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The Bet

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Type of story: Long Fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Main: Ric, Lucas, Matilda and Belle. But includes most cast.

Genre: Teen Romance/Angst

Warnings: (SC), Possible (L)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Ric and Lucas have always been full of themselves. Matilda and Belle have just arrived in the bay.The boys make a bet,But will the girls make them suffer?

Lucas: Did you hear about the two new girls to the bay?

Ric: Matilda Hunter and Belle Taylor.

Lucas: So, You do know them.

Ric: I watched her move in. She lives next door to you.

Ric walked over to the window in Lucas's bedroom and looked out, Hoping to see Matilda.

Lucas: Yeah I know, But I like the other one.

Ric: That's good because I like Matilda. Don't want to repeat what happened to us with Darcy.

Lucas laughed.

Lucas: [sarcastically] Yeah, That was fun.

He rolled his eyes.

Ric: She still has that picture of us.

Lucas and Ric had both fallen for a girl called Darcy, They both spoke about her but never by name. It took them awhile to realize they had fallen for the same girl. They decided that the first one to get her into bed would stay with her and the other would back away. Unfortunately Darcy's friends found out about this and had warned her. This led to Darcy getting her own back and Lucas and Ric ending up in the same bed naked.

Lucas: I thought she got rid of it.

Ric: If you had a picture like that, Would you get rid of it.

Lucas: Two naked guys? Er.. Yeah!

Ric: I meant naked woman, You idiot.

Ric turned around and threw a pillow at Lucas. Lucas grabbed it and threw it back.

Lucas: I knew what you meant. I was just testing you.

Ric went back to the window and looked out again. Matilda walked out the door and down the drive to get the mail.

Ric: There's Matilda.

Lucas got up and walked to the window, The boys both looked out at Matilda who was looking through the mail, She looked up and the boys ducked down.

Lucas: Do you think she saw us?

Ric: I don't think so.

The boys slowly raised up so only the top of the head was over the window ledge. They watched Matilda as she walked back into the house. The boys sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall.

Lucas: You couldn't get her. She looks like she actually has taste.

Ric: Excuse me? I am Romeo. I could get her like that.

Ric tried to click his fingers but couldn't, He tired again and managed to click them. Lucas just stared at him.

Ric: You think you could do better with Belle.

Lucas: I'm a sensitive guy. Girls like sensitive guys.

Ric: I bet you that I can woo Matilda before you can woo Belle.

Lucas: No chance.

Ric: So we have a bet then?

Lucas: What do I get if I win?

Ric: That wont matter because you wont win.

Lucas: Ha ha.

Ric: If you win I will go to school naked. But if I win then you have to go to school naked.

Lucas: You're on, Romeo.

Lucas put out his hand and Ric smacked it and they shook hands.

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Just a quick note before the chapter,So no-one gets confused..This chapter involves Lucas and Belle being at one place and Ric and Matilda at another,The couples arent in the same place..Just Ric and Lucas are saying the same things,I thought it give it a good edge to put it all in one go.

Hope everyone gets that :D

The boys went off to find their girls. Ric had seen that Matilda left the house with a towel. So he walked to the beach. Lucas had no idea where to look, So just wondered around the bay. He saw Belle sitting by the wharf. Ric saw Matilda settling down on the beach, They both walked and sat down next to them..

Ric: Hey, I'm--

Lucas: --Lucas.

Matilda: Hi.

Belle: Hey.

Matilda looked at Ric but Belle kept looking straight out to sea.

Ric: You're new to--

Lucas: --the bay, Aren't you?

Matilda: Yeah. Just got here a few days ago.

Belle: Yup.

Ric: How are you--

Lucas: --liking it so far?

Matilda: It's nice, I like the beaches.

Belle: It sucks. There's nothing to do.

Ric: Are you going to--

Lucas: --Summer Bay High?

Matilda: Yeah, On Monday.

Belle: Yeah.

Ric: Cool, I think we are--

Lucas: --in the same year.

Matilda and Belle nodded.

Lucas: You have pretty eyes.

Ric: You're hot!

Matilda and Belle looked at them.

Ric: Would you like to--

Lucas: --get lunch?

Matilda: No.

Belle: No.

Ric: Come on, You don't--

Lucas: --even know me.

Ric: I bet you will like me --

Lucas: --when you get to know me.

Matilda: I know all about you.

Belle: I know all about you.

Belle stood up and walked away. Matilda got up and walked into the sea.

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Lucas: So, You failed then?

Ric: I didn't fail! It was the first meeting.

Lucas was laying on his bed reading a book, Ric was laying on the floor with his feet on the bed throwing a basketball up in the air and catching it.

Lucas: You asked her out for a simple lunch and she turned you down. Not exactly a good start.

Ric: But a start it was. It hasn't finished yet. And what about you? You didn't exactly win Belle over.

Lucas put his book down and leaned over.

Lucas: Yeah, But i know she is interested and that's a good start.

Ric: Still sounds like you failed to me.

Lucas: What are you planning next?

Ric: She has to get to know the real me.

Lucas: The real you that you are now making up.

Ric: That's the one.

Ric tried to catch the ball but missed, It hit him in the head and bounced onto the dresser knocking stuff over.

Lucas: You could go pro.

Ric rubbed his head.

Ric: Hilarious.

Tony had heard the noise the ball made and walked in.

Ric: Mr. Holden.

Tony: Ric. What was that noise?

Lucas: Ric was dazzling me with his basketball skills.

Tony: Not in the house Ric. We like our things to stay intact.

Lucas laughed and Ric nodded. Tony shut the door and left.

Ric: You want to know what is weird?

Lucas: What?

Ric: Matilda said she knew all about me.

Lucas: Exactly what Belle said to me.

Ric and Lucas: [Together] Darcy!

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Thanks :D

Darcy will make it even worse for them :P

Ric arrived home and saw Cassie helping Sally with dinner.

Cassie: Heard you have met the new girls already. You don't waste any time.

Ric: Have you spoken to them?

Cassie: Yeah, They seem nice.

Ric: Did you say anything to them about me, Or Lucas?

Cassie: You mean the time you and Lucas were photographed naked in bed?

Ric: You didn't?!

Cassie: No, I didn't.

Ric looked relieved.

Cassie: Darcy did.

Ric: What?!

Cassie: She came by and warned them about you and Lucas.

Ric: That sucks!

Ric walked out and upstairs to Cassie laughter. All of the next day Ric and Lucas planned what to do next and followed Matilda and Belle around the Bay as they hung out with Cassie. Every time the girls looked around the boys tried to hide or act cool.. With a lot of failures. Today was school. They could be around them without having to made excuses and to see more of what they are like. Sally and Brad walked down to the lockers with Belle and Matilda behind.

Brad: Hey Cassie.. You know Matilda and Belle don't you?

Cassie: Yeah, We met a couple of days ago.

Brad: Good, So you can show them around the school then.

Cassie: Sure, Not a problem.

Sally: If you two need anything else, Then just come and ask.

Cassie took Matilda and Belle around the school.

Cassie: So are Ric and Lucas still hounding you?

Belle: Yeah, But..

Cassie: But what?

Matilda: Their not so bad.

Belle: Lucas's is cute.

They were outside walking up to the main door. When Ric and Lucas saw them. They followed from behind. Belle stopped and turned around.

Belle: Are you two going to be following us forever?

Lucas: No.

Belle just stared.

Lucas: I, I was just wondering if I could.. carry your bag.

Ric looked at him amused as Lucas didn't really know what he was saying.

Belle: Sure.

Belle handed her heavy bag over to Lucas who could barely keep it off the ground, Ric looked shocked and jumped in.

Ric: Would you like me to carry you bag Matilda?

Matilda handed her bag over to a smiling Ric, Cassie wasn't happy.

Cassie: Anyone want to carry my bag?

Ric and Lucas didn't answer they just followed behind Matilda and Belle as they walked into class, Cassie followed.

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Matilda and Belle sat down and Ric and Lucas fought for the seats next to them. Ric leaned over and whispered to Matilda.

Ric: [Whispering] Want to go to the Diner for lunch?

Matilda: Maybe.

Lucas leaned over to Belle and whispered.

Lucas: [Whispering] Hey, Belle.

Belle: What?

Lucas: Want to come to my place for lunch?

Belle: Sure.

It was lunch time Belle and Lucas walked home. Ric and Matilda entered the Diner and sat down, Ric had pulled the chair out for Matilda, Cassie walked in.

Cassie: Hey guys.

Matilda: Hey Cassie.

Ric looked at her.

Cassie: So, I guess I wont be joining you two for lunch then.

Matilda: Of course you can.

Ric looked on shocked and annoyed as Cassie sat down next to them.

Matilda: So, What are you having for lunch?

Lucas was making himself and Belle a sandwich while Belle was in his room looking through his CDs. Lucas walked in the room and handed Belle a plate. They both sat down on the bed. Lucas noticed that Belle was looking at a CD, He put down his plate and put the CD on. He smiled to Belle as he picked back up the plate and sat down next to her.

Lucas: So, You like this kind of music?

Belle: Yeah it's good.

Lucas: You can borrow it if you want.

Belle: Thanks.

Lucas: So..

Belle: What are you doing with me?

Lucas: What do you mean? I like you.

Belle: I mean I saw the picture of you and Ric naked in bed and heard the story behind it.

Lucas looked away.

Belle: So what plans have you got now?

Lucas: Nothing, I just like you.

Belle: You don't know me.

Lucas: I like what I see so far and would like to know more.

Belle: Okay, What do you want to know?

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Thanks :D

Yeah,Darcy will be in it later on.

As Lucas asked some questions and Belle answered them, All was going well. But not for Ric who was stuck in the middle of girl talk between Matilda and Cassie. Ric started to get annoyed.

Ric: It's getting late. We should probably walk back to school.

Matilda and Cassie stood up as Ric went to pay, Matilda walked out followed by Cassie. But Ric grabbed her arm.

Cassie: What?

Ric: I want some alone time with Matilda. You know, one on one. Just us. Not you.

Cassie: [sarcastically] That's nice.

Ric: I like her and want to get to know her. Please Cas, Just let us walk back to school together.

Cassie: Fine, But you owe me.

Ric walked out and saw Matilda.

Matilda: Where's Cassie?

Ric: She has to do something, She said she would meet us at school.

Matilda: Okay.

Ric smiled, At last he and Matilda were finally alone.

Matilda: So, About the picture of you and Lucas naked.

At this point Ric wished he and Matilda were not alone.

Ric: What about it?

Matilda: What actually happened?

Ric: Darcy tricked us, She was seeing us both. Darcy and her friends tricked us.

Matilda: I heard that you and Lucas were betting to see which one could sleep with her first and then the loser would back away.

Ric: So not true.

Belle and Lucas were walking back into school when they met up with Ric and Matilda.

Lucas: Hey, Would you like to go to the beach after school?

Belle: Yeah, Sure. I'll see you there.

Ric: How about you Matilda? Fancy going to the beach?

Matilda: Okay. I'll see you later.

Matilda and Belle walked away while Lucas and Ric compared notes.

Lucas: How'd it go?

Ric: I would like to see great, But..

Lucas: It wasn't?

Ric: No, Cassie was there. I didn't even get a word in.

Lucas: That's why I took Belle home. No-one there but us.

Ric: [sarcastically] Well thanks for telling me that idea before I took Matilda to the Diner.

Lucas: And what would have been the benefit of that for me?

Ric pushed Lucas who fell into the locker.

Lucas: Ow!

Lucas rubbed his arm.

Ric: So, How did it go for you and Belle?

Lucas: Good, We just ate lunch, Listened to music and talked.

Ric looked disappointed and walked into class.

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Thanks :D

Ric arrived at Lucas's bags packed ready to go to the beach. He knocked on the door.

Tony: Hey Ric, Come in.

Ric: Thanks, Is Lucas ready?

Tony: He's just in his room changing.

Tony shouted to Lucas that Ric was here and waiting, Lucas came out with his bag over his shoulder, He walked to the fridge to get a drink and put it in his bag.

Lucas: I'm ready. See you later Dad.

Ric: See Ya, Mr Holden.

Tony: Bye boys, Don't do anything I woul--

Tony stopped speaking and looked at them, It wasn't only the girls that had seen that picture.

Tony: Don't do anything, At all! I still can't get that image out of my mind.

Jack who was sitting at the table burst out laughing as the boys walked out. The boys walked along the beach looking for Matilda and Belle, Suddenly they saw them run out of the waves, Time had slowed down for the boys who were staring at the girls running. They ran up the sand and sat down on their towels. The boys couldn't stop staring. The girls turned to see the boys watching them. They suddenly snapped out of it and walked over to them.

Lucas: Hey guys.

Belle: Hey.

Matilda: You could stand there all day.

Belle: You are blocking the sun though.

The boys quickly sat down knocking each other over, The girls laughed.

Lucas: You're looking a little hot Belle.

Belle: Just a little?

Lucas laughed and then became embarrassed.

Lucas: I, er.. meant that you are looking hot hot. Do you want me to put some sun tan lotion on you?

Ric quickly sat up.

Belle: It's okay, I can do it myself.

Matilda looked over at Ric, Knowing that he had the same idea, before he could speak..

Matilda: I can do it myself Ric.

Ric laid back down disappointed. Lucas leaned over to Belle.

Lucas: Hey Belle, You want to go for a swim?

Ric sat up.

Ric: Matilda? How about you? It'll be fun.

Matilda: Okay.

Belle: Sure.

They all got up and ran into the water, Ric pounced on Lucas and pushed him under the water. Lucas gagged as he got back up and pounced on top of Ric. The girls laughed at them.

Ric: You find that funny do you?

Matilda: Ric, No!

Ric chased after Matilda who tried to get away, He picked her up and span around with her in his arms. Lucas looked at Belle who looked back at him.

Belle: Don't even think about it.

Lucas: Come on Belle.

Lucas moved forward and Belle moved back, Lucas playfully splashed her.

Belle: Lucas, Don't!

Lucas smiled at her and grabbed her, Belle screamed.

Belle: No, Lucas! Don't!

Lucas fell back into the sea with Belle in his arms.

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Thanks :D

Here's another chapter.

Ric and Lucas continued to jump on each other while the girls laughed and covered themselves from the splashes that were being made. Just then Ric elbowed Lucas and whispered to him.

Ric: [whispering] Look. On the beach.

Lucas looked over and was shocked to see a three girls, One of them was..

Lucas: Darcy!

Ric: What are we going to do?

Lucas: Stay in the water, If we all stay in here maybe they wont see us or will just walk by.

Ric: If she talks to Matilda and Belle, They will continue to think we are up to something.

Lucas: We are up to something.

Matilda: What are you guys talking about?

Ric: Nothing--

Lucas: --at all.

Belle: You guys are really weird.

Ric leaned closer to Lucas and whispered.

Ric: [Whispering] Just keep smiling and pretend to be normal.

Darcy: [shouting] Hey Guys!

Matilda and Belle turned around to see Darcy and her friends waving at them.

Ric: Nuts!

Lucas: Nuts!

Matilda and Belle waved back, They weren't really sure about Darcy. They didn't know the full story of the boys, Darcy and that picture and they always felt that Darcy was looking to cause drama.

Darcy: [shouting] Hey, Guys! Want to get a drink?

Lucas and Ric whispered to themselves.

Lucas: [whispering] No, no, no, no, no, no--

Ric: [Whispering] –no, no, no, no ,no.

Belle: [shouting] Sure!

Lucas and Ric gasped and looked at each other.

Matilda: What? Why?

Belle: Maybe we can finally find out the truth about the picture.

Belle and Matilda swam back to the shore and walked up the beach, Ric and Lucas were still bobbing in the water in shock. Darcy looked at them.

Darcy: [shouting] Are you two coming?

Ric and Lucas looked at each other and started to swim back to shore. As Ric and Lucas dried themselves and got their things together they whispered to each other to try and get plans to get out of this.

Ric: Maybe we could..

Lucas: Or..

Ric: How about..

Lucas: We're stuffed.

Ric and Lucas picked up their stuff, They turned to see Darcy smiling at them, But they knew that she was playing some game with them.

Darcy: Are we ready?

Belle: Yup.

Matilda nodded and Ric and Lucas mumbled.

They all walked into the Diner, Darcy and her friends sat down, Ric and Lucas pulled up some chairs from another table and gave them to Matilda and Belle. They then got themselves some chairs and sat down.

Darcy: You two know Jessica and Emily don't you?

Matilda: Yeah, Of course.

Belle: Yeah, You knocked aload of books out of my hands earlier.

Jessica: Sorry about that, I didn't see you.

Belle: Of course.

Belle bit her lip and stared at Jessica.

Darcy: Are you two okay?

No-one answered.

Darcy: Ric? Lucas? Are you with us?

Ric and Lucas suddenly perked up.

Ric: What?

Darcy: Are you okay? You're not worried that I have a camera with me are you?

Jessica and Emily laughed, But Matilda and Belle didn't.

Lucas: No!

As Colleen came over to them so they could order. Ric, Lucas, Matilda and Belle knew this would be one long drink.

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Darcy: So, Why are you two with them? You know the story of what they did.

Belle: We know the story of what you did.

Darcy: Excuse Me?

Matilda: You're excused.

Darcy: You are taking their side over it? They had a race to see who could sleep with me first.

Belle: Getting revenge is one thing, But you are making non-stop drama about it. It's in the past. Get over it.

Lucas smiled, But also felt guilty about the bet. Darcy and her friends got up, Gave everyone one last look and walked out. Belle shouted after them.

Belle: [sarcastically] It's okay, We'll pay for your drinks.

Matilda and Ric laughed, Lucas smirked but couldn't stop feeling guilty. Belle was great and obviously liked Lucas and accepted the photo incident was in the past, Could he carry on with the bet.

They stood outside the Diner, It was now dark. They got talking and decided to stay there for dinner. Lucas continued to feel guilty about the bet and started to feel a lot for Belle.

Ric: I'll walk you home Matilda.

Matilda: Okay, See you guys later.

Belle: Bye.

Lucas: See ya.

Ric winked at Lucas and then turned and walked with Matilda. Lucas turned to Belle.

Lucas: So, I'll walk you home.

Belle smiled at him and they started walking.

Lucas: So, You don't seem to be.. upset about the photo.

Belle: You mean the naked one.

Lucas: Yeah. Other girls that I spoke to after that got out, Either laughed at me or called me a jerk then laughed at me.

Belle: I like to be different.

As they walked Lucas felt Belle's hand touch his many times, He wanted to hold her hand but didn't. They arrived at Irene's and stopped at the back door.

Belle: I'll see you tomorrow.

Lucas: Yeah.

Lucas nodded and looked at her. Belle waited and waited for what seemed like forever, She huffed and leaned into Lucas and kissed him. Lucas stood there shocked for a second and then smiled.

Belle: See you tomorrow.

Belle walked into the house and shut the door, Lucas continued to stand there thinking about the kiss, He hadn't moved. He smiled again and then his lips dropped and he again became guilty and sad thinking about the bet.

Ric: How about we walked to school together tomorrow?

Matilda: Sure. I'll come by your house tomorrow morning.

Ric: Great.

Ric leaned closer ready to kiss Matilda who leaned back. Ric stood back straight and looked disappointed.

Matilda: It's not that I don't want to,It's just a little too soon.

Ric: It's okay. Whenever you are ready.

Matilda smiled and hugged Ric and then went inside.

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Sally: Hey Ric, How did dinner go?

Ric: It was good, You didn't mind that I wasn't home for dinner?

Sally: No, Of course not.

Ric: I'm going up to bed.

Sally: Okay, I'll see you in the morning.

Ric walked upstairs and to his bedroom door, He head a banging noise coming from the room. He slowly opened the door and put his hand through to grab the cricket bat he kept by the door. He quickly opened the door and ran in, He swung the bat and Lucas ducked.

Lucas: [shouting] What are you doing?! You could of taken my head off!

Ric: [shouting] What am I..

Ric stopped shouting remember that Sally was downstairs.

Ric: What am I doing? What are you doing? I could of taken your head off!

Lucas: That's what I just said.

Ric: What are you doing here?

Lucas sat down on the bed while Ric put the cricket bat back against the wall and closed the door.

Lucas: I'm having second thoughts.

Ric: About what?

Lucas looked at him.

Lucas: [sarcastically] About this shirt with these trousers! What do you think?

Ric: Well maybe blue would of been.. Oh, The bet. Why?

Lucas: Belle really likes me, The way she was speaking to Darcy and she..

Ric: She?

Lucas: Kissed me.

Ric sat down on the bed secretly wishing he had the cricket bat in his hands.

Lucas: Ric?

Ric: [sarcastically] Great.

Lucas: I sense sarcasm.

Ric: I tried to kiss Matilda but she leaned back. Said it was too soon.

Lucas smiled and then reality hit again and he felt bad again.

Lucas: Look..

Just then Sally came in and saw Lucas.

Sally: Lucas, What are you doing here?

Lucas: I, I just wanted to talk to Ric.

Sally: Something that could wait until tomorrow?

Lucas stood up.

Lucas: Yeah, Sorry.

Lucas made his way to the window.

Sally: We have doors now Lucas.

Ric laughed as Lucas walked out of the bedroom and downstairs.

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