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Losing My Way

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Story Title: Losing My Way

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha and Hugh

BTTB rating: Rated T/Possibly A in some parts

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (V/D) Violence/Death (SC) Sexual Content (L) Language (A) Adult Themes

Summary: (AU) Alternate Universe. Im not very good at sumaries so please just read and you'll find out :)

General Notes:

-The person named Jamie in this fic – is a girl :P

-The fic is split into two halves, the first half is school life, and the second half will speed forward 7 years or so.

-Also im not sure how frequent the updates will be with this fic, im already finding it hard to write :P

Thanks to Emsey for all her help :D

Chapter 1


The school gates swung open and out roared a herd of school kids. All rushing outside for freedom after escaping their ‘prison’; the dreaded classroom.

There were two individuals however, that were in no rush at all. Strolling across the playground hand in hand and generally just enjoying each others company.

Martha Mackenzie and Jack Holden were 17 years old, they had been together for almost 5 months now, and were both head over heels in love.

Martha was stunning; a brown haired beauty. All the guys went crazy over her; she was the most popular girl in school. She had the looks, the charm, the charisma, and the heart of gold to go with it. Jack on the other hand was somewhat different. He too had brown hair and was adorably cute, but unlike Martha he was far from popular, he was the geeky, super-duper maths whiz, who would often get picked on for wearing his hair combed down and his heart on his sleeve. He wore glasses, a thick jumper, and a back-pack. He would often spend his days all alone writing in his notebook. And on the odd occasion, he would engage in general banter, interacting with the ‘cool’ kids, aka; Martha’s sheep.

Alot of the other girls would question Martha as to what she even saw in him, but Martha adored him, and after being friends for several years, they had decided to make it official; and started dating.

You see, Martha could see something that the others couldn’t, unlike the other kids in school, she managed to look passed his geeky glasses and dorky appeal, and saw inside, and when she did, she saw his heart, his care and his love. And after battling through her friend’s disapprovals, they were finally happy, and at long last they were able to go about their business as a normal couple ... well, to a certain degree.

“So, you feel like doing something this weekend?” she smiled across at her boyfriend as they walked down the street.

“Yeah ok. What do you want to do? You want to go shopping?” he asked.

“I don’t mind, or we can just stay in. What ever you want” she smiled.

“Hmm, how about, we go on a picnic?” he suggested.

“A picnic! Sounds great”


“You’re going on a picnic” Alisha exclaimed un-amused, scrunching her face up as she sat down on the end of Martha’s bed, “Martha, that’s so not cool” she looked at her friend awkwardly.

“And what is ‘cool’ these days" Martha scoffed. "I actually think it's a lovely idea. You’re just jealous because your boyfriend doesn’t give two hoots about you”

“Excuse me! He does actually” she replied offended.

“What ever” sighed Martha.

“Well atleast my boyfriend doesn’t keep his head stuck in a book all day”

“Yeah, thats because your boyfriend cant even read a book Alisha" she snapped back. "And what is with you today! Have got absolutely no thought for anyone other than your self” she stood up in frustration, staring daggers at her so-called friend.

“Im sorry, I just think that maybe you could do better, that’s all”

“Yeah well no offence, but I don’t really care what you think. And for your information, he is the one that could do alot better. He doesn’t deserve to be picked on like this. Just because he’s a little different from you and I, doesn’t mean he’s not a wonderful person” she stood her ground.

She was used to this, almost twice a week; atleast one of her friends would throw a snide comment her way regarding Jack. She hated that they would just judge a person without giving them a chance, and when it was someone she cared about, it ripped her in two.

There was only one person that Martha could really count on, and that was Jamie.

Jamie had been Martha’s best friend for almost 10 years now and they had supported each other through thick and thin. Jamie was the only person that had actually welcomed Jack with open arms. She, like Martha, could look behind the glasses, and see a genuine, wonderful and caring person. Unfortunately for Martha however, Jamie was out of town for 2 weeks; which meant that Martha would have to face her stuck-up and ungrateful friends by herself.

“Fine, but it’s only cause I care about you Mac” she spoke sadly.

“If you cared about me then you’d accept that Jack makes me happy”

The two girls looked on at each other through sadness and regret, both hating the way in which they spoke to each other.

Alli sighed, “Look, im sorry Mac. I guess Jacks not all bad” she smiled nervously, trying to make amends.

Martha smiled and nodded in appreciation; atleast she was trying she thought…

“Anyway, I better get going” Alli stood up and walked over to the door, “Ill see you tomorrow at school” she smiled genuinely before leaving.

“Yeah, ok”


“Martha!” Ric called out from the bottom of the stairs, “Jacks here! ... Go on up mate, she’ll be in her room”

“Thanks” Jack smiled as he made his way up the stairs.

Knocking on the door he waited for her invite. Failing to receive a response he poked his head around the side, “Martha” he called out softly, noticing her body shaking through sobs.

“Martha what’s wrong” he spoke softly, his face falling into a frown and his heart sinking as he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Nothing. I just … im just so sick of everything” she stuttered through her sobs.

“What are you talking about?”

She sat their in silence; Jack rubbing her back as he kept his other hand on her leg.

“Has someone said something?” he asked hesitantly.

After again failing to receive a response it finally twigged, and he was well aware of what was wrong. “It’s me isn’t It … they’ve been talking about me again, haven’t they” his voice dropped low into an almost minute hush.

She nodded as the tears flooded down her face.

“Gosh, im sorry” he sighed.

“What?” she turned to him in bewilderment, her voice beginning to raise, “what do you have to be sorry about? Theyre the idiots, not you”

“Yeah but, look what its doing to you, and im the cause of it”

“No Jack, your really not … It’s just my snobbish and pain in the ass friends” she spoke bitterly, “but we wont listen to them, I don’t care what they think, were happy, and that’s all that matters” she smiled, wiping away her tears.

He nodded, placing a loose strand of her wavy hair behind her ear. “Yeah, we just won’t listen” he spoke softly, looking into her watery eyes.

Leaning in he placed a kiss on her cheek, before capturing her lips in a lingering kiss.

Wrapping his arms around her he hugged her closely, rubbing her back up and down in a soothing motion.

Martha placed her chin on his shoulder, closing her eyes and thinking about the days events; and despite her earlier words, she wasn’t so sure she could take much more of this…

Preview: Summerbay High welcomes the arrival of three new students.

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Here it is Jade :D

Thanks to Emsey for her help :D

Enjoy :)

Chapter 2:

Martha strolled into the school building; her mind was elsewhere as she walked straight passed her group of friends. She was still thinking about Jack. Even though she loved him dearly, she wished he would just liven up a bit and make more of an effort. At school he was always so reserved, and it was only once they had left the school environment and they were on their own, that the real Jack Holden came out; the one that was generally more fun and out-going.

“Martha” Tasha called out, interrupting her thoughts. Running up to her she latched onto her arm, “have you seen them?” she shrieked through excitement.

“Seen who?”

“The new guys! There's three of them, and the one guy is so hot, it’s unbelievable. He’s got this whole mysterious bad-boy glow about him. I can’t wait till you see him”

“Thanks, but somehow I don’t think its going to rock my world” she rolled her eyes.

Tasha huffed, rolling her eyes, “oh come on Martha, when are you going to drop this”

“Drop what?”

“The book worm that’s always attached to your hip … where is that geeky boyfriend of yours anyway?”

“Watch your mouth Tash! And not that it’s any of your business, but Jacks off sick today. He has the flu”

“Whatever. Im going to the toilets, ill see you later” she replied un-interested, before waltzing off, back down the hallway.


Sitting at her desk she pulled out her phone, placing it on her lap out of sight. She looked down at her message…

Hey sweetie, hope schools going ok. Don’t get missing me too much lol.

I love you.

Jack xxx

Ps, it sucks to be sick. lol

She smiled as she read over the message; he really was the sweetest person she had ever met. She was lucky to have him.

“Ok class, settle down, settle down” Mr Lincoln called out to gain everyone’s attention, “today we have some new students joining us, and we don't want to scare them away on their first day do we. So please, let’s make them all feel welcome” he smiled, signalling to the doorway.

Turning her head to the side, her eyes almost popped out of her skull. In walked three tall, dark and mysterious looking individuals, all with black leather jackets, pale faces and dark spiky-gelled hair. All three looked like something out of a horror movie, and defiantly not the sort you’d want to mess with.

A sudden surge of darkness and eeriness was brought to the atmosphere, as the place dropped deadly silent, and all eyes were fixed on them.

Martha studied the three young men that stood at the front of the class. The guy in the centre of the two wore a leather jacket that flowed down to the ground; tight black denim pants and a plain black t-shirt. He was also the tallest and most well-built out of the three, and undeniably the most attractive, he was probably the ‘ring leader’, she thought.

His eyes were dark and extremely captivating, they were highlighted with black eyeliner, and the paleness of his skin meant that they were the stand out feature of his face; they were so entrancing. If you gazed into them for too long, Martha was sure you would lose yourself in them.

As she continued to stare across at him she caught his eye-line. Gazing deeply into his mystical brown eyes, her vision stayed permanently fixed on him.

Following several seconds of holding his gaze, she suddenly felt naked and exposed. Tearing her gaze away from his, she looked down at the table, feeling as her cheeks started to blush uncontrollably.

Feeling that his eyes were still fixed on her, she hesitantly glanced back up to him, watching as he dragged his eyes around her form; studying her face and her body intently; his own face now displaying a lust-filled smile that was only meant for Martha.

Despite knowing it was wrong, she couldn’t help but feel a little turned on by the man that focussed his attention on her so obsessively. She watched as he licked his lips very slightly, keeping his eyes on her at all times.

Blocking out the teachers constant ramblings; her own eyes now failed to turn away, as everything around them drifted away and left only them…

“Ok take your seats guys and we’ll start today’s lesson” Mr Lincoln spoke up; consequently interrupting their ‘moment’.

Snapping out of his ‘trance’ he walked down the row of tables and took the empty seat beside Martha. Placing his elbow on the table he rested his head on his hand, turning to the left and watching as Martha bent down, taking her books and her pencil-case from out of her bag; and placing them down neatly onto the table.

He had a sudden urge inside of him to want to get to know this girl, she was defiantly the sort of girl he could have some fun with, and he was adamant that he was going to get it. Shuffling over to the edge of his seat he whispered out, “Excuse me”

“Yes” she turned to him. Just when she thought he couldn’t look any sexier, he did, his eyes were even dreamier closer up she thought. But she had to pull herself together, she couldn’t let him no that he was effecting her like this. They had only just met for goodness sake, and she wasn’t about to make a fool out of herself.

“Do you have a pen I could borrow?” he smiled sweetly.

“Erm … er” she stuttered as he caught her off-guard, “yeah, hang on” she opened her pencil-case and took out a pen, leaning over and handing it to him. As he took the pen from her grasp, their hands brushed ever so slightly; ‘electricity’ was released between the two, sending a delightful shiver down her spine. She quickly with-drew her hand, smiling over to him nervously as she suddenly came across all shy. How could someone she didn’t even no, have this much of an effect on her in such a short space of time! And what made matters worse, she had a boyfriend, and here she was, on his one and only sick day, having fuzzy feelings for someone else.

“Thanks” he smiled gratefully. Despite his bad-boy image, he did create a good first impression, unless of course, it was all just put-on for Martha’s benefit, she thought to herself.

“Im Hugh by the way” he held out his hand for her to shake.

She reluctantly took it, “im Martha” she smiled in return…


“Hey” Hugh called out to Kim; his fellow ‘gang’ member, and also newbie to Summer Bay High.

“Hey man, how’s it going?”

“Pretty great actually; ive already got my eye on someone”

“Already!” he laughed.

“Yep” he signalled to the lockers up ahead where Martha stood with her back to them.

“Her?” Kim widened his eyes, “nah man, she’s too much of a goody two shoes” he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, at the moment she is. But with a push in the right direction, she wont be for much longer” he winked at him.

“Well, apparently she’s already got a boyfriend” Kim looked across at Hugh’s sly face, waiting for his reaction, “who just so happens to be a nerd!” he smirked, placing emphasis on his final word.

“Your kidding me” Hugh laughed wickedly, “Well this is even more perfect” he turned his attention back onto Martha, narrowing his eyes through lust and desire. “She certainly won’t be much of a challenge then … I think im going to like this one Kim” he let out a devious grin, scanning his eyes all over her body, his voice turning deep and husky as he spoke “Yeah, I think im going to like this one alot” he smirked...

Preview: Hugh continues to set his sights on Martha

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Hmm, I apear to have upset alot of people :huh: Oops :P

It sounds like only Tasha and Puja like my bad-ass Hughy :wub: Oh well, the rest of you may grow to love him :P

Sorry about the lack of updates. Ive been really busy (now that is a shock lol), and have honestly been struggling with this fic (which isnt good considering ive only just started it :huh: lol)

Not too sure about this chapter but oh well,

Anyway, Enjoy

Chapter 3:

“Ok, see you Tash, call me later” Martha called back as she left the school building.

Walking across the playground she waved to several fellow students as she passed them by, before exiting through the front gates and turning the corner.

She was forced to come to an abrupt halt however, as she was confronted with a black leathered figure, leaning against the wall, with a sly grin present on his face.

She gasped stepping backwards, putting her hand to her chest and almost dropping her bag in the process, “You scared me” she spoke startled; her breath heavy as her heart missed several beats.

“Sorry” Hugh smirked, amused at the startled young woman that stood before him.

She frowned back at him un-impressed, before stepping to the side and brushing passed him in annoyance.

She continued walking down the path, gripping tightly onto her bag and swinging it further over her shoulder. However, a sudden voice from out of nowhere, stopped her in her tracks.

“You’re not even going to talk to me then” he called back to her.

She stopped on the spot, keeping her back to him, she so didn’t need this right now, “I don’t know what to say”

He grinned slyly as he walked up towards her, moving around to her front so that they were face to face.

Well, how bout I help you out” he grinned, “you could, welcome me to Summer Bay. Ask me how I am, offer to show me around maybe, or just …” he rambled.

“Look, do want something?” she interrupted, “Cause I really can’t be bothered with small talk right now, im tired and im hungry and I just want to go home” she told him un-amused, raising her eyebrows in the process.

He laughed a little; she was a rather fiery character he thought, he loved that about her already.

He ignored her previous comment and carried on talking, “So, what do people our age do around here anyway?” he raised his eyebrows.

She sighed, rolling her eyes; he certainly wasn’t the type to give up easily; that was for sure.

“Nothing much. If you’re looking for fun and excitement, you came to the wrong place”

“Right” he laughed, “so it’s pretty dead around here then. Well, I guess its lucky im here to liven things up a bit” he winked at her.

“Yeah, lucky us” she replied in sarcasm.

He was really starting to annoy her, he was oozing with that over self-confidence thing, or what some people might call, big-headedness. Maybe her first impression wasn’t so right after all, he wasn’t exciting or sexy; he was just down right annoying.

“Are you done now?” she looked over to him with a lack of interest.

He smirked back, amused by her extreme un-enthusiasm, “well, someone sure isn’t a happy bunny today. What’s up with you?” he mocked.

“Like its any of your business” she spoke in annoyance, roughly folding her arms in front of her in aggravation.

He stifled a laugh; she did amuse him, there was no doubt about that.

He opened his mouth to retaliate, but paused, deciding against it, and just settled for watching her closely. The atmosphere slowly dropped silent as he gazed into her eyes; a small smile creeping onto his face as he trailed his vision down from her eyes to her lips.

She shuffled on the spot in discomfort, not knowing where to look, his dark and mystical brown eyes were now displaying so much lust and hunger; she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“I…I have to go” she stuttered uneasy, her voice in a whisper as she spoke.

He nodded slowly, all the while keeping his vision closely fixed on her.

She felt as his intense gaze began to affect her, with her body temperature slowly rising and her cheeks becoming hot and fiery. She was almost certain that her face was now fully flushed.

His stare was so powerful and continued to increase with intensity, as he focussed his full attention on her only. Scanning his eyes around her body and taking in every tiny detail; silently wishing that he had x-ray vision as he looked down at her tight v-neck sweater.

She couldn’t take much more of this, not only was he making her feel highly uncomfortable, but she was also starting to enjoy the attention, and she wasn’t about to give him that satisfaction.

Tearing her gaze away from his, she hurried passed him; walking briskly down her street and off into the distance, all the while praying that he wouldn’t follow her or call her back.

Hugh silently laughed to himself as she scooted passed him at full speed. Spinning on his heel he watched as she made her way down the street; disappearing out of sight.

Even though he had only just met her, he could already see that she was the girl for him. Not only was she the hottest girl in Summer Bay, but she also had the adventurous personality to go with it, maybe it wasn’t overtly present at this moment in time, but with a push in the right direction, she would be well on her way to loosening up and having a good old time.

And as for her boyfriend, Jack Holden; Hugh was convinced he wouldn’t be a problem, she may be in love with him now, but once she realises what she’s missing out on, he was certain she would ditch him without a moments hesitation…


Martha leant her back against the front door, closing her eyes and sighing as it slammed shut behind her. She was glad to be out of that situation, if she had stayed any longer god knows what would have happened.

She couldn’t understand why he was having such an effect on her. There was only one person that was supposed to make her heart flutter, and that was Jack Holden. But today, she had felt something quite different to what she feels for Jack; she had felt a burning desire deep down inside of her, which was just dying to come out. And unfortunately for her, Hugh was at the root of that desire.

“You alright there love?” her grandfather asked from out of the silence, causing her eyes to shoot open in shock.

“Yeah, im fine” she panted, looking up at him with unease.

He frowned, studying her unusual expression, “Ok” he replied, but still unconvinced. “So how was school?”

“Oh, it was brill” she replied with sarcasm, rolling her eyes she pushed herself off the door; and made her way up the stairs…

Preview: A large dose of jealousy and guilt is coming Martha’s way.

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Sorry about the lack of Jacky :(

He's in this one though :D Well, for a little while anyway lol

Enjoy :)

Chapter 4:

Martha skipped along her garden path and out onto the street, she felt alive and upbeat this morning. Jack was finally returning to school after recovering from his flu, and she had confidently pushed all of her feelings for Hugh to the back of her mind. She would focus on herself and Jack from now and try her best to forget all about Hugh. He was a no-gooder and would only end up causing her misery and a lot of heartache, which Martha certainly didn’t want.

Turning to the left she saw Jack approaching in the distance. Lifting her hand up, she waved to him, her face beaming with a glowing smile.

“Hey!” he grinned.

“Aw hey. Ive missed you” she smiled, leaning over to him and kissing him softly on the lips, before pulling him into a warm embrace.

“Ive missed you too”

“How are you?” she asked as they turned side by side and continued walking down the street.

So much better thank you. Back to school now though, which im actually not so thrilled about” he laughed, “so what have I missed, anything exciting”

Exciting?” she mocked; raising her eyebrows, “hardly, just Tasha being a pain in the ass, and lots and lots of study” she rolled her eyes.

“Oh well” he stifled a laugh, “I guess it was a bit silly of me to think anything major would have happened”.

She laughed nervously, “yeah”.

She didn’t no whether or not to mention Hugh. She didn’t want Jack to worry about him. She was worried it may sound like she was interested in him or something, and she didn’t want Jack getting the wrong impression. Plus she would do anything right now to keep him the furthest from her mind; he was defiantly not the person she wanted to think about right now.

“Are we still on for this weekend?” she smiled turning to him.

“Yep, and I can’t wait” he grinned, lifting her hand up which was neatly entwined with his, and bringing it to his lips; kissing it softly.

She smiled over to him as she felt his tender lips touch her hand so gently. From that moment on, the walk was in a peaceful and comfortable silence…


Arriving at the front gate, Martha and Jack turned to the side; hearing a sudden roar approach them from a distance. Out sped a black car with blackened out windows and shiny alloy wheels, driving up towards them before screeching to a halt beside the front gate.

“What the heck” Jack mumbled, a look of confusion spread across his face.

He watched in bewilderment as a guy his own age, wearing a long black leather jacket and shades perched on top of his head, jumped out from the passenger side-door, followed by two other individuals with cropped leather jackets.

The young man closed the door behind him, and within the blink of an eye the car was gone, leaving behind two black lines in the middle of the road from where the car had skidded away, and 3 rather scary looking individuals; the exact type Jack did not want to interact with.

“Come on, lets go” Martha tugged at Jacks arm, desperately trying to get him away from them.

Turning to the side he looked down at Martha, before eventually nodding and walking through the gate.

“Who are those guys?”

“Oh, erm, yeah, there new here, they started yesterday” she replied, trying to act casual.

“Oh right. Interesting outfits huh” he laughed nervously, “I mean, talk about inconspicuous” he joked.

She stifled an awkward laugh, “yeah”.


Exiting the classroom she walked down the corridor, she was about to meet Jack and the rest of the gang for dinner. Passing several classes she approached the lockers, noticing Hugh and Tasha in the distance.

She unconsciously narrowed her eyes as she watched the close interaction between the two; Hugh keeping his gaze directly into Tasha’s eyes as they spoke, giving her his full attention.

Tasha stood their giggling to herself as he cracked another joke; she was practically draped all over him, flaunting herself at him just to impress him. To Martha it looked desperate, but she imagined Hugh would find it all rather appealing.

She rolled her eyes as she continued to watch them. Suddenly feeling saddened as she silently wished it was her he would focus his attention on. Turning to her locker she placed the key inside, however all the while still watching them from the corner of her eye.

A sudden stab of guilt and shame stung her body, as she saw the pictures in her locker. They were of herself and Jack, taken a few weeks ago. How could she do this to him? After everything they had been through together, and now just as their friends had started to accept them as a couple, here she was, pining over someone else.

She despised herself at that very moment in time; secretly wishing that the earth would just open up and swallow her whole. She didn’t deserve Jack, she had always known that, but this just reconfirmed it. He was amazing, and despite his lack of popularity and overall geeky manner, he was far too good for her, he deserved someone that would treat him right and with the respect he deserves; not a person that would end up having feelings for someone else 5 months into the relationship.

Sighing heavily she threw her books into her locker, slamming it shut and pulling the key out, before marching away towards the dining hall.

Hugh continued to laugh and joke with Tasha; enjoying the conversation they were sharing. But all was not as it seemed, sure he was talking to her, but he wasn’t actually paying much attention. He was more focussed on Martha, and the pleasure he was getting from driving her crazy. He was well aware that she had been watching them, and that couldn’t help but please him.


“Hey guys” Tasha approached with Hugh and Kim in toe.

“Hey” Martha replied uneasy, darting her vision from Tasha to Hugh in the background.

“I thought we could all have lunch together, get to know the new guys a bit better” she beamed.

“Hmm, how lovely” Martha spoke nervously. Walking over to Jack who was sitting further away, she pulled her chair up close him, keeping her back to Hugh and focusing her attention on her boyfriend.

“Hey man” Hugh said, standing behind Martha and putting out his hand for Jack to shake.

“Hi, nice to meet you, im Jack”

“Hugh. It’s a pleasure”.

Jack smiled up at him, “and this is Martha.”

“Yeah, we’ve already met”

Martha reluctantly turned to him, smiling back at him sweetly, however unable to hold his eye line for long as awkwardness began to consume her.

The 5 individuals, consisting of Jack, Martha, Hugh, Tasha and Kim, along with many other fellow students, chatted away happily for almost an hour. All getting to know the newbie’s of Summer Bay High.


After avoiding the conversation for several minutes, Martha slowly but surely began to get involved, even Jack was making an effort which she found rather bizarre.

Hugh was making a very good impression though, laughing and joking, and generally uplifting the atmosphere to an all round high.

“So, how long have you two been together then?” Hugh asked as he turned his attention onto Martha and Jack.

“Erm, 5 months now” Jack smiled.

“Cool. Well your lucky man, you’ve got the prettiest girl in school attached to your hip, I can’t think of anything better than that” he grinned; his comment making Martha shuffle uncomfortably in her seat, whilst Tasha’s face quickly fell into a frown, as she sulked over the fact that Hugh would prefer Martha to her.


The school bell rang to alert the students that dinner time was now over. Together Jack and Martha stood up in unison, with Martha leaning over and kissing him softly on the lips; before both made their way to their separate classrooms.

“Martha, wait up” a voice called from behind her; it was Hugh.

“Oh hey, sorry, I forgot were in the same tutor” she let out an awkward smile.

He laughed slightly, “yeah”

Together the two walked into the classroom, taking their seats side by side.

Following several minutes of silence, Hugh eventually spoke up. “Hey, im sorry if I annoyed you yesterday” he spoke softly as he shuffled to the edge of his seat.

“Oh, no im sorry, I was just … it’d been a long day, I just wanted to get home” she replied.

“No worries. I just didn’t want us to get off on the wrong foot, that’s all” he smiled.

“No, it’s all fine. For a guy who wears a long black leathered jacket and dark shades, your surprisingly not that scary” she giggled.

“Well, thankyou, I guess ill take that as a compliment” he laughed slightly.

“Yeah, you should” she smiled.

Together the two smiled across at each other, a firm friendship already beginning to form.

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Is Tash the only happy one left now :lol:

Sorry, people :huh: I didnt mean to make you all hate them (actually I did :P)

Have you noticed that both my fics are centred around hating Martha :lol: I think it must be the grudge I still hold against her after what she did to Jacky :(

Anyhoo, enjoy (if you can, im not too satisfied with this chapter lol)

Chapter 5:

“Ok class, make sure you do the reading over the weekend and ill see you all on Monday” the teacher called out as the students hurried in packing up their books and belongings, all ready to leave the school building and enjoy the summer weather.

“Im thinking of having a party on Saturday night, like a house warming thing, my parents are out for the weekend so I thought, why not” Hugh said, as he and Martha grabbed their bags and headed for the exit.

“A party! Cool, that sounds like fun”

“Yeah, I thought so, plus my new house has got this wicked swimming pool, I think you’d really like it” he grinned.

“You no what, you’re probably right” she laughed.

“Great ok, ill get some food and drink in and you can tell all your friends. I live in the house on the corner of Maple Street. Here’s my number, just in case you get lost” he laughed, reaching into his leather jacket pocket and pulling out a small card that contained his details, before handing it over to her.

“Great, thanks” she smiled, “Erm, hang on,” she bent down pulling out a piece of paper and a pen and leaning against the wall, writing her own mobile number onto it. “There’s mine, just in case there’s a change of plan and you have to cancel or something” she handed it over to him.

"Ok thanks"

“Well, ill look forward to the party then, im going this way so ill see you on Saturday” she smiled, waving him goodbye as she made her way down the street.

“Ok, seeya” he grinned, waving her off.

He watched as she strolled off into the distance. He had to admit, he was rather pleased with himself, he wasn’t used to playing the sweet and friendly kind that he had magically transformed into today, and he was quite impressed with his own efforts, his acting had been superb.

He stood at the gate entrance; a smug grin present on his face as he mulled over his accomplishment. He had defiantly made progress with her today; they were finally on speaking terms, and that was just what he needed in order to silently squirm his way in with her.

The party on Saturday would be just the beginning...


Hey Jack. Is 12o'clock ok for the picnic? Hugh’s having a pool party at his house in the evening which I said we’d go to. I hope that’s ok!? Sorry it’s such short notice, any problems just call me ok.

I love you

Martha xxx

Pressing send on her mobile phone she slouched back onto the chair. It was now 4pm, and the sun was still beaming in the sky. Martha sat outside with her magazines and her glass of juice, soaking in a few rays and preparing for the pool party on Saturday, she needed to make sure she was looking her best. And despite knowing that it was wrong, she liked the idea of impressing Hugh. Plus if she did, she new for a fact that Tasha would get jealous, and she loved it when she riled her up.

Hearing a vibration against the plastic chair, she turned her attention to her phone …

2 messages:

Hey, yeah that’s fine; ill pick you up at 12.

Jack xxx

Hey, the party starts at 7 on Saturday.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Martha smiled as she read over the two messages. What a great day tomorrow will be, she thought; a picnic in the daytime with her sweet and loving boyfriend, and a pool party in the evening. Life doesn’t get much better than this…


Saturday: 11am:

Martha smartened up her dress as she pulled it over her head and down onto her slim physique. It flowed just above her knees, and showed off her gorgeous figure in the best possible way, it also helped that it was Jacks favourite dress on her, she had worn it on their first date, and even 5 months later she could still picture his glowing face as his eyes scanned her body for the very first time; his eyes sparkling wide as he spoke such sweet words to her, “wow, Martha, you look absolutely divine”.

Martha smiled as she thought back, that really was a wonderful night.

The minutes ticked by and Martha sat downstairs waiting patiently for his arrival. She always loved it when it was just the two of them; it was the only time when Jack was his relaxed and normal fun self.

11.50 rolled around and the door bell went. Jumping up from off the sofa Martha skipped over to the door, swinging it open and revealing a smiling Jack, who was standing before her.

“Wow, you look beautiful” he gushed, as his eyes roamed around her body; before leaning in and kissing her on the cheek.

“Thanks” she spoke shyly as her cheeks began to blush.

“Im sorry im a little early, but hey, best to be early than late right” he grinned.

“Yep, defiantly”

Turning around she grabbed her bag off the table, before closing the door behind her.

“So where are we heading?”

“I thought we’d go down to the harbour for a few hours. There’s a really beautiful and secluded spot that I thought would be just perfect” he smiled.


15 minutes later and they had arrived at their destination; an area of grassy land that was sheltered by a few trees, and situated next to the harbour.

For a weekend it was surprisingly quiet, with only a few couples dotted around, who were generally just enjoying the warm and sunny atmosphere.

“It really is a dream out here” Martha smiled as she sat down on the rug and looked around at her surroundings.

“Yeah, I tend to come down here when I want time out, like if Luc’s being a pain in the ass or something, its nice to come out here and just relax for a while” he spoke calmly as he gazed into her eyes.

“Yeah, sounds nice” she smiled sweetly, her eyes now locked with his.

Together the two gazed into each others eyes, the world around them drifting away as their attention stayed solely fixed on each other.

Inch by inch they moved closer together, both shuffling themselves forward until their noses were only centimetres apart. Lifting his hand up, he gently caressed her cheek with the backs of his fingertips, before leaning further in and capturing her lips in a soft and tender kiss.

Sliding his tongue into her mouth he massaged the roof of her mouth, placing his hand at the back of her head and pulling her even closer.

Together the two continued to kiss; with Martha letting out the occasional pleasure-filled moan as she enjoyed their intimate moment.

Eventually the two pulled away, both panting for oxygen as they gazed into each others watery eyes.

“I think maybe we should eat now” he whispered across to her.

Martha let out a soft giggle, nodding her head and turning away, putting her attention onto the basket of food placed before her. Peering inside she licked her lips, the food looked so appetising.

“Mmm, it looks yummy” she grinned.

“Yep, I got Leah to put in all of your favourite foods, and there’s lots of it, so I hope you’re hungry”

She nodded eagerly before diving in and making a start.


50 minutes later and Jack and Martha were laid on their backs, side by side on the rug, both gazing up into the sky and watching as the clouds magically formed into pictures.

“Look!” she exclaimed suddenly, pointing up ahead, “There’s a seahorse” she smiled.

“A seahorse? Where?” Jack asked, moving his head over and looking up into the same direction as she was, “oh yeah, I see it” he spoke dreamily, his eyes firmly fixed onto the spacious blue and white sky.

“I love this” she hushed peacefully, “I recon, that looking up into the sky, is one of my all-time favourite things to do” she smiled, turning her body to the side and wrapping her arm around his waist.

“Mmm, mine too” he spoke calmly, placing his hand on her arm and caressing it gently.

Following several minutes of peaceful silence, Martha regrettably pushed herself up.

Leaning over him she smiled down, running her fingers through his hair and watching as his eyes began to drop heavy; her touch gently soothing him.

He looked so innocent, she thought as she watched him from above, his face bearing a permanent sweet smile.

“You’re so cute” she hushed down to him from out of the silence.

Opening his one eye he grinned up at her, before giggling, “That’s not really what every guy likes to hear”.

“Sorry” she laughed softly, “I guess not”.

Sighing he opened both his eyes, “Urgh, help me up then, if I don’t get up now ill end up falling asleep” he laughed, holding his arm out for her to grab.

Using all of her strength she pulled him up into a seated position, “there we go” she cheered.

“Thankyou” he smiled, leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek.

As he began to collect the few items placed on the rub beside them, he turned to the side, watching as she played with her hair, twiddling it around her finger, before pulling it up into a neat ponytail. He wanted to talk to her about Hugh, but he wasn’t so sure how to approach the topic; he could already sense that Hugh had made a good impression on her, as he had done with all of the girls at school, not surprising considering his bad boy image and overall good looks, Jack figured that was what appealed to every girl their age. But Jack wasn’t so sure about him; something in his gut was telling him that he and Martha were best to keep away; there was just something about him that put him on edge…

“So, you still want to go tonight then?” he spoke with hesitance as he shuffled around with the empty food containers.

“Where? To Hugh’s? Yeah, I thought it’d be fun” she smiled, before her face slowly dropped as she studied his uneasy expression, “you don’t want to go?” she asked with uncertainty.

“I do, I just … I don’t know, I mean he seems nice enough, but, should we really be hanging out with someone like that.”

“I don’t understand, do you think he’s dodgy is that it?” she raised her eyebrows as she questioned him.

“No, I …” he sighed, “I don’t know. Look it doesn’t matter, we’ll go tonight, and we’ll have fun, forget I said anything. I shouldn’t go jumping to conclusions, ill give him a chance, he deserves that at least” he smiled.

She studied his unusual and troubled expression, smiling sadly as her head slowly dropped. She was well aware that Jack hated parties consisting of wild teenagers and possibly a lot of alcohol, so she was certain that this would be hard for him, but she couldn’t understand why he suddenly seemed so off with Hugh, when they were talking yesterday, they seemed to get along really well, and now it appeared as if he didn’t want anything to do with him. Despite that however, he was still making the effort to attend tonight’s get together, and most defiantly for her, and that was all she could ask for, “You no, if you really hate it tonight, we can take off, we don’t have to stay late, not if you don’t want to” she smiled, placing her hand on his leg and rubbing it up and down, trying to reassure him.

“Yeah, thanks. But im sure it’ll be fine” he smiled. But inside, he was still unconvinced, he didn’t no why, but he had a bad feeling about tonight, and Hugh wasn’t exactly the most conventional guy in the world, and to Jack, that only meant bad news…

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Looooong chapter coming your way :D

Not too pleased with this one either <_<

But enjoy :)

(Oh and FYI, 'the house on the corner of Maple Street' will no doubt be used in all of my fics :P)

Chapter 6:

Jack and Martha walked up to the house hand in hand, both eager to get inside and see the effort that Hugh had gone to. Knocking on the door they awaited a reply…

Following several seconds of silence, the door swung open, revealing a pretty blonde girl standing before them.

“Hi” she beamed, “I guess you’re here for the party”

“Er, yeah” Martha spoke awkwardly, annoyed at the fact that a blonde girl had answered the door, who was probably one of Hugh’s friends, and that thought didn’t exactly amuse her.

Shaking away her thoughts, she stepped inside, with Jack close behind.

Martha looked around the house, the hallway was large and spacious, but had a very homey aura; there was a surprisingly warm and cosy feeling about this house, which was strange considering someone like Hugh lived here. She figured that maybe his parents were the more traditional type, and Hugh had just rebelled or something.

Carrying on through they entered the living room that led out onto the terrace, the pool was in the distance and looked extremely inviting; she could easily just jump straight in there.

A few people were already there, either enjoying the sun and playing around in the swimming pool, or chatting with their friends by the food stand.

“Hey guys! Glad you could make it” Hugh called out from the hallway behind them, walking in and holding a box full of snacks.

“Hey! Yeah, we wouldn’t have missed it” she smiled.

Jack just nodded over to him, not really feeling up to making small talk, he was already feeling awkward about the whole situation, and knew for a fact that he didn’t fit in, so he would just let Martha do the talking.

“Well I hope you brought your swimming stuff” Hugh smiled, placing the box down and setting out the food on the table.

“Yeah course”

“Cool, well Tasha and Alli are already out there” he signalled towards the outside decking, “so you might as well hang out with them for now” he smiled.

“Yeah ok, cool” she smiled, pulling Jack out the door with her.

Taking a seat beside Tasha and Alli and a few other random people of whom they had never met, they began to engage in conversation…


Two hours had come and gone and it was now 9.00pm, and the sun was slowly beginning to go down. Martha and Jack still sat talking to their friends, whilst getting to know a few of Hugh’s old pals from his previous school.

They were all fairly sane people, despite their unnerving appearance.

“Im just going to the bathroom k” Jack turned to Martha.

“Yeah ok, ill be here” she smiled.

She watched as he rose from his seat, entering the living room and walking off down the hallway in search of the toilet.

When he was out of sight, her eyes roamed around the pool area, looking at all the people either chatting away, or dancing to the music that was playing in the background. Turning to the side something caught her eye, it was Hugh, but he wasn’t alone. The blonde girl from earlier was sprawled all over him, sitting on his lap and whispering things into his ear. He let out a giggle as she continued to hush into his ear. Something must be funny, Martha thought as she watched them messing around, both appearing not too bothered if the entire world was watching them. Hugh trailed his hand up and down her leg; whilst she placed kisses along his jaw line and up to his mouth; both clearly enjoying every minute of the attention...

Elsewhere, Hugh sat in the chair with Lizzie (the blonde girl) on his lap, in reality he wasn’t actually interested in her, it was more of a ploy to make Martha jealous, and by the looks of things, it was obviously working. He watched her from the corner of his eye, her eyes narrowing through annoyance; she looked awfully peeved off.

He had positioned himself just right to enable him to keep watch of her, he loved to witness his plans working like a charm, and to drive her crazy with jealousy was not only a planned success, but it was also a major turn on…

Martha watched through watery eyes as he stuck his tongue down her throat, she didn’t no why it hurt so much to see him with someone else, she wished to god that she didn’t feel this way, but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t help that she had fallen for him…


“Hey, I think im going to take off” Jack spoke with a saddened tone.

“Noooo” she moaned, “Why? What’s wrong?” her face frowned.

“Nothing, im just bored, this just isn’t my scene. Im sorry Martha, but id rather go home” he told her honestly.

“Ok” she nodded sadly.

“Are you going to stay or…”

“Erm, I can go with you if you want?”

“No, its fine, your having fun so you should stay” he smiled, “im going to go and say goodbye to Hugh and everyone, ill be back in a sec”.

Martha nodded and watched as he stood up, making his way over towards Hugh. He looked so lost, she thought. As much as she hated to admit it, Jack really didn’t fit in here, he stuck out like a sore thumb and it was obvious to everyone that he really wasn’t enjoying himself, he had pretty much remained silent from the second he had arrived, keeping himself to himself and just fading out into the background as the others continued to enjoy themselves.

She didn’t blame him for not wanting to stay, and she certainly wouldn’t be mad at him. He had made the effort to come tonight, and Martha was grateful for that, but she couldn’t help but feel saddened knowing that he had absolutely nothing in common with her friends, and in all honesty, with herself as well.

“Right im going to take off then” Jack said as he approached her.

“Ok, ill walk you out” she stood up and took a hold of his hand.

Together they walked through into the living room, down the hallway and out into the porch-way. Standing by the front door she leaned against the framework.

“Im sorry you didn’t enjoy yourself tonight Jack. I feel really bad for practically dragging you here”

“Hey come on, I came because I wanted to, not because you made me. Im just glad that your enjoying yourself, that’s all I want” he smiled, reaching over and stroking her cheek.

She nodded, releasing a peaceful sigh and leaning over to him, pressing her lips against his very gently, allowing them to linger for several seconds before pulling away, “ill call you tomorrow” she smiled.

“Yeah ok. Enjoy your night” he smiled, before turning away and walking off towards the car.

Shutting the door behind her she sighed sadly, closing her eyes and running her fingers through her hair. Spinning on her heel she came face to face with Hugh, whose face displayed a look of concern and sadness.

“Hey, are you ok?”

“Yeah im fine. Im just sad about Jack leaving” she looked across at him.

He nodded in understanding, before his face suddenly lit up from his previous frown, “ive got the perfect thing to cheer you up” he grinned.

“Really” she smirked, “and what might that be”

Without saying a word he dashed through into the kitchen and then back out again to join her, bringing along with him, two small cocktails.

She laughed as he handed her the cocktail, “Erm, is that alcohol?”

“It might be” he smirked.

She shook her head laughing “I really shouldn’t”

“Aw come on, its only one, besides, it’s mostly fruit juice anyway”.

She looked across at him questioningly, her eyes narrowing through uncertainty. Glancing down at the cocktail she studied its fluorescent pinky colour, before looking back at Hugh and then reluctantly downing the entire lot.

“See, it wasn’t that bad was it?” he grinned, before too throwing the lot down his throat.

“Nah, I guess not” she smiled.

“Good. Well I have some things to sort out, but ill be back out in a sec ok”

“Yeah ok, ill see you in a bit” Walking passed him she made her way back out to join the others.


20 minutes later and Hugh re-entered the back garden, scanning the area for Martha and finding her slouched back in her chair; looking awfully sorry for herself.

“Still depressed huh? I thought I cheered you up” he looked down at her with a frown.

“You did, im fine” she spoke, sitting up in her chair and holding her head up high.

“Yeah” he smirked, “it looks like it” he rolled his eyes in a mocking fashion.

“Sorry” she laughed, “I guess im still a little disappointed, that’s all”.

He nodded in sympathetically “yeah, I can understand that. I guess Jacks just not into the whole party thing, some people aren’t; it’s not his fault”

“Yeah I no. It’s just …” she sighed; “Oh I don’t know … Its fine, im over it” she smiled.

“Well good” he laughed, “I don’t want your depression bringing all my other party-goes down” he smirked.

“Nope, wouldn’t want that” she smiled.

”So, you want to go for a swim” he grinned, raising his eyebrows.

“Oh, I don’t know. Its pretty late, and dark, in case you hadn’t already noticed” she laughed.

Smirking, he spun on his heel, walking over to the switch and flicking on the lights, illuminating the swimming pool area. “Not anymore its not” he raised an eyebrow.

She shook her head laughing, before turning to him with a sly grin. In a brisk motion, she whisked off her top, pulled her skirt down and jumped into the water.

Hugh laughed to himself as he watched her splash into the water, before whipping off his own shirt and trousers and plunging into the water to join her.

Martha laughed as she felt the splash of water over her face. Wiping her eyes she saw Hugh floating next to her, grinning from ear to ear.

“Nice pool” she beamed.

“Yeah I think so” he grinned smugly, “and it defiantly looks better with you in it” he smirked as he swam closer to her.

She smiled, her face beginning to blush as he came ever closer. Shaking off her shyness she reached over, ruffling his hair with her fingers, and causing him to laugh.

Grinning across at him, she placed her hands on his shoulder blades, keeping her a float, “you look different without the hair jell” she said as she looked up at his hair and then back down into his eyes.

He nodded, slowly wrapping his hands around her hips and holding onto her. He new it was probably a bad move, and if she had any sense at all, she would push him away and start yelling out the fact that she had a boyfriend, but she didn’t seem to mind; which meant his hands would stay right where they were.

“What’s with the hair jell anyway? And the leather jacket and the dark shades? You trying to be a bad boy” she smirked, raising her eyebrows.

“No, of course not” he grinned, “I just like it that way. Plus ive noticed it turns a lot of the girls on” he winked.

She scoffed, pushing him away at his chest before laughing, “Someone’s bigheaded! But then again, ive always thought that about you” she smirked.

“Yep, it’s one of my many talents” he grinned.

She laughed across at him, “I guess so, I mean, it seemed to work on that girl from before”

“What girl?”

“That blonde girl” she said with a straight face. She didn’t even no why she had brought her up, she didn’t want Hugh knowing she was jealous, but for some reason, she couldn’t help herself from asking.

“Yeah so? You jealous?” he smirked.

She scoffed, looking over at him in annoyance, before laughing out loud as she pushed her hands against the water; splashing it into his face.

“Hey!” he exclaimed, as a sudden surge of water hit his face, turning his head away from her he started to laugh, before splashing her back.

Moving forward he squinted, darting his head from side to side and trying to avoid the water from entering his eyes, before grabbing a hold of her arms and stopping her movements.

“Aw” she laughed; “you ruined my fun” she pouted.

“Your fun is splashing me in the face with water?” he scrunched up his face.

She nodded eagerly.

“Well good job I stopped you then, I don’t want you having too much fun” he smirked, raising his one eyebrow.

She laughed back at him, shaking her head, before her face slowly fell into a soft smile.

Gazing deeply into his brown eyes, she felt her body turn weak, the atmosphere suddenly dropping cold and silent, as her skin formed into tiny Goosebumps, causing her to shiver before him. They swayed together gently in the water, with Hugh still holding onto her arms, keeping her body in place.

Several seconds of calmness went by, with the water turning still, apart from the tiny ripples flowing outwards from their bodies as they swayed together in the water.

She felt as his hands gradually pulled her forward, eventually removing themselves from her arms and finding their way around her waist where he latched onto her, holding her closer. She could almost feel his breath on her, they were that close. His one leg also began to caress her own; rubbing up and down in a soothing and pleasurable motion.

Slowly but surely she could feel herself loosing all awareness and common sense; with knowledge of her boyfriend leaving her mind as all her attention focussed on Hugh.

She would do anything right now just to lean forward, wrap her arms and legs around his body, and kiss him with the greatest amount of passion and hunger.

And she would have done that, if it wasn’t for…

“Hey im off now” a voice called out from the side; it was Tasha.

Hearing the voice from out of nowhere, she quickly snapped herself back together, shaking her head and pulling herself away from him.

“Hey, oh yeah, ok, erm, ill see you soon then” Martha stuttered, looking up at her friend and praying to god that she hadn’t noticed anything suspicious.

“Yeah ok, ill call you later. And thanks for a great night Hugh” she smiled.

“Yeah no problem, watch how you go” he nodded up to her.

They both watched from the pool area as she made her way through into the living room and out of sight.

Although hesitant, she turned herself back round so that she was facing Hugh. Locking her eyes with his, she watched as his own eyes darted around her face, studying her expression for answers, before she turned away awkwardly; suddenly becoming very aware of the fact that she had spent the last 20 minutes messing around with another guy, whilst wearing her most skimpy bathing suit of all. She mentally cursed herself as she thought back. What was she doing! She had a boyfriend! Was she completely insane!

“Im going to go back inside now, its getting cold out here” she spoke in a slow and quiet tone.

“Yeah ok. Me too”

Together they swam to the side, both pushing themselves up and onto the pool tiles. Standing up quickly he put his hand out for her to take, helping her up until she was standing in front of him.

“Thanks” she smiled shyly as she let go of his hand, her cheeks beginning to blush as she felt so naked.

Brushing passed him she made her way over to her clothes that had been randomly discarded on the side. Picking them up she hurried inside, passing several other people who were still chatting away happily, before making her way off towards the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind her she leant her back up against the cold wooden surface. Closing her eyes she let out a heavy breath. Why did she have to feel this way! Why did he have to get inside her head! Why was life so god damn complicated!

Preview: And the party continues

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^^Prepare to hate Martha even more :P

Aww, dont you just love Jacky :wub: I want him :(

Enjoy :D

Chapter 7:

After having tided herself up a little, she made her way outside. She had to face this, and it was better to get it over with now, than wait, and have to worry about it later. Walking up to Hugh she smiled nervously, “hey”

“Hey, listen I was thinking we could have a slumber party” he replied casually and as if nothing had happened. Obviously choosing to forget their moment from earlier; of which Martha was very grateful.

“A slumber party? As in, an all-nighter?”

“Yeah. My parents aren’t coming home for a few days and ive got nothing better to do, so I just figured, seen as everyone’s already here, they may as well stay here. And if people want to leave, they can” he smiled.

Martha stayed silent for several seconds, her face frowning showing she was deep in thought. Should I really stay at the house of the guy I have a crush? Is that really the wisest thing to do? Think! Martha! Think!

“Ok, sounds good” she grinned.

So what if she had a crush on him, its not like anything would happen, she wouldn’t let herself get too close this time, once was enough!


Martha and Hugh sat beside the fireplace on the living room floor, both facing each other and deep in conversation.

“So what happened?” she asked, her face showing a great amount of concern.

“Nothing really, she just … left” his voice turned soft as his head dropped sadly.

“That’s awful, Hugh im so sorry”

“Thanks” he smiled in appreciation. One thing he had noticed from getting to know Martha, was how caring she really was. She wasn’t the stereotypical stuck-up popular teenager; she was sweet, and caring and very thoughtful. Her friends would easily fit into that popular ‘mean girl’ category, but Martha was quite the opposite. Hugh was even beginning to feel bad for seducing her, but he needed to keep his priorities in check; Martha was his dream girl, and he was certain that they would make a great team.

“So enough with the depressing talk” Hugh piped up, “how about we do something a little more fun” he grinned.

“Cool, im up for that” she smiled.

“Great! Hey Kim!” Hugh called out to his friend, “turn up the music yeah”.

Twisting the knob on the stereo the music blared out loud, any louder and it would have made the house shake. Good job he didn’t have any neighbours close by.

“Come on, dance with me” He pulled her up.

“Nooo, I don’t feel like dancing” she moaned as he dragged her to her feet.

“Oh come on” he pleaded, still holding onto her hand.

No, it’s too embarrassing”

“You think your embarrassing, look at them lot” he laughed, pointing to their side and seeing Kim dancing with several other blonde girls draped all over him.

“Actually yeah” she chuckled, “they probably are worse than me. But still no” she smiled sweetly.

“Ok then” he rolled his eyes. “How about a drink instead, there’s more cocktail left” he smiled.

“You really don’t give up do you” she raised her eyebrows.

He shook his head in response, “it’s another one of my talents” he laughed.

“Fine, if I have to choose … ill take the drink”

“Fine” he grinned, walking out into the kitchen and bringing back two pink cocktails.

“Besides, there quite tasty” she grinned, before gulping down the lot...


Another 20 minutes had passed by, and it was now the early hours of the morning. Martha had already downed several other cocktails, she had gotten quite a taste for these drinks, and she was hardly complaining when Hugh proceeded to hand her another.

Feeling slightly tipsy she giggled uncontrollably, “I feel like dancing” she slurred, waving her arms around in the air.

“Oh, so now you want to dance” Hugh smirked.

“Yep, come dance with me” she grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling him closer to her.

Hugh signalled to Kim to play a slow song; this was the perfect opportunity to get closer to her.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she grinned up at him, feeling as he encircled her tiny frame with his strong and muscular arms.

“Hmm, this is nice” she spoke softly, leaning further into him and laying her head against his chest. She listened to the rhythm of his calm and gentle heartbeat, it was so entrancing. She could stay here all night; just listening to the sounds of his heart and his gentle breathing; every beat and breath, almost soothing her to sleep.

“Yeah it is” he replied in a peaceful tone of voice.

Together the two held each other, swaying in the centre of the room to the music; both continuing to stay in the same position even after the song had come to an end; neither of them wanting to let go.

Eventually pulling herself away from him she gazed up dreamily into his eyes, feeling as her heart and breathing rate began to increase. Leaning in closer to her, he rested his forehead on her own; their noses were now merely centimetres apart. Feeling his sweet breath on her sent a tingle down her spine, as her skin started to sweat through anticipation.

Seeing his face inching even closer, she let her eyes close shut, waiting to feel his soft lips brush against her own. Surprisingly however, she failed to receive it, and felt as he placed the kiss on her cheek instead, before pulling away from her and smiling down.

Although disappointed, she smiled back, her cheeks blushing and her eyes still dropping heavy.

“Come on, lets get you to bed, I think you’ve had enough for tonight” he spoke to her gently.

Nodding slowly, she let go of his neck, allowing him to take her hand where he led her up into his bedroom…


“There you go” he said as he tucked her into his bed.

“Thanks” she looked up at him through tired eyes.

“Sleep well yeah” he smiled down, placing his hand over her forehead soothingly, before turning away and walking over to the door.

“You’re not staying?” she called back for him, putting her arm out for him to take.

“No, best not, you should sleep” he smiled softly, “but ill be right out here if you need me”.

“Ok, thanks” she nodded, before turning on her side and snuggling up in his bed sheets. Closing her eyes she fell into a peaceful sleep.

Hugh closed the door silently, walking down the stairs and over towards Kim.

“Hey man, how’s it going with Martha?” Kim grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at him suggestively.

Hugh laughed, “It’s going fine thankyou very much. Im actually taking it slow this time, if I push her, ill only end up losing her”

“Yeah true” Kim nodded.

“But im getting there” he grinned smugly, “and she’s already starting to doubt her relationship with Jack, she may not be willing to admit it, but I can see it in her face, she knows she’s not meant to be with him. He’ll only end up boring her to death” he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, that is true,” Kim laughed.

“Oh well, I guess ill just have to wait and see what happens” Hugh sighed as he slouched down onto the couch, resting his head back and closing his eyes.


Martha stirred, tossing from side to side as she came around. Rubbing her eyes she scanned her vision around the room; this wasn’t her bedroom she thought. Looking over at the pictures on the dresser she realised it was Hugh’s room. She sighed, pushing her body up into a seating position.

Groaning, she placed her hand to her head; feeling as her headache kicked into gear.

“Uhh” she grumbled, “damn this headache”.

Pulling the sheets away from her she stepped down, standing up straight and trying to gain her composure, before walking towards the door and opening it.

Making her way down the stairs she passed several people, still fast asleep and sprawled all over the floor. There were probably about 10 of them that had stayed over, and with the headache she was suffering now and the sudden surge of sickness, she was beginning to regret it.

“Hey” Hugh called out to her from the kitchen.

“Oh, hi” she spoke softly.

He stifled a laugh, “are you ok”

“Yeah, im fine. I think I drank too much though” she let out a soft laugh before frowning.

“Yeah, sorry, I guess I should have stopped you. Newbie’s don’t take too good to large doses of alcohol” he smiled regretfully.

“It’s not your fault. I was the one drinking it, you didn’t force me to”

“Yeah, but still” he looked down shamefully, “anyway” he looked up smiling, “you want some food?” he asked, pointing to the bacon that was frying under the grill.

“Oh, god no, I think id probably throw up” she laughed, “sorry”.

“It’s ok”

“Actually, I think I just want to go home now”

“Yeah of course, come on, ill drive you”

“Thanks” she smiled in appreciation.

Together the two walked down the hallway, “Hey Kim!” Hugh called out, “im taking Martha home now. Keep an eye on the bacon for me.”


They pulled up at Martha’s house following their 5 minute drive. Turning the engine off, the atmosphere turned dramatically silent; too silent for Martha’s liking.

“Well, thanks for looking after me last night” she smiled shyly, only glancing over at him quickly; unable to look him in the eye for too long as awkwardness consumed her.

“No worries, I just hope you had a nice time”

“Yeah, I did, it was nice to do something different for a change” she smiled.

He nodded in understanding.

“Well, I guess ill see you tomorrow then. Thanks again” she turned to him.

“No worries” he smiled.

Opening the car door she stepped outside; closing it behind her. She walked briskly up to the front door, placing the key inside and entering; not looking back once.


6 hours later: 2pm

Martha sat alone on the beach, her headache gone, but her mind now filled with so many thoughts, one thought in particular; a certain person to be exact.

Ever since she had left Hugh’s car, she couldn’t seem to get him out of her mind, she felt as if she had really gotten to know him last night, she had seen a side to him that she never thought she would see; a caring and sensitive side. It was defiantly a side of him she liked. Not to mention his adventurous and rather mysterious side, he was defiantly a welcome addition to her life, she so desperately needed someone to come along and liven things up a bit. Because as much as she loved her boyfriend and her friends in general, they weren’t exactly the most exciting and adventurous type.

Noticing a shadow approach her side, she turned to look up...

“Hey” smiled Jack, as he took a seat beside her on the sand.

“Aw, hey. How are you” she asked as she placed her hand on his leg, rubbing it up and down gently.

“Im fine, did you have a good night?”

“Yeah, it was really great” she smiled, “I ended up staying the whole night actually, there was about 10 of us that decided to stay” she told him. She wasn’t too sure how he would take it, but she figured it was best to tell him now; he would only end up finding out another way, and possibly freak out in the process. And she certainly didnt want that.

“You stayed the night?” he turned to her.

“Yeah, but you no, it wasn’t just me” she looked at his uneasy expression, “It was cause it was so late, and there wasn’t really any point going home in the early hours of the morning”.

“Oh, right. Cool” he smiled, turning away and looking out to sea, still slightly unnerved about the fact that his girlfriend had stayed the night at another guy’s house.

Together the two sat in silence, both not really knowing what to say.

Jacks mind was going into overdrive; he could already sense that Martha was slipping away from him. As far as he was concerned, she was enjoying Hugh’s company way too much, and there was nothing that Jack could do to change that. He didn’t own her, and he had no right to tell her what to do, but it was obvious to him that Hugh was having an affect on her. And all Jack could do was just sit back and watch…

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You people really arent liking me at the moment are you :P

Sorry! lol

Enjoy :D

Chapter 8:

Monday morning had rolled around, and an already fed up Martha, walked through the school gates. Seeing Hugh in the distance her face lit up, and she ran over to him...

“Hey” she beamed as she reached him.

“Hey! You recovered yet?” he smirked.

“Yeah, just about” she laughed; “a good walk along the beach yesterday afternoon was just what I needed” she smiled.


The two individuals walked side by side and off into the school building.

Taking their usual seats, they sat in silence, waiting for the register to be called out before they could leave for their first class of the day.

“So when do your parents get back?” Martha asked in a hushed tone of voice.

“Oh, erm, next Saturday I think”.

“Saturday?” she scrunched up her face, “I thought they were only gone for a couple of days?” she frowned as she looked at him questioningly.

“Yeah they were, but apparently Melbourne’s just too good to leave” he rolled his eyes.

“Right” she laughed. “So, you got the place to yourself for a while”

“Yep. And im enjoying every minute of it” he grinned, raising his eyebrows.

She smiled back at him for a couple of seconds, holding his gaze, before tearing her eyes away from his and focusing her attention on the front of the class.


The two strolled out of class together, side by side.

“So, I guess ill see you later then” Hugh smiled.

“Huh? We have history together” she told; a bewildered expression present on her face.

“Erm, well, I have a doctor’s appointment” he replied, unable to hold her stare; looking shifty as he darted his vision around the corridor from side to side.

Sensing something was going on, it finally clicked and she started to laugh...

“Are you wagging?” she smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“No, of course not” he replied, trying to look innocent, a cheeky grin seeping through however.

“Naughty” she stifled a laugh.

“Well, id stay if it wasn’t for double History. I mean, come on, history on a Monday morning, call me crazy, but that’s not exactly thrilling”.

“Yeah, I agree. I mean, there’s boring, and then there’s really boring. When the teacher rambles for longer than an hour, I get dangerously close to slipping into a coma” she told him with a straight face; her eyes wide open as she spoke.

He laughed, “Yeah, exactly.”

“But even so, its still school, which means I have to attend” she frowned.

“Yeah, I guess” he replied in a dull and fed up tone of voice, “well good luck with that! Ill see ya” he said quickly; a smirk present on his face as he turned on his heel to dash away.

“Hey!” she laughed; running back up to him and pulling at his arm, “you’re really going?”

“Yep! I sure am. Im not staying around here to listen to some bald guy talking about the industrial revolution”

“Yeah, I actually don’t blame you for leaving” she laughed. Her face beamed a glowing smile as she looked up into his dreamy eyes. He was so cool she thought. Always taking risks and not having a care in the world; she envied that about him most of all.

“You no, if you hate it as much as me, your more than welcome to come with” he asked with slight hesitance; unsure of how she would take it.

“Oh, yeah, thanks, but I … I think its best if I stay here” she smiled.

“No worries, but the offers there” he grinned, “I guess ill see you later then” he said, before turning away from her and quickly walking over towards the backdoor, opening it a-jar, and sliding outside.

Martha sighed as she looked on at the empty space before her. She wished she could be more like Hugh, not having to follow by the rules and living life in the way that she wanted to. She would have done anything to have left with him right now, but there was still that voice in the back of her mind that told her it wasn’t the wisest move to make, and she was best if she stayed well out of it, she would only end up getting into trouble.

Walking away she entered the classroom, taking her seat and pulling her books from out of her bag. Here we go again she thought as she rolled her eyes. Bye bye excitement central, and hello dulls-ville.


20 minutes had come and gone and Martha sat almost lifelessly in her chair. Her chin held in the palm of her hand and her eyes slowly dropping heavy. Every so often she would shuffle in her seat to wake herself up, before inevitably falling back into her non-responsive state; slumping in her chair and looking awfully unimpressed with the situation.

Hugh was right to leave, this was just torture. Most history lessons were dull and boring, that was pretty much a given, but never in her whole life had she experienced one like this. The teacher had slowly but surely, sucked the life out of every one of his students, turning them into motionless and suicidal wrecks.

“Ok class,” the teacher called out an hour later, “that’s it for now, ill see you back here in 15 minutes” he smiled.

“Ugh” Martha groaned, forcing her body up from its slumped position and collecting her things. In another 15 minutes she would be right back here again; feeling as if the world was coming to an end. She couldn’t handle this, she had to get out!

Grabbing her bag she hurried along the corridor and towards the back exit. Looking left and then right, she quickly opened it, stepping outside and shutting it behind her.

Her heart raced uncontrollably, the adrenaline pumping through her body and her skin becoming sweaty. Hiding behind the school bin, she tried to get her breath back. She had never skipped school before, and despite the fear of getting caught, she welcomed the thrill of it all.

Walking briskly down the side of the school building, she made her way to the front gate, before turning the corner and hiding around the side.

“Pheuw” she panted, thankful that she hadn’t gotten caught. Pulling out her phone she searched for Hugh’s number; before hitting the call button and waiting for a response.

“Come on, pick up, pick up” she mumbled under her breath.

“Hey Martha, what’s up” Hugh spoke at the end of the phone.

“Hey, listen I couldn’t take anymore of that torture, it was probably the dullest thing ive ever experienced in my whole entire life. So I left the class” she replied in a slightly panicked and hurried voice.

He laughed, “oh right, it got that bad, huh”

“Oh, you have no idea” she laughed, “anyway, where are you?”

“Im at the park, near my house. Ive got my friend’s car, ill pick you up”

“Ok thanks, im standing by the side of the school building”

“Yeah ok, ill see you in 5”

Shutting her phone off, she placed it back into her bag. Darting her vision from side to side just to ensure no one was around, before talking a seat on the paths edge; waiting for Hugh’s arrival.


4 minutes had passed and Martha still sat in the same position, twiddling her thumbs and her fingers and feeling extremely anxious. She felt as if she had been waiting a lifetime for Hugh to turn up; constantly glancing at her watch as the seconds slowly ticked by.

And then, almost by magic, he sped around the corner; exactly 5 minutes later.

“Hey, jump in” Hugh called over to her as he pushed the passenger side door open.

“Thank god” she spoke through relief, “I thought you were never going to show up” she said as she jumped inside, “I had visions of the principal walking around the corner and catching me” she laughed.

“Yeah sorry, but im here now, and we can finally get the hell out of here” he grinned. Slamming his foot down on the acceleration and speeding off down the road.



Jack sat alone in the corner of the common room; very happy and content reading his novel. He had a free period and was just waiting for the lunch hour to roll around, he couldn’t wait to see Martha; he desperately needed to sort things out with her; everything had gotten so awkward between them yesterday, and it was beginning to reach a point where he felt like they weren’t even talking anymore.

It was Hugh’s fault, he had such a power and influence over her, and Jack didn’t like it one bit.


The lunch bell sounded down the hallway and into the common room. Placing his book in his bag he waited for her arrival.


5 minutes turned into 10 minutes, 10 minutes into 15 minutes, and 15 minutes into the end of lunch.

Still no sign of her...

Turning to his side he caught Tasha’s attention.

“Hey Tash, where’s Martha?” he asked.

“Oh I don’t know, she wasn’t in second period of history. She just seemed to disappear at break time” she shrugged her shoulders. “Actually, Hugh wasn’t there either. Strange that …” she drifted off, deep in thought, oblivious to the fact that Jacks heart was slowing breaking before her eyes. Not to mention his anger and frustration rising to an all around high. This just confirmed how bad things had gotten. Not only was she staying over at his house, where god knows what could have happened, but now she was wagging school with him!

This was just getting worse by the second. He had to talk to her…


Hugh and Martha sat side by side on the park swings; both enjoying the sunny weather as they dug into their ice cream’s. They watched as Hugh’s other friends engaged in a rather juvenile session of an arm wrestling match. Martha found the whole thing quite amusing however; they were really competitive when they got going.

Apart from Hugh’s friends, the place was deserted, understandably considering all of the kids were still in school.

“Well this certainly beats having a History lesson” she smiled, as she took another lick of her ice cream.

“Yep, I think so” he grinned smugly.

“You have some interesting friends Hugh” she giggled, frowning as she watched them arm wrestling in the distance.

“Yeah. And its times like this I wish I wasn’t associated with them” he laughed.

“Aw, there not that bad. They actually seem like a really nice bunch, you no, when you look passed the scary jackets and dark eyeliner” she smirked.

“Scary Jackets!?” he gasped mockingly, trying to sound offended.

“Sorry! Yours isn’t scary” she replied quickly, trying to make amends, “Well … not overly scary at least” she lowered her voice cheekily, before chuckling to herself.

He laughed at her cheekiness. Just when he thought she couldn’t get any cuter; she did.

Standing up he went over to the bin, throwing away his rubbish before walking to the back of the swings and standing behind Martha.

Placing his hands on Martha’s back he pushed her in a gentle swinging motion.

“You want to go to a club tonight?” He asked from out of the silence.

She laughed as the idea went through her mind, before frowning in annoyance “I wouldn’t get in.”

“Sure you would, id make sure you did” he spoke reassuringly as he continued to push her gently.

Staying silent for several seconds she thought about his proposition. She had never actually been to a real club before; it would be fun to see what all the fuss was about…

“Ok” she nodded; her grin as wide as ever due to her excitement.

“Cool” he cheered, pulling on the chains and stopping her movements, “ill pick you up at 8 then” he smiled; walking around to her front. He didn’t actually think she would say yes, so that was a welcome surprise.

“Err, yeah, but don’t come to the door, ill probably have to sneak out my window, I don’t think my grandfather would appreciate me going out on a school night” she laughed rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, no worries” he smiled down at her.

“So is anyone else going tonight?” she asked as she grabbed a hold of the chains to pull herself up; bringing her up to Hugh’s level.

“Oh, just a few friends from my old school, some over there actually,” he pointed to the group ahead of them, “a lot came to the party on Saturday as well, so they should be fairly familiar. But don’t worry, ill look after you” he smiled.

She smiled back sweetly. Butterflies dancing around her stomach, she had never felt this excited about going out before! She certainly couldn’t wait until tonight…

Preview: Martha and Hugh get ever closer.

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Forget what I said in the preview :D I decided to split the chapter in two again :)

Enjoy :)

Chapter 9:

“Night Granddad” Martha said as she leant over to him; kissing him on the cheek.

Alf frowned, glancing down at his watch several times, “It’s a bit early isn’t it love, its only quarter to 8” he looked at her bizarrely.

“Oh yeah, I know. I just had a long day and felt like having an early night, besides im not feeling too good” she lowered her head; looking down at the floor sadly.

“What’s wrong love?”

“Oh, its ok really, just girl stuff” she rolled her eyes.

“Oh right. Well you go and get a good night sleep then” he smiled, rubbing her back gently.

“I will, good night”

Walking up the stairs she made her way into her room, shutting the door behind her. In a mad rush she whipped off her clothes, tossing them onto the bed, before diving into her cupboard and picking out her outfit. Hugh would be here in less than 15 minutes and she really wanted to look her best for him.

Placing her top over her head she pulled it down onto her petite frame; it was the sexiest and most revealing top she had ever purchased. It wasn’t overly revealing but it showed off a fair bit of skin, not to mention it complemented her shape perfectly.

Pulling on her black pedal-pushers she zipped up the fly, before grabbing her sandals and placing her feet inside. Once she was fully dressed she stood in the mirror, examining her reflection. She was rather pleased with it so far. She just hoped Hugh would like it.

“Hmm” she mumbled, as she tapped her index finger against her cheek; something was missing…

‘Of course! Makeup!’

Rummaging around on her desk she grabbed her eyeliner, one of which she had never used before, and applied a thin layer on the upper and lower eye areas. Once that was drawn to perfection, she applied her eye shadow and mascara. She didn’t want to go over board with the makeup, considering she never actually wears it, but a little would produce a great result; she was sure of it.

Brushing her hair quickly, she decided to keep it down, it had a natural wave to it as it fell loosely around her face, shaping it quite nicely…

It was now 7.55pm; and her phone began to vibrate…

He can’t be here already, she thought as panic began to consume her. Picking up her phone she read the message…

Just thought id say hi, considering I didn’t actually get to see you today.

I hope your ok?

And I was wondering if you wanted to do something after school tomorrow?

Let me no, because I miss you

Love Jack xxx

She stood rooted on the spot, and unintentionally holding her breath in. Slowly, she sat down onto her bed, her face fell into a saddened frown as she thought about how much she was hiding from him.

She was certain that Jack would freak out if he knew about her skipping school and going to clubs. And not only would he not approve of it all, but he would only end up worrying that maybe something was going on between them. Understandably considering the amount of time she had been spending with Hugh recently. But it wasn’t like that, Martha just enjoyed his company. Ok, she found him hot, and that was fairly obvious, but it was his personality and adventurous lifestyle that appealed to her the most. It was almost as if, being with Hugh was her way of escaping her normal boring life; the one where she goes to school and acts out that popular, 'squeaky clean’ teenage role that everyone is so familiar with, but on the inside, she just wanted to have some fun.

Choosing to ignore her thoughts about Jack, she threw her phone into her bag, grabbing her purse and opening the window. Peering outside she saw Hugh’s car park up in the distance. Great he’s here! She thought to herself as her face lit up into a glowing smile.

Lifting her one leg up, she manoeuvred it outside the window and onto the ledge. Making sure she was safe before throwing her other leg over.

Climbing down quietly she kept a firm grip of the wall trellis, taking each slow step at a time.

She had never been so relieved to have her feet on the ground, as she felt the grass beneath her shoes. She looked down at her clothes, brushing off any dust and smartening herself up a little. Before ducking below the window and making her way across the garden path.

She darted her vision from side to side as she made sure the coast was clear. Before taking in one deep breath and making a run for the car. Not looking back once, she focussed all of her attention on escaping without anyone noticing.

She panted as she lunged into the car; her eyes wide open and her breathing erratic.

Following several seconds of her calming down, she turned to Hugh, who was grinning and trying his best not to laugh…

“This club better be worth it” she glared at him with a firm warning.

“Don’t worry” he smirked, “it will be”


“Thanks” she smiled as she walked into the building and passed the bouncers.

“Told you you’d get it” Hugh whispered into her ear.

She grinned up at him, taking his offered hand in her own, and allowing him to lead her towards the seating area.

“Hey guys” he waved to the group ahead of them, “you remember Martha”

“Yeah, hey Martha!” they said in unison. Martha just waved and smiled back; turning a little shy as she new for a fact that they were aware of it being her first time here. But she tried to ignore it.

“You want a drink?” he shouted across to her as the music blared out loud.

“Yeah thanks” she nodded

“What do you want?”

“Oh, I don’t know, you can just pick me something” she smiled.

“Ok, no worries, ill be right back”

She watched as Hugh made his way up to the bar, waiting in the queue to be served. She smiled as she looked over to him; he was so caring and always looking out for her. He defiantly wasn’t the scary bad boy that everyone thought he was. It was just his appearance that portrayed him in that way, but he was a softy at heart really; she was sure of it.

5 days ago they hadn’t even met, and her first impression of him, despite his sexy bad-ass appeal, lets just say, wasn’t too good. But now, she could honestly say that he was one of her best friends, and she wouldn’t do without him.

Off with the fairies and deep in thought, she failed to notice Hugh’s return.

“Hey, here’s your drink” he grinned to her as he passed it over.

“Oh, hey, thanks” she laughed.

“What were you thinking about?” he asked as he sat beside her.

“Oh, nothing” she smiled, shrugging it off.

Drinking her cocktail down in one go, she placed it onto the side, before turning to him; her wide eyes glinting in the light…

“Let’s dance” she spoke to him seductively as she looked into his dark and lust-filled eyes.

Without saying a word he pulled off his jacket, placing it onto the side, before taking her hand in his. The lights flared around the room as the music pounded against the walls; Martha and Hugh took their place amongst the many other party-goers on the dance floor. Eventually accompanied by Hugh’s other friends, she got into the rhythm, letting go of all her inhibitions and dancing the night away …

Preview: Bad move!? :unsure:

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Well here it is :)

Warning: Content unsuitable for younger readers! (Quite extreme SC included)

I really need to stop including so much detail in these darn fics lol

Enjoy :)

Chapter 10:

Several hours had passed and Martha continued to dance the night away, along with her new found friends; Connie, and Lizzie (the blonde girl from the party on Saturday night).

Hugh watched from a distance as the three girls danced together; all the while keeping his eyes fixed on Martha. She looked completely in her element. She was made for the dance floor; and it was obvious to anyone that she was loving every minute of it.

“It’s going alright huh” Kim shouted above the music as he sat down next to Hugh; also keeping his eye on Martha.

“Yeah, it’s actually going better than I thought it would”

“And here was me thinking you would have to persuade her to come tonight. Obviously not huh! I mean look at her, she’s having a ball”

“Yeah I no” Hugh laughed, “Its great isn’t it”.

Kim nodded in response.

“I was dead set on the fact that id have to work really hard with Martha, but in actual fact, she’s been the easiest to get on side with”

“Yeah totally. She’s full of surprises isn’t she” Kim grinned.

“She certainly is” Hugh nodded slowly, keeping his vision fixed on the girl ahead of him. She was so captivating; the way her body moved to the music, it was like poetry in motion.

He had never experienced such an extreme burning desire for anyone before. But Martha wasn’t like any other girl; she was THE girl, the one that every guy dreamed about; the one person that they would wish to spend the rest of their lives with.

A fun, sweet, caring and very sexy young woman; and that just so happened to be Martha…


“Hey old man” Martha smirked as she sat down next to Hugh, “your not dancing! You broke a hip or somethin” she joked.

He laughed at her comment, “that’s very funny … nah, im just chilling. Having a drink. Watching you actually” he smiled.

“Is that so” she raised her eyebrows.

“Yep” he grinned, “you’re having a good time”

“I sure am. This place is wild” she beamed.

He smiled at her genuine enthusiasm. She was like a little girl in a candy shop, she was that excited.

“Can you get me another drink please?” she asked as she smiled sweetly, picking up her empty glass and waving it in front of his face.

“Yeah sure” he laughed, “same again?”

She nodded eagerly in response; watching as he left her side and walked off towards the bar. Leaning her back against the chair she sighed, what a great night this had been. She would defiantly be coming here again.

Pushing herself up she smiled over to Lizzie, who waved back to her. Once again her first impression had been wrong, when she had first met Lizzie she couldn’t stand her, but now she had come to realise just how genuine and fun she really was. And so what if she and Hugh had had a thing in the past, its not like it meant anything, they were just friends, and Martha for one was glad about that.

Scanning the area her attention was brought to two of Hugh’s friends, who stood together in the corner of the room, accompanied by two other men. They suspiciously exchanged two small items; placing them out of sight beneath their jackets. She looked over at them, her face frowning as she noticed their shifty eyes, all four very wary as they walked away from each other.

That was strange she thought, I wonder what was going on over there. But before she could further the thought, she was distracted by Hugh, who passed her a drink and sat down beside her.

“Thank you” she cheered, taking the drink from him and gulping it down.

“You might want to go slow on them”

“Oops” she giggled as she showed him the empty glass.

He laughed shaking his head, “you’ll pay for it in the morning woman” he warned her.

“Who cares, im having fun” she chuckled; placing her glass down onto the table. Opening her mouth to speak again she was brought to an abrupt halt; her eyes wide open as she looked at him, “I love this song, come on” she tugged at his arm like a little school girl, “you have to dance with me”

He rolled his eyes, he hated these sad soppy songs, but it would be another chance to get close to her, so he wouldn’t complain…

Taking her hand they walked slowly across the dance floor. Finding their spot she turned on her heel, gazing up into his eyes and turning all shy as he smiled down at her. He pulled her in closer, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her nearer to him. She placed her head in his chest smelling his sweet aftershave before closing her eyes gently. Together they swayed to the music, both enjoying the tender moment they were sharing.

Pulling her head away from his chest she smiled up at him; her eyes locking with his. Her body was now hot and sweaty and her breathing was gradually becoming much more intense. She felt as if her insides were just yearning for him, she was aching all over to be touched and kissed by him. She had never wanted anything more than she wanted him right now.

Looking down at her face, he saw the intense passion and hunger that was fuelled in her eyes; the exact same hunger that was mirrored in his at this very moment in time.

At that point he realised he couldn’t wait any longer, he needed her. He was dying to feel her all over. And now was the perfect time …

Releasing his hold of her he took her hand, leading her over into a dark corner…

Reaching their destination, they stopped; both facing each other.

His hand slowly rose, removing a strand of fallen hair from out of her face; placing it behind her ear, before gently caressing her soft cheek with the backs of his fingers.

“Are you ok?” he spoke in a deep and sexy tone of voice; a voice that made Martha’s head almost spin out of control.

She nodded in response, unable to form a sentence, but with her eyes permanently fixed on his.

He stroked her arm up and down very gently, with every touch sending a delightful tingle down her spine. Very slowly he leaned in, resting his forehead against hers, all the while gazing deeply into her eyes.

She swallowed hard, shutting her eyes firmly as her body reacted further to their closeness. Opening her eyes once more, she looked up at him; trailing her sight down his face until they reached his lips. Her breath caught in her throat as her craving for him intensified.

Slowly but surely his face neared hers; her eyelids fell shut and her breath became heavier, feeling as their lips were only millimetres apart. Unable to resist her for any longer, he leaned in; capturing her lips in a soft and compassionate kiss; allowing for them to linger with hers for several seconds, feeling her tenderness; before pulling away and looking into her watery eyes.

Having a hunger for more he re-captured her lips, this time however, kissing her with a greater passion and force, cupping the back of her head with his hand and pushing her lips against his with added pressure.

He felt as her hands wound around his neck, pulling herself up onto her tip-toes to get the closet that the space would allow. His tongue roamed the area in her mouth, tasting her sweet flavour and sliding over her teeth; exploring her in every way possible.

Pushing her backwards she hit the wall; his body pressed up tightly against her own. She moaned through desire and pleasure; never in her whole life had she been kissed like this. The intensity of the moment was exhilarating; enough to just want more and more…


The door swung open and the two individuals stumbled inside; both panting and out of breath. The door slammed shut behind them as Martha was pushed harshly against it; she didn’t seem to mind though.

She moaned under his lips, her body continuing to get aroused as the seconds went on.

Pulling away slightly he allowed her to jump up, wrapping her legs around his waist and holding on tight as he led them up to his bedroom.


They kissed each other like there was no tomorrow; all of their passion and hunger for each other coming to a head.

Briefly pulling away from her, he whipped off his shirt; throwing it to the floor, before focussing on her top that was just calling out to him to be removed.

Sliding his hands down to her hips he pushed upwards against her skin, the material gathering together as his hands slid up, before he removed the clothing from over her head; tossing it to the side.

Leaning her head up, she recaptured his lips, wrapping her arm around his neck and pulling him down to her; before sliding her hand down passed his shoulder blades and then down to his lower back.

Feeling too restricted in the tight material, he felt the urge to remove his trousers. Undoing the buckle and zipping downwards he slid them off, pushing himself upwards and onto his knees removing them fully; leaving him unexpectedly in the nude.

Martha’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull as she glanced down at him. She assumed he would be wearing boxer shorts; which evidently he wasn’t.

He smirked at her face as he noticed her eyes glance down at his ‘man-hood’, before retaking his earlier position and lying on top of her.

He rubbed himself against her trousers, feeling as his body got more aroused by the second. He needed to press on. It was gradually getting to the point where he just couldn’t wait any longer; he needed to feel her inside.

Sliding his hand beneath her back he undid her bra clasp, allowing for it to fall loosely on her body.

As she felt herself getting ever closer to being naked, her palms began to sweat; her body temperature rising and her nerves beginning to take a hold.

Releasing her of the lacy material he let out a heavy breath; almost in astonishment. He had never seen someone so beautifully formed and moulded before. She was perfect in every way; no wonder all the guys go crazy for her.

Feeling more relaxed she began to calm down. That wasn’t so scary she thought. For some strange reason she had this horrible idea that he would think she looked hideous, but from the look of his grin and wide eyes; he seemed to approve.

She sighed peacefully as he ran his hands down her front, letting them linger for awhile as they caressed the skin, before sliding them down further to her hips.

Tugging at the zip he pulled it down, before pushing himself off her and onto his side, allowing for her to remove them herself.

She was now left in her purple lacy underwear as she lay backwards; her body almost rigid.

Every single time she would calm her nerves down, they would get closer to the ‘act’ and her nerves would kick in again. She just hoped that Hugh hadnt sensed it, because for Martha, that would be embarrassment overload. She knew she shouldn’t be embarrassed. But she couldn’t seem to help it, she presumed that Hugh would have been with a lot of girls in the past, and most of them were probably experienced. Martha on the other hand, had no experience at all, and quite frankly, didn’t know what the hell she was doing...

What if she wasn’t any good?

Concern and fear surged through her mind, blocking out all of her feeling as her mind stayed fixed on the negative.

Looking down she watched as Hugh planted kisses on her stomach; before sliding his hands down to her hips and playing with the lacy material of her underwear. Any minute now he would remove her of her final item of clothing; leaving her helpless and naked before him. She wasn’t so sure if she could go through with this…

“Wait” she panted, grabbing his hand to stop him; her breath catching in her throat as she looked at him.

He frowned, studying her expression, her sudden innocence creeping through; her worried eyes telling him exactly what was wrong.

“You’ve never…?”

She slowly shook her head; almost embarrassed that she had to tell him.

He was hardly surprised however; things here and there had suggested that she was fairly new to this. Her body tensing up every now and then was an obvious factor to him.

Her mind was going into overdrive as she feared for the worst. Would he think she was a total loser for still being a virgin!

His smile and his words however, were reassuring enough...

“Its ok…ill go slow”

Although hesitant, she nodded in understanding, feeling as she was released of her final item of clothing. She was nervous and possibly a little scared, but he would look after her; she trusted him.

Laying her head back onto the pillow she closed her eyes, trying to relax her body and preparing herself for the unexpected…


Opening her eyes she turned to the side, glancing over at the digital clock that read - 4am.

Closing her eyes again she snuggled up to the sheets; she felt so peaceful…

Several seconds passed and she settled back into her calming slumber; unaware that an image in her mind would prove to be more harm than good…

She gasped, startled as she jumped out of bed, her breathing erratic and her eyes wide open through fear …

Only one word escaped her mouth. A word that was barely audible it was so quiet. Her face fell as she placed her hand to her heart; speaking his name through sadness…


Note: And before you say anything, they used precautions. I just didn’t include it, we would have been here all day if I had rambled on any longer :P

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