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Losing My Way

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Thanks for the comments

Warning: One teeney tiny bad word :P

Enjoy :D

Chapter 31:

Martha’s eyes flickered open as she gradually came around, her weak and petite body rolled over on the bed. Her tired eyes scanned the small blurry room, before watching as a tall dark figure walked beside the bed.

“Hey sleepy head” he hushed as he ran the palm of his hand over her forehead soothingly; “You’re awake” he smiled down at her lovingly.

“Hugh,” she whispered up to him as her eyes came into focus, “where am I?” she spoke dazed. Her head was pounding and her body was weak as she tried to push herself up, but failing miserably as he leaned over, restricting her movements and causing her to fall back onto the bed.

“Don’t worry, your home now” he smiled down at her happily.

Closing her eyes briefly she thought back, anxious to make sense of the situation she had found herself in. A trigger in her mind suddenly clicked however, and her head kicked into gear. Her eyes shot open through panic as the tears began to build up, the realisation of the situation finally hitting her hard.

Her body shook through fear as she came to a final understanding of the mess she was in; the tears in her eyes eventually spilled over, making tracks down her cheeks.

She watched through glassy eyes as he sat down on the bed beside her, his hand slowly finding its way onto her hip and then down to her thigh where it rested their gently. She felt dirty just to be touched by him.

“Hey, come on now, don’t cry, you no I hate to see you cry” he soothed her as he reached over and wiped away her tears, “its going to be ok now, im back, and im going to look after you ... were going to be together forever”.

Moving her leg slightly she desperately tried to push his hand away, but it didn’t do much good as his grip on her leg was firmer than she had anticipated.

Strangely enough though, he hadn’t actually tied her up. Both her legs and arms were free and her mouth was no longer taped shut. If she had enough strength, she could kick him in the balls and make for the door, the only problem was, the door was bolted shut, and no matter how much force and pressure she would apply, there was no way that door was going to open.

“Please let me go Hugh” she pleaded, “I no that you don’t want to hurt me, so please, just let me go…”

“Of course I won’t hurt you” his face frowned sadly, upset that she would even think such a thing, “I would never hurt you … I love you” he smiled.

She swallowed hard, almost choking down the sick that was rising in her throat, “well then,” she paused, “if you love me, please let me go. Look, if you want, you can just go, and I won’t tell the cops you were here, you’ll be able to escape as a free man” she bargained.

“No, I can’t do that” he shook his head, “because if I do, we wont be able to be together, and you’d be back in summer bay and id be god knows where.” He spoke in worry, “We have to be together Martha; were meant to be together, you have to believe that” he smiled in apprehension as he fidgeted nervously on the bed.

Spending over 6 years in a small and cramped prison cell must have really gotten to him; the way he was talking and his obvious obsession over her was terrifying. So much so, Martha wanted to get the hell out of there.

“Hugh, please, I just want to go home” she spoke to him calmly.

“But you are …”

“No! My real home” she cried.

“Im sorry” he bowed his head, “I can’t do that, if I let you go back, you’ll be taken away from me, and ive already lost everything, I can’t lose you too. I won’t” he spoke firmly, the tears in his eyes beginning to build at the prospect of losing her once again. “Look,” he paused, “I cant say im not still hurt by what you did; you going to the cops like that, that wasn’t fair Martha” he frowned, “…but I forgive you, because at least now we get to be together”.

She scrunched up her face as the tears fell faster, her headache growing in severity as her body stayed rigid and tense through so much fear. She could only imagine what he had planned for her. But he wouldn’t hurt her … would he?


“MARTHA!” Jack shouted as he pounded his fist against her apartment door, “Martha, are you there?”

Failing to get a response he tried the handle, surprisingly enough, it was unlocked.

Pushing the door open he stepped inside, already feeling as his insides twisted in knots, the place was far too silent for his liking.

Ducking his head inside all of the rooms he failed to find her.

Re-entering the living room he placed his hands to his head, his forehead wrinkled through so much fear and concern for her. He felt jittery as his nerves and anxiety began to get the better of him. Raising his hand inline with his chest he clenched a fist, watching as it uncontrollably shook in front of him, he had never felt more terrified in his whole entire life. All he could do now was pray to god that he would find her and return her home safely.

Placing his hand back down by his side he glanced over to the couch.

Their, lying on the cushion, was the photo album. Opened wide, it presented a picture of him and Martha together. He swallowed hard, pushing away the tears and mentally forcing himself to keep it together. Leaning over, he gently stroked his thumb over her beautiful face.

He couldn’t lose her now; he loved her too much to have her taken away from him, even if he failed to actually admit it.

There was only one way to solve all of this. He had to get her back…


“Please Hugh, im begging you. Just let me go.” She said as she shuffled her body up into a seating position, “Look, you don’t want me, im nothing, there are so many other, better girls out there, id just bring you down. Im not worth all of this.”

“Im not listening Martha.” He shook his head as he looked straight ahead, “nothing you say will change my mind,” he paused before taking her hand in his own, “look, every day, and every night, I would think about you, just wishing that I could hold you, and kiss you all over. Just to have that explosion of emotions inside again, that’s all I want, and now that ive got you back, I can have that whenever I want.” He ginned slyly, “I mean, its not like I don’t deserve it, you owe me, you put me in jail Martha” he raised his voice, “you sent me away, you left me to rot and whither away in that hell whole” he glared daggers at her.

Taking a deep breath he calmed himself down, “see … see what you made me do, I get angry when I think about the past, and I don’t want to be angry at you, I don’t want to hurt you, so please, just stop talking this way, don’t turn this happy day into a nightmare Martha, you’ll only regret it” he warned her with a menacing smile plastered across his face.

She turned away from his piercing eyes, looking down at her hands, “But I just want to go home” she whispered as the tears swam down her cheeks.

He rolled his eyes at her comment; he was starting to get sick of this. Turning away he walked over towards the blackened-out window.

“I just want Jack” she spoke in a hushed tone of voice as she closed her eyes.

“JACK!?” he spun around to face her, “Please!” he scoffed, “you never loved Jack. Why else would you have turned to me for comfort? You can do so much better than Jack, Martha. He’d only end up boring you to tears; he’d sink you into an early grave with all of that crap poetry talk. I mean, the guys obviously a loser, he wouldn’t no real passion and love if it hit him in the face. Not like I do”.

Putting her hands over her ears, she cried even harder, desperately trying to block out his hurtful words.

Just listening to him going on and on was like torture. She felt so drained; she was so sick and tired of crying and pleading for freedom. She just wanted the earth to swallow her whole and allow for her to escape this never-ending nightmare.

Minutes passed by and she continued to sit there silently, with her legs brought up to her chin and her arms wrapped around her body protectively as she rocked backwards and forwards, silently praying for someone to rescue her. Occasionally she would glance over towards the doorway, trying to examine the area to find any possible ways of escaping, but the room was so small and basic, consisting of only one window and door, that there weren’t many options for a plan of escape. It was slowly but surely looking like she would have to accept the inevitable, a long and fear-full life alone with Hugh Sullivan…


“We’ve got a witness that claims to have seen a young girl with dark hair being carried into a vehicle. The vehicle was black with silver alloy wheels; she could only make out the first three letters on the number plate.”

“Which are?” Jack replied with a frown.

“H X Y” Peter Baker replied, “Can you remember what Hugh’s license plate was?”

No” he frowned; “of course not, it was like a million years ago” he answered in frustration.

“Sorry, I just thought that if you had remembered, it might have helped. But I guess that was a stupid question” he looked down awkwardly. “Well, we do no one thing, he’s taken her, and for all we no, they could be out of town by now”.

“Always no how to lighten the mood, don’t you peter” Jack said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah,” he stifled a nervous laugh, “Sorry” he spoke regretfully, he was reasonably knew to the whole investigation/detective side of things, he had only recently qualified as a constable, so he was still fairly naïve when it came to real-life-threatening situations.

“Do you think he’d try and leave the country with her?” Peter asked suddenly as the thought popped into his head.

“Who knows what he’s got planned,” Jack shrugged his shoulders”, if anything. I mean, he might not even want to physically hurt her. But we can’t take any chances. I suggest we keep an eye out at all airports, all toll bridges and also all harbours in the local area.” Jack told Peter, before walking off towards the exit.

“Wait Jack, where are you going, you can’t leave at a time like this” he exclaimed in bewilderment.

“It’s ok, im just heading out for a while, we need people on the roads asking around, ill keep my eyes peeled. Ill call if I see anything.” He said as he grabbed his jacket “Stay by the phone, call me if there’s any news.”

Preview: Hugh’s obsession over Martha intensifies as Martha’s situation gets continually worse. Jacks heart continues to break. Will he ever find her?

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YIKES! 6 pages in Microsoft Word! :o

Hope you dont all get too bored :P

Warning: content unsuitable for younger readers.

(Not sure about this chapter, but...) Enjoy :D

Chapter 32:

Sobs echoed through the building as she lay with her back on the bed.

Pushing herself up she tried to force away her tears, “so, what now? We just stay in this room together, forever” she moaned as the tears continued to trickle down her cheeks.

“No, of course not.” He frowned, “im going to take you somewhere special. You’re going to love it. Im just waiting for a friend to get in contact with me, and then we’ll be on our way to starting our new life together”.

“A new life?” she asked horrified, “Where exactly?” she asked as she scrunched up her face; in fear of the answer.

“Well, I can’t tell you that, it’s a surprise silly, but you’ll love it, I no you will” he smiled, “I chose it especially for you”.

“Well gee, thanks a bunch, that’s real kind of you, but im really not interested, in fact I think ill be leaving now” she said as she gathered her courage and strength and pushed herself off the bed, before walking over towards the door.

“Hey, where are you going” Hugh shot up, watching as she strolled over towards the doorway.

Standing in front of the door, she examined the lock. It was bolted shut, in fact, there wasn’t just one lock, there were several. Yep, Hugh had defiantly planned this one out, there was no way she was leaving this place in a hurry, that was for sure.

Huffing in frustration, she banged forcefully against the door, her hand smacking hard against the wooden surface as she used up all of the strength she could muster.

“Damit” she cried as she looked down at her now red raw hand.

“See, there really wasn’t much point in trying to escape, was there Martha, you’ve only gone and gotten yourself hurt” he shook his head in disappointment.

Turning around to face him she looked at him in fury, her body temperature beginning to rise and her face transformed into a fuming red colour. Spinning on her heel she re-faced the doorway, fighting all of her pain and sadness, she banged harder against the wooden surface, whilst screaming out-loud for as long as her lungs would allow her.


“Don’t scream Martha, there really is no point” he closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing as he tried to block out her painful screams, “no one can hear you, and no ones coming for you, so just leave it” he spoke calmly as he felt his temperature rising, any minute now he could feel himself exploding.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP” she continued on, smacking her hand against the splintered wood and failing to notice the blood that was now seeping from the wound. The sharp edges of the wood caught against her skin and tore it open, resulting in the red liquid trickling down her arm.

“STOP IT” Hugh screamed as he stood up from his chair, “do I have to gag you!”

“Well, that’ll teach you for being so reckless” she shouted back as she turned to him, her diaphragm moving up and down frantically as her breathing grew much more erratic. “I mean, don’t psychotic kidnappers usually tie up their victims?” she glared at him.

“Well, im kind of knew to this, you’re my first capture” he smirked, “besides, I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you keep screaming, just do as your told, and go back to your bed” he ordered her with evil eyes.

She stood rooted on the spot, not knowing what to do.

He sighed as his head bowed down through regret, before walking over towards her, and taking her one hand, “look Martha” he spoke calmly, “I just want you to stop resisting, I just want you to love me; which I no you do, deep down, you just don’t want to admit it”.

“But I don’t love you Hugh” she cried in a whisper.

His head dropped in sadness at her words, before he heard her wince in pain.

Looking up he saw her wounded hand, “you’re hurt” he said concerned. “Sit down; ill get you a bandage”.

Although hesitant she walked back over to the bed; suddenly feeling woozy as she looked down at the blood, she was glad to be sat down.

She watched as he walked over towards the door, his eyes shifting warily from the lock and back over to Martha, “don’t try anything!” he warned her, “I mean it, you’ll regret it if you do”.

“I won’t,” she said in annoyance, “just hurry up. Or do you want me to bleed all over your precious sheets”.

He scoffed at her comment as he undid the first of the several locks and bolts. Before opening the door a-jar, and slipping outside.

Martha cried out loud as she watched him leave, freedom was only a few meters away, but her body couldn’t seem to muster up enough strength to even fight anymore. Along with almost bleeding to death (although, that may be a slight exaggeration), her head still pounded and her insides felt drained, she urgently needed food and water; she couldn’t carry on like this for much longer.

2 minutes passed by and Hugh re-appeared. Closing the door behind him he made his way over towards the bed.

“Im hungry, I want food” she ordered him.

“Let’s do one thing at a time yeah, im trying to heel your bloody hand if you’ll give me a minute” he spoke in annoyance.

She scoffed as she turned away from him, before shoving her injured hand in his face and allowing for him to bandage it up.

She felt as he gently dabbed her hand with a damp cloth, wiping away the blood before wrapping it up tightly in a secure bandage. “There you go, all better” he smiled. “And, as for the food, I guess we must think alike; I brought you some from the car” he said as he threw her the burger.

Looking down at the food, she frowned, “How do I no this isn’t drugged” she said as she folded her arms stubbornly.

He tilted his head as he looked at her face; her adorable and unintentional pout began to seep through. “Your cute when you do that” he smiled sweetly as he gazed across at her.

She shuffled on the bed as she tore her vision away from his, her eyes unable to maintain contact as she felt herself getting rather uncomfortable, she hated it when he looked at her like that, it was like he was studying her body so intently, if he had x-ray vision, he would surely be using it.

“And it’s not drugged. I promise” he smiled.

Strangely enough, she actually believed him. Reaching over she grabbed the bag, pulling out the burger and taking a bite. “You got anything to drink?”

“Yeah, of course.” He said as he stood up, “ill be right back”.

She watched as the door slammed shut, before looking down at her bandaged hand; surprisingly, he had made quite a good job of it.

Propping the pillow up against the headboard, she leaned backwards and continued eating her ‘meal’.


“Ok, thanks anyway” a deflated Jack turned away from yet another oblivious pedestrian. The only reaction he seemed to get when showing passers-by a photo of Martha, was a shake of the head followed by…“No, sorry, I haven’t seen her.”

Walking back to the car he climbed inside, before slamming the door behind him and pushing his head back against the head-rest.

Even when he closed his eyes he could see her beautiful face, he was just aching all over to have her back in his arms once again.

If only he hadn’t been so pigheaded about this whole thing, if only he had let her in and accepted that she had made a mistake and that she was sorry. Maybe things would be different, and maybe Jack would have gotten to her before Hugh had got his grubby hands all over her.

Thinking back he re-played his final sentence to her; a long line of hurt-full and heartless words.

“Look, last night was last night; and today, it’s a new day. Whatever happened, it doesn’t matter anymore. Id prefer to forget about it to be completely honest”

“…I thought last night actually meant something…”

“Well it didn’t, not to me … not really anyway. It was just sex. Im sorry if you thought it meant more, but…”

“No its fine, I have to go sorry”.

And that was that; their final conversation and possibly the last time they would ever see each other.

Why had he said all of that! Why had he been so god damn stubborn.

Well, he knew the reason to that question; the truth was, he was still terrified of getting hurt again, but it didn’t excuse the way he had spoken to her. He was always taught to honour and respect all women, but the way he had spoken to her was inexcusable, he felt completely ashamed of the harsh words he had so thoughtlessly used.

It also didn’t help with the fact that he didn’t actually mean any of it, but now she was probably on the other side of Australia thinking her life was over and that Jack officially hated her. God, if only she knew…



“How’s your hand?” Hugh asked as he lightly touched the bandage.

“Its fine … better, thank you” she replied, pulling her hand away, “actually, im pretty tired, I think im going to go to sleep”.

“Yeah, of course.”

Alone, that is” she glared at him; trying to make it crystal clear of where they stand.

He smirked back at her before nodding slightly, “very well”.

Although hesitant, she lifted the sheets up, shuffling inside she wrapped herself up warm, all the while being very away of the man that stood above her, his eyes carefully following her every movement possessively.

Laying her head back onto the pillow she closed her eyes, trying to imagine she was tucked up safely in her own bed, with not a worry in the world. It wasn’t as easy as that though.

Seconds passed by and the room stayed deadly silent. All that could be heard was the gentle breathing coming from Martha’s direction.

“Your so beautiful Martha” he hushed down to her from out of nowhere as he placed his hand over her forehead; running his fingertips down her face and stroking her soft skin. Her eyes flickered open very slowly, seeing Hugh’s face smiling down at her.

He bent down; crouching beside the bed and bringing their faces only inches apart.

She could already sense what was coming, as slowly but surely he leaned over to capture her lips. Feeling his breath on her face, she quickly turned away from him, desperately trying to avoid his kiss.

He huffed as he pulled away from her. “Why are you trying to fight this? I no you want this just as much as I do, so just give it up will you” he frowned, before grabbing a hold of her chin and forcing her towards him.

She winced as her head jolted forwards, before watching as his face grew closer, his lips eventually touching her own and moving against hers very gently.

The kiss was surprisingly harmless however, as he failed to apply much pressure, and for that, Martha was very grateful.

“Mmm” he hushed in a low tone as he pulled away, looking down dreamily into her tear-filled eyes, “that was nice … Wasn’t it nice?” he raised his eyebrows as he waited for her response.

She nodded ever so slightly, she figured it was best to agree with him, god knows what he would do if she were to disagree with him.

“God, your so beautiful” he gasped in amazement as he leaned further down, rubbing the side of her face with his own, whilst smelling her hair, “I cant believe ive got you back” he mumbled in her hair.

Martha stayed rigid, her face creased up in horror and unease as he stuck his nose in her hair, sniffing her all over like a dog.

Pulling backwards, he trailed kisses down her jaw line. Any minute now she felt herself about to explode, his lips just touching her skin was enough to make her hurl.

“I can’t wait till we get to our new place” he sleazed, “I can’t wait to just feel you all over … god” he continued as he released a breath; “I could just touch you and kiss you forever” his voice turned into a whisper as he pulled away, his nose still within centimetres of her own however. “But you no what … im not so sure I can wait any longer” he panted as his body temperature heated up.

She gulped at his comment; she could pretty much guess what he was thinking.

“I want you right here, right now” he looked down at her with intensely powerful eyes.

She shuffled beneath him in a state of panic as he leaned down once again, re-capturing her lips with his own.

He slipped his tongue into her mouth as he lay down on top of her, she could already feel his arousal creeping through. As he continued to get lost in their kiss, he felt her hands press hard against his chest.

“Wait” she gasped as she pushed him away, “let’s wait” she shot out, it was the first thing she could think of, “let’s wait until we get to the new place. It’ll be more special that way; we can christen it” she raised her eyebrows at him as her eyes glinted suggestively.

He licked his lips hungrily before nodding his head in agreement. Finally she was coming around, he knew it wouldn’t take long for Martha to finally open up and admit that she still wanted him. Right now, things couldn’t be anymore perfect.

“Ok, we’ll wait then”.

She smiled up at him lovingly, before leaning up and kissing him softly on the lips, her own lips released a pleasured moan as they parted for the final time.

“Get some sleep, ill see you tomorrow” he said, before turning and walking away.

She nodded slowly, watching him as he left, all the while her eyes stayed fixed on him, as he silently slipped outside.

She watched as the door slammed shut, before pushing the sheets away from her body roughly and spitting her saliva out onto the floor. Her hand rubbed forcefully against her lips as she desperately tried to take away the taste and feeling of Hugh’s mouth on hers.

“Urgh” she groaned as she spat for the second time, her breath caught in her throat as she thought back over how close they had gotten. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking, he would no doubt be having his way with her, right now.

Pushing herself backwards she clung onto the sheet, her eyes beginning to fill with tears as she wished for the appearance of the only person she ever truly wanted. Just praying that somehow, they would meet again…


“Jack Holden,” Jack answered the line as he put the mobile phone to his ear.

“Jack!” Peter spoke on the other end, “we’ve got a lead”…

Preview: :D ? :( ?

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Now ive never done an action filled chapter and these next two chapters will be very actiony :P so I hope there ok :)

(The next two chapters were partly inspired by home and away)

Enjoy :D

Chapter 33:

(Early hours of the following morning)

“Peter!” Jack called out as he rushed into the station, “what have we found?”

“Well, a woman and several other witnesses, claimed to have seen a long black car speed down the highway out of town, the car was headed towards the old fish docks near the bush, it may be a false lead but its defiantly worth a shot”.

“Good, let’s get going then” Jack replied impatiently as he started to walk away, but only to be brought to a halt as Peter rushed beside him.

“Maybe you should stay here Jack, you have a personal connection with the victim; you’re too involved in this. And anyway, I didn’t even think that was allowed”.

“Look Peter, im the detective around here, so ill make the rules. Im going!” Jack glared across at his colleague before turning and walking away.

Peter rolled his eyes as he followed him out. There was just no point even trying to argue with him these days, once Jack Holden had set his mind onto something, he was adamant he wasn’t going to change it.


“Slow down Jack!” Peter called out as they hit 150 miles per hour.

“Were fine, if we don’t hurry up we could lose her.”

“Detective!” he shouted out, “slow down!”

Huffing in frustration he slammed his foot on the brake pedal, bringing them to a comfortable 70 miles an hour, “there, happy now” he glared at the constable.

Very” he replied in a mocking fashion.

Turning the corner they made there way down a long dirt track…

“Hey, here we are” Jack piped up as he saw the path leading up to the house. His anxiety and nerves were beginning to creep in as he anticipated just how close they were to getting her back.

“Oh yeah,” Peter looked on, “hey, there’s the car” he signalled over to the black car that hid in the bushes. “What is this place? It looks so old and beaten up” Peter continued.

“God no’s, but it looks like we’ve come to the right place”.

“How’d you figure?”

“I recognise the number plate” he said as he looked over at the car number plate.

Pulling out his gun he released the safety cap. “Ok, now listen. Martha’s probably locked upstairs somewhere, so were going to circle the building and find all the possible ways of entry. Oh yeah, and be silent while your at it” he warned Peter as he opened his car door very gently.

“Jack” Peter called out softly, “ill call for backup”.

Jack nodded before turning his attention onto the house, scanning his eyes all around the building he crept around the back; all the while his hands gripped hard onto the gun, ready to strike if necessary.

Glancing up to the bedroom window he swallowed hard, he was so sure she was in there…

Little did they no however, Martha was actually locked up tight in the basement…


“Hey beautiful” Hugh smiled down as he handed her some orange juice.

“Hi” she replied, her face however stayed emotionless.

Reaching out she tried to take the juice; she was so thirsty, her insides felt like they were slowly drying up, she had never been so dehydrated in her whole entire life.

As she tried to grab the drink however, he smugly pulled it away from her, “Don’t I get a kiss first” he raised his eyebrows.

Although reluctant, she nodded; she would do anything right now for just a glass of cold liquid. Leaning over she planted a soft kiss on his lips.

Pulling away he placed the drink down onto the floor, before flashing her a cheeky grin and recapturing her lips. His arm encircled her waist and his one hand pressed lightly against the back of her head, pulling her closer to him.

Feeling too drained and washed out to object, she just settled for kissing him…


Walking around the back, Jack searched for any obvious ways of entry, before something caught his attention.

He noticed a small and blackened out window situated just below knee level, obviously a window to the basement.

Getting on his hands and knees he bent down, taking out his car keys and using the pointed-end to scratch away at the black paint.

With the corner of the window now paint-free, he leant further down. Tilting his head to the side he narrowed his eyes, focussing his vision into the small dark room and scanning the area.

He shook his head in confusion as he noticed two shady individuals in the background; a man and a woman.

Praying that he was mistaken, he closed his eyes, rubbing his fingertips hard against his eyelids before opening them and peering inside once again.

His heart almost stopped as he came to a realisation, watching in sadness and disbelief as the woman he had fallen in love with, happily kissed someone else; and that someone just so happened to be Hugh Sullivan.

Putting his hand to his mouth he gagged, his eyes turned away, unable to watch for any longer. His forehead began to sweat as his body temperature raised, his breathing becoming forceful and heavy as his heart pounded in his chest. His body tingled all over, his skin feeling hot and moist as he felt himself turning helplessly weak, the strength draining away from his body.

Pulling backwards, he fell into a seated position, the tears gradually building in his eyes as he mind stayed fixed on the scene he had just witnessed.

“What are you doing down there?” Peter asked suddenly as he crept up behind him.

“God, do you have to do that” Jack shot back as he rubbed away his tears, before turning around to face a concerned Peter.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah im fine. Theyre in there” he replied with a straight-face.

“Oh my god, really!” he gasped, “Well, how’d you think they got in? Can you see a back entrance?

“No, it must be through the front” he growled.

“What’s wrong Jack?” he turned to him with worry, “What did you see?” Peter asked as he noticed the colour drain from Jack’s face.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter” he continued on, his voice low and deep.

“Well, police back-ups on its way”.

“No, im not waiting; were ending this…NOW!” he spoke menacingly.

“Wait Jack! Just think for a second, we can’t just go storming in there all guns blazing, he could have a weapon or something” he spoke in fear.

“Don’t worry; it’s highly unlikely he’d have a weapon” he spoke casually, before walking around to the front of the house.

Standing at the front door, he signalled to Peter to get ready, before slamming his foot repeatedly against the hard wooden door.



The sudden loud noise caused the two individuals to separate, both panting and out of breath as their heartbeats pounded in their chest through so much fright.

Frowning, Hugh stood up, walking over to the door and hearing once again as a thump and a bang sounded aloud from up the stairs.

A trigger in his mind told him he was in trouble.

Running over to the bed he grabbed Martha’s hand, pulling her with force over towards the corner of the room. Reaching in his pocket he pulled out some hand-cuffs, quickly attaching the cuff to both of their wrists and permanently attaching themselves together.

“What the…” she spoke confused as she looked down at their conjoined wrists. She turned back to Hugh, watching in bewilderment as he frantically shuffled away some boxes.

Moving away the boxes on the floor he revealed a secret latch, kicking it hard, it opened wide, allowing for the light to now blare directly into the room.

Bending down he crawled through the space, all the while tugging at Martha’s wrist, forcing her to follow him.

Entering the outside grassy-land, she squinted; her eyes taking a while to adjust to the bright light.

“Don’t even think about trying to get away” he glared evil eyes at her as he grabbed a firm hold of her hand.

Yanking her along, he made a run for the car.

As she ran alongside him she turned to the side, her eyes almost popping out of her skull as she came to an understanding of why they were actually running away.

“JACK!” she screamed in hysterics, as she saw the police car parked up in the distance.

At the very moment she screamed however, a gun shot sounded through the air, muting her scream and thundering through the previously silent atmosphere. The sudden shock of the loud bang sent her body into over-drive, with her heart now pounding uncontrollably fast and her ears now ringing deaf.

But all the while, Hugh yanked at her arm, forcing her down the path and over towards the car.

“Keep your mouth shut”, Hugh growled as he wrapped his free hand firmly against her mouth; while continuing to pull her along.

“Jaaaacccckkk” she mumbled through Hugh’s hand.

Her feet dragged on the floor as she tried to pull away from him, but he was far too strong.

“Urgh” he yelped as he tried to pull along her purposely lifeless body, before grabbing a hold of her waist and throwing her over his shoulder.

“NO! PUT ME DOWN!” she shouted in protest, kicking and screaming as she tried to free herself from his tight grasp.

Reaching the car he opened the door, throwing both her, and himself inside.

Falling onto the car seat she shuffled onto her backside, before quickly reaching over to the door handle.

He automatically locked the car doors as he saw her leaning over. Before jamming the key into the ignition and firing the car up…

“JACK!” she screamed as she saw Jack and Peter running back out through the front door. Kicking the passenger door she tried to force it open, before banging on the window frantically, but it was too late, Hugh had already slammed on the acceleration and the car sped around the corner.


(Jack and Peter’s point of view)

“One, two, three…” Jack said before kicking the door hard with all of the strength he had. “Help me!” he shouted to Peter, who just stood there in a state of panic.

Running to his side they both pulled back, before the two men made a run towards the door, their shoulders smashing into the wood and forcing it open with a thud.

“Ok lets go, ill watch your back” Peter spoke anxiously before following Jack inside.

Jack’s eyes darted frantically around the hallway as he searched for the basement, before noticing a stairway that led down to a small dark room.

“Hey” he whispered to Peter, “down here”.

The two men crept down the stairway; reaching the bottom they took a look at the various locks and bolts. There was no way that would open easily.

“Stand back!” Jack ordered, before aiming towards the door and firing a single gun shot straight through the door handle.

Both coughed and spluttered as they waved their arms in the air, blowing away the dust and wood splinters that fell through the air.

“MARTHA!” Jack burst in, his gun held firmly in front of his chest and his eyes darting around to the bed where he had last saw her.

“There not here” Peter spoke astonished as his face frowned in confusion, before looking over towards the opened latch, “Jack!” he shouted out as he signalled over to the corner of the room.

His eyes shot open as he realised they had escaped, before turning around and sprinting back up the stairway and back outside.

Reaching the outdoors, he saw the black car pulling away in the distance, and Martha, screaming frantically as she bashed her hand up against the side window and called out his name.

His heart sunk as he watched them skid away, he was so close to having her back, but Hugh was just one step ahead. Pushing away his thoughts of defeat he ran back over to the car. Both men jumped inside before Jack slammed down the accelerator; within an instant, the car sped forwards at an incredible pace. Skidding down the road they followed their only target; the long black car up ahead that was desperately trying to escape…

Preview: The car chase is on :D

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Warning: Content unsuitable for younger readers: Action and slight gore.

Enjoy :D

Chapter 34:

Both cars skidded out onto the dirt-track as they sped through the bush-land at 100 kilometres an hour.

Martha’s heart pounded in her chest as she watched the trees flash passed at unbelievably fast pace.

“Slow down Hugh!” she called out in a state of panic.

“NO! If I slow down, they’ll catch me, and you’ll get taken away from me” he rambled in hysterics; his eyes permanently glued onto the road up ahead.

“Hugh! Please! You’re going to kill us both!”

“Better to be dead than apart”.

Martha’s eyes shot open through fear at his threatening words. Swallowing hard she turned her body to the side; glancing back at the police car that followed them from a distance. She longed to be back in summer bay, lying in the arms of the man she loved, but instead, she was here, living through her worst nightmare as she stared death straight in the face.

“Hugh! Plea…AHH” she winced, as her cuffed wrist continued to get tugged by his movements, as he roughly spun the wheel around with force.

Leaning further over to him she took the strain away from her wrist, before her body jolted backwards and bounced against the seat as they rode over several pot-wholes.

“Hugh, im begging you, please stop!” she pleaded, her eyes filling with tears.

“No! It’s too late now!”

“Hugh, it’s never too late!” she shouted back.

He shook his head in response, choosing not to listen and pressing harder on the acceleration.


“God, he’s going to kill her!” Jack shouted through hysteria as he followed the car up ahead.

“Maybe we should pull back Jack! This is too dangerous!” Peter called out, “maybe if we pull back, he’ll start to slow down.”

“Yeah, and if he doesn’t, we’ll lose Martha for good. Im not taking that chance”.

Stamping his foot down harder on the acceleration they neared the speeding car.

“Jack, this is too dangerous! Pull back!” Peter ordered the detective as the two cars came increasingly close in proximity.

“JACK!” He shouted once more.

Slamming his foot down on the brake pedal the police car skidded along the dirty road, the tyres spinning out of control as they desperately tried to grip onto the track.

Dust and mud consumed the car as they finally came to a halt. All they could do now was watch, and wait and see.


Her eyes nearly popped out of her skull as she watched the road up ahead continue to narrow. This was it, if they didn’t stop and pull over now; they would surly crash.

Doing the only thing she could think of, she quickly grabbed her seatbelt, fastening herself in and putting her head in her hands. Awaiting the inevitable crash.

Seeing the dead-end up ahead he slammed on the brakes. The car screeched, desperately trying to stop in time; before danger struck.

Slipping and sliding over the dusty track, the car skidded out of control, before slamming hard against a foot-bridge, flipping over once, twice and three times before landing hard and fast with a thud on its four punctured wheels.

The front of the car was all smashed in and the smoke leaked from out of the bonnet. The car creaked forward reaching its final stop as it rolled down the slope towards a tree stump.

The two individuals lay still and lifeless side by side, with their bodies smashed up and the blood and dirt smeared all over their skin and clothing.

Hugh’s face was shattered into smithereens, caused by the dramatic impact. The blood trickled from his wounded head, swimming down his gashed face and into his open mouth.

Martha laid with her head pushed backwards, the seatbelt still holding her securely in place and possibly saving her life.

But neither body moved. No sound was made other than the distant squeak coming from the punctured tyres as they lost their air.

Their breaths were faint, almost as if the life was slowly being sucked out of them, leaving nothing but empty shells.

The atmosphere dropped cold and still, the trees and leaves no longer moving in the wind and the birds no longer chirping, as all of the light drifted away and left only darkness…

Could this be the end for Hugh and Martha?

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Note: if anyone’s a nurse or doctor on here, I don’t know much about high blood pressure, so if I said it wrong, sorry :P

Warning: Slight gore

Enjoy :D

Chapter 35:

“MMMAAARRRTTTHHHAAA!” Jack screamed as he dashed over towards the smashed in car.

Everything turned into slow motion as he approached the wreck. It was like he was running on air, his body felt so light and his feet felt like sponge as they bounced along the dirty track. His heart however pounded like a drum in his chest, with every beat; slow, long and almost deafening.

He heard a muffled voice call from behind him, “Ill call an ambulance,” spoke the distant voice.

Skidding around to the side of the vehicle he peered inside, he gasped at the sight before him; his essence and feelings suddenly rushing back and hitting him hard as he looked down at the state of the accident.

Within the car lay two lifeless bodies. His breath caught in his throat as he looked down in horror at the face of the woman he loves; her lip and forehead harshly gashed and the blood trickling down her cheek as she lay their motionless.

Shaking away his thoughts he quickly got into action. Reaching through the broken passenger window, he shuffled his hand down the inside of the door, searching for the lock. Failing to find it, he rushed around to Hugh’s side, pulling the car keys from out of the ignition, before running back around and unlocking Martha’s side door.

Sliding down the slope, Peter rushed to Jacks side, “the ambulance is on its way” he panted, before placing his hand to his mouth in utter shock and terror as he looked over at Martha’s bloody face.

“Oh God!” cried Peter, “You think she’s dead”

“I don’t know. You check on Hugh, he looks pretty bad” Jack replied.

Leaning over, Jack gently placed two fingers on the side of Martha’s neck, searching for the pulse point. “Come on, come on, come on” he muttered under his breath as he prayed for her life.

Feeling a slight beat he sighed in relief, that was all he needed, just a small sign, no matter how vague or weak it was, just to ensure that she was alive.

Pulling away slightly, he was caught unawares when her eyelids unexpectedly flickered open. Stepping backwards in surprise, he looked down at her through wide eyes.

His face began to smile as she showed clear signs of waking. “Martha” he called out softly as he reached over and undid her seat belt.

“Jack” she spoke in a weak voice. Her eyes continuing to drop heavy as her head felt like a brick on her shoulders; she felt so drained.

“Its ok baby im here” he smiled down to her, “Try not to move ok” he spoke softly as a tear crept silently down his cheek.

She moved her body slightly as her eyes opened wider, coming further around she noticed a sudden loss of feeling in her one leg. Turning her head slowly to her side she caught a sight of something she would never wish to see…

She screamed out loud in horror as she looked across at Hugh’s destroyed and disfigured face, before shuffling away in hysterics, as panic took over and she desperately tried to get away from him.

“Hey its ok, its ok” Jack called out, trying to calm her down. But it was no use, she continued to shriek a painful scream as her eyes stayed fixed on his bloody and distorted face.

“It’s ok Martha! Look at me! Focus on me!” he spoke in a hurried voice, urgently trying to prevent her from seeing the state of the accident.

The tears swam down her cheeks as she quickly turned back to Jack, throwing her arms out at him, her eyes begged for him to pick her up. Although hesitant, he leaned forward, grabbing a hold of her tiny waist, “ok, you ready?” he asked before pulling her out.

She nodded as she stuck her face in the crook of his neck, before feeling as he swooped her up.

“Ooow” she screamed out suddenly, her body juddering from her constant sobs, “my foot” she cried.

“Peter! Help me!” Jack called out as he hovered beside the car, holding onto Martha’s top half as her foot stayed trapped beneath the inside of the vehicle, where the car had caved in through the impact of the crash.

Running around to the side, Peter took a hold of her leg, fidgeting around inside and trying to remove the caved in metal that surrounded her foot.

Eventually pulling her free; both men sighed through relief. As Jack held onto her so dearly.

“You’re going to be ok Martha. I promise” he said as he clung onto her.

Feeling her arms entwine firmly around his neck, he stroked her back comfortingly. “It’s ok, it’s going to be ok” he whispered reassuringly, before feeling as her body suddenly turned limp and lifeless within his hold.

Exhaustion, fear and pain consumed her body, causing her to lose all consciousness; her head dropped down onto his shoulder and her hands no longer gripped tightly onto his shirt, as she lay helplessly and motionlessly in his arms.

“Martha” he called out as he felt her turn to jelly.

“Come on Martha, don’t do this to me. Stay with me!” he pleaded as he carefully dropped to his knees. “Peter! Help me!”

Peter ran to his side, whipping off his jacket and folding it up into a pillow. Laying her down, they rested her floppy head against the jacket, before moving her to the side and positioning her in the recovery position.

“Watch her foot” a concerned Jack called out to Peter as he looked over at her cut and bleeding foot.

“Ill get some cloth from the car” Peter said before dashing over towards the car.

Running back, he carefully placed the folded cloth beneath her foot, elevating the ankle a little and helping the blood to clot.

“How’s Hugh doing?” Jack asked as he tore his vision away from his sleeping beauty and looked up to Peter.

Peter just shrugged his shoulders in response; not knowing the full extent of Hugh’s injuries but safely presuming they were bad.

Both men awaited the arrival of the ambulance, whilst praying to god that both Martha and Hugh would make it…


“Ok we’ve got a girl, early twenties, involved in a car crash; she has a severe gash to the head and foot, she keeps slipping in and out of consciousness. Blood pressure 160 over 70” said the paramedic as they rushed Martha into the emergency room.

“We’ve got a male here, early twenties, also involved in the car crash, severe wounds to his head and abdominal areas, blood pressure 170 over 80” the other paramedic called out as Hugh was rushed into hospital.

“Ok, let’s get her on to the table, we’ll have the male in room two, someone page Doctor Price please” Rachel called out as she went around to Martha’s side, “Ok, and on three, one, two and three,” she said as they lifted her over onto the table.

The doctors and nurses got to work as a helpless and distressed Jack stood in the background watching.

“Im sorry sir, you’re going to have to leave”, said the nurse as she led him out.

“Please … Make her better” he whispered as the tears filled up in his eyes.

“We’ll do everything we can” she replied with a sympathetic smile.

Nodding slowly he walked over to the seats, before pulling out his mobile phone and dialling a number…


(An hour later)

“Jack!” Jamie called out as she rushed up the corridor, “are you ok?” she asked as she flung her arms around his back lovingly.

“Yeah, im fine” he mumbled back in her hair.

“How is she?” she asked as she pulled away.

“I don’t know” his eyes filled with tears, “they won’t tell me anything”.

Her head dropped through fear and sadness as she thought about the precious life of her friend. “And” she paused, “what about him?” she asked; lowering her tone of voice.

“I don’t know, I think he might have come off worse to be honest, he certainly didn’t look too good when we found him. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt so…” he shrugged his shoulders slightly.

Walking back to his seat he huffed before slumping back down.

“How are you really Jack?” she asked in concern as she sat down beside him.

“I don’t know. I just feel so numb” he took a breath before continuing, “like this is a nightmare, and I just keep hoping that ill wake up and she’ll be ok” he paused as the tears spilled from his eyes, “but I no its not, its real life, and there’s nothing I can do to save her” his face stayed straight as he stared out into ‘space’.

“Jack, she’ll be ok.”

“You didn’t see her though. Every time I close my eyes, all I see is her beautiful face, covered in blood, and cuts and bruises. She looked so helpless” his voice turned into a whisper “I don’t know what id if I lost her” he cried, “I can’t lose her Jamie, I just can’t”.

“Come here” she said before leaning over and pulling him back into a comforting hug.


(2 hours later)

“Jack” Rachel Armstrong called out as she exited Martha’s room.

“Is she ok?”

“Well, it was touch and go for a while. She had a heavy bang to the head, and we were slightly concerned that she had fractured something. But thankfully she hasnt. She also has a sprained ankle. We’ll have to take a few more tests when she’s awake before we can determine any long-term damage, but there doesn’t appear to be any other major injuries. She was very lucky. She’s resting at the moment, but I think it’s safe to say, she’s going to be fine.”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you so much” He cried through relief as he lunged forward and hugged her closely.

She laughed as she felt Jacks strong arms wrap around her tightly, “you’re very welcome”.

Pulling away he wiped away his tears; his grin now from ear to ear, “Can we see her?” he asked impatiently. If he were a cartoon character, he would have been bouncing around all over the place around about now.

“Yeah of course, but no more than two at a time. She’s sleeping, so be as quiet and as gentle as you can” she smiled before turning and walking away.

Both Jack and Jamie turned to the door, taking in a deep breath before walking inside…

“Oh my god” he spoke in a whisper as he reached her bed, “look at her. She looks so small and helpless … so fragile …” he sighed, “how could I let this happen to her” he spoke sadly as he took her hand in his.

“Come on Jack, you had no idea this would happen, none of us knew that Hugh was on the loose”

He nodded slowly as he took a seat. All the while carefully holding her soft and delicate hand within his own.

He stayed in that one position from that moment on; as the sun went down and the moon shone brightly, he watched as his angel of the night, slept ever so peacefully…

Preview: Will both Hugh and Martha make it through the night?

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*glares evil eyes at Emma's impatience*


Bit of a boring chapter, with lots of dialogue. lol (dont no if I like it <_<)

Enjoy :D

Chapter 36:

Stirring, she rolled over slightly.

Her eyes flickered open and she was presented with a bright white light…

The white light blared into her eyes, it was blindingly intense. This must be heaven she thought … I didn’t make it … it’s all over …

“Martha” a distant and mumbled voice called out to her, as a shadow covered the bright light and a blurry face hovered above her.

Squinting her eyes she strained harder, making out a young woman’s appearance, “Jamie” she whispered with a weak smile.

“Hey honey” she grinned down, holding onto Martha’s hand gently, “you finally decided to join us”.

“Im not dead” she spoke softly as relief rushed through her body, causing a single tear to spill from her one eye.

“No” she laughed gently, “your not dead hun, you’re very much alive”.

She smiled through her tears, before jolting suddenly as she felt a lightening of pain strike through her head. “Oh god” she spoke softly.

“Its ok Martha, you’re alright, just try and relax. You’ve had a heavy bang to the head. Im going to call the doctor over ok, ill be right back.”

10 seconds later and Jamie re-entered with Doctor Armstrong in toe. “Hey Martha, how are you feeling?” Rachel asked.

“My head hurts … it feels big” she groaned, “does it look big to you?” she asked as she looked at Jamie.

“No, its normal head size” she smiled.

“You’ll probably have a nasty headache for a while; you hit your head pretty bad. As for your ankle, you’re lucky it was just a sprain, and that should be back to normal within the next week or so.” smiled Rachel before picking up Martha’s records and making a few notes. “Are you relatively comfortable Martha, apart from the headache?”

“Erm, yeah I think so” she replied with slight uncertainty; still feeling a little dazed.

“Your visions ok? Your memory?”

“Erm, yeah, I think so” she repeated quietly.

“Good” she smiled, “So, can you remember what happened?”

She frowned as she thought back to the earlier goings on, “There was a car crash” she said as she looked directly up to the ceiling.

She nodded, choosing to leave the questions for now, she was certain that re-living the accident in her mind was the last thing that Martha wanted to do right now. “Well it looks like there’s no long-term damage, so I think rest is all that is required now”. She smiled, “Ill be back to check on you later ok”.

“Ok, thanks Rachel.” She smiled back weakly, “hey, is it ok if I sit up?” she called out as Rachel headed towards the door.

“Yeah of course, but if that head gets too painful, I want you to let me no ok”

“Ok, I will”.

Placing her hands either side of her, she used all of her strength to force her body upwards, pushing her body up, she shuffled on top of the sheets, getting her self comfy.

“So, how are you feeling?” Jamie asked as she sat on the edge of Martha’s bed.

“I don’t know” she shook her head, “tired, but …” she drifted away, her eyes staring out into ‘space’.

“But what?” she persisted.

“But, I don’t want to go to sleep, I don’t want to close my eyes again, because every time I do, all I can see is him” she spoke sadly.


Hugh” her lip quivered, “I can see his face imprinted in my mind, all cut and bloody and disfigured. It’s like a never ending nightmare” she tried to swallow away her tears.

Turning to Jamie she frowned, a silent tear creeping down the side of her face.

“Where’s Jack?” she raised her eyebrows as she looked across at Jamie so helplessly.

“He’s gone out for a while, he’s been by your bedside all night, he just needed a break.”

She nodded, biting the corner of her mouth and desperately trying not to cry, before she could no longer hold her emotions back any longer, “I want him” she cried, “I want to see him” the tears rolled down her cheeks as her forehead frowned, and her lips formed a sad and distressed pout, “Please Jamie, call him for me”.

“Ok, of course, ill do it now” she smiled before reaching over and wiping away Martha’s tears with her thumb, “Ill be right back”.

Martha sat their patiently waiting for Jack’s arrival, her hands clasped tightly together through anxiousness. She felt her insides twist and turn, as her nerves and sickness continued to build. She couldn’t stand being alone at a time like this, the silence was deafening, and all she could think about was Hugh, as the images of the day’s occurrences flashed through her mind, preventing her from escaping the nightmare.

“Hey, Jacks on his way” Jamie smiled as she re-entered...


(20 minutes later)

The door opened slowly and a timid Jack walked inside. Standing at the entrance he looked over to Martha who was sat up in her hospital bed. Flashing her a small sympathetic smile, he stood silently with his hands tucked neatly into his pockets.

“Well, ill leave you guys to it” said Jamie as she stood up, “ill be back later ok” she smiled as she kissed Martha on the cheek.

Walking passed Jack; she placed an encouraging hand on his arm, before exiting the room completely.

Martha let out a nervous smile, as she looked over at the innocent and gentle looking man that stood silently in the doorway.

Although hesitant, she held out her arm to him, reaching out for his hand in the hope that he would take it.

She smiled softly in anticipation, her eyes showing clear optimism that he would just walk straight towards her, but her face slowly fell as the seconds passed by and he failed to show any response. He just stood their, not moving an inch or showing any emotion.

She looked so lost, he thought as he studied her bruised and saddened face, her hand reaching out for him to hold her, just like the previous day when she had silently begged for him to pick her up; saving her from that nightmare. He hated seeing her like this, he would do anything just to take away all of her pain.

The room stayed deadly silent, the only sound that could be heard came from behind the hospital walls; from the continuous hustle and bustle of the working doctors and nurses. Until eventually, he showed some positive signs. Walking forward very slowly, he reached out for her, taking her hand in his.

He gently entwined her delicate fingers with his own, before approaching her further and perching himself on the side of her bed. Looking down, he studied their tightly joined hands. Their fingers fit together so perfectly, like tiny jigsaw puzzles.

“Im glad you came back” her soft and sweet voice dragged him away from his thoughts.

Looking up he gave her a soft smile, “Yeah. Well I just needed some air.”

She nodded in understanding. “Jamie told me you’d been here all night” she smiled, “thanks for looking out for me” she raised her eyebrows a little.

He let out a soft breath, “It’s the least I could do”.

“What do you mean?” she asked as her forehead creased into a frown.

He just stayed silent, shaking his head a little.

Jack” she spoke softly, squeezing his hand a little and urging him to continue.

“I feel like … like you got hurt because of me” he dropped his head a little.

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know, maybe, if we hadn’t fought in the morning, you wouldn’t have been taken”

“Jack, you can’t say that, Hugh was incredibly well prepared and thought-out, if it hadn’t have been then, it would have been some other time. Either way, it was bound to happen”.

“Ok then, but if I hadn’t have put so much pressure on Hugh to pull over, the car probably wouldn’t have crashed, and you wouldn’t have got hurt”.

“Don’t talk like that Jack, please” she pleaded sadly. “Look, I can’t put it any plainer than this; you saved me Jack, you saved my life” she beamed, “if it wasn’t for you, I would probably be off on the other side of Australia right now, living a hell of a life with Hugh”.

He nodded slowly, but despite her words, he still felt partially responsible, he would have forever hated himself if she had gotten seriously hurt, or worse, killed in the process.

He couldn’t bare the thought, no matter what she had done in the past, and no matter how much hurt she had caused him; she was still precious to him. She always had been, and always will be.

“So, how are you feeling?” he asked as he turned back to her, glancing down at the hospital gown that was tightly wrapped around her body.

“Im fine” she nodded and grinned a little too enthusiastically, “well, mostly.” Her face fell slowly, “you no, apart from the dream’s” she paused before continuing, “I keep getting these flashes of the accident when I close my eyes. They just don’t seem to want to go away” she released a small but sad smile.

“Well, in time, it’ll all pass, I no it’s hard right now, and I can’t imagine what your having to deal with, but … if you ever want to talk, im here for you”.

“I no, thank you, that mean’s a lot” she smiled, “I just have to get rid of theses cuts and bruises now, and then ill be relatively back to normal” she laughed a little.

“Yeah, im sure they’ll be gone in no time. But even with them, you still look beautiful” he told her sweetly. He didn’t no where this was all coming from, but he suddenly found himself letting his guard down.

Swallowing hard, he reached over to her face, lightly running his fingertips down her bruises and watching as she closed her eyes at his gentle touch.

She let out a peaceful sigh as she let his fingertips work their magic on her face. Her back leant further against the propped up pillow as her body sunk in contentment at their peaceful moment.

“What about Hugh?” she asked as she opened her eyes suddenly, “No ones said anything about him”.

He paused, swallowing hard and dragging his hand away from her face. He didn’t no why he felt so bad about him, he’d kidnapped the woman he loves for two whole days and in the process, nearly sent her a one way ticket to her death bed! But still, he wouldn’t wish this curse on anyone. “He’s in a coma” he spoke sadly.

Oh” was the only response she could seem to make.

He shuffled as he pushed himself further onto the bed, before placing a comforting hand on her leg. “If he ever wakes up, he’ll be sent to maximum security.”

She nodded through understanding, before turning back to Jack, “He’s not a bad person Jack, well, he is, but … I think, in his weird and demented way, he really loved me. It kind of sounded like jail had really messed him up though; he was really obsessive over me. He even had this deluded idea that I was in love with him, but every time I tried to tell him how I felt, he just blocked it out. It’s kind of sad really, in the end, he was just really lonely” she lowered her head in sadness, looking down at his hand that kept stationary on her leg.

His other joint hand gently squeezed her own, as his thumb tenderly stroked her skin, “You’re amazing, do you no that” he smiled sweetly, “The guy kidnaps you, and nearly risks your life, and you still go on caring.”

She blushed slightly as he gazed over at her so lovingly; finally looking into his eyes, she failed to see sadness, or anger, or disappointment, but saw something that she had longed to witness for so long. There was so much love and care there, and at long last, all of that was for her...

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For Jade, cause shes awesome :P (sorry its so cruddy Jade :lol: )

Boring chapter coming your way <_<

Enjoy :D

Chapter 37:


“Hey Rach” Jack called out as he leant on the surface of the reception desk, “I wanted to talk to you about Martha”

“Sure, is everything ok?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. It’s just; she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to stay here any longer. She really wants to go home”.

“I can understand that,” she nodded, “I guess she would be more comfortable in a familiar environment, so if she would prefer, I can discharge her tonight” she suggested.

“Yeah, that would be great,” he beamed.

“Ok, ill get the forms, and then you can take her home.”

“Great,” exclaimed Jack, who walked back through into Martha’s hospital cubical.

“What did she say?” asked Martha as she watched Jack re-enter.

“She said you can go home” he smiled.



“Ok, now are you sure you’ve got everything?” Jack asked as he propped up the pillows on her bed.

“Yes, its all good” she laughed at his fussiness.

“Well, I just want to make sure you’re comfortable” he smiled.

“I no, thank you”, she smiled back, reaching over and gently touching him on the arm.

For a split second, their eyes locked in an intense gaze. But the moment quickly disappeared when her grandfather appeared at the doorway.

“She’ll be fine mate; we’ll make sure of it”

“Yeah, I no” he smiled as he drew his focus away from Alf and back onto Martha.

Following many disagreements and debates, the final decision was made to have Martha move back to the family house for a week or two, just until she settled back into normal life. To be completely honest, the entire prospect of going home to an empty apartment terrified her, so at least moving back to the Stewart household, would be mean she wouldn’t be alone.

“Right love, im going to make a hot chocolate, would you like one?”

“Yeah, that’d be great, thank you,” she smiled across at her grandfather.


“Oh, no, thank you for the offer, but I should really get going” he politely declined.

“Ok, no worries” he smiled before walking back out and down the stairway…

Well … I guess I better get going then” he spoke with hesitance. The truth was, he didn’t really want to leave her.

“Yeah, I guess so” she spoke sadly as her head dropped downwards.

“Ill see you tomorrow maybe.”

She nodded in response as she looked up to him from where she was sat on the bed.

“Good night then” he let out a small smile, before tentatively leaning down and kissing her softly on the cheek.

She felt a tingle run down her spine as his lips touched her skin. They hadn’t been that close since their night together, and despite it only lasting merely seconds, it still felt wonderful.

Walking away, he headed towards the door, turning back one more time he flashed her a small smile, before reluctantly turning away and leaving her room for good…



Martha tossed and turned on her bed, with every movement causing the sheets to tangle around her body, she felt as if she was being suffocated.

She huffed in annoyance as she roughly pushed them away from her, before spreading her arms and legs out on the bed, and feeling the cool air run over her body.

It had been nearly 30 minutes since she had gone to bed. She had aimed to get an early night, but every time she closed her eyes, all she could see was Hugh. Flashes of that day permanently ran through her mind, smothering her with fear and sadness. She couldn’t escape it, even though she knew it was all over now, and Hugh was in a coma, the memories still haunted her, never allowing for her to break free from the nightmare.

Pushing herself upwards, she sat in a seated position on the bed; her legs now neatly crossed, and her arm bent, resting on her knee and allowing for her hand to cup her chin.

She sat their in that very position for minutes on end, her eyes continuing to drop heavy, but forcing them open as she knew it was inevitable that she would dream that horror of a day, over and over again.

Leaning over, she flicked on the lamp, before picking up her pillow and hugging it closely to her body. Not three days ago, had she done the same thing, but this felt quite different. Having Jacks pillow with Jacks sweet scent sprinkled all over it, was comforting, but all she felt when she hugged her own pillow, was coldness, fear and extreme loneliness.

Hearing a faint knock at the door she placed the pillow to the side, “Come in” she called out softly.

“Hia love” Alf spoke as he popped his head around the doorway.

“Hey” she let out a weak smile.

“I heard some ruffling and saw the light on; is everything ok?”

“Yeah, I just can’t sleep”.

“Oh, im sorry love” he sighed, “well can I get you anything?”

She laughed a little; nothing her grandfather could give her would soothe her tension, chicken soup was definatly not the answer to this problem. The only thing she wanted right now was a certain special person. She knew that Jack would be able to sooth her anxieties and allow for her to sleep, but she was here, and he was an entire two streets away. Plus, it was late now; and she couldn’t exactly just waltz down the street and invite herself around for the night … could she!?


A drained and exhausted Jack stomped back through into the living room. Slumping down onto the chair, he grabbed the remote control; flicking on the television.

Placing his feet up on the coffee table, he rested backwards, settling down for a night alone, in front of the TV.

What a mad couple of day’s’, he thought as he closed his eyes gently.

A knock at the door however, interrupted his brief and relaxing moment.

Rolling his eyes, he pushed himself upwards. Muting the television sound, he approached the front door.

Swinging it open, his eyes shot open. He looked on in bewilderment at the innocent and timid girl that stood in the doorway, before a small and cheeky smile spread across his face, “couldn’t stay away huh” he smirked mischievously.

She blushed at his comment, “can I come in?” she raised her eyebrows slightly, secretly praying that he would let her stay.

He nodded back at her, silently thrilled that she had turned up so unexpectedly, it had only been an hour and a half, and already he had missed her like crazy. “Of course” he held out his arm, signalling for her to enter.

She smiled sweetly before gently brushing passed Jack and walking into the living room. Finally she began to feel at ease. How one man could have this much power, she would never no!

Sitting down on the couch she leant backwards, taking in that unique and sweet Jack Holden smell, she smiled through joy and contentment as Jack sat down beside her, thrilled that once again, she was in the company of the man she loved...

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Enjoy :)

Chapter 38:

So” he laughed, “you hobbled all the way over here at 10 o’clock at night, just because you couldn’t stand to be apart from me? How sweet” he smirked as he raised his eyebrows.

“No, course not” she laughed softly, “granddad dropped me off” she grinned back.

“Ah, right” he nodded as he laughed.

Her face slowly dropped however as she looked down at her hands, “I couldn’t sleep” she continued after a slight pause. “I didn’t want to stay at home, alone, because it all just keeps coming back to me,” she swallowed hard as she began to open up, “I keep having these horrible images. They just won’t leave me alone … There haunting me Jack, I feel as if I cant escape them,” she turned to him, “I can feel them taking over me, slowly but surely, and im just dying to be rid of them and move on, but a part of me feels that I cant even do that anymore, like im not even physically able to get passed this. I just feel so weak, and there too strong, and all I can do is just sit back and wait until they strike again” she spoke softly, her eyes filling with tears.

“Hey, come on now” he said as he took her hands in his, “first of all, you are the strongest person I no. And second of all, you will get passed this, it’s just because it’s all still so fresh in your mind, and I no that it feels like you cant escape them now, but with time, you’ll forget all about it. It’ll only be another distant memory, a horrible memory, of course, but a memory that you’ll brush aside and move on from. I am certain of that. Don’t give up Martha; you’ve been through far too much to give up now. You more than anyone can deal with this, you’ve just got to fight it.”

“But im so tired of fighting Jack, I just want to sleep, but I can’t,” she cried through exhaustion as she leaned into him; sobbing into the material on his shoulder.

“Its ok … it’s going to be ok” he comforted her.

She stayed in this position for a good 5 minutes, with Jack gently rubbing her back up and down soothingly, before she gradually pulled away from him.

Pulling away, she looked across at him through watery eyes.

Lifting his hand up to her face, he lightly dabbed her cheeks; wiping away the sparkling tears that trickled down her cheeks, leaving her face shimmering in the light.

“It’ll be ok, I promise” he hushed softly.

She nodded as she looked into his caring eyes, before watching as his face neared her own, and feeling his lips gently touch her cheek. Her heart fluttered at his sweetness, her cheeks blushing a rosy red colour as he pulled away and gazed into her eyes…

Looking into her entrancing brown eyes, he thought back over the previous week.

He didn’t no why he was acting like this all of a sudden, he should be yelling at her and pushing her away after everything she’s done. But the dramatic events of the previous couple of days had defiantly changed him. When he looked at Martha now, he no longer saw a girl that had previously caused him so much pain and heartbreak, he saw a beautiful and amazing woman that he longed to protect and take care of, someone that he wished to spend the rest of his life with.

Life was too short, and the previous day had proved just that. From now on, he wasn’t going to waste a minute of it without her.

So, you want a drink?” he asked as the seconds passed by.

“Erm, yeah, that’d be nice, thanks” she smiled, reaching up and wiping her moist cheeks with her fingertips.

“Hmm, im not sure what ive got actually, I can probably manage a water” he smirked as he stood up and made his way into the kitchen.

“That’s ok, waters fine” she laughed.

Rummaging around in the cupboard he searched for two glasses. Pulling them out, he filled them almost to the brim with the cool filtered water.

Walking back out, he handed her the water, before re-taking his earlier position.

“You no Jack, I wanted to thank you for being so great through all of this. You’ve really looked after me, and you didn’t have to, but you still did” she smiled shyly.

He nodded, “well, you’ve had it rough”.

She lowered her head; looking down at the water as it lay still in her glass.

“Not meaning I felt sorry for you.” he shot back quickly, he didn’t want that to come out wrong, “I just … I just wanted to be there for you” he smiled.

“I no what you meant, and thank you; you have no idea what it means to me, after everything that’s happened, your still looking out for me, that honestly means the world to me Jack” she smiled as she turned to him.

“Well, your welcome” he smiled back.

She let out a soft and timid laugh as she looked across at him, before looking back down at her glass as shyness consumed her.

“So, apart from the flashbacks, you’re having no other problems? Your heads ok? Your ankle?”

“Yeah, not too bad thanks. I mean, my head still hurts if I stand up too quickly” she laughed softly, “but apart from that, it seems fine, my ankle just needs rest, and as long as I don’t overdo it, it should heel in no time”.

“Great” he smiled.

Seconds continued to pass by and the two individuals sat side by side in a nervous silence.

So” he hesitated, “how did it happen then?”

She turned to him with a frown, tilting her head to the side in slight confusion, “How did what happen?”

Well, how did he kidnap you?” he looked at her inquisitively, “I mean, you don’t have to tell me” he quickly added, “I can understand if you’d rather not talk about it. But I…”

“No, its fine” she interupted with a smile, “I guess sometimes its better to talk about it, get it off your chest and all that.”

He nodded in response, waiting for her to begin…

“Well, I was sitting on the couch, just ... doing stuff” she frowned trying to brush past the part where she had been reminiscing about the olden days with the photo album, “And I heard a ruffling coming from the back door. I went to have a look and opened the door and Hugh was standing there. He’d already grabbed me and put the chloroform over my mouth before I even had time to react or think about what was happening. The next second, I was lying on a bed in a locked basement”.

Wow” was all that Jack could reply. “And, then what happened?” he tried to approach the subject with caution. He had a very good reason for asking so many questions. Ever since they had returned from the accident, he hadn’t been able to get one image from his mind. At that one moment in time, when he had witnessed Martha kissing Hugh, his whole world had yet again been turned upside down, and from then on, he was determined to find out if it meant something.

“What do you mean?" she frowned, "What happened after I woke up?”


“Well, I tried to talk to him, I tried to escape but the door was bolted shut. I cut my hand from banging on the door too much” she said as she lifted her hand up and showed him the line of red cuts, “and then he bandaged me up, which I thought was very kind of him” she rolled her eyes, “and then he brought me dinner.” She turned to him, “he wasn’t your average psycho kidnapper that’s for sure, I guess that was because he already knew me though. I dont think he wanted to hurt me, he kept going on about how we’d spend the rest of our lives together, so he seemed pretty deluded in that sense”.

Jack nodded in response, inside, relieved that Hugh hadn’t psychically tried to harm her. But something was missing, and it seemed Martha was doing her best to side-step the following mornings events.

And, nothing else” he looked at her with unease.

“Erm, no, not really” she continued, “Jack, is there something wrong? It’s like your trying to tell me something. If there's something on your mind, then please, just say it”.

He sighed, lowering his head before opening his mouth to speak up, “I … I saw you … together” he spoke in a slow and hushed tone of voice.

“What do you mean…” she started, before pausing as the penny finally dropped, “oh” she sighed.

Looking over at Jack, she saw the fear and concern on his face. She could only imagine the extent of his hurt when he had seen them together.

“Im so sorry Jack, I wish you hadn’t have seen that. The truth is…” she started. As Jack gulped, fearing the worst. “I just really wanted the orange juice” she looked at him, shaking her head a little.

“Huh?” he scrunched up his face, thinking he’d heard wrong, that certainly wasn’t the response he was expecting.

“The orange juice,” she repeated, “when I woke up, he brought me some juice, and he said I couldn’t have it until I kissed him. I was just so dehydrated and dying for a drink, I just settled for it. I would have done anything for some liquid”.

Oh” he spoke softly, almost feeling guilty that he had to question her about it, “sorry, I didn’t think, I was just, shocked to see it, I guess”.

“That’s ok, I completely understand. But please, no this, it didn’t mean anything, I wish I hadnt have kissed him, but I was so thirsty and hungry, I was just desperate for something”.

“I understand” he said, as he turned to her and smiled. Finally feeling more relaxed and relieved as his mind was put at ease.

“Thanks for telling me. I no it cant be easy having to re-live that in your mind."

"Thats ok" she smiled.

"So, do you want to watch some tele or something?” he raised his eyebrows, changing the conversation onto a more lighter topic.

“Yeah, sure, I don’t mind” she smiled. Leaning forward she placed her empty glass down onto the table, before relaxing backwards into the couch.

“Hmm, what to watch” he muttered as he flicked through the late night channels.

The two sat their in slience for the following several seconds. Everything still felt so awkward between them, and even though they had pretty much cleared the air, there was still a slight confusion with the whereabouts of their relationship.

Ooo, you want to watch final destination? It’s just started!” He beamed, he loved this movie.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s too scary at night” she pouted.

“Oh come on, stop being such a wuss” he smirked.

Her jaw opened wide, gasping through an astonished laugh at his final comment. The nerve, she thought as she geared herself up to retaliate. But she was just two seconds, too late, and he got in their first.

“Don’t worry, ill protect you” he smiled, opening his arm out and allowing for her to sit beside him.

Looking back at his open and welcoming arm, she was just unable to resist. If she had any sense she would push him away and fight for her corner, no one called her a wuss and got away with it! But this time she would choose not to tease and mess around, she would leave that for later, all she wanted right now, was to snuggle up close to the man she loved.

Shuffling along the couch, she leaned her body into him; resting her head on his shoulder and wrapping her arm around his waist. She nestled her head further into the crook of his neck, smelling his sweet scent, before feeling as his other arm wrapped lovingly around her tiny waist, moulding the two together like large jigsaw puzzles, and allowing for the two individuals to finally become one…

Preview: The night continues…

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Preview: the night continues...

Well that could only mean one thing... :P

Let's not jump to conclusions now :P

Here's the penultimate chapter. Now, I dont want to get all emotional on you guys but, hell of a ride huh :P

Thanks for the comments :)

Note: sorry if theres any mistakes, there shouldnt be, but its late and im tierd lol

Enjoy :D

Chapter 39:

“Excellent! Excellent movie! I never get tired of seeing that” he grinned as he watched the credits roll down. “Wasn’t so scary after all, was it?” he said as he looked down.

But the vision he was brought to wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. Their, snuggled up beside him, was a beautifully sleeping Martha, with her eyes closed shut and her lips formed in a sweet and peaceful smile. She looked like an angel from heaven, with the light gleaming from off the television screen, and reflecting and glowing on her face

He sighed through content as he watched her smile slowly turn into a small pout; she had never looked so adorably sweet in her whole entire life.

Shuffling and edging away from her slowly, as not to wake her, he gently placed her head onto the couch, before standing up before her.

He smiled down at her as she slept like a baby, before crouching down and gently placing his hands beneath her bent legs and back. Scooping her up he cradled her in his arms, feeling as she snuggled into his hold. Looking down at her he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, before quietly walking off to his bedroom.


Gently placing her down, he rested her head on his pillow, before leaning over and pulling off her sandals. She moaned softly in her sleep as she rolled over, lying on her front.

Standing up he whipped off his shirt and trousers, placing them to the side, before climbing into bed beside her.

Laying down he pulled the covers over both of their bodies, before rolling onto his side and gazing over at her peaceful face.

He smiled as he felt a surge of warm love run happily through his veins; it had seemed like forever since he had felt this content and at peace with life.

Lying here, with the woman he loved, was all that Jack could have ever wished for, just to experience that feeling of harmony and sheer bliss, satisfied him from head to toe.

Unable to resist, he moved closer to her, placing a kiss on her cheek, before returning to his previous spot and continuing with his intense and peaceful gaze.

She again released another gentle moan, as her body moved against the sheets. This time however, her eyes opened slowly, looking across at the man that now lay beside her.

“Oh, im sorry” he hushed, “I didn’t mean to wake you” he apologised.

She let out a long and soft breath, before speaking, “its ok” she smiled.

He smiled across at her sweetly, before reaching over and stroking her cheek with his thumb, “go back to sleep” he whispered as he caressed her face ever so gently.

Her eyes flickered shut, as his fingers worked their magic on her face. Shuffling over she snuggled into his bare chest, his cool skin refreshing her warm and muggy face.

Opening her eyes once again, she frowned, feeling as the material suffocated her body. Pulling at her tight top, she pushed it upwards, manoeuvring it over her head, before throwing it onto the floor and settling back down. Now lying in just her bra and shorts, she snuggled back into him, leaning over and placing a soft kiss between his pecks, before resting her head back down and closing her eyes. She felt as he wrapped his one arm around her waist, holding her close to him securely, before closing her eyes as everything went dark, and she drifted off to sleep…



The sun began to rise and the room slowly brightened, as the two loved-up individuals slept peacefully, side by side.

Beep … Beep … BEEP … BEEP …

A silent beeping grew louder and louder as they both came around; their eyelids flickering open at the unexpected sound that now rang through their ears.

Jack groaned as he rolled over onto his front, grabbing at his one pillow and covering his ears, desperately trying to block out the irritating sound.

Martha too rolled over, her face forming a frown as her eyes stayed closed. Pushing herself up slightly, she sighed, before opening her eyes and glancing over towards the wall clock.

Peering over towards Jack through tired eyes, she mumbled quietly, “what is that?” she whined, as her inactive brain tried to work out where the sound was coming from.

He groaned before pulling his head out from beneath the pillow and turning to her, “the alarm on my phone, sorry” he grumbled as he reached over and pressed the off switch on his mobile phone; resulting in peace and quiet.

Why was it set so early?” she asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

“I usually get up at 6.30 to go for a run before work”

“You run?” she frowned.

“Yeah, usually. Ive got today off though, I just forgot to re-set it” he groaned, before slumping back down onto the pillow.

“Oh” she sighed, before resting back down…

Minutes passed by and both began to awaken further. Their eyes were now opened fully wide, as both stared up to the ceiling in silence.

“How’d you sleep?” Jack spoke up after several quiet minutes.

“Good … better” she smiled, “finally I got a decent night sleep”.

“Good, im glad” he replied.

Rolling over she looked across at him, “thanks … for letting me stay. I probably wouldn’t have slept so well if id been alone” she said as she looked down at the sheets.

“No worries, im glad you got a good night sleep” he smiled as he rolled over to meet her eyes.

Both smiled across at each other as they held their gaze, before Jack reached over and stroked her healing face. Her bruises had now risen to the max, with her cheeks and forehead now dotted with faded purpley/blue patches.

Urgh, I bet I look like a right mess” she groaned as she felt Jacks fingertips gently glide across her skin.

“No you don’t, you still look beautiful” he smiled.

She blushed at his comment as her eyes briefly closed shut, enjoying the tender and soft touch on her skin.

Opening her eyes she smiled across at him, she craved so badly to kiss him on the lips, but how would she no if it was too soon for him. Their relationship was still a big question mark, and it didn’t exactly help that she felt too shy and worried to actually talk to him about it.

Jack watched as her eyes scanned downwards to his lips, before focussing her vision on the sheets beneath her. “What are you thinking?” he asked softly.

“Nothing” she replied simply, but her face clearly showed that something was wrong.

“No, its something” he narrowed his eyes, looking across at her inquisitively.

“I don’t know, I just … im just a little confused” she pouted.

“What do you mean?”

She shrugged slightly, “I don’t understand what all of this means”

He stayed silent, allowing for her to continue.

“Not three days ago, we were arguing and everything was all up in the air, and now … look at us. Not that im complaining of course” she smiled, “I certainly prefer this to arguing, but I,” she sighed, “I just want to know, what’s going on with us.”

“Well,” he said as he shuffled across to her, “how can I put this simply” he frowned as he contemplated his next move, before smiling and leaning down to her. Placing a kiss on her shoulder, he trailed his lips down her neck, kissing each and every available piece of skin.

He heard her giggle as he playfully nuzzled her neck, before moving upwards and kissing her softly on the cheek. Pulling away slightly, he grinned, his eyes now firery with desire, before finally capturing her lips in an intense and passionate kiss.

Pressing up against her warm and petite body, he placed his hands either side of her, all the while keeping her lips firmly joined with his. They moaned beneath their untied lips as there bodies felt a hunger for more. Their passion and desire continuing to build up as they both got lost in the intensity of the moment.

Pulling away, they both gasped for oxygen, their diaphragms lifting and falling at a fast pace as they frantically panted for air.

“Was that clear enough” he grinned down to her; his warm and erratic breath’s gently breezing over her face.

“Yep, very clear” she nodded excitedly, before pulling him back down for yet another passionate kiss…

Next chapter: It’s all over guys … *cries*

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OH MY GOD PEOPLE! This cant be it! It cant be over! Can it :unsure:

It is unfortunatly *cries*

Im suprisingly sad aswell lol

And I couldnt put my last chapter up without including ......

Warning: Content unsuitable for younger readers. :P

Also, its late here and im never at my best when its late, lol. So sorry if there are any mistakes, there shouldnt be though.


Chapter 40:

So, what do you fancy doing today?” Martha asked as she rested her head down on his bare chest.

He yawned, placing his hand to his mouth, before speaking, “I don’t know, cant we just stay here all day” he smirked.

Mmm, sounds good to me” she spoke dreamily.

Running her fingertip down his chest, she drew circles around his nipple; his skin was so soft, with not a single hair insight. Martha preferred men with no chest hair, even the thought of a hairy man chest made her stomach turn.

Aaahhh, this is the life isn’t it, sleeping in late with the person you love, and not having a care in the world” she drifted off.

“Yep, can’t really complain”.

“Nope” she grinned as she pushed herself upwards; shuffling on top of him and sitting in a straddle position.

“How’s your ankle?” he asked as he looked up to her.

“It feels better, it’s not as blue as it was yesterday” she laughed, “so it must be heeling”.

“Good. You’ll be back to normal in know time then” he smiled.


Seconds passed by and Martha continued to sit on top of Jack; she felt comfortable here, he was certainly a lot more comfy than any chair she could sit on.

Urgh” she groaned from out of the silence; flinging her head backwards.


“My back hurts” she pouted.

“Aw, poor baby” he mimicked her pout. “Ooo, I know” he grinned, before tapping at her leg and indicating for her to slide off him.

Sliding back down onto the bed she frowned, “what was that for?” she pouted as she watched him sit upright.

“Come here” he said as he signalled for her to lie down on the bed, “lie on your front; I am going to give you the best massage you have ever had”

“Ooo that sounds nice” she perked up, “you know, ive never actually had a massage before” she grinned.

“Oh, well then this will defiantly be the best massage you’ve ever had then” he smirked.

She giggled at his comment before laying down on her front.

Ah” she sighed as she settled herself comfortably on the sheets; “come on then, you little genius, massage me up real good” she giggled.

“Now, I don’t want to brag about this, but, you won’t find a better and more efficient massage master than me” he spoke smugly, “im as good as it gets babe, so enjoy it while you’ve got it” he kept on.

“Alright alright, get to work then” she demanded with a smirk.

“You no, that attitude isnt going to make these hands work any faster” he shook his head in a teasing fashion, before stretching his fingers out and wiggling them around. “Now, to get the full effect, it is encouraged that you remove your bra before the action takes place” he grinned to himself, “correction, I will remove your bra” he said, looking quite pleased with himself.

“Oh, how kind of you sir” she spoke with a posh accent; trying not to giggle.

“It’s all part of the service,” he smirked, “and I do like to be thorough” he nodded excitedly.

With his fingertips, he carefully unclasped the bra latch, before pulling at the straps and releasing it over her head.

Martha sighed as she felt the lacy material slip away from her body. Before relaxing herself further and sinking her head into the fluffy pillow.

“Right, let’s get started then” he smiled.

Resting his fingertips on her shoulders he lightly pressed downwards; rubbing the pads of his thumbs and fingertips into her muscles.

In a circular motion, he worked his way around, massaging her shoulders and back and applying slight pressure to help loosen and relax her muscles.

Mmmm” she released a pleasured moan, “that’s nice” she spoke dreamily, her eyes closing shut as she enjoyed the tender moment.

“Oooohhh” she breathed, “how’d you get so good at this” she smirked.

“Oh please, it’s a natural talent. I guess some people just get all the luck” he spoke smugly as he continued to work his magic on her.

“Well, you certainly got a lot of it”

“Oh, you don’t need to tell me babe, I already no” he smirked.

She laughed at his arrogance; he really could be so adorably cute sometimes…

20 minutes later and Jack was finishing up, his hands now rested on the small of her back as he pushed upwards against her skin, moving all the way up towards her neck, before gently trailing his fingers back down her spine.

“Ok, I think were all done here”.

Mmm” was all she could manage, she had never felt so relaxed and at ease in all of her life. “Do you mind if I just drift off to sleep now” she giggled softly.

He smiled down at her tanned and lifeless body. Reaching over, he grabbed a hold of her hands, before pulling downwards along her arms, and eventually reaching the sides of her body.

She moaned through pleasure as his hands ran passed the sides of her breasts, before feeling as his wet lips placed kisses on the small of her back.

She felt her insides hot up, her body was on fire, and her skin now tingling all over with anticipation; she was just dying to touch him all over. How could one man have such a powerful effect on her!?

“Oh … Jack” she spoke in a breathless whisper. Her body was beginning to lose control at his constant tender touch.

Her words and moans were such a turn on for him; he could feel his own body slowly beginning to react to the intensity of the moment.

He proceeded on; kissing her and touching her in every way possible, whilst taking in every movement and every slight sound that was unconsciously released from her dry pink lips.

Unable to hold back for any longer, she pushed herself around, lying on her back and looking up at him helplessly. Her cheeks were now fully flushed and her body was hot and sweaty, as she looked up at him through tired and dreamy eyes.

He smiled down at her as he scanned her body with his hungry eyes; her chest rising and falling, with every movement increasing as the seconds went on.

Leaning down, he met her eyes with his own; their lips were now only centimetres apart.

Their warm breaths joined together, filling the atmosphere with so much heat and desire; before the breaths were no more, and the two let their lips join in an intense and passion-fuelled kiss.

Their tongues danced together in a rhythmic motion, as their bodies moulded as one; their skin rubbing up and down alongside each other, with every touch and sensation sending them both into overdrive with pleasure.

Reaching down, she impatiently tugged at his boxer shorts, urgently trying to relieve the material from his lower half.

Feeling her pull at his shorts however, he slowly stopped his movements…

“What’s wrong?” she asked concerned as she noticed his sudden stop in movement. She looked up at him through wide eyes, as she tried to calm down her erratic breathing.

“Nothing, I just …” he said as rolled off her body and onto the sheet.

“Jack, what is it?” she kept on, turning on her side and looking across at him. “is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, of course not. Your perfect,” he smiled, reaching over and stroking her front gently with the back of his index finger.

She shivered as his finger ran up and down her front. Her eyelids flickered shut as she tried to compose herself and not get carried away; but having him touch her in such a pleasurable way, certainly wasn’t helping her self-control.

“Talk to me” she spoke up after a brief silence.

Again a silence filed the air; however she later received a reply that she was far from expecting…

“I love you” he hushed across to her.

Her face lit up as tears formed in her eyes; it had been the first time that he had spoken those words to her since they had been together, over 6 years ago.

“I love you too” she smiled, as a single tear crept down her one cheek.

“I know that this last week, hasn’t exactly been brilliant. But I realise something now. And I know that it may have taken me a while. But I guess that’s understandable, given the situation” he drifted off.

She frowned slightly, not knowing whether to nod and agree as she failed to understand what he was talking about.

“Ive realised, that after so long, all that ive ever truly wanted … is to spend the rest of my life with you” he smiled, “I want to grow old with you, and I want kids with you, and I want to worry about the pensions” he laughed, “I just want a happy life Martha … with you” he finished, his lips now formed into a sad smile.

The tears now ran freely down her cheeks, as she took in the wonderful words she had so longed to hear. “I feel exactly the same” she gushed.

Shuffling over she pulled him close, their bare fronts now touching as they kissed each other so tenderly.

Pulling away, he looked into her watery eyes, “you no, when you were sleeping that night in the hospital, I kept thinking about the future, and about what I want in the future, and all I kept coming back to, was you” he smiled as he spoke to her softly.

She smiled back, wiping away her tears, “you have no idea how good it sounds to hear you say that Jack”.

He laughed softly, reaching over and gently stroking her moist cheeks.

He swallowed hard, suddenly feeling an attack of the nerves as he contemplated his next move, but he pushed his anxiety aside and proceeded onwards. “I didn’t no when I was going to do this, but … now seems like the perfect time. I mean, I could set the whole house up with roses and lilies, but would that really mean as much as it would right now” he continued.

“Jack, what are you talking about?” she asked; confused.

He grinned back at her before leaning away. Reaching over he pulled at his desk of drawers. Rummaging around inside, he eventually located his item of interest.

Pulling out the box he placed it on the bed in the space between them.

“What’s that?” she looked in surprise as her eyes opened wide.

“Well, what do you think it is?” he teased.

“Jack, tell me” she insisted, as her eyes darted from his grinning face to the item on the bed.

“Guess” he continued to tease.

“Jack no fair,” she pushed gently at his chest, “don’t mess with me, what is it?” she moaned, before giggling.

He smirked back at her, before picking up the small velvety black box with his hand.

Her heart was racing in her chest as her eyes stayed fixed on the item before her.

Before opening it, he stopped, turning to her and smiling, “I just want to say to you that, I know that this probably isn’t the best and most romantic way to do this, but … I don’t think this has ever felt so right before. The truth is …” he sighed happily, “I don’t think ive ever loved you as much as I love you now” he told her with sincerity.

She felt her heart pound in her chest that little bit more, her skin was tingling all over, she felt as if she was either about to explode, or burst into tears; she had never felt so happy.

So” he continued as he flicked the box open carefully.

As the box opened wide, out shone the most beautiful and sparkling diamond ring she had ever laid eyes on.

Wow” she gushed.

The ring glistened in the morning light, shimmering and enlightening both of their eyes with an ultimate desire.

“Martha … will you marry me?” he smiled as he lifted the box up before her.

She placed her hand to her heart as she looked across at him, before she could no longer hold back, and she lunged directly at him, “yes” she cried, “of course I will”.

The tears spilled from her eyes as she clung onto him for dear life; both were now giggling through their emotions as the sheer joy and happiness of the moment took hold.

Pulling away, he placed a soft kiss on her smiling lips, before taking a hold of the small diamond ring, and gently sliding it onto her finger.

“Fits perfectly” she beamed across at him.

“Yep, it sure does” he smiled, reaching over and wiping away another tear that trickled down her cheek.

“It’s so beautiful” she said softly as she looked down at the shimmering diamond.

“Yeah, but not as beautiful as you” he smiled sweetly.

Her heartstrings were tugged yet again, as he spoke such beautiful words to her. Gazing across at him she smiled through sheer bliss, before pushing herself over and falling onto his chest. Their lips and tongues massaged each other as they moved together so passionately.

Right now, nothing could have been more perfect. For so long they had both feared for the long and lonely road ahead. Both with so much worry and angst that they would end up alone and unloved.

But now, things were quite different, they could finally look forward to their happy ever after, together, as one.

Lying backwards, Jack rested his head on the pillow, he had never felt this feeling before, if he could climb to the highest mountain and scream his happy little heart out, he would do.

“Do you know what would be even more perfect right now” she grinned back at him.

Hmm, and what might that be?” he raised his eyebrows.

Her face beamed up at him with a glowing smile, the twinkle in her eyes shimmering like diamonds in the moonlight...

“Let’s make a baby” she giggled…


Note: Thanks everyone, you people have been super duper as always :) I would really appreciate it if you could all please comment, id love to know what you think.

Hopefully the next one should be up soon … ish :P


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