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The Bet

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The next morning Ric was in the Diner paying for breakfast, Matilda walked in and saw Ric.

Matilda: So out of jail then?

Ric smiled, Matilda was talking to him out of choice and making a joke.

Ric: Yeah, They just told me not to do it again.

Matilda nodded and then walked past him.

Ric: Matilda. Listen, Wou--

Matilda: What?

Ric: Would you ever forgive me? Give me another chance?

Matilda: I don't want to talk about it Ric.

Ric: But--

Matilda: What you did last night was sort of sweet, But anyone can sit outside someone's house.

Ric: Well, Then I will find away to show you that I love you.

Matilda: I don't want to get hurt again.

Ric: I won't hurt you.

Matilda: You already have.

Ric: I will never hurt you again.

Matilda looked at him but was still too hurt to trust him. She walked out of the Diner with Ric rushing behind her, Begging her to forgive him, Matilda turned around..

Matilda: Just leave me alone. I need space.

Matilda walked away and left Ric there who shouted..

Ric: [shouting] Matilda! Matilda!

Ric started to over dramatise.

Ric: [shouting] Matildaaaaaaaaa!

Matilda turned around to see Ric had fallen to his knees, He continued to scream for Matilda.

Ric: [shouting] Matildaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Matilda looked around to see a crowd of people watching Ric scream for Matilda, Matilda tried to hide her face. Ric started to fake cry and continued to shout for Matilda.

Ric: [shouting] Matildaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Matilda gave him and the crowd one last look before she turned and walked away, Ric fell to his side sobbing and moaning for Matilda.

Ric: [sobbing] Matilda.. Matilda..

Moments had passed and Ric slowly raised his head to see that Matilda was gone and a crowd of people staring at him. He quickly got up, Looked at the people, Smiled and walked away.

Colleen: Honestly.

Lucas was walking through the park picking up flowers on the way. Ahead he sees Belle walking with Irene. He runs up to them..

Lucas: Hey.

Belle: What do you want?

Lucas: I wanted to give you these.

Lucas held out a bunch of flowers with dirt on them.

Belle: Gee! Thanks Lucas.

Lucas: They are a bit dirty.

Irene: A bit?

Lucas looked at Irene.

Lucas: I'm sorry about the drainpipe.

Irene: I bet you are.

Irene left them to it and walked away.

Lucas: Listen Belle. Thanks for standing up for me last night.

Belle: What?! No I didn't.

Lucas: Yeah you did. When jack said he had to arrest me, You stood up for me.

Belle walked past him.

Belle: That doesn't mean anything.

Lucas: Doesn't it? It seems to me you still care.

Belle stopped.

Belle: I can't just switch off my feelings Lucas, I may still care but I also still hurt.

Lucas looked down and saw a rose bush, He picked one up and then handed it to Belle.

Belle: No thanks.

Lucas: Belle I'm really sorry.

Belle walked away. Lucas ran after her.

Lucas: Please Belle, Just tell me. Is there a chance?

Belle stopped and looked at him.

Belle: Maybe.

Belle turned and walked away from Lucas who stood there smiling.

Gardener: Hey!

Lucas turned around to see a angry Gardener.

Gardener: Have you been picking all these flowers?

Lucas: Er.. No.

Gardener: Then why have you got one in your hand.

Lucas slowly moved his hand behind his back and then dropped the rose.

Lucas: What hand?

Lucas opened it hands out infront of the gardener. The gardener wasn't buying it. Lucas gulped and then ran away.

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Lucas was at home watching television when there was a knock on the door, He got up and saw Ric the other side,He let him in.

Lucas: Hey.

Ric: Hey. Things better with Belle?

Lucas: I asked her if there was a chance and she said maybe.

Ric: That's great, I think I am getting the same thing with Matilda,I just think we need something big and special to show them that we love and care for them and that we would never hurt them again.

Lucas: But what? We have tried doing all that before.

Ric: But this has to be something really special, One last thing.

While Ric and Lucas were thinking about what to do Belle and Matilda met up at the Diner.

Matilda: They are trying to hard and I really want to smile and laugh when Ric tries to impress me, But i am still hurt.

Belle: Me too. Lucas is so sweet and I just want to be with him, But I can't get over how hurt I am.

Matilda: They are trying though and they obviously do love us.

Belle: We are only hurting ourselves by pushing them away all the time, Maybe we should give them another chance.

Darcy who was sitting behind them heard everything they said and turned around.

Darcy: You two are fools, You deserve everything you get.

Belle: Excuse me?

Darcy: Go back to them if you want. I will look forward to the fall out of it all.

Matilda: This has nothing to do with you, At all.

Darcy: I know, I just like the drama.

Matilda and Belle got up and walked over to her.

Matilda: You're such a cow, You couldn't even let Ric tell me himself, You had to make it worse and that really hurt.

Darcy: Boo Hoo! Cry me a river.

Matilda turned to walk away and then turned back and slapped Darcy hard across the face. Darcy held her hand up to her face and everyone turned around to watch. Darcy had a big red mark across her face. Darcy was too shocked to speak and wouldn't look either of them in the eye.

Matilda: Are you crying now?

Darcy looked up at Matilda but never spoke, Matilda and Belle smirked. Belle picked up Darcy's milkshake and poured it over her head.

Belle: Oh.. I'm sorry..

Darcy looked around at everyone staring at her and she ran out of the diner. Belle and Matilda smiled and laughed and then walked out.

Belle: I think we should give the guys another chance.

Matilda: Yeah, Me too.

The boys saw Belle and Matilda standing outside the Diner, They walked up to a small wall and climb on to it and to the loud cheering, whistling and hysterical laughter of everyone around there and to the smiles of Matilda and Belle the boys pulled down their board shorts and threw their arms in the air shouting..



Thee End :D


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