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Three departures and more to come!

Guest Nathan

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Following David Hoflin's announcent - Sweeney Young, Jesse Rosenfeld and Dan O'Connor (who play Riley, Marco and Ned, respectively) are all leaving Neighbours within the next three months.

Rumour has it that Ned will have to be killed off so that Fletcher O'Leary can remain on the show (Mickey will obviously move in with the Parkers).

All these changes are happening under the new executive producer Susan Bower who started in December. And it's unlikely that these will be the last changes for 2008, so prepare for more announcements in due time.

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If we get to keep Mickey, I guess it's not a total loss. Although you would think that he'd go back to live with his mother if Ned died. Technicalities I suppose. I hope it's a good death.

I'll miss Dan, but I can always be proud that he was my favourite Australian Idol long before he was one of my favourite Neighbours characters, and for getting kicked out in the first week of Idol (:angry:), he stuck it to Australia nicely. -_- Well done Dan.

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Marco and Riley have only been in it five minutes. Whenever somebody mentions Riley I have to take a few minutes to work out who he is! :unsure:

I hope there are some good reasons for these and are justified with good storylines...I've liked the new group of younger characters, and it's a shame so many are leaving when the characters and relationships were just building up.

Can't say I'm too bothered about Ned though.

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In my opinion they should have left ages ago. The show could really do with a revamp, 80% of the current cast is dispensable. They should only keep the Kennedy's, Paul Robinson, Harold and Lou.

Somehow the show has been lacking from suspense and gripping storylines for month. It makes me yawn whilst watching considering I used to run my own Neighbours site some years ago. :(

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so we are now losing

Harold ( its noe definite he will be off air completly )

Elle ( when her contract is up )








Ringo ( Not sure if this is true cause Wikipedia is unreliable )

****, Neighbours better have some good replacements. Losing Elle, Rosie and Frazer and Ned is going to effect them alot. Neighbours is my favourite show ever, i never miss an episode but if all these oldies are being replaced by newbies, i dunno. Maybe some people like Jack, Michelle, Lyn and Joe Scully could come back permanently. Lyn's role is only a guest role, I know it will never happen but dreams are free right?

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