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Sunday Herald Sun


SOME people lose their mind at the Logies. Others lose their way. But Home and Away star Sharni Vinson managed to lose her frock.

Vinson and three girlfriends took a cab to Melbourne Airport on Monday afternoon to head back to Sydney after the Logies. The girls hailed the cab at Southgate's Langham Hotel.

It was only after they had arrived at the airport and the cab had driven off that Vinson realised -- to her horror -- that her dark blue, made-to-measure Amy Taylor gown was still in the back seat of the taxi.

So far Vinson, who plays Cassie Turner on the hit soap, has been unable to track down the taxi driver or the cab company that has unintentionally acquired the frock.

"My heart just sank when I saw the car drive away," Vinson said.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, this cannot be happening. Of all things to leave behind, I leave my dress'."

"The dress was worked on for a good month before the Logies. Its sentimental value is huge."

Vinson is hoping readers of the Sunday Herald Sun can help find her Logies frock.

"The dress is in a black dress bag and there is a note attached to the dress itself with my name and Channel 7's contact details," she said.

"I love that dress and I really want to get it back. It is a one-off, a one of a kind."

If you find Vinson's dress, please call Seven on (03) 9697 7777

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Poor Sharni, but i had to laugh when i read that. oh wellz, hope she gets it back soon :) Like theyre saying on HAAC, it'll most probs turn up on ebay :lol: The dresses and jewellry are the things to have to guard with your life.

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