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Losing My Way

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^^Sorry people, I was pushed for time yesterday so couldnt update.

Anyhoo, here I am :D

Dedicated to Kat and Tash :P (it's extra long, just for you lol)

Warning: Some content unsuitable for younger readers (SC)

Enjoy :)

Chapter 11:

Martha sat on the bed with her legs brought tightly up to her chin; her body was shaking as the tears rolled down her face.

Peering to the side she saw Hugh, sleeping peacefully like a baby.

She let out a squeak as she tried her best to hold back her tears, but failing miserably as she choked on them and they continued to fall.

Stirring, his eyes flicked open, seeing the image of a shady figure sitting beside him.

As his eyes cleared from sleep he noticed Martha’s body rocking through sobs. Sitting up alongside her he placed his arm around her bare back, rubbing her skin very tenderly.

“Martha” he hushed, “Martha what’s wrong”

Her throat had almost seized up through her constant crying; she could therefore only produce once almost silent word…


He sighed, closing his eyes; he should have known that he would be the reason.

“It’s going to be ok Martha” he reassured her.

“How?” she cried.

Unable to answer her he just kept a firm hold of her body, allowing for her to relax herself a little more and place her head on his shoulder.

Seconds passed and her tears had eventually stopped falling. Turning around she looked at him through glassy eyes, witnessing the care and concern that was clearly evident in his expression.

Leaning down he placed a light kiss on her shoulder, before wiping away the tear droplets on her cheek. She shivered as she felt his fingertips touch her skin, before feeling as his hand moved downwards, resting just below her shoulder.

He could feel her chest rising up and down, every second getting quicker as her breathing became heavier.

Although hesitant, he bent down, his lips searching for her own. Eventually finding them, he kissed her gently.

To his surprise, he felt as she responded to the kiss, shuffling herself forward to get closer to him.

Slowly he ran his hand down from her shoulder to her chest; cupping her one breast and holding it very gently as he pulled her closer to him; which incidentally only made her kiss him harder.

She moaned at the feeling of his hands on her; her body was just craving for more. Pushing herself on top of him, he slowly lay down on his back, all the while keeping her lips joined with his.

She knew she should resist it, push him away and fight off the temptation, but she couldn’t, she was too upset to think straight, all she wanted was for someone to hold her and take away all of her sadness, even if it was only for a little while. And right now, Hugh could do that for her…


It was now 5.30am, and Hugh had driven Martha home, she needed to get back to bed before anyone noticed she had gone.

“Are you going to be ok” he asked her as he turned off the ignition.

“Yeah, ill be fine … thanks” she smiled shyly, however unable to keep her eyes on him for long, “ill see you”.

She opened and closed the door almost silently, trying her best not to wake the entire street. Running across the path she came to the wall, grabbing a hold of the trellis and pulling herself up. Taking each step at a time before eventually making it into her bedroom; landing her feet on the carpet with an unexpected thud.

Martha cursed herself for being so loud; she just hoped that no one would have heard that.

Creeping across her carpet she whipped off her top and trousers, before climbing into bed and shutting her eyes…


Martha walked through the school corridors; dark shades covering her eyes and her head held down; her migraine was killing her, Hugh was right; gulping all that drink down in one go, meant that she would pay for it in the morning.

Entering the classroom she saw Hugh chatting away in the distance. Choosing to steer clear of him, she slipped in very quietly, walking to the other side of the classroom and away from him.


The bell for first class was called and Martha escaped very quickly, not even looking at Hugh once and scooting off into the distance. Thankfully she wasn’t in any of his lessons this morning, so she had time to prepare herself before seeing him next.

There was one person however that she would never be prepared to face; and that was Jack.

Would she be able to look him in the eye knowing full well that she had cheated on him last night? It was highly doubtful.

Seeing him at his locker she halted, her breath catching in the back of her throat. Hiding behind the corner she waited until he had left, before walking towards her own locker and placing her books inside.

She didn’t no how much longer she could go on like this. Trying to avoid them both by hiding, eventually she knew she would have to face them, but right now, she wasn’t ready to deal with it.


Exiting her 3rd class of the day, she accidentally caught Hugh’s eye-line. Standing on the spot she stared into his eyes, her body turning rigid, she could barely move. Flashes of last night rushed through her mind as her eyes stayed fixed on his. She couldn’t handle this, it was like a nightmare; it was times like this when she just wished the earth would open up and swallow her whole.

Dragging her eyes away from him she turned around quickly, walking back the way she came.

Sensing she was trying to avoid him, he ran up to her, linking his arm with hers and swivelling her around; before pulling her into the store room and closing the door.

“Hugh, we can’t” she protested, pulling her arm from out of his grip.

“I just want to know what’s wrong; you’ve been trying to avoid me all day” his eyes pleaded with her.

“What’s wrong?” she raised her voice, “what do you thinks wrong, ive cheated on Jack, that’s what’s wrong” she spoke in hysterics as she sobbed.

“Hey come on now”

He placed his arm around her back lovingly, rubbing up and down and trying to sooth her sobs.

“Im sorry” she sighed, “I shouldn’t be taking this out on you, it’s not your fault; you didn’t force me to sleep with you”

He stayed silent, waiting for her to continue, if he spoke up, he would only end up saying the wrong thing and pushing her away, and he really didn’t want that.

“Gosh, this is such a mess” she shook her head.

He looked down at her sympathetically, smiling sadly as he rubbed her arm. Looking into his eyes she saw his care and concern. She exhaled a heavy breath as her eyes stayed fixed with his; her body beginning to react to his concern as she felt a sudden craving for him. His brown and fiery eyes were slowly seducing her, as she felt herself falling again. Her body was tingling all over; she just ached to be touched by him.

As the atmosphere dropped silent, he took notice of her breathing, which was gradually becoming heavier as the seconds passed by.

Moving forward he leant in, cupping her chin in his one hand and pulling her closer to him. Pressing his lips against hers he kissed her ever so gently.

Her warm lips began to move against his own, before he was unexpectedly and harshly pushed away...

“No! I can’t!” she exclaimed.

He let out a heavy breath, this was all just too aggravating, “You’ve already done it Martha; you can’t go back now”.

“Yeah but, maybe I can just stay away from you, and make it up to Jack somehow, he’ll never have to no, and everything will be ok” she rambled through her nerves and fear.

“You’re living in a dream world Martha”

“Maybe not! Maybe you’re just focussing too much on the negative” she spoke in annoyance.

“Do you love him?” he asked her suddenly.

“Yes”, she replied without a moment’s hesitation.

“And what about me?”

“I don’t love you Hugh, im sorry" she paused before continuing, "but I …” she let out a heavy breath as she looked into his eyes; her body just craving for him to sooth her, “I want you”

And those words were all it took; without saying another word he lunged at her, grabbing her and kissing her passionately on the lips.

Following several seconds of them kissing, she again pushed him away; her eyes watery with tears “No, I can’t…” she shook her head.

“Don’t” he silenced her, before watching as her eyebrows slowly dropped, her mouth opening a-jar as she panted for his touch; she couldn’t keep fighting, she had no strength for it anymore, she just needed him to ease her pain. Surrendering, she gave into him yet again…



The car pulled up and the door swung open, “I told you he’d be a pain in the ass this holiday” she laughed as she ruffled her little brother’s hair.

“Get off” he whined as he pushed her away in annoyance, using his hands to flatten down his hair.

She giggled as she watched him scurry off. It was nice to be home; she had missed it.

“Hey” a happy voice called out to her from her side.

“Hey Jack” she beamed as she ran up to him. Wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly, “hang on a minute, shouldn’t you be at school” she smirked.

“I have a free period, I went for a walk; I needed to clear my head”

“Why what’s wrong” she asked in concern

“Oh” he sighed, “everything” he looked at her through saddened eyes.

Her own face dropping through sadness at how upset her friend was.

“Come on, lets go inside” she smiled, placing her arm around his shoulder.

Together the two of them walked inside, with Jack preparing to tell his friend Jamie all about the last two weeks…


“This Hugh sounds like an intriguing character, no wonder Martha likes him” Jamie spoke up after hearing Jacks side of things.

“Yeah, he’s not really your average summer bay resident, that’s for sure.” He sighed, “I don’t know, maybe im just looking too far into this, maybe nothings wrong at all; it’s all just so weird. We usually spend pretty much ever second together, but I haven’t even seen her since Sunday, and even then we barely said two words to each other, it all just got so awkward, neither of us really knowing what to say”.

“Gosh, im so sorry Jack; you of all people don’t deserve this” she frowned.

“Thanks” he smiled in appreciation, “it wouldn’t be so bad if I could just talk to her, but she’s never around. Ive even left messages on her phone, but she didn’t even reply to me” he paused before continuing, “Oh I don’t know. Maybe it’s me, maybe ive done something wrong” he looked down sadly.

“Hey, come on now, what could you have possibly done wrong. You practically worship her” she laughed a little. “I don’t know, maybe … maybe Hugh’s been manipulating her or something, or maybe nothings wrong at all and she’s just had a lot of work to do, exams are coming up in two weeks, so she might just be focussing on them. Either way, im certain that you haven’t done anything wrong” she smiled reassuringly.

“Thanks Jay, im really glad your back” he smiled, “you’re the only one I can talk to about this, without you, im pretty much dealing with it on my own”

“Well it’s lucky I am back then isn’t it; because im not planning on letting you deal with this alone. Ill be here for you, always” she smiled.

He smiled back at her, even though she had been friends with Martha the longest, he felt as if they had known each other all their lives. He was glad to have her back, at least now he could get a second opinion, and Jamie knew Martha better than anyone, she would defiantly sense a change in her if there was one. All Jack could do now was just wait and see…


Arriving back at school for fourth period Maths, Jack strolled down the play ground. To the side of his view he caught Martha sitting alone on the bench; she had her back to him.

Walking over to her he sat down beside her silently, causing her to jump as she failed to notice his arrival.

“Oh god, you scared me” she put her hand to her heart.

“Sorry” he smiled, but his face displayed so much sadness, which Martha noticed immediately, “are you ok?”

“Yeah im fine” she smiled.

“What’s with the glasses?”

“Oh nothing really, I er, had a little migraine earlier, I was just taking precautions to make sure it didn’t come back” she smiled.

“Right” Jack nodded, not really convinced, “so it’s gone now then?”

“Yeah, pretty much”

He nodded before reaching over and taking a hold of the frame, pulling them off her nose.

“Hey” she exclaimed, trying to push his hand away, but it was too late and Jack had already removed them.

He frowned, studying her tired eyes, “what’s with the eyeliner?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t think you’ve ever worn eyeliner that thick before”

“So what, I like it” she protested.

“Well I don’t, you don’t need it; you look beautiful without makeup” he told her honestly.

She sighed as her head tilted to the side; his words ran through her mind, he really was the sweetest and most caring person she had ever met, “Thanks Jack” she smiled in appreciation, “but I guess I just wanted a change”

“Right” he nodded, before reluctantly handing the shades back over to her, “so, where’ve you been these last couple of days, you didn’t even answer my texts” he asked hesitantly as he turned to her.

“Oh, erm” she stuttered, pausing and not really knowing how to respond, luckily for Martha however, the bell for fourth period rang aloud through the building.

Oh, im sorry, I have to go” he said regrettably. He didn’t want to leave; he still hadn’t spoken to her about Hugh.

“It’s ok, you have class. Ill see you soon though” she smiled.

“Yeah, ok” he nodded, “oh and did you no that Jays back today” he beamed.

“Really! That’s awesome. Ill have to stop by and see her”

“Yeah, she’d like that” he stood up, “well, I better go … ill call you later”

“Ok” she smiled.

Although hesitant, he leant forward, kissing her softly on the lips. He didn’t no why, but he suddenly felt weird about kissing her. It was like she wasn’t even his girlfriend anymore. His once loving and caring girlfriend had been replaced by a cold and unresponsive stranger.

Pulling away he looked deeply into her eyes, the words just rolling off his tongue. “I love you”

She smiled, nodding slightly, “I love you too”.

Eventually he turned away; walking off towards the school entrance. Leaving Martha sitting alone on the bench, the tears gradually beginning to well-up as she thought back over what she had done…

Preview: Oh dear oh dear!

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Warning: Content unsuitable for younger readers (drink and drugs)

Enjoy :)

Chapter 12:

(Later that evening)

Martha and Hugh found themselves sat at a local bar; both with a drink in hand and talking about the previous night. Martha had to escape, she couldn’t stand being stuck at home; she would only end up mulling over her mistake and driving herself crazy.

So she had come up with a better idea. She had called Hugh, who had picked her up, and they had made their way out of town; allowing for Martha to drown her sorrows.

“I just can’t believe it” she stifled a laugh, before frowning, her head dropping as she stared down gloomily at the bar’s surface, “of all the things I could do to him, and I do that. I betray him in the worst possible way” she shook her head. “Urgh, I feel disgusted” she spoke bitterly.

Hugh cleared his throat to get her attention, unimpressed by her comment and glaring across at her as she looked up at him.

“Oh god sorry, I didn’t mean what we did disgusted me” she shot back, “I just …” she scratched her head before sighing, “Oh I don’t know”.

“Oh man!” she whined. “I hate this! Why did this have to happen! And why can’t I get these damn thoughts out of my head!” she looked up at him through desperation, “I just want to forget. I just want the pain to go away Hugh” she pleaded, looking at him through droopy eyes, “I just want to block it out”.

He sighed, hesitant as to whether he was making the right decision, before standing up and walking over to her. “Come on” he whispered in her ear, “come outside with me, ive got a present for you”.

“A present” her face lit up a little.

“Yeah, but it’s a secret, which means you have to keep quiet”

She nodded eagerly, standing up and following him out of the bar area, keen to receive his gift.

“Oh and bring your drink with you” he said before turning away from her and walking out the door…

He led her over behind the building, coming to a halt she turned to him, leaning her back up against the wall and waiting for him to present her with the mystery gift.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small bag containing two small pills.

“What’s that” she spoke looking down at the bag suspiciously.

“Erm” he thought for a minute, trying to think of the best way to explain it, “well its what I like to call a happy pill; it allows you to drift off into a world where you have no worries or heart ache; it lets you be free for a few hours” he smiled at her.

He took in her wary expression, “don’t worry, its not harmful or dangerous in anyway”.

“Is it … is it illegal?” she looked him in the eye.

“Does it matter?”

She kept her vision fixed on him, before turning her attention back onto the pill.

“I don’t know Hugh; I shouldn’t even be drinking, let alone taking drugs”

“It’s nothing bad. It’s just a little pick me up, it’s a way to escape reality, that’s all. You no I wouldn’t give you anything that would harm you”.

She looked at his face; he appeared so sincere when he spoke to her, like he genuinely just wanted to help.

“Look, you don’t have to take it” he said as he placed it back into his jacket.

“No wait” she stopped him, grabbing his arm, “if it means I can forget ... then ill take it”

He smiled and nodded, pulling the bag out of his jacket and sliding the one pill onto the palm of Martha’s hand.

Although hesitant she placed it in her mouth, taking a gulp of her drink and swallowing it down. Hugh took the second pill, taking a mouthful of Martha’s drink and throwing it back. Before turning to her and smiling.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it” he grinned.

She shook her head, grinning back at him, secretly reassured that he had taken one as well.

Together the two made their way back inside…


(A few hours later)

She felt as if she was floating, like she was walking on air. The environment around her was buzzing; she had never felt so on-top of the world before. Her body tingled all over, with her blood pumping around to the max; she felt so warm inside.

Walking down the street she felt the cool air glide across her skin, “Ahh, that’s so refreshing” she spoke dreamily, as she lifted her arms out by her sides, in a bird like manner.

Off with the fairies, she felt as two hands attached themselves to her waist, before wrapping their arms around her tiny frame, holding onto her securely while guiding her away from the road and down a backstreet.

It suddenly went dark, the lights that once illuminated the street in a fluorescent orange colour were now gone, and all she could see was darkness.

At the end of the narrow passageway she saw a light; it glistened and called out to her, willing her to follow it. Releasing herself from the man’s hold she skipped down the dark ‘tunnel’, keeping her eyes fixed on the blurry light that was shining ahead of her so brightly.

Reaching out she tried to grab it, but before she could get far enough, she was pulled backwards, her body lifting upwards and her legs dangling in the air. She giggled at the feeling of the arms held tightly around her waist.

She happily kicked her legs in the air, laying her head backwards in the crook of his neck. She felt as she was slowly brought back down to earth, feeling the solid ground beneath her shoes.

Leaning her back against the wall she watched as he faced her; grining from ear to ear. Placing her hand on his cheek she tilted her head, gazing across at him dreamily.

Moving forward he held her closely, placing his head to the side of hers and whispering into her ear, “how are you feeling?” she heard him say in a muffled whisper.

“I feel on top of the world” she chuckled. All of her fears and anxieties had slowly drifted away and she was on an ultimate high, her body felt so light and airy, she just longed to feel this way forever.

She felt as he trailed sweet kisses along her jaw line, up her cheek and across to her lips, capturing her mouth in an intense and passion-fuelled kiss. Grabbing at his back she pulled him closer to her, her fingers clinging onto his leather jacket. Her body was just burning for more; she craved more than just a kiss.

She moaned as he pulled away from her, mourning at the loss of his kiss. Her body was throbbing for his touch, she wanted him so badly.

“Ill be back in a bit, stay here yeah” she heard him say in a muffled tone.

She nodded eagerly; “if I stay here will I get a prize afterwards” she beamed.

“Oh you’ll get more than a prize baby” he smiled back; his eyes were glinting with lust.

Her face blushed a rosy pink colour, as she watched him walk away and exit around the corner.


Hugh made his way around the corner of the wall, standing alongside his group of friends. He wasn’t affected by the drugs anymore. Because he had taken them so regularly, his body had become almost immune to them, so the affects pretty much wore off within an hour or so, for Martha on the other hand, they would last most of the night, which suited Hugh just fine, he couldn’t have her coming back round and hampering their plans.

“Hey,” he tilted his head, signalling for Lizzie to join him, “keep an eye on Martha for me, don’t let her get in the way” he warned her.

“Fine, but be quick” she told him.

He nodded, “you no me; in and out in a flash” he smirked before brushing passed her.


Martha sat on the floor; her head was beginning to spin, she felt as a shadow stood above her. Lifting her head up, she watched as the figure sat beside her; smiling. Martha squinted her eyes, looking across at the person and making out Lizzie’s features, “hey!” Martha squealed, happy to see her ‘friend’.

“Hey” she smiled back, “how ya doin?”

“FAN-TASTIC!” she sang, before giggling.

“Good” she smiled, before turning away and looking at her watch, mentally cursing Hugh to 'hurry the hell up!'

Martha swayed in the air, letting her head rock from side to side, her body and mind still on cloud nine; completely unaware of reality and what was really going on…

NOTE: As I have very little knowledge about drugs, the drug/symptoms/effects included in this fic are made-up. Invented by moi :D

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Amber you make me laugh :P I love your comments lol

Thanks people, heres the next part...

Warning: Chapter unsuitable for younger readers (SC and general … badness :P)

Enjoy :)

Chapter 13:

Unhinging the side window with the spanner, the two young men pulled the frame out; placing it down quietly onto the ground.

Pushing himself up, he sat on the ledge, swinging his legs around and then feeling with his shoes to find the floor; before dropping down into the room.

“Well, that was easier than I thought” Hugh smirked, looking back at Kim who was climbing through the window after him.

“Yep” Kim replied, jumping down.

Together they made their way through the backroom, opening the door and entering the shop floor.

“You think the money will still be in the cash register?” Kim asked.

“I don’t know, it depends if they clear it out at night” Hugh walked up to the cash desk, examining the till and trying to work out the best possible way to open it. After a few minutes of thinking, he took out his manual screw driver, removing the screws one by one, before unlatching the till from the desk. “AH HA!” he cheered, “done it” he smirked, turning to Kim who was filling his pockets with various items.

“Excellent, now lets get the hell out of here”

“Yeah ok, grab a couple of those bottles of wine as well mate” Hugh called over to Kim.

Taking the most expensive wine he could find, Kim grabbed two bottles; these would come in handy for a celebration later, he thought.

Walking back through the room, they shut the door behind them. Walking over to the window, he leaned through; passing the cash register and the wine over to his awaiting friends.

Pulling himself up, he swung his legs over the edge, before pushing himself back down; and landing safely onto the ground.

The two men hurriedly picked up the window frame; placing it into its original place and fixing it back in. Darting their vision from left to right, they made a run for it; sprinting quickly away from the building and around the corner to where the car was parked.

Peering inside he spoke to his friends “I have to go back and get Martha, ill be 2 seconds, and then we can get out of here” he said, taking off his gloves and throwing them into the car, before scooting around the corner and finding Martha and Lizzie sat side by side on the ground.

Martha’s face shone with joy as she saw Hugh walk from around the corner.

“Hey baby girl” he said as he leant down to her, her face still glowing, showing him that the drugs were still working their magic.

“Hi” she spoke distantly.

“Come on” he picked her up; holding her in his arms as he walked over to the car, closely followed by Lizzie.


Placing her down onto his bed he kissed her forehead, before turning and walking away, “hey” she called back, “where’d you think your going?” she raised her eyebrows.

He turned around to face her, “I have some things I need to do, but ill be back in a little while, I promise. Im a gentleman, I wouldn’t leave my lady waiting for too long now would I”

“You better not” she looked at him lust-fully; raising her eyebrows and showing him exactly what she was thinking.

He smirked back at her before exiting the room…

Making his way downstairs he opened the basement door, walking down the steps he saw Kim in the corner; counting out the cash. “How’d we do?” Hugh sat down beside him, his eyes gleaming as he scanned his vision over the money.

“Not too bad you’ll be quite pleased to no. I recon a couple of hundred at least, maybe 5”

“Really!?” he laughed astonished, “I wasn’t expecting so much from a tiny corner shop”

“I know, me neither, I guess lucks on our side huh” Kim smirked.

“It must be” he grinned, “listen why don’t you get home, I can sort this out, ill split the money tomorrow and then ill work out how many dealings we can make this week”

“Yeah ok, ive still got a big wad of the stuff at home as well”

“Ok great, well im meeting one of the dealers this week, so bring me everything you’ve got” Hugh told him.

“Yeah ok, will do” Kim stood up. “Well, I guess ill let you get back to that pretty girlfriend of yours” Kim smirked as he patted Hugh on the back.

Hugh laughed at his comment, “yeah”.

“Ill see you mate” Kim said as he walked up the steps.

Hugh grinned down mischievously at the money on the floor, he loved it when things went his way, it sent a delightful shiver up his spine; life couldn’t be any better right now. He had the money, the drugs and the hot and sexy girl to go with it.

Speaking of…


He re-entered the bedroom, his eyes almost popping out of his skull as he saw her on his bed, laid down on her side, wearing nothing but her lacy blue panties.

He licked his lips hungrily as he ran his eyes all over her body; his insides were suddenly on fire, he was just dying to feel her all over.

“What took you” she raised her eyebrows.

He couldn’t answer; he just shook his head and threw off his jacket, before walking forward and kissing her passionately on the lips. Running his hands down her bare chest he pushed her backwards.

A breath filled moan escaped her lips, as his hands massaged her front; her head was spinning out of control; it felt like ecstasy. Moving her hands down to his trousers she hurriedly undid the buckle, her body was just desperate to touch him.

Pushing himself off her, he removed his trousers and top impatiently, throwing them onto the floor, before hovering above her and sliding his hands down her sides; until they reached her hips. Pushing downwards he removed the delicate material along her legs.

Kicking the material from off her feet she lay beneath him, feeling the heat that was just oozing off his body. Pushing him harshly against the chest he fell onto his back, allowing for her to clamber on top of him; before shifting her body into a straddle position.

Moving her body over him, she let out a soft moan, feeling him as he entered her.

The two rocked together in motion, their hips thrusting together with every movement, each action becoming much more forceful as the seconds went on.

She giggled through pleasure; she had never felt so alive before. Gripping onto his skin she held him closer, feeling as he worked his magic on her. He was her most thrilling drug of all, nothing and no one had ever made her feel so pleasured and so elated before; with every one of his movements and touches sending a desired shiver up her spine.


“Hmm, that was nice” she spoke dreamily, laying her head on his chest and listening to his heart beat. “But im hungry now” she giggled.

“You’re hungry? Was I not enough for you?” he smirked.

“You’re always enough” she lifted her head up, placing her chin on his chest and gazing up at him.

“You’re an angel” he spoke to her calmly.

She smiled back at him, taking in his beautiful words.

“Ive never met anyone as amazing as you ... I could stay like this forever”

“Hmm, me too”

They stayed like this for several minutes, both just enjoying the peace and quiet. They’d never actually laid down together, just enjoying each others company; so this was a welcome change for the both of them.

“Mmm” she sighed as she lifted her head up. Moving her body she rubbed herself up against him; feeling as his lower half began to react to the feeling.

She heard him moan through pleasure. Feeling as his hands made their way down to the small of her back; causing her skin to tingle with delight. Pushing herself forwards she captured his lips in a kiss, trailing them down from his mouth to his chest, whilst using her tongue to lick various areas of his skin.

Pushing herself into a seated position she grinned down at him, “Right, I need food” she exclaimed, quickly sliding off him and landing her feet on the carpet.

“What!” he raised his eyebrows as his eyes opened wide; bewildered that she would actually leave at a time like this.

“I said I was hungry, so im going down to get food” she grinned back at him.

“Your mean” he pouted, “I was just starting to enjoy that”.

She pouted, mocking his expression as she ran her hand up and down his thigh seductively, before spinning around and skipping down the hallway happily.


(30 minutes later)

A naked Hugh and Martha stood in the kitchen, with Martha still searching the area for any edible food; eventually settling for a cereal bar that lay at the back of the cupboard.

Standing up quickly, she felt her head rush; feeling as her body slowly lost its energy, and sensing as the drugs finally worked their way out of her system. She groaned; placing her hand to her head as her migraine kicked into gear.

“Urgh, my head”

Observing her sudden loss of energy, he guessed that the drugs had been well and truly worked off.

Walking out into the store room he grabbed a small container, “Hey, take this, its paracetemol, it’ll help” he handed over a glass of water and a tablet.


“I should probably get you back home as well”

She nodded slowly, her face beginning to fall. “I don’t want to go back … Being here, is the only time I can ever truly forget” she told him honestly.

He nodded in understanding.

“Listen thanks for … before. You know, the pill, it really helped, it was defiantly what I needed”

“No worries” he smiled.

She smiled back at him, before looking down at her exposed body, her eyes opening wide as she realised she was naked. Embarrassment overtook her, her body becoming hot and sweaty as she stood before him; unable to escape.

Sensing that she had become very self conscious, he turned away from her, not wanting to weird her out any longer. “Come on, lets get you home” he smiled as he glanced back over to her, before leading her up towards his bedroom to collect their clothing.

Preview: Is Martha about to get what’s coming to her? Or will they manage to slip away before anyone catches them?

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Thanks for the comments :)

Enjoy :)

Chapter 14:

“Hey Martha” Jamie shouted as she saw her in the distance.

Grinning at the sound of her friend’s voice she spun around; however her face slowly fell as she realised she wasn’t alone; Jack was walking with her.

“Hey guys” Martha beamed as she waved them over, trying to push back her fears and anxieties.

“Hey” Jamie replied, running towards her and hugging her tightly, “it’s good to see you”.

“Yeah you too, how was the holiday?”

“It was great, I had so much fun” she grinned, before her face slowly dropped in annoyance, “but now its back to school, and exams” she spoke glumly as she pouted.

Martha and Jack both laughed at their friend. Both were over the moon at her return.

Together the three walked to school. With Jamie filling them in on just about everything that had gone on during her holiday.

As Jamie stood beside Martha, she noticed how cold and distant she was. Not only had she not even kissed Jack, but she had barely acknowledged his presence, failing to look over to him or talk to him in anyway.

Jamie was not only disappointed in her friend’s behaviour, but was severely concerned; Martha wasn’t usually like this, and from the looks of things, Jack had been right all long, Martha really had changed, and certainly not for the better…


“Hey” Jamie said as she ran to Jack’s side.

“Oh hey” he smiled, before turning away and trying to conceal his sadness.

She sighed at her friends obvious heart break, she only wished she could sort this out for him, once and for all, “Im so sorry Jack. I wish I could do something for you”.

“Its ok, you being here is good enough for me” he smiled in appreciation.

She placed her hand on his back, rubbing up and down in an encouraging and comforting motion. Feeling as his back muscles were so tensed up due to his worry and apprehension.

Glancing to the side, she caught Martha walking into the school building. But she wasn’t alone; she walked in with a tall and mysterious looking man, who wore a long leather jacket.

That must be Hugh, she thought. Suddenly having an idea pop into her mind she stood in front of Jack.

“Im so sorry Jack, but I have to go. I ... I have a book I need to return to the library, ill be back in about 5 minutes ok” she smiled before running off into the direction of Hugh and Martha.

Keeping her distance she watched as they disappeared around the corner, entering one of the un-used classrooms.

Looking from side to side she made a run for it, creeping underneath the window-sill and peering through the rip in the curtain. Squinting her eyes, she focussed her vision, scanning the room for the two individuals.

Eventually she spotted them in the corner, with Martha sitting on one of the tables and Hugh standing in between her legs.

Already Jamie didn’t like the look of this. Taking a gulp she continued to watch…


“Come on, I want to talk to you” Hugh grabbed her arm.

“No, not here, someone might see”

“So what, were ‘friends’ aren’t we” he rolled his eyes in a mocking fashion.

“Yes” she sighed, “Fine, but not here.”

Hugh nodded in understanding, and the two walked across the playground together, with Martha occasionally shifting her eyes from side to side; just praying that Jack or Jamie were not around to see her.

Shutting the classroom door behind him, he led her over towards the back of the room. Placing his hands on her shoulders he sat her down before him.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Why?” she scrunched up her face.

Why?” he mocked, “Well why not? You’ve been stressing for ages, I just wanted to make sure you were alright, you no, after last night and all”.

She smiled at his genuine care, “im sorry, and thanks. Yeah, im fine” she nodded, holding her head up high.

He raised his eyebrows, knowing full well she was far from fine.

“Ok, fine” she sighed, “im not, im terrified. I worry every day that Jacks going to find out and it breaks his heart.” Her face dropped through sadness, before she shook her head and looked up. “But I try not to think about it” she let out a small smile.

He nodded in sympathy, “im sorry it’s got this bad, I never wanted for this to happen”.

“I no” she smiled.

The two held their gaze for several seconds, their breathing staying ever so calm. Eventually leaning forward he placed a kiss on her forehead. Before watching as she lifted her head up, searching for his lips. Kissing him softly she felt at ease, it was at times like this when all of her fears and worries would be relieved; it was amazing how he could make her feel so relaxed with just one single kiss.

Pulling away she smiled up at him, licking her lips.

“Hey, erm, do you want to do something tonight?” she gazed into his eyes.

“Yeah defiantly”.

“Great. And erm, maybe I could have another one of your mystery gifts” she smiled up at him sweetly.

He stifled a laugh, “I think I can manage that. But what do I get in return” he smirked.

She grinned back at him, pulling at his belt buckle and kissing him passionately.

Leaning her backwards she lay on the table, with Hugh hovering above her and holding her close. Entwining his tongue with hers he massaged the roof of her mouth.

She moaned under his lips, hungry for more; wishing she could just rip off all of her clothes and let him devour her, right here, right now.

Placing her hand at the back of his head, she pushed him closer, their lips moving together with more force.

She felt as he ran his hand up and down her thigh, feeling the skin that lay beneath her skirt. Pulling away from him she threw her head back, enjoying the feeling of him caressing her skin.

Both were on cloud nine as they continued to get lost in the moment…


Jamie gasped, she was horrified! How dare she do this to Jack!

Turning away from the window she placed her hand to her head, not knowing what to do. Her mind went into overdrive as the images of Martha and Hugh flashed through her head. Her heart beat raced and her body temperature rose, her hands clammed up with sweat as she placed her one hand to her forehead in disbelief.

This was war!

Walking over to the door she carefully twisted the knob. Stepping inside and walking over to them very carefully, all the while shaking her head in utter disgust.

The two were too wrapped up in each other to even notice Jamie standing beside them.

Bending down she picked up, what she assumed was Hugh’s backpack, before lifting it over her shoulder and lobbing it at them with one almighty throw.

Hugh gasped, being forced off Martha and falling onto the ground, as the large object crashed into his side.

Looking up startled, she saw Jamie stood before them. Her eyes were narrowed as she glared daggers at them both. Turning to Martha she scrunched up her face in repulsion, before shaking her head and scowling…

“You bitch!” she growled.

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^^What are you talking about Tash, 'stupid Jacky'? :unsure:

What did Jack do wrong :(

Enjoy :D

Chapter 15:

“Jamie” Martha whispered as she looked up at her friend through wide eyes, her body was almost rigid, she could barely move. Pushing herself upwards she slid off the table, until she was standing on the floor in front of Jamie. Turning to the side she looked down at Hugh, who shuffled on the floor, pushing himself up and clambering to his feet.

Opening her mouth to speak, she stuttered, not really knowing how to explain, “Jamie … its not…”

“DON’T you dare!” she silenced her, pointing her finger at her menacingly, “don’t you dare say it’s not what it looks like, I just saw you Martha” she raised her voice. “Unless of course you want to tell me that im seeing things now” she spoke with sarcasm; her eyes wide open and almost piercing Martha’s skull.

“I … I don’t know what to say” she whimpered as the tears pooled from her eyes.

“How could you do it? How could you do this to Jack?”

Martha stayed silent, her body beginning to rock very slightly as she sobbed.

“You both, are the most selfish people I have ever met” she spoke furiously, darting her vision from side to side. “But you” she pointed at Martha, “You’re beyond selfish. You are not the person I grew up with; you are not my best friend.” She paused, taking a breath before continuing, “What happened to you?” she asked as her voice began to soften, “what happened to you Martha?” she repeated.

“Im sorry” she sobbed.

She looked at her through saddened eyes, almost feeling sorry for her, “Im not the person you need to be saying that to”.

All the while Hugh stood in the background, watching as this girl he had never met, tore strips off Martha. He hated seeing Martha like this, even though he knew what they had done was wrong, he couldn’t bear to see her cry.

“You no what Martha, in my whole life, I don’t think ive ever been more …” she thought before continuing, “Ashamed, and disappointed in anyone before. You’re a monster” she said harshly.

“Alright that’s just about enough” Hugh piped up.

“Well I haven’t even started on you yet. I don’t even know you and already I despise you” she glared at him.

“You want to watch your mouth sweetheart” he sneered as he walked in front of her.

“Or what? You’ll hit me?” she death stared him; there was no way she was backing down now.

He stifled a laugh at her remark.

“Go on then. Hit me.” she challenged him.

She stood there facing him for several seconds, all the while glaring directly into his devious and sly eyes; before shaking her head and stepping backwards; and walking over towards Martha.

“Open your eyes Martha, cant you see what he’s doing to you! He’s using you, he doesn’t care one bit about you”.

“Shut your face” Hugh spat back.

“What’s going on?” a voice from the background called out.

Turning their heads in unison, they looked on in shock and sadness, as a bewildered Jack stood in the doorway.

Jamie’s heart sunk as she looked over at his innocent face, she really didn’t want him finding out like this.

Oh god Jack” Martha whispered as she placed her hand to her mouth; her eyes filling up once more.

“Martha” he called out to her, his face dropping through sadness as he saw the tears streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong?” his voice quivered.

Trying to force back her tears she stepped forward, she knew she had to tell him.

“Go on Martha, tell him the truth” Jamie ordered her ex best friend.

She took very slow steps, using her hand to wipe away her tears.

Go” Jamie repeated, pushing Martha’s back and forcing her forward.

Facing Jack she saw the hurt and concern that was so evident in his eyes. Opening her mouth to speak, she spoke the only words she could think of, “im so sorry”

He frowned, watching as her head dropped in shame; a part of him already knowing full well what was going on. Swallowing hard he pushed back his tears, waiting for her to continue.

“Ive done something … terrible” she hushed.

His eyes continued to water as he listened to her words.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen, you have to believe me. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt”

Frown lines appeared between his eyebrows, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had been right all along; she really was seeing Hugh behind his back.

“What have you done with him?” he spoke in a hushed tone. Not really wanting to know the answer but asking anyway.

Failing to receive a response he leaned forward, grabbing her by the arms and shaking her body, “TELL ME” he raised his voice.


He let go of her in a split second, almost as if she were a hot iron that would burn his skin. Stepping backwards he looked at her in distress; his body was wounded through her betrayal. His heart being ripped out and smeared all across the classroom walls, as he stood staring at her in disbelief.

Her final word rang through his mind, ‘everything … everything … everything’. As the pieces of the puzzle began to click into place, and he came to a realisation. She had lost her virginity, the one thing that Jack was so honoured to take from her one day, and she had given it to him instead.

He let out a soft breath filled laugh, as a single tear swam down his one cheek, “I knew it, I knew I was right. I knew you’d been seeing him … but I never thought you’d …” he paused, the words choking in his throat.

Glancing to his left he watched Hugh in the background, his face failing to display sadness, or sorrow, but still holding that same smug and over-arrogant look that he held so well. Martha however, failed to notice.

Jack felt as the dagger twisted deeper. The only person he had ever loved, the only person he had ever truly opened up too, was the one person that had hurt and betrayed him the most.

Suddenly feeling as a surge of nausea attacked his insides, he stepped backwards; his back hitting the wall. His eyes stayed fixed on Martha’s as his lip began to quiver and his emotions took hold. Turning on his heel he made a run for it, legging it down the hallway and out of the school building.

Martha watched as he ran away. Her heart breaking at how completely shattered he was. She had never felt so ashamed about her own actions before. She loved Jack more than anything, and she had done this to him! She had just well and truly broken him.

“Well I sure hope you’re happy” Jamie spoke from behind Martha, “because you have just destroyed every ounce of him”.

Martha’s body jerked through sobs, the tears streaming down her face as she listened to Jamie’s words, feeling as if her insides were turning and tangling up together; she felt as if she couldn’t breathe, she had never felt so mortified.

“Just leave it out yeah” Hugh again spoke up.

“Whatever” Jamie shook it off, “im going anyway, you’re both not even worth it”

Brushing passed Martha she attempted to walk away, before spinning on her heel and facing her. Lifting up her hand she harshly slapped her across the face; and watching as Martha winced in pain, as she brought her hand up to her cheek. “That was for Jack” she spoke confidently, before turning and walking away.

Martha sobbed uncontrollably, her legs turning to jelly as she fell into a blubbering heap on the floor.

She felt as Hugh bent down beside her, wrapping her up in his arms and holding her close.

Although she knew she should push him away, she couldn’t, she needed him now, more than ever…


Jamie cursed her so called best friend as she stomped her way through the school building, darting her eyes from left to right in search of Jack.

Little did Jamie no however; Martha was in deeper than she thought…

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Sorry, short chapter. Might update again later :)

Enjoy :D

Chapter 16:

Walking down the street, side by side Jack and Jamie spoke about the earlier goings on.

“I just can’t believe I was such an idiot” Jack exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air.

“Jack you were not an idiot. Martha and Hugh are the only idiots around here. They deserve each other”.

Jacks head fell to the ground, his heart still bruised and throbbing due to the pain. How could Martha do this to him!?

A noise in the distance caught their attention. A girl was laughing hysterically as she swayed in the distance. Followed by a man coming up behind her and holding onto her waist, steadying her body and preventing her from falling.

“What the heck” Jack hushed, squinting his eyes into focus.

As they approached the young couple Jack finally made out who it was. It was Martha and Hugh.

Horrified at her behaviour he ran up to them.

“What have you done to her!” he shouted across to Hugh as he looked to his side, watching as his ex girlfriend danced around in the street with not a care in the world.

“What have you given her!?” he demanded.

“Stay out of it school boy, this doesn’t concern you, and Martha’s fine. She’s on top of the world actually, she’s finally rid of you and your loserish friends” he glanced over to Jamie, “and she’s finally free to live life how she wants. With me, that is” he smirked.

“You bastard” Jack lunged for him, but before he could reach him, he was brought to an abrupt halt, being harshly pulled backwards as Jamie held onto his bag. She wasn’t about to let Jack try and fight him, Hugh was two times the size of Jack, and would flatten him in an instant.

“Come on Jack, let’s go” she pulled at his arm, “He’s not worth it. Come on!” she shouted, grabbing his arm and pulling him backwards.

Jacks eyes stayed fixed on Martha as he stumbled backwards and was forced around the corner. His heart was calling out to her; his eyes pleading with her to follow them and escape the nightmare she was in. But she just smiled back, waving to him like an innocent little school girl, as he disappeared around the corner.

Running around the corner he tugged his hand away, demanding to no what the hell Jamie was playing at, “what do you think your doing! He’s given her drugs Jamie; he’s going to hurt her!”

“I know! Just calm down! We need to handle this with care Jack. If you go out there, all guns blazing and trying to fight him, you’re only going to get yourself seriously battered.” She told him. “I no this is scary, and I no your worried about her, I am too. But I honestly don’t think he’s going to hurt her”.

“How do you know that, who knows what that guys capable of” he yelled back.

“Oh come on Jack, he’s finally got what he wants. He’s got a model girlfriend attached to his hip, do you really think he’s going to jeopardise that”

Jack sighed heavily, placing his hands to his head in frustration, “Fine then, what do we do?”

Jamie stood on the spot, her mind flipping from one thought to the next as she contemplated their next move. “We’ll go to Alf, she is his granddaughter, he’ll no what to do”.


Banging on the front door they waited for an answer.

Jamie huffed, “this is ridiculous”.

Walking around to the back gate she tried to open it, but it was bolted shut.

“Maybe Alf went away” Jack walked up behind her, “he does go on a lot of those fishing trips, maybe he left a while ago and Martha just didn’t mention it”.

“Yeah maybe” she sighed, “Urgh, its sucky timing either way” she banged her hand against the gate in frustration.

“What do you think we should do? Should we leave it? Or maybe go to the cops?” Jack fired questions at her as she peered through the living room window.

“The cops?” she asked as she turned to him, “you still think he’s going to hurt her don’t you”.

“He’s already hurt her! He’s given her something Jamie, and god knows what that could be. It’s probably something illegal and highly dangerous knowing him! Not to mention she’s been drinking as well, I mean that combination could just …” he rambled on as he looked at her, his face displaying so much concern and fear for his ex girl friend.

“Ok Ok, calm down” she tried to ease the situation.

“Well, for a start, I don’t think we should go to the cops” she sighed, “if we do, it’ll only end up getting Martha into trouble. She’s the one that took the stuff, and Hugh looked fine; so she’ll be the one that’ll take the wrap”.

Jack nodded, “so tell me, how are you, a 17 year old school girl, and me a school book worm, supposed to take on Hugh and his badass biker gang” he spoke sarcastically as he raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t know” she sighed, before searching for a clean area of grass and taking a seat, “maybe we should leave it tonight Jack. Just wait until school tomorrow, maybe then we can talk some sense into her”.

“Yeah, and if we can’t?” he looked at her hopelessly.

She looked on at his saddened face, desperate to give him something positive to think about, but the positive thoughts were failing to come to her.

She watched him as he shuffled from side to side, clearly petrified for the safety of his former girlfriend. The truth was, Jamie was amazed at Jacks genuine concern for her. Even after everything Martha had done to him, he still cared for her; Martha was so lucky to have had a boyfriend like Jack, guys like him only came along once in a lifetime, but clearly Martha had been too wrapped up in herself and Hugh, to even give a seconds thought for the wonderful and considerate man that was Jack Holden, and consequently, the person that she would hurt the most in all of this.

Jack deserved someone so much better than Martha, it was just a shame that it took an incident like this, for them to all realise that fact.

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Another update :o

Enjoy :)

Chapter 17:

(The following day)

Jack sat at his desk anxiously; his eyes shifting from side to side, scanning the room and the people that were occupying it.

He shuffled in his chair as he twiddled his thumbs, getting more and more agitated by the second.

“Where the hell is she” he muttered under his breath.

Glancing down at his watch he released a heavy sigh, before bending down into his bag, ruffling around inside and searching for his phone.

Pulling it out, he placed it in between his legs, keeping it out of sight. Before flipping it open and checking his messages. ‘No new messages’

“Perfect” he muttered sarcastically.

Several minutes ticked by and Jack continued to wait, just hoping and praying that she would walk through the door.

Looking down at the desk he picked up his pen, his nerves were beginning to get the better of him; he needed to occupy himself with something. Using the end of his pen, he scratched a few marks into the wooden surface.

“Ah, how nice of you to grace us with your presence Miss Ellen” the teacher called out as Jamie rushed through the door; her heart was pounding as she panted for her breath.

“Sorry sir” she replied in a miserable tone of voice, walking over to Jack and taking her seat.

“Where the hell have you been?” Jack whispered as Jamie took her seat.

“Sorry, it’s my little brother; he’s a pain in the ass”.

Jack sighed, “I haven’t seen her Jamie; she’s not here”


“Martha! She hasn’t turned up today”.

“Oh” she frowned, looking down at the table as she thought, “well, let’s not jump to conclusions yeah, she’s probably got a free period or something”.

“She hasn’t, she has history today. I no her timetable off by heart”.

“Well, don’t stress, im sure she’s fine. Look, we’ll talk about it later, we can’t talk here”.

“Oh how kind of you to stop nattering” the teacher called out. Causing both Jack and Jamie to jump up alarmed in their seats, “Is there anything you would like to share with the rest of the group? Miss Ellen? Mr Holden?”

“No sir” Jamie replied in a soft tone keeping her head down.

“Well good, maybe we can get on with the class then” he replied un-amused, before turning back round and writing on the white board.


Jack and Jamie walked through the common room doors, finding their usual seat and sitting down. “What a surprise, both Martha and Hugh aren’t even here today” Jack shook his head in annoyance.

“Yeah, it doesn’t look too good does it?”

Jack shook his head, even though he hated what Martha had done to him, he couldn’t seem to shake the concerned and worried thoughts from his mind.

“Do you think she’s alright?” he asked, keeping his head down; almost ashamed at himself that he had spoken the words.

“I don’t know Jack.”

“God!” he exclaimed, slamming his hand down onto the table, “Why do I even care anyway? She’s been sleeping with Hugh for god knows how long, and here’s me, worried sick about her. I mean, how much of an idiot does that make me!”

“It doesn’t make you an idiot Jack; it just shows how caring you are. Martha’s lucky to have someone in her life that will always look out for her; no matter what she’s done”

“Yeah” he scoffed; “well she doesn’t even deserve our concern. She’s made her bed, now she can lie in it” he spoke bitterly before pushing himself off the chair and walking over to the window.

Jamie looked on in sadness; she hated seeing Jack like this. In all of his life, he had only ever done good, continuing to look out for his family and friends, whilst having to deal with the various snide remarks that would always seem to come his way.

He was the definition of sweet and innocent, and certainly didn’t deserve to suffer from a broken heart.

Walking over to him she placed a comforting hand on his arm, “how are you doing Jack?”

He paused before speaking, “ive had better days … but im dealing with it” he kept his vision fixed on the tree in the distance, focussing all of his attention on that one image, allowing for him to push back all of his raw emotions; because despite what appeared on the outside, Jack was in fact a wreck; he had never felt so rotten in his entire life. He could just break down at this very moment in time; fall into a heap on the floor and cry his heart out, but he couldn’t, he wouldn’t give in to this, he wouldn’t allow for himself to be found out. If everyone knew how badly he was hurting, then Hugh would have won, and he would be labelled as the pathetic idiot that fell for it all.

“You know, you’re handling this a lot better than I thought you would … you’re amazing.”

She looked over at him smiling, her face beginning to blush as he smiled back at her.

One thing she had always loved about Jack Holden, was that beautiful smile of his, the very one that made even Jamie’s heart flutter; although she failed to admit it of course. Martha and Jack had always been so close; she therefore took a step backwards, leaving them to it and pushing her own feelings aside. She now wished she hadn’t been so thoughtful of Martha’s feelings, because if she had just opened up and told him how she felt, then maybe her and Jack would have been together, and then neither of them would have ended up getting hurt.

Oh well, it was too late now and there was no way to change the past. What’s done is done…


(3 hours later)

Behind closed doors a young man lay down on his bed, finally letting go of his emotions and releasing his inner pain…

Jack Holden sat crying in his room, his body rocking through sobs and his hands clinging so desperately onto the sheets. He prayed for god to mend his broken heart. Just wishing that maybe one day, the girl of his dreams would walk through the door and make his life complete. The only problem was, the girl of his dreams was already in his life, but she had harshly and thoughtlessly ripped him to shreds. Not giving a seconds thought for his feelings.

It was strange how one minute you think you know someone, and then the next, they are a completely different person; a heartless one at that!

No one in his life had ever been so cruel to him, I mean sure, he had been picked on and tormented as a kid, but no one had ever aimed for his heart before, callously playing around with his emotions and going behind his back; whilst enjoying every minute of it.

He knew he deserved someone better, a person who would love him for him, and not hurt or betray him in any way. But he couldn’t help but crave for her to be with him. To hold him and kiss him, and to tell him that everything would be ok, but it wouldn’t, the young woman he once loved had been replaced by a heartless bitch. His one true love was never coming back, and it was now time for him to accept that…

Preview: Jack and Jamie get closer, and Jack has some news that could possibly change everything.

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The definitive of; A BEAST of a chapter! :P

Enjoy :)

Chapter 18:

Days passed by and Martha and Hugh were still no where to be found.

Little did the world know however, they had skipped town. Martha had demanded to leave summer bay within an instant; pleading with Hugh to take her away, as she was unable to face the hurt and sadness that she had so recklessly caused.

Packing up their items they had skipped town for the week, with Hugh using the money from his recent business venture (a local drug ring) to pay for the hotel.

Finally escaping, she was able to relax, with her angst and anxieties eventually leaving her body, and allowing for her to live some kind of normal life.

From the second they had arrived, the two spent every single moment together; either back in the bedroom or out in a club; with the loud music also helping to block out her persistent thoughts of Jack.

In addition to this, there was one other item that had worked wonders this passed week; enabling Martha to discard her negative thoughts; taking her to a world where all of her shame and sadness was taken away, and she floated on air. Day after day she retook the pills, topping herself up every time her body became low, and enabling for her to cope with her misery.

It had now gotten to a point however, where she had become dependent on the drugs; using them to help boost her self esteem and generally uplift her mood to an all around high. And they had worked like a charm, there was no doubt about that, but she was dangerously close to becoming addicted, with them slowly but surely taking control of her body, and leading her into a world she may never return from.

A part of her knew she should give them up, but she couldn’t, all the while, day in, day out, she kept going back for the one thing she knew she should escape from.

Along with her addiction to the drugs, her obsession over a certain man in her life intensified dramatically.

Hugh had little by little become irresistible to her, to the point where she had blocked out any thoughts of Jack and her previous life, and focussed all of her attention on him, allowing for him to devour her and take her to ‘places’ that she had never dreamed existed.

Now she had returned a week later, her eyes now covered with dark glasses and her hair brushed straight down, the style or wave she once had, had disappeared, causing her hair to fall flat and dull against her face. Her clothes were dark with a lack of character, and she held a vacant expression.

Her once bright and bubbly self, was now consumed by darkness.


Jack walked along the path, taking each slow step at a time. His arms dangled down beside him lifelessly, and his face showed an extreme lack of enthusiasm.

There was still no sign of Martha, not even a peep. And what made matters even worse, Alf was still away, which meant there was no way of finding her.

Jack would just have to wait, and pray to god that she was ok.

Turning the corner he walked alongside the hedge, passing the park near Hugh’s house before coming to a sudden halt.

His eyes shot open and his heart was lifted. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw her in the distance, standing with her back up against the wall. He had never been more thrilled to see her, getting the reassurance he had been dying for, and finding out that after all this time, she really was ok. His happiness however, was short lived, as he became horrified to witness Hugh walking beside her, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her passionately on the lips; with Martha failing to pull away.

His heart skipped several beats as he watched them kissing ahead of him. He felt as if he had been shot several times with a harpoon gun, with the final shot directly shattering his heart into pieces.

His body became numb as he watched them in the distance; the colour in his face draining away as he stood staring at them. He felt sick to the stomach to see them together; with all of his raw emotions oozing back out, and his heart beginning to throb. Eventually tearing his eyes away; he turned back round, walking back the way he came; his head dropping down and feeling completely dejected.


“Hey Jack” Tony called out to his son as he walked through the door.

“Hi” he replied in a glum tone, his eyes fixed forward as he stared into ‘space’.

Frowning, he walked beside his son, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder and gaining his attention, “It’ll get better Jack, and I know it feels like the end of the world now, but they’ll be other girls. Better ones than Martha”.

Jack took a deep breath, releasing a sigh as he exhaled, that was the thing though, he didn’t want a better girl; he just wanted Martha.

“Actually mate, I wanted to talk to you about something” Tony began.

Jack turned to his dad, an inquisitive look spread across his face…

“Well basically…” he began.


Martha stood anxiously at her locker, her eyes darting around the hallway as she awaited Hugh’s arrival. Her body was shifting from side to side; she was so agitated, she just couldn’t seem to settle. She had been feeling weak and drained all day; her body was in desperate need of a pick me up.

“Hey Martha” Tasha called out as she approached her.

Oh great, this is just what I need, thought Martha as she rolled her eyes.

“Hi, how’s it going?” she replied, trying to be polite.

“Pretty great, im fairly certain I aced the first exam” she grinned smugly.

“Oh, that’s great, good for you” she smiled, but not really paying attention.

Standing for what seemed like a lifetime, she listened to Tasha’s rambles. Eventually blocking them out and focussing her attention on something else.

“…So yeah, I think it should be pretty great, ive always wanted to go over seas” she beamed.

“Uh huh” she replied looking distant.

“Martha” Tasha raised her voice, “are you even listening to me?” she frowned in annoyance.

“Of course” she smiled sweetly, looking back at Tasha.

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes, “where’ve you been anyway? I feel like I haven’t seen you for weeks”.

“Oh, no where,” she drifted off again, glancing over Tasha’s shoulder and looking for Hugh.

“Well you haven’t been here. I mean, I haven’t even seen you with Jack, and you two were like attached at the hip” she looked at her friend questioningly.

At the mention of Jack, her mind kicked into gear and she was shaken out of her distant state; finally being brought back to reality. She hadn’t thought about Jack for a while, and just hearing his name triggered the most unbearable pain and sadness.

“Erm, well, Jack and I aren’t together anymore” she replied in a slow and hushed tone of voice.

“Your kidding!” her eyes shot open, “gosh, im sorry Martha, I no ive never been Jacks biggest fan, but even I could see how much you loved him” she smiled sadly, “what happened?”

“Oh, erm, it’s a long story, id prefer not to talk about it” she tried to brush it off.

Thankfully Tasha let it go, “no worries, but if you ever want to talk, im here for you” she smiled.

“Thanks” she smiled at her genuine care; she had missed her friends dearly.

Seeing Hugh approach the hallway, Martha quickly reacted, “I have to go, ill see you soon” she smiled before walking out the door, followed closely by Hugh.

“That was weird” Tasha mumbled; but chose to ignore it, scooting off down the hallway in search of her friends.


“So what do you feel like doing? You want to go out or something” Martha asked Hugh as she took a final bite of her burger.

“Erm, well, actually, I have some things I need to sort out” he told her awkwardly.

“Oh right, what is it?”

“Nothing major, im just meeting up with some old friends” he smiled.

“Oh, ok” she nodded.

“Yeah so er, maybe I could pick you up later and we can do something then?” he suggested.

“Yeah, sure why not”

“Cool, well ill drop you home then” he said as he picked up his car keys.

“Were leaving right now?”

“Yeah, im meeting my mate in about 30 minutes, so I should probably get going”

“Ok” she hopped off the chair, turning around and walking towards the door.

Watching her leave he leant into the store cupboard, opening his backpack and checking the content of drugs, before zipping it shut and swinging it over his shoulder.

He was about to meet one of his regular buyers, and he couldn’t have anything going wrong!


Jamie jumped down the stairs, glancing in the mirror and checking her appearance, before turning to the door. Twisting the door knob she opened it with a smile, but was presented with a not so happy chappy.

“Hi” Jack replied miserably.

“Hey” she tried to smile, “come in”.

“Thanks” he walked inside, turning around to face her he opened his mouth, trying to speak, but before the words came out; he was interrupted by Jamie.

“Look Jack, I no it’s been really hard lately, but I was thinking, maybe we could do something when the exams are over, like take a trip somewhere, it doesn’t have to be for long, just a day if you want, anything to just escape this place for a little while. God listen to me, ive only been back a few days and already im wishing I was somewhere else” she laughed.

Jack stayed silent, listening to her rambles, as the words running into his ear, turned to muffle.

“…so yeah, what about the zoo, that’s always fun” she beamed.

Standing at the stair way she waited for his response, her face slowly falling as the silent seconds passed by and she studied his distant expression.

“Im leaving” he replied in a low and hushed tone of voice.

She titled her head, her face frowning as she replayed the words back in her mind “What?”

“Im leaving,” he repeated, “after the exams are over, im going, and im never coming back”.

As the words rushed through her mind, she felt her legs turning to jelly. Taking a seat on the stairs she sat their in silence. Trying to work out what all this meant.

Following several seconds of stillness, she looked up at him, “I don’t understand. What do you mean your leaving?” her eyes filled with tears as she looked up at him.

He sighed, taking a seat beside her, “my dad got offered this great job in Melbourne, he wasn’t planning on taking it originally, but when he found out about everything that happened with Martha, he thought it would be a great chance to make a fresh start.” He continued, “and I thought about it alot, and I realised he was right. I can’t stay here Jamie, I can’t live in the same town as Hugh and Martha, just knowing that when I walk around the corner, they’ll be there, together; it makes my skin crawl to even think about it” he told her honestly, “I no you think ive been handling this all really well, but, the truth is, its just killing me inside, I want to cry every time I think about it. I can’t go on like this, we may have only been together 7 months, but it felt like a lifetime to me, and then to suddenly just have it ripped away, it’s just devastating. ” He finished, the tears in his eyes welling up.

“I understand” she turned to him, placing her arm around his back, she understood his reasons for leaving, but was still determined to make him stay “but, don’t you think that in time, it’ll get better, like, someone else might come along and heal your wounds, someone so much better than Martha” she tried to stay positive, she really didn’t want him to leave.

“No, I don’t think it will” he turned to her, “look, thanks for being here and supporting me through all of this, you’re a great friend” he smiled, “but this is something I need to do, its time to move on. Im certain of that now” he nodded his head to finalise it.

Jamie smiled, trying to push back her tears, he really was leaving, and nothing she could say would change that. Her chance was blown, and she had lost him for good.

“You no, im really going to miss you” he angled his body towards her.

She swallowed the lump that had formed in the back of her throat, before speaking, “Ill miss you too”, as single tear rolled down her cheek.

Raising his hand he wiped away her tear, watching as she closed her eyes at his touch. His fingertips remained on her skin, caressing her cheek, ever so gently.

Opening her eyes, she gazed over to him, her tears slowly drying as she felt her body relax. His hand still cupping her cheek.

Swallowing loudly, he gradually leant forward, bringing his face to hers and smelling her sweet scent. Allowing for his hand to drop down he placed it on her leg, before leaning further in and kissing her softly on the lips. Their lips lingered for several seconds until he moved them against hers, feeling as she responded to the kiss.

The two continued to kiss; their lips massaging together as they pressed against each other so gently. Both were clearly enjoying their tender moment as they continued to lose them selves in the kiss…

Within an instant, his eyes suddenly shot open; his mind kicking into gear and causing him to pull away…

“Oh god, sorry, I don’t know why I did that” he looked at her shocked and ashamed; mentally cursing himself for acting in such a way.

Although disappointed, she laughed it off, poking him in the side, “You’re forgiven” she grinned.

Sighing he turned back to her, “I better get going”.

“Ok” she nodded.

“Ill see you tomorrow” he said as he stood up, walking towards the door before stopping, “erm, things aren’t going to be weird now are they? Between us?” his face displayed concern.

“Don’t be silly, of course not” she smiled reassuringly.

He smiled back, nodding slightly before opening the door. Walking away he placed his hand to his head, why was everything always so complicated!

Preview: bye bye Jackyboy, we’ll miss you *sheds a tear* :(

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Well here it is :D

I havent had time to re-read this for a third time so I hope its ok :)

Enjoy, and thanks for your comments :)

Chapter 19:

(A week later)

At long last the exams had drawn to a close, school was out and the kids of summer bay high were officially free. 6 years of hard work had finally paid off (well, for the ones that had actually put the work in that is) and now they were out in the big wide world, no longer having to abide by the teachers rules, and not having to tolerate hours on hours of boring classes; they were now free to do whatever they wished.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s over” Jack grinned.

“Yeah, it’s great” Jamie smiled, but her tone of voice failed to indicate any form of excitement.

For Jamie, it was all so bittersweet, she was over the moon that high school was now finished, she had survived through 6 torturous years of non-stop study, and she was eternally grateful for that, but there was one factor she wasn’t so thrilled about. Now that school was over, it meant that Jack was leaving for good, he was moving away, and he was adamant he was never coming back.

This last week Jamie had counted down the days, almost wishing that time would just stop, just to allow for her to spend some more time with him. But it wasn’t going to happen, she had to accept that he was going, and she was losing a friend.

“How’d you think you did?”

“Huh?” she turned to him, her face frowning.

“In the exams, how’d you think you did?”

“Oh, yeah, erm, good, I think, well I hope at least”.

“Im sure you did fine” he smiled, placing an encouraging arm around her back.

The two walked out of the school gates for the very last time, “so long summer bay high” Jack waved the school goodbye as he made his final exit, “I can almost feel a tear in my eye” he joked as he sniffled, pretending to wipe away a tear.

Jamie just laughed, “come on you idiot,” she said as she grabbed him by the hand, “lets go”.


Jamie giggled as they walked towards her front door, with Jack finally releasing her petite and tiny frame away from his arm.

“Well as soon as ive got enough money together, im coming to visit, your not getting rid of me that easily” she smirked.

“Oh, damn” he spoke annoyed, before grinning, “as if I would ever want to lose you”.

“Glad to hear it” she smiled, “you’re the only real friend ive got left” she tried to smile but her face fell through sadness.

He sighed, his heartstrings being tugged as he mulled over the fact that he was leaving her for good, Jamie was the only reason he would stay, but he couldn’t, if he wanted a normal and happy life, he had to get away, away from Martha and Hugh, and away from the past.

“Look, can I give you a piece of advice” he spoke in a serious tone, “I may not be able to forgive Martha for what she did.” he paused, “but, you should”.


He sighed as he took a seat on her porch, “She’s your best friend Jamie; you’ve been friends since like, forever. Not to mention by the looks of things, she could really do with a friend right now, she’s sinking deeper and deeper every time I see her. It’s like Hugh’s got so much control over her, she can’t think for herself anymore; she can’t even see what he’s doing to her. Maybe a project for the holiday could be you pulling her out of this mess, and im sure that if you talked to Tash or Alli, they’d help you too. They may be ditzy blondes a lot of the time,” he smirked, “but they do care about Martha, and im certain that if they new how bad things were, they’d want to help.”

“Jack, why are you saying this to me”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you really think that she even deserves our help, after everything she’s done, after how she humiliated you and went behind your back?”

“Yes” he nodded in certainty; “because she’s still a person, and she’s still your best friend. And if you put aside everything she did to me, she deserves your help; she’s being taken over by something she can’t control anymore. She’s losing her way Jamie, and she needs help to get it back” he looked at her through saddened eyes.

She smiled at his genuine care. “I was right about what I said before. You really are amazing”.

He laughed a little, his cheeks beginning to blush, “tell no one” he winked.

She grinned, before stepping forward and wrapping him up in a warm embrace.


(Later that day)

Martha grabbed her bag and made her way out of the house, closing the door behind her and walking towards the road. Sitting down on the edge of the path she sighed, she was glad to get out of the house; she was starting to get a headache, and the fresh air was extremely soothing; she finally felt relaxed.

“Martha” a voice called out from her side.

“Oh, hey” she spoke, shocked at first that she would actually talk to her, but pleased she had made the effort.

“Are you alright?” Jamie asked as she stood above her.

“Yeah, im fine, thanks” she smiled slightly, before turning away and looking down at her hands.

So, are you not even going to mention the drugs that Hugh has been giving you” she looked at her with wide eyes, as her eyebrows rose.

“Look, its fine, there not harmful, it’s just a bit of fun” she shrugged it off.

Jamie just shook her head, folding her arms and looking away, not really knowing what to say.

“How’s Jack?” she asked hesitantly.

“How do you think?”

Martha sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair, “I no, im sorry, that was a dumb question”.

Jamie stayed silent, waiting for her to continue.

“But ive been thinking a lot today. And, ive decided im going to talk to Jack, I need to explain a few things, I want to see if we can salvage some kind of relationship”

Jamie scoffed, “are you kidding? After everything you’ve done, do you honestly think he’d want anything to do with you?” she looked at her flabbergasted.

“Well, I don’t know, I no that I hurt him, but in time, his hurt should heel, so maybe…” she went on.

“No Martha” she butted in, “it’s not going to happen”

“How do you know, your not Jack, you have absolutely no idea how he’s feeling” she stood up in frustration, facing her ‘friend’.

“Oh and you do, do you? You no exactly how it feels, having your partner, the one person you love the most, rip your heart out, right in front of your face!”

Martha’s head dropped through shame and sadness; Jamie was right, she could only imagine the hurt and pain that Jack was experiencing.

“No, you don’t have any idea, just like I don’t” Jamie continued as stared into her eyes, “but ive been there for him, ive seen what its doing to him, how its broken him, and ive never felt so sorry for anyone in my entire life, all I want to do is heel his pain, but I cant, because nothing I say can change the past,” her voice turned from soft to bitter, “nothing I can say can change what you did”

“Urgh, im going” she huffed, walking passed Jamie and off into the direction of Hugh’s house. Walking several steps, a sentence that Martha would never have expected to hear caught her ears, and she was brought to a sudden halt.

“He’s leaving Martha” Jamie called out as Martha walked away.

Standing on the spot she slowly turned around, “What?” she hushed back in sadness.

Replaying the words in her head, her eyes teared up, as the reality of the situation took hold and she realised the extent of what she had done. She had pushed away, the one person she loved the most. The one person that had respected her and saw her for the person she really was; and he was now leaving, all because of her.

“He’s leaving, for good” she continued, “And I sure hope you’re happy. Because now, im losing a friend, a person that I have grown to really care about. And because of you, he’s being taken away from me …” she swallowed the lump in her throat before continuing, “I just wanted to say thank you for that” she spoke in a sarcastic and bitter tone; before brushing passed her and walking away.

Martha stood frozen on the spot, her eyes becoming glassy as the tear drops trickled down her cheeks. What has she done!


(The following day)

“Jacky, have you got everything?” Tony called out to his son.

“Yeah, I think so” Jack replied, “Luc’s still bringing the last of his stuff out though, and then we can head off” Jack smiled, his insides beginning to churn, this was all so bittersweet, Summer bay had been his home all of his life, and he had some pretty great memories here; ones that he would never forget. The good memories were however heavily outweighed by the bad, in which he had experienced some shockingly devastating ones, and for that, he was glad to escape.

“Jack” a voice called out as he stood beside the car. Spinning around he came face to face with a breathless Jamie.

“Hey” he smiled, “are you ok”

“Yeah” she panted, “I think I ran too fast though.” She gulped, placing her hands on her hips and allowing her body to recover.

He smirked back at her, placing his hand on her back and rubbing up and down, “maybe you should walk next time, you don’t want to pull a muscle now” he smirked as he raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on running here, but my alarm didn’t go off” she spoke annoyed, “actually, that was a lie, I should say; I slept through my alarm” she giggled.

“Of course you did” he grinned. “Well you came just in time, cause were about to leave”.

“Yeah, looks like it” she tried to smile as she looked into his eyes, feeling as her emotions took hold and her lip began to quiver.

“Come here” he said as he pulled her into a hug, “we’ll keep in touch, I promise” he held her closely.

“Yeah, totally” he heard her mumble through her tears.

“Come on Jacky, its time” Tony called out as he opened the car door, “take care Jamie, and make sure you come and visit” he smiled before hopping into the car.

Stepping away from Jamie he smiled, before opening his car door and attempting to climb inside. Glancing to his left he saw the one person he never expected to see. Martha stood in the distance; her hands held in front of her neatly and her eyes covered with dark glasses. He watched as she removed the sunglasses, her eyes focussing directly on him and her face displaying so much shame and sadness.

He swallowed hard; he had forgotten how beautiful she was, and how much it hurt inside to just look at her.

Their eyes lingered for several seconds, both almost fearful of looking away as they knew it would be for the very last time.

Eventually she was forced to tear her eyes away, as Hugh called her from a distance. Regretfully she turned around, glancing over to him one last time, before walking away, her head visibly dropping as she walked slowly towards Hugh. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she came to a realisation that that would be the last time she would ever see him…

He sighed as he climbed into the car, slamming the door shut behind him and fixing up his seatbelt. Pulling off the driveway, he waved to Jamie one last time, before driving off into the distance. His mind however, was not on Jamie; it still clung to memories of him and Martha. He felt the pain and sadness in his heart as he thought over the last 7 months. Never in his whole life had he loved someone as much as Martha. He only wished he could have done something to prevent it from all going wrong.

Driving down the road, his eyes caught the sign that would clearly remain in his mind forever…

‘You are now leaving Summer Bay. Thank you for visiting. Please come back soon’

Resting his head back on the headrest, he closed his eyes. Images ran through his mind of his final farewell; he was sad to leave his home and the people that he had learnt to love; but he was ready for a fresh start. And who knows what the future may bring, he may have just brought himself a one-way ticket to glorious-vile, finally being granted the perfect life he had always wanted. He would give it a try at least, and maybe there he would find his one true love, the one person that could make all of his dreams come true. And hey, if worst came to worst, and it turned out to be a nightmare, summer bay would always be there for him to return to.

Relaxing his body further he flicked on the radio, settling in for the long road ahead…

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Next part :D (sorry its so short)

I might update this fic alot quicker because I really want to get it finished :P


* It is now 6 years later

* Martha, Jack and friends are all 23 years old.

Chapter 20:

Martha slammed her hand against the till in Noah’s bar, “damn thing” she muttered, before turning her attention back to the man, “im sorry, that’s 3.95” she smiled as she took the money from the customers hand and placed it into the cash register. Slamming it shut she made her way around to the front of the bar, picking up the cloth and cleaning the tables.

“Hey Martha” Jamie called out as she tapped her friend on the back.

“Oh hey, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“No, I have a half-day, the boss was kind enough to let us go early” she beamed.

“Lucky for some” she rolled her eyes.

“Yep, so being the brilliant friend I am, I decided to come and keep you company” she said as she plonked herself down on the chair.

6 years is a long time, and there is no denying that there were periods of time when Jamie was certain she would never take Martha back as a friend. But things had changed, well, more importantly, Martha had changed, and for the better. She had grown up and spent months on end getting herself back on track. She had beaten her drug and alcohol addiction, and focussed all of her attention on making it up to her friends; Jamie in particular, and now, some 6 years later, they were as strong as ever.

However, despite Jamie welcoming their friendship back with open arms, there would always be a part of her that would never forgive Martha for hurting Jack.

Jamie was still very much involved in Jacks life, visiting him on regular occasions and talking to him on the phone, and even 6 years later, she still sensed something was missing, that spark that made Jack Holden so special, had disappeared the day that Martha had betrayed him, and unfortunately, had never returned.

Stern words from Jack however, had persuaded Jamie that life was too short, and that despite the hurt and pain that had been caused, their friendship was worth fighting for; which is what she did. She had pulled Martha from her pit of depression, and helped in serving Hugh the punishment and humiliation he so rightfully deserved.

Hugh had been sent to jail, approximately 5 years and 10 months ago. It was during a time when Martha had finally come to her senses, following an experience in which she had discovered the true extent to Hugh’s Badass nature.

Despite her being heavily doped up on drugs and alcohol, she had become very much aware of his occassional 'less-than-legal' antics, such as breaking into local shops with his friends and removing the money from the tills, and continuing to buy and sell drugs in the local area. As it turned out, there was a drug ring in summer bay, and Hugh was the ‘leader’, so to speak. The cops eventually caught him though, and with a little help from Martha he was sent to jail, much to the relief of both herself and Jamie.

“So when do you think you’ll be finished?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe in an hour or so, it depends how busy we are”.

“Ok no worries, ill wait” Jamie smiled as she leant backwards, relaxing herself into the chair.



Placing his bag down onto the table he undid the buckle, taking out the contents and setting out his desk.

Shuffling his papers into a pile, he placed them into the cabinet; before taking a seat in his chair.

Leaning over he grabbed his coffee cup, taking a sip of the hot liquid before resting his head back and relaxing his body…

“Home sweet home” he muttered as he rolled his eyes.

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