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Growing and Learning, The Steps of Life

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Story Title: Growing and Learning, The Steps of Life

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Pippa(5), Ryan(12), VJ(7), Rory(13), Ella(4) & Archie(3)

BTTB Rating: G

Genre: Mixture

Any spoilers: No

Warnings: None

Summary: About all the young children and parents of the bay, growing and learning

Growing and Learning, The Steps of Life

Pippa, Brad and Sally were at home, Brad and Sally had been married for 2 years, Pippa was sitting with Brad...

"Mum! Brad is being so mean" Pippa yelled out, she was trying to seek attention, like she always does. She was sitting in front of the television with Brad, he was staring at the screen and holding the remote high so she couldn't reach, she was jumping up and down trying to grab it while Brad laughed. Sally didn't come so she yelled out again "Can you tell Brad to stop changing the channels! It's annoying me"

Sally walked in folding the laundry, she looked at Brad and laughed "I am trying to watch my game, she wants to watch wiggles or something" He looked at her with his eyes, he knows he always gets what he wants if he does that. Sally bent down to Pippa's level and looked her in the eyes. "Darling, Brad is trying to concentrate on rugby, go out and do something else please, do some coloring?"

Pippa pouted at Sally and crossed her arms across her chest "Why can't I get my own television, and coloring is stupid! I am old enough to get one. And then Brad can watch whatever, whenever and so can you.." She asked, knowing the answer will be no and will always be no, until she is at least the age of 10.

"Pippa, please listen to us. You might be old enough to get a television of your own but you are certainly not responsible enough" Brad said, looking at his daughter in law, hoping to get it through to her.

"Argh, you guys are so mean, your never listening to me!" Pippa got up and stormed to her room, no doubt she was going to cry. She reached her room and yelled out "WHY CAN'T I JUST HAVE NORMAL PARENTS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!?" She slammed to door as hard as she could and jumped onto her bed, tears in her eyes.

"She is 5 years old Brad, I really think she should stop all this nonsense and grow up" Sally said. She just started to talk to Brad again when Cassie and Ric walked in to the house.

"Hey guys, what's with Pippa? We heard her from 2 houses down" Cassie asked, grabbing an apple of the counter and was going to bite it. "Just another temper tantrum, alot of them lately" Sally replied, taking the apple off Cassie before she could bite it "It's nearly dinner, no eating, you know that" She said, putting the apple back on the counter, Cassie just went up to her room to get changed.

Ric jumped over the back of the couch and sat next to Brad "Who's playing? And who is winning" He asked, grabbing the magazine "Dunno, I haven't been paying attention at all" He replied, smirking at Ric "Brad!" Sally exclaimed, "You told Pippa you were watching this, now she is upstairs crying"

"Ooooooooh Brad, you naughty boy" Ric laughed "Ric, don't you start" Sally said, putting some towels away in the cupboard.

"See ya guys" Cassie said, walking back out and out the door. "Where are you off too Cass?" Sally asked, half focusing on Brad & Ric and half on her. "Off to see Matilda, she is having some trouble with her new job" she walked out before Sally could stop her, she knew quite well that Matilda was fine, but she just needed to see Jules.


Meanwhile, on the other side of Summer Bay.....

"Higher I am going to go way higher" Rory was on the swings at the park, Jack was watching him and Sam was smiling. "You have too much energy Rory" Sam laughed, she had her hand up to her forehead to keep the sunlight out. "That's what I get for being a kid" He grinned, pushing himself higher and higher.

Rory laughed "Alright Jack, I am going to jump, better watch out" Jack laughed again and moved away from his jumping way. He jumped from mid swing and landed on both feet. "Woowwwww go Rory" Sam smiles and hugged her son "Jack, your cool, did I ever tell you that?" Rory said after he jumped off, kind of ignoring his mother. "You sure did, everyday since the day we met" Jack laughed, Sam was moving closer to Jack and leaving some room for Rory to sit next to her. He was this and sat down, cuddling up to Sam. "I love you mum, and you too Jack" "We love you too Rory"

Rory was the kind of teenager who loved the people around him, ever since he was young he had been tormented by his late father, his mum making them move so much. Rory never made any friends, but at age 9 they met Jack, now Jack was a police man at the time, losing his job in 2008 for possession of drugs, they weren't his, the ex Martha planted them, back to the story... They met Jack and were extremely happy, until the dad Shane turned up, making Sam and Rory leave Jack and move. One year later they came back to the bay and back to Jack. At age 10 Rory's dad Shane dies in a high speed chase, led by Jack. That is a whole other story. So Sam and Rory are back with Jack, happy family and a happy life.

"Rory?" Sam was calling her son, she was standing about 2 meters away with Jack "Rory are you listening?" "Yes mum I am....what?" Jack laughed but Sam gave him a look and he stopped "Me and Jack are going to get some dinner, do you want to come?" "No mum, I want to stay here, I will be walking round, nothing else" He promised. "Good boy" Jack said, turning around to exit the park with Sam. "You better stay here or you will be grounded" Sam warns before walking off with Jack.

Rory sits back on the swing when he hears his name being called. "Rory, Rory come here, come here Rory, please, I need your help, RORY, I WILL GET YOU RORY" The bushes rattled and Rory heard a few twigs snap behind him, he was freaked out, many 13 year old boys would be. "Who is there" He asked shaking. The voice spoke again......


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"You know Rory, you know, but you don't have the brains to think do you" The voice said "I said who is it?"Rory asked again, braver this time, he knew the voice, but couln't think of who it belonged to. 12 year old Ryan suddenly jumped out of the bushes and laughed. "You were so scared man" He laughed for a while while Rory gained his strength. "Ryan! You know what, your such a joke" Now, Ryan and Rory weren't the best of friends, you could say, they were enemies. They were always at each others throats, surprise attacking each other with water pistols or egg fighting, not good eggs either I must say. "Joke, me? Haha, your the joke Ror's" Ryan skated over to Rory on his skateboard and laughed some more. "You are so pathetic Ryan" Rory said, he was wishing Jack and his mum was there to help him, but they weren't so Rory had to fight this one alone. "Lame comeback dude" Ryan said, walking over and punching Rory in the arm, sure to leave him a bruise.

"Hey what's going on here?" Leah called, she was walking with 7 year old Vj, Vj was sick and needed someone with him 24/7. "Ryan is beating me up again Leah, he is such a jerk! Take care of your kids properly" Rory walked up to Leah, and Leah looked at Ryan. "You promised Ryan, you promised you won't pick on others, especially not Rory" She said, a stern look planted on her face. Ryan pulled his tounge at Rory "Your such a kid" Leah said, keeping an eye on Vj and on the boys. "Well duh" Ryan replied, he didn't care, he was him and to him that's all he cared about, himself. Rory whispers to Leah 'Can I beat him up' He laughs, knowing it will be no, but it was worth a shot "No!" No violence kids!" Leah said, rushing to Vj who had fallen off the slide and hurt his knee.

"Your gonna get it Ryan!" Rory rushed over to Ryan and hits him in the head. "No your gonna get it!!" Ryan replied whacking Rory with his skateboard, hitting him in the ribs, he wasn't strong enough to really damage Rory but it hurt him like crazy. "Owww!" Leah saw this and yelled out "BOYS, STOP NOW!" But she couldn't go over as Vj needed her. "Your gonna die Baker" Rory said grabbing Ryan's shirt and throwing him to the ground, on the way down Ryan twisted and threw Rory down with him. "I hate you!" Ryan yelled, Rory yelled in pain as he hit his head on the concrete. "WHAT THE!?" Sam and jack just returned and saw them both fall to the ground. "Get up right now Rory" Jack said, he was furious, he had told Rory to stay away from Ryan and not get in fights. Rory stood up and kept rubbing his head while Sam was helping get Ryan up, Ryan hurt his elbow in the fight too.

"Explain please kids" Jack said after sitting both kids down, either side of him. Sam was helping Leah with Vj over by the slide, Vj was terrified "Mummy what were they doing?" He asked Leah scared. "Just another stupid fight of theirs darling" She replied, holding him close to calm him. Ryan was silent but Rory was talking "He was scaring my in the bushes, he was saying he was gonna get me" "Prove it Tolhurst!, I dare you to" Rory said, standing up with his hands on hips. "Sit down right now Ryan" Jack said, he was sick of these fights, he should be used to it, Rory knew that since Jack was a police man he would back Rory up so he took that advantage and always got in fights. "Rory, continue" Jack said, looking at both boys, making sure they weren't going to jump up and attack each other or him for that matter. "Well, Leah came along with Vj and she told him to knock it off but then when she went to deal with Vj he attacked me" He said truthfully. "He lies sir, he attacked me" Ryan said, lying.

"Kids, stop it, I am sick of this, Jack I have heard enough" Leah said, she walked over after Vj was safe and had a band-aid on his knee and was calm. "Ryan your going home and you are grounded" Leah said, she grabbed his hand and stood him up "No, you cant make me! Your a bad mother and you suck!" He yelled. Rory saw that he was being taken away so he got up and ran for it, he didn't get very far because Sam grabbed him. "Nice try, your grounded too" "All your fault kids, you should behave" Leah said, she picked Vj up and help Ryan in her spare hand.

Sorry it's short and only focusing on those 2-3, will be longer and have more people next time

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Martha walked over in the direction of the local beach, not really knowing waht she was doing. She was walking after a far too active 3 year old boy, his name is Archie.

"Come back please Arch, your far too fast for me remember, Mummy needs a break"

She called herself mummy, she didn't want to confuse the boy with all different names.

She pleaded again."Please Archie, come back"

No use, he was well ahead of her when she was talking to him, he always is. Martha had been taking care of Archie for 3 days straight, ever since Kit and Kim had disappeared mysteriously in a fire a while back he needed care. Poor little Archie had no home in the city so people decided to send him back to the bay, and back to his family.

"Marfa slow" Archie giggled, running even furthur ahead of Martha.

She had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't do something that will hurt him or something around him.

Archie was far too active for Martha, who was constantly lonely and tired. She lost Jack awhile back after planting drugs in his bag, she didn't intend Jack to get caught, she just wanted to scare him a bit. Rory and Sam were back and she was extremely jealous. He got caught with the drugs and got fired.

"No darling, Martha is just tired, you should know that" She replied, sitting on a bench that had Colleen's memorial stone on it.

Colleen passed away last year, was a tragedy to the bay

Archie stopped and looked at her.

"Fast Marfa then?" He tilted his head and frowned at her.

"Come here Arch" She smiled, indicating for him to sit on her lap.

Archie came running, it was more of a skip though, he climbed onto the seat and sat on Martha's lap.

"Ello Marfa" He said with a cheeky grin. "Ello Archie" She replied, holding him close to her, that comforted them both.

Archie was supposed to be living with Tony and Matilda but couldn't as Matilda started hating children as more came to the bay and Tony was just too busy with his new job. So it was up to Martha to take care of the little boy.

"Archie, would you like an ice-cream?" She asked him, he was getting quite restless and she had a feeling he was also getting hungry.

"Yes pwease Marfa" He sat up, nodding his head wildly. "Alright then Kiddo, let's go"

Martha stood up, grabbed Archie and put him on her shoulders, they walked to the Summer Bay diner.


"MUMMY" Ella yelled out. "MUMMY DADDY IS HERE"

Ella ran into the hallway and crawled though the dog door. Tasha didn't know she did this, but she always wondered how Ella got out, Ella was a very sneaky girl. Ella ran up to Robbie, arms spread out and she jumped straight into his welcoming arms.

"Daddddddyyyyyy" She gave him an almighty hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you so much Daddy" She smiled really big "I love you too pumpkin, now go get your bag and say goodbye to mummy" He said putting her back down so she could grab her bag and say goodbye.

Just as she ran through the door again Tasha walked out.

"Hey Rob" She said eating a cracker. "Hey Tash. Hows life?" He asked, smiling at Ella who was pulling faces at him through the window."It's alright, and Ella couldn't wait to see you, all today was 'When is daddy coming?' 'Is that daddy?'.." Tasha laughed. "Ahh I gathered that buy the hug" He replied laughing.

"Daddy I am ready, let's go go go go go!"

Ella threw her bag at him and ran to the car, how musch she had packed is unknown but the bag was extremely light.

"How do you deal with it all week, she is too active Tash" Robbie questioned picking up the bag.

"Ooh, I manage, it's hard, but I do manage" She replied, waving to Ella who was now sitting on the car of the roof, she also loves to climb.

"Well, have fun" Tasha said, smiling at Robbie. "Dont let her saty up too late, she always comes back tired for some reason" She stepped back inside for some peace and quiet. At last.

"Alright Baby girl, time for fun daddy" Robbie said taking her off the roof of the car.

Tasha and Robbie divorced soon after leaving the bay, Robbie broguht a new house and Tasha stayed in the original one.

"Daddddyyy where are we going today?" A curious Ella asked, Robbie always took her 'fun' places. "How about the amusement park sweets?" Robbie answered and questioned.

"Yayyy, I wanna pet the pigs, and ride the crollercroaster" [meaning roller-coaster]

"Alright honey" Robbie said driving along, soon enough Ella was quiet.

She has fallen asleep after staying up till late, she was too excited that her daddy was with her this weekend. Robbie and Tasha shared equal time with their child. Ella was too young to know her parents weren't together, she just thought they were playing games.

'Taking her out' she though it was, meaning that she thought her parents were together and happy, taking her on trips so the other parent can have peace.

"Are we there yet Daddy?" Ella asked, she always did this.

"Not yet honey, wait a few minutes" Robbie eplied, concentrating on the road.

" Are you there yet?" She said, counting, she didn't know what minutes were.

"Yes, darling, we are here" He laughed.

"Yayyyy" She said, getting excited again. "Hurry up daddy, let me outtttttt!" Ella got restless trying to get out of her seat.

"Alright, hang on bubs" Robbie smiled and parked, walking over and opening her door, letting her out.

"FASTER DADDY FASTER" She cried, Robbie knew it would be a tiresome evening. He finally lets her out and she runs for it, past people and into a crowd

"Ella come back" Robbie pleaded, looking for her. "Ella?" He said to every little girl he saw, he didn't see Ella though.

"Darling" He shouted. "Come back!"

He walked up to a man with a speaker-phone and aked if he could make an announcement.

"ELLA HUNTER, IF YOU WOULD PLEASE GO TO THE BIG STAND AND COME BACK TO YOUR FATHER" The announcer announced, Ella was good at hearing so she would be back to Robbie very soon.

Robbie stayed at the band rotunda for Ella, she never came.

He started to jog around again looking for her, 'hopefully she is looking at animals or candy' he said to himself.

After checking the whole place out 4 times he talked to the security gaurds at the park. "Can you please help me find my baby girl, she is 4 years old and is wearing a pink dress and blue shoes" He asked

"He will see what we can do" They replied, setting off. Robbie was sick with worry.

Ella was hiding behind a crate, she saw her real dad Jonah and got scared so she hid.

She knew it was him as he had her name tattooed on his left wrist. Ella was so scared, he heard Robbie and the speaker-phone man calling for her but she was too scared to come out. She knew Jonah was looking for her, he was always looking for her.

"Ella, is that you?" She heard her daddy Robbie behind her and she ran up and gave him a huge hug, he felt good she was safe.

"Never run off again Ella, always stay with me, you know there are bad people out here"

"Daddy, I saw my other Daddy, he was looking for me, so I hid" She said shaking, she had never been so scared in her whole life.

"Awww Ella" He hugged her some more then picked her up.

"Do you want to stay here or go home with me?" He asked

"I want to stay here, I wanna pet the piggies" Robbie sort of laughed.

"Alright Ella, let's go pet some piggies" He smiled and carried her over to the petting pen, the rest of the day was fun and fine. But Robbie knew he had to protect Ella so much, Jonah was still out to get her, to make Tasha and Robbie pay.

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Ella sobbed very loudly and had a tantrum when she was told by Robbie that they had to leave the amusement park to go back to his house as it was getting colder out here, he didn't want her to get sick and go back to Tasha sick, then Robbie will get a talk about why he should take care of her better and not taking care of her.

"I want to stay here forever daddy, it's sooo fun, I like the animals and the rides and the clowns.." She crossed her arms over her stomach.

She also tried to look 'tough' to convince Robbie to let her stay, he didn't really work too well, so she started pouting at him, hoping that might work, she really loved it here, even though she was scared out of her wits when she spotted Jonah, but she didn't want to think about Jonah, she wanted to think about eating more candy floss.

"No, Ella we need to go back home, where it is warm. Do you want to get back where it is nice and warm darling? I can even make you a nice hot Milo so you can be even warmer" Robbie faked shivered to indicate that he wanted to get warm himself.

It wasn't really that cold but he didn't want to hang around to see Jonah again, even though he didn't se Jonah in the first place, Ella did. Robbie grabbed her hand lightly and started walking her towards his car, her dress flying in the soft wind.

"But Daddyyy.." She looked at her father, nothing she was doing or going to plan to do would convince him to let her stay.

"Fine I will run away and join the circus....but you won't miss me cause your a big meany head." She stated, trying to get away from Robbie again. Robbie looked at her, she wasn't serious because she loved him and he loved her.

"No Ella please don't, you frightened daddy today, don't do it again, if you see Jonah, come find and tell me and I will keep you safe from him, otherwise he might get you." He said, reaching the old car, it wasn't the best but it was all Robbie could afford at the present point of time.

Robbie wanted to get Ella home and safe, he didn't want Jonah to see her and try and snatch her up, he didnt even want to let her see him again, both Jonah and Robbie knows how scared and freaked out Ella gets, that is why Jonah is back in the bay probably. Robbie and Tasha told her how dangerous he was and that he was going to try and take you home with him, she was told to hide when she saw him, which is what she did today, but she was only meant to hide if Tasha or Robbie weren't around, Ella ran away from Robbie but he was still around.

"Here we back home sweets, home sweet home." He smiled after driving the half hour back to home. Looking back at Ella through his glasses, she was fast asleep in her booster seat and that made Robbie grin.

"Awww your such a cutie my little pumpkin Ella" He whispered after coming around and opening her door, he picked her up and carried her inside his double story house.

"I Love you Dada" He heard before she drifted off to sleep once again.

"You know what Ella, I love you too" He smiled wide, putting her in her bed all nice and cosy, so she could sleep peacefully. Robbie left the room, she was safe, he was safe and everything was fine...or was it?

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