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Hey there everyone!

My amazing cousin gave me Photoshop and I've been making art for about two - four months now. I've always kept with making Heroes/One Tree Hill art but since I've started watching Home and Away I've made some art.

Here are the H&A art I have made so far:





This is the banner for my new fanfiction


Anyways, if you want something made then give me a shout...as long as you give pictures I'm fine!

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I can't believe that you've only had Photoshop for a few months! It took me a year to get good(ish) at it. :lol:

Anyway, I like the icons and the style... I hate J/M though. :P And the banners are cool, too. I like the text. :)

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Thanks again everyone!

Will be posting more art soon!

Cal - thanks but it's not really that great of an achievement. My cousin is a graphics designer with his own business. So when he gave it to me - he gave me a crash course. And sorry JM is the only pics I have. Maybe one day I'll get more other pics.

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