in silence, the cold night air that they breathed through there nostril’s almost gave them icicles on there hairs. Tom could feel the hair on his arms standing on end from the chill that had suddenly taken over which was never a good sign, it either meant there was some dark force beyond the human world, something greater, something magical roaming around or it meant that a terrible storm was on the way and everyone knew that it wasn’t very often that a storm erupted in London but when it did, it was big and it always caused some sort of damage, whether it be to houses, nature or animals and even cars.

comments? :unsure:

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