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Former Home and Away Star Gets Drink Driving Charge

Guest Heathsgirl

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September 06, 2007 06:53pm


FORMER Home and Away star Dieter Brummer has been charged with drink driving.

The soap star who won two most popular actor Logies for his role as Shane Parrish in the internationally successful drama is due to appear in Sydney's Waverley Local Court on Monday.

Brummer, 31, was charged with mid-range drink driving after recording a blood-alcohol limit of 0.125 near his North Bondi home in Sydney's eastern suburbs about 2.40am on August 4, police documents lodged with the court say.

Brummer is best known for his role as Shane Parrish, from 1992 to 1996.

His character, along with his on-screen wife Angel, played by rising Hollywood star Melissa George, were one of the show's most popular couples.

He won two Logie awards for Most Popular Actor in 1995 and 1996. He was written out when the character died from blood poisoning.

Three months before his drink driving charge, Brummer's mother told a Sydney-based radio station he was currently working as a window cleaner.

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What’s wrong with cleaning windows? My mate has his own ‘one-man-band’ window cleaning business and earns a very wealthy crust, and only works fortnightly, he’s got a real cushy lifestyle.

But if his plans were to do more acting work, then yeah he’s gone a totally different direction, that’s the acting business for you. You’ll probably find most ex-cast members of your favourite shows and films are working ‘every day’ jobs like cafe and bar work or whatever in between acting gigs, they’ve still gotta earn a living!

I think the last thing we saw Dieter on was Celebrity Circus on Nine in 2005.

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I think it is such a contrast with Melissa George. As the article states they were one of the favorite couples. She has gone onto bigger and better things and he has been caught drinking driving (I also believe there may have been an assult charge to in the past)

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Any publicity is good publicity. The fact that someone thought this newsworthy (while giving us another shining example of the kind of hard-hitting journalisting dynamite we've come to expect from the media) goes to prove that he's not a complete no-body. People still remember who he is, even if he hasn't done anything for a while. And apparently drink driving is all the rage amongst celebrities. Maybe he did it on purpose to raise his profile :rolleyes:

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