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Sky stuck Terrance, that clairvoyant dude, on the head with a salt shaker, but he wasnt dead. And then Charlotte found Terrance at that cafe place and he was unconscious, but then he started to come around, and told Charlotte that they have to end this charade otherwise he is going to tell everyone that she is not a real doctor. So she killed him by continuously stiking him on the head with the salt shaker, but she took the salt shaker with her, so only the one with Sky's finger prints was left in the cafe place. So when Terrance was found, Sky's fingerprints was found, and now she is in jail :)

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Couldn't they have thought of a better exit for Sky - A SALT SHAKER, No wonder Neighbours is loosing the plot. By the sounds of it it went down hill from when Stinger died and Dylan left - Us Uk'ers still have that delight for a few more weeks.

And the fact Bree and Janelle are leaving - Doesn't even bare thinking about!!!

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