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Final Destination - Summer Bay

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Type of story: Long Fic

Rating: A (L) (VD) (SC) and alot of Humor.

Main Characters: All current UK main cast.

Genre: Horror Spoof Comedy.

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning: Violence, language, Stupidness.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: After Sally won a lottery competition she invited alot of her friends to come away on a short break with her. On the way back Ric dreams of a fatal accident where they all died..Having stopped it,people are now dying.

(Quick notes)

For those that havent seen any Final Destination movies,The basics of it is someone dreams of a accident (Plane crash,Crash on a motorway,Rollercoaster crash),They wake up and panic and stop alot of people being involved in it that should of been,Now they are being killed off by death.

This is a spoof,But it is not all based on FD,It doesnt end up that way at the end.

People on the trip/bus were(Because it would be too long to list in the story and look odd)

Sally, Brad, Cassie, Ric and Alf.

Jack and Lucas.

Colleen, Matilda, Kim and Rachel.


The group were on their way back to the bay,It was late at night and raining. Everyone was tired.

Ric was leaning against Matilda slowly closing his eyes..His hand moved down his waist.

Sally: Ric! Take your hand out of your pants!

Ric: Wah?!

Ric awoke and sat up straight and quickly pulled his hand out and looked away from everyone, But it wasn't too long before he started to fall asleep again.

Rachel: I really enjoyed the break, It was good to get away. Thank you for inviting us Sally.

Sally: Don't think anything of it Rachel, We won more than enough money for us to go on a trip with spending money and to invite you and Kim along.

Alf: The roads are getting wetter, I hope we get back to the bay before the weather gets worse.

Alf was struggling to see as they were driving on narrow roads,He came to a corner when he gots blinded by car lights coming the other way.

Alf: Strewth! Those lights are bright, I cant see the flamin' road!

As Alf tried to keep the bus on the road the light got brighter, The bus was driven off the road and down a bank, Everyone started screaming.

Ric: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The bus rolled over and over,Colleen got thrown out of the bus's broken window.

Sally: Colleeeeeeeeeen!!

Kim got his neck caught on a metal bar, As the bus turned he snapped his neck.

Rachel: No!

The bus continued to roll down the bank before it ended up on his back.

Jack: Is everyone okay?

Sally: I think Mr Stewart is dead!

Ric: Granddad! Granddad! Granddad!

Brad: We have to find away out of this bus.

Just as Brad said that..

Lucas: Look!

Lucas pointed past the dead Alf and out the window where smoke started to rise from the engine.

Lucas: Smoke!

Jack: We have to get out of this bus now!

Brad: I'm going to try and open the door on the back of the bus! Ric, Jack help me!

Ric and Jack climbed to the back of the bus to try and help Brad open the door, With no luck they try and break the windows.

Lucas: Look this one is already broken, Its the one that Colleen fell out of!

Sally helped Rachel get out of the bus and grabbed the hand of Matilda, Just then flames started to appear from the engine.

Lucas: The bus is on fire! The bus if on fire!

Jack pushes Matilda through then grabs Lucas, The flames quickly spread through the bus and the engine explodes.

Ric suddenly wakes up.

Matilda: Ric? Are you okay?

Ric: I had the weirdest dream, and you were there, and you, and you, and you.

Ric started pointing to everyone on the bus.

Ric: And you, and you.

Alf interrupted Ric who continued to point to everyone on the bus while saying 'and you'.

Alf: The roads are getting wetter, I hope we get back to the bay before the weather gets worse.

Alf was struggling to see as they were driving on narrow roads,He came to a corner when he gots blinded by car lights coming the other way.

Alf: Strewth! Those lights are bright, I cant see the flamin' road!

Ric suddenly stopped moving, His hand pointing to Lucas and in the middle of the sentence 'and you', He jumped up and ran to the front of the bus.

Alf: Ric, What are you doing?

Ric: We're going to die!

Ric grabbed the wheel with loud protests from the other people on the bus, Alf tried to regain control of the wheel off Ric, But he wouldn't let go. Ric turned the wheel to the right and Alf then put his foot on the breaks.

Alf: What do you think you are doing Ric?!

Ric: I know you are going to find it really strange and stupid and you will probably laugh, But i had this dream and you were there, and you, and you.

Ric began pointing to everyone all over again repeating the words 'and you'.

Brad: We get it Ric, We were all there. But what happened in the dream.

Ric: Well, I dreamed we were all on a bus, This bus. Granddad said..

Ric mimicked Alf's voice.

Ric: 'The roads are getting wetter, I hope we get back to the bay before the weather gets worse.'

Ric: And 'Strewth! Those lights are bright, I cant see the flamin' road!'

Alf stared at Ric.

Ric: Then Granddad lost control of the bus and the bus rolled down the bank, Colleen fell out the window and Kim got strangled by a metal bar. Then the bus caught fire and blew up. Then I woke up, But I'm assuming we all died.

Everyone stared at Ric wondering what was wrong with him, Then suddenly they hear screeching and screaming. Ahead of just where they were a car got blinded by the oncoming car lights and rolled down the bank. Everyone ran to the left side of the bus to look out the window, They saw the car roll down and someone fly out the window. Colleen gulped, The car then caught fire and blew up. Everyone stared at Ric, It was half a minute before anyone spoke.

Lucas: I think I have cake in my shorts.

Everyone moved away from Lucas.


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Some people may find this next chapter alittle familiar,Someone months ago started a FD board and asked how some characters would die and i added one and now have put it that one in my story. :D

Later than night and back in the bay, Everyone was at Sally's house discussing what had happened.

Rachel: I can't believe all those poor people died.

Matilda: I can't believe Ric is psychic.

Just then Ric entered the room and everyone stared at him.

Ric: Look guys, I don't know why i dreamt what i did, And i don't know how it came it came true. But lets just be glad that we are all alive and safe.

Everyone agreed but couldn't stop staring at Ric.

Just then Leah entered the house.

Sally: Hi Leah, What are you doing here?

Leah: I heard about what happened and I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay.

Brad: We are all fine Leah, Very lucky and fine.

Leah: That's great, I cant stop though. Dan has been held up talking to someone and I have to pick up Ryan and VJ, Then i have to go and drop them off with Madge Wilkins and go back to the Diner to clean up.

Colleen: You can't possibly do all that, I will go to the diner and clean up for you.

Leah: Are you sure Colleen? I can't ask you to do that after what you have been through tonight.

Colleen: You aren't asking, I am offering and I'm going to do it.

Colleen scuttled off out of the house and to the Diner.

Colleen entered the diner to see plates on all the tables and undrinken milkshakes.

Colleen: [Talking to herself] Those kids. Why do they even order them if they aren't going to drink them, What a waste.

Colleen then had a idea, She scuttled off to the kitchen and put on her apron. She started to gather all the glasses of milkshakes and started tipping the milkshake back into the machine.

Colleen: This is a genius of a idea, I don't know why i didn't do it before.

Colleen continued to pour the milkshakes back into the machine, She turned around to see if there were more to collect and stepped back, Her elbow hit the 'on' button of the machine and she felt a tug around her neck. She tried to turn to see what it was but couldn't, She then felt herself being pulled into the machine, Panicking she tried to get off the apron. She then screamed.

Colleen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

As her hair was pulled into the blades twisting around, She screamed again.

Colleen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Suddenly it went silent, Colleen was dead. Her head in the milkshake machine and her body pulled up to the top.

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The next morning Leah opened the door to the diner, Wondering why it was unlocked. She looked around and saw that all the dirty plates were still on the tables but oddly all the milkshake glasses weren't anywhere to be seen. Leah turned her head to see Colleen's lifeless body hanging from the milkshake machine. She screamed.

Leah: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Leah: Colleen?! Colleen?! Are you okay?!

Leah rushed to Colleen's LIFELESS body and again asked..

Leah: Colleen?! Are you okay?

Seeing Colleen's head in the milkshake machine Leah finally realized she wasn't going to get a answer, Colleen wasn't okay.

Peter: So the door was open when you got here and you entered to see Colleen like...

Peter pointed to Colleen.

Peter: That. Then what happened?

Leah: Well i asked if she was okay?

Everyone in the diner looked at Leah oddly, Wondering why someone would ask a person who's head is in a milkshake machine is okay.

Leah: When she didn't answer i knew something was wrong. Then i phoned you.

Peter: You didn't touch anything, did you?

Leah: No, Only the door and the phone.

Peter: Good. Well..

Leah: Oh and I made myself a sandwich.

Peter looked at Leah.

Peter: Well then..

Leah: And i had a milkshake.

Everyone looked around wondering where she got the milkshake from but didn't dare to ask.

Peter spoke again and rushed his sentence out before Leah could say more.

Peter: Well Colleen's body will be taken for autopsy to see how she died.

Leah looked confused.

Leah: It's obvious isn't it? She's been going on for months about how much milkshake is wasted. She must of finally done something about it. Pouring the milkshake back into the machine her apron got caught and she was dragged in and drowned by the milkshake.

Peter looked annoyed.

Peter: Yes, Well we will just let our experts figure out what happened thank you very much.

Just then Irene entered the diner, She walked into the kitchen with the police watching her. She put her apron on and started wiping down the counter. She walked out of the kitchen and started cleaning up the dirty plates, moaning to herself about them not being done last night. She put them in the sink and turned the tap on. She walked out of the kitchen and past Peter and Leah who were staring at her and up to Colleen.

Irene: Colleen? Are you just going to stand there or are you actually going to do some work today?!

Leah: Uhh, Irene?

Irene: Not now Leah. I am trying to get Colleen to do some work today.

Irene was starting to get more annoyed and flustered by Colleen not moving or answering her.

Irene: Colleen!

Peter: Irene! Colleen is dead!

Irene looked at Peter and Leah and then back to Colleen.

Irene: No, Cant be. She is just slacking again.

Leah: Irene, She is dead. I found her when i came in this morning.

Irene stepped back shocked by what she had just heard, Colleen was then pulled out of the machine and put on a stretcher and carried out. Alf then walked in.

Alf: Strewth, What's going on here?

Leah: Colleen's dead.

Alf: Stone the flamin' crows! What happened?

Alf repeated what Leah told him to Sally, Brad, Ric, Cassie and Martha. Sally started to cry and Brad comforted her.

Martha: I can't believe it.

Brad: After what happened last night you would think that would have been the end of all these deaths.

Ric looked away, Scared about what was going to happen next.

Enjoy :D

Next update will be tomorrow when i get online and will include another death.

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Alittle note before I post this.

I really dont like the first character that dies in this part,So the lack of emotion and everything else is done on purpose. Like no-one cares :P The 2nd death is kind of sad,But needs to happen for the characters around the person to do what they are going to do.

At the Gym Kim was fixing some gym equipment, Not knowing about what had happened to Colleen. He began by fixing some screws. He then got up to test the Machine. He pushed down on the seat and it supported his weight. He sat down and laid on his back and grabbed the weights and lifted them high. Suddenly the seat fell back and Kim dropped the weight onto his neck. Struggling to get the weight off of his neck he felt more force against his neck than he could lift. Kim was dead.

Jack was at the police station when he got the call from Tony, Kim was dead. Jack was shocked, wondering what was going on he went to see Ric. Jack entered the house to see Rachel being comforted by Brad and Sally.

Ric: I told you before, I don't know. I just had that dream we were all dead and then i woke up. I don't know what is going on.

Jack: Dammit Ric!

Jack slammed his fists on the table and Ric jumped back.

Jack: People are dying and you had a dream that we were all going to die, Then saved us, now 2 of us are dead. You must know what is going on.

Ric: I don't know.

Peter: You haven't had any more dreams?

Ric: No, Just that one.

Jack and Peter leave.

Rachel: I can't believe that Kim is dead.

Sally: You'll be okay Rachel, We are here for you.

Brad: I don't know what you are worrying about, You wont have to put Kim in front of your own wants or needs for him to completely betray you. You gave up your career for him and the chance to have your own baby, Then he goes and gets Kit pregnant. Now you can find someone that will give you what you want and need, Rather than someone that takes and doesn't give.

Sally looked shocked by what Brad said, But ultimately agreed with him. Rachel looked gobsmacked. And then realized..

Rachel: You.. you're right.. I am better off without him.

Rachel leaved the house to try and find someone good enough for her.

Ric phoned Matilda and Lucas to get them to come to the house to see if they can find out what is going on.

Lucas: I don't know what we can do. You don't know anything and we don't know anything. So what are we going to do?

Ric: I was remembering my dream and Colleen died first, Then Kim. If i am right then I think Granddad is next.

Alf was in the Diner putting helping out now that Colleen was no longer there, He was stacking the shelves. Irene walked in.

Irene: I just got a call from Belle, She needs me at home for something, I should only be..

Alf: Fine, Fine, Off you go.

Irene: Leah isn't here, So you will have to take care of everything. Are you sure you will be able to manage?

Alf turned around holding a tin of baked beans.

Alf: I once owned this place, I think i can manage.

Irene rushed off to see what Belle needed while Alf continued to stock the shelves. He noticed that it was quiet in the diner, So went to check on the customers. He left the kitchen and noticed that there was no-one in the diner, Thinking that was strange he looked out the door to see there was no-one outside either. He walked back into the diner and suddenly..

Alf: Hogan's Ghost!

Alf suddenly got hit over the head. He fell to the floor and saw someone standing over him. He tried to see who it was but couldn't make the figure out. The figure struck him on the head again, Dropped what he was holding and walked out. As Alf laid dying he saw the person walk out of the diner.

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No,Of course you havent. :P

Thanks Liska :D


Sally: I can't believe Colleen and Kim have died and in such strange circumstances.

Sally said to Brad and Ric as they entered the diner. They saw Alf's body on the floor and rushed over. Brad kneeled down and put his fingers on Alf's neck. He looked up to a shocked Sally and Ric and said.

Brad: He's dead.

Sally started crying and Brad stood up to comfort her, Ric couldn't believe it and bend down to him and tried to wake him.

Ric: Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad!

Sally: Ric.

Ric: Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad!

Sally: Ric!

Ric: Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad!

Sally: Ric!

Sally tried to stop Ric but he continued.

Ric: Granddad! Granddad! Granddad! Granddad!

Sally: Ric!

Eventually Sally managed to grab on to Ric and lift him up.

Ric: I can't believe it. He's really dead.

Meanwhile at the Hunter/Holden house Jack was trying to figure out what was going on.

Jack: [On the phone] So you are saying that if I buy 15 I get 1 free? That's a bargain. Put me down for 15 and don't forget the 1 that comes free.

Jack put down the phone and sat at the table, Papers in front of him to try and figure out what was going on with the deaths. Then he got a phone call.

Jack: [On the Phone] Brad, Hey. What's up? Dead! Alf? I'll be right there.

Jack put the phone down, Got up and put on his pants and left. When he got to the diner Peter was already there.

Peter: It seems he was killed by 2 blows to the head with this tin.

Peter held up the tin.

Jack: Death by beans. What a sad way to go.

Ric, Sally and Brad left the Diner. While Peter told Jack to gather up the evidence while he goes to do some other police business.

Back at the Summer Bay House Sally is being comforted by Brad on the sofa while Ric is pacing the floor wondering what is going on.

Ric: Colleen's death couldn't of been a accident, Or Kim's.

Brad: Ric, Colleen accidently got drowned in milkshake and Kim was killed because he didn't put the screw right in the machine and..

Ric: And Granddad accidently beat himself to death with a tin of baked beans?

Sally started to cry more and Brad held her. Just then..

Voice: Yoo Hoo! Only me!

Everyone quickly turned around but were upset and disappointed to see..

Peter: I'm sorry, That was bad taste. I just come to see if you were alright. Three deaths in just over a day is unbelievable.

Ric: Granddad's death wasn't a accident, You know that right?

Peter: Well I don't think he accidently beat himself to death with a tin of baked beans.

Everyone looked at Peter thinking that he has been acting a bit different and a little disrespectful in his line of work.

Ric: And what about Colleen and Kim, Those cant of been accidents?

Peter: Well there is no evidence to suggest that they weren't. Anyway I just came around to see if you were okay. I have to go back to the station.

Brad: Bye Peter.

Ric continues pacing the room, Thinking that he has to do something, Find out what is going on and how he can stop it.

Ric: I have to do something, Find out what is going on and how I can stop it.

Ric then left the house before anyone could reply.

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Just a small chapter,I will put another small chapter up in a few hours.

A death and a twist.

Ric was walking along the beach and sees Lucas playing in the sand, He pointed at Lucas and made a hand movement to suggest that he get up and follow him. Both Ric and Lucas walked past Matilda, Ric turned and used similar hand movements to suggest that Matilda comes with them. Matilda got up and followed. Ric, Lucas and Matilda then walked back to the house.

Cassie: What's going on?

Ric: We have to figure out what is going on. Who is next and what is doing this.

Matilda: How are we going to do that?

Ric: I was thinking back to my dream. Colleen died first, Then Kim, Then Granddad, I don't know who is next. After that was a explosion and we all died.

Matilda: Well who was closest to the source of explosion.

Ric thinks back to his dream, Trying to remember where everyone was. He then looks at Lucas.

Ric: Jack.

Lucas panicked and quickly said..

Lucas: What?!

Ric explained his dream again.

Ric: Sally helped Rachel out of the bus window, Jack grabbed Matilda's arm and then he grabbed you and pulled you to the door, Jack was then the closest to the source of the blast.

Lucas: I have to warn him, Jack can't die.

Lucas ran out of the house to try and find Jack.

Meanwhile back in the Hunter/Holden house Jack was still searching through all the information on the deaths, Angry that he isn't getting any where he smacks his fist on the table..The vibrations of the table being hit cause the papers and photos to mix up. Jack looks down to them.

Jack: [speaking to self] It can't be. I got it! I know who killed Alf, Colleen and Kim. And it wasn't Death.

Just then Jack heard a noise and turned around..In front of him stood a man, All in black. The man walked forward and threw something at Jack.

Jack: Wha?! Ahhh! Spider!

Jack jumped around panicking to get away from the spider. The man behind him threw some wire around his neck and pulled it tight, Jack tried to fight the man off, But it just got tighter and tighter. Jack fell to his knees and then his arms dropped. The man let go and Jack's body fell to the ground. The man moved forward and picked up the fake spider he stood up in the light to reveal himself. It was Peter Baker, he then left in the shadows.

Dun dun duuuuuuunn! :P

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Last chapter for tonight.

Lucas: Dad! Dad!

Lucas called for Tony who just got out of the car.

Tony: Hey, Hey, What's going on?

Lucas explained what was going on and was urging his father to help him find Jack. They both run into the house to find Jack lying on the floor. Lucas stood there in shock, Tony ran to his son and gathered him in his arms.

Tony: Jackie?! Jackie?! Jackie?!

Ric, Cassie, Matilda and Beth walked through the door. A shocked Beth picked up the phone to call the police.

Lucas: Dad?!

Lucas sniffled.

Lucas: I.. I can't believe..

Lucas sniffled more.

Lucas: Jack's gone.

Tony held Jack in his arms bent his head down to Jack's and kissed his forehead.

Tony: Jackie!! Jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lucas: Dad?

Lucas stepped closer to Tony and put his hand out, Tony smacked the back of his hand across Lucas's face making Lucas fall back.

Tony: Jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lucas put his hand to his face, Tears coming from his eyes. Ric looked down at him and said..

Ric: Pussy!

Meanwhile Sally decided that the thing to get her mind off what is happening in the Bay is to do some pottery. Brad left her to it. Sally got everything she needed and started to try and make something. She wrapped her hands around the clay and started to mold, She heard music play in the background. It was Lost Horizon, Her's and Flynn's song. Wondering where it was coming from she slowly turned her head around to see a bright white light. Sally stopped molding and stared at the light. Slowly a figure came out from the light. Flynn walked closer to Sally, Smiling and reaching out his arms. He hugged her from behind and guided his hands down Sally's neck to her shoulders,arms and then her hands. He helped her mold while slowly kissing her check. Moving his lips down to Sally's neck, He moved his body closer and Clay flew around the room, Sally tilted her head back and whispered the words.

Sally: I love you Flynn.

Flynn whispered back.

Flynn: Ditto.

*points up* My favorite scene :D Does anyone know the movie connection? :P

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Here's a small chapter,I realized i was meant to edit something in the story just ahead of this part and forgot to do it,So this is as much as i can post for now..I'll put the rest up later.

And for anyone that has seen FD3 ,You will recongize this part of the story :P

Ric, Matilda and Lucas were at the Diner, Talking about who might die next.

Ric: After Jack the closest person to the blast was..

Ric looked to them and gulped.

Ric: Cassie.

Cassie walked into a sunbathing parlour like she does every week and walked into one of the rooms. She undressed and opened up one of the sunbeds, She laid down and put on the goggles. She closed the lid of the sunbed and closed her eyes. A few seconds later she heard the door open.

Cassie: Hello?

She got no answer.

Cassie: Is anyone there.

She heard more noises and they were getting closer. Cassie started to get scared.

Cassie: Hello?

She heard a louder thump, Scared she tried to lift the lid of the sunbed up, It wouldnt move. Desperately she tried and tried again to lift the lid up.

Cassie: Help! Someone, Anyone, Help!

Cassie continued to fight against the lid to try and lift it up, But it wouldn't move.

Meanwhile Ric, Matilda and Lucas were worrying about Cassie.

Matilda: Where could she be?

Lucas: Did she have anything planned today.

Ric walked upstairs followed by Matilda and Lucas, They entered Cassie's bedroom. Ric lifted up the mattress of Cassie's bed and grabbed her diary.

Matilda: That's great Ric, But you dont have a key.

Ric put his hand down his t-shirt and pulled out a key on a chain and opened Cassie's diary. Matilda looked shocked while Lucas looked impressed. Ric skipped through the pages while muttering about what is on them.

Ric: Here it is. She's gone to get a tan.

Lucas: So she's gone to the beach.

Ric: No, The sunbathing parlour.

Lucas and Ric looked at each other with a fearful look as both of them watched Final Destination 3 the week before. Matilda asked..

Matilda: Why are you looking at each other with such a fearful look?

Neither dared to answer her, But instead quickly ran out of the house.

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Very nasty..I think thee worse in all 3 movies.

And here is the other part,Something i had to change to make it funnier and another part because i felt it went TOO far,So i cut some bits of it.

Ric, Lucas and Matilda got to the sunbathing parlour and ran straight through, Not knowing which room Cassie was in they tried each room. Matilda opened the first room, Heard a scream and immediately apologized and shut the door, Ric opened the next one and stood there. Eye's wide open gawping inside. Matilda turned to see Ric.

Matilda: What is it? Is it Cassie?

Matilda ran over to Lucas who had joined Ric in gawping. She looked through the door to see a woman fully naked on the sunbed. Matilda turned to look at the boys who were still eyes wide, Matilda saw Ric's hand move down and she looked to his waste and then immediately back up. The woman in the sunbed turned her head and noticed the group staring at her, She screamed, The boys awoke out of their fantasy coma and realized what was going on, Lucas tried to remain cool while Ric ran to a wall and faced it while looking up and muttering..

Ric: Old people, Betty Alsop, Madge Wilkins, Colleen.

Ric then looked down, He lifted his head relieved and walked over to Matilda and Lucas, Matilda looked at Ric furiously. Ric tried to act cool and clapped his hands.

Ric: So.. She wasn't in that room then.

Matilda just stared, While Lucas slowly nodded and smiled with satisfaction. Matilda pushed passed them and opened the next door, She peeped round and then closed the door. Ric grabbed the handle of the next door but Matilda stopped him, She opened the door and looked around.

Matilda: OMG! Cassie!

Matilda pushed open the door, She ran in followed by Ric and Lucas. They saw Cassie in the sunbed screaming for help, They removed the board that trapped the lid and Cassie climbed out of the sunbed. They looked at her shocked and disgusted by how burnt she looked. Lucas turned away and put his hand to his mouth, Ric tried to look away but couldn't.

Matilda: Cassie.. are you okay?

Lucas still turned away blurted out..

Lucas: It's just like the movie!

Just then Cassie started to..

Cassie: I'm melting! I'm melting! Ohhhhh... What a world! What a world!

As Cassie said her last words she melted. Ric continued to stare, Matilda cried and Lucas..smelled like 'cake' again.

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I think this chapter might be coming up abit early,But i couldnt wait and its only a small part :P

Sally: First Colleen, Then Kim and Alf, Jack and..

From a distant place a voice screamed..

Tony: Jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sally: And now Cassie. What is going on in the Bay, It's usually so peaceful.

Everyone looked at Sally with agreement, The bay was the most peaceful place in the world, How can such violence happen in a such safe place.

Ric: I have to find out who is doing this! I'm the one that dreamt about the bus crash I must be the one to save the day.

Ric ran out of the house. He walked down lanes, Up lanes, Across roads, Back across roads and then finally bought a map, He walked up a grassy hill, All the way to the top. He stopped and spoke..

Ric: I'm normally not a praying man, But if you're up there Superman please give me the power to see more than the eye shows.

Suddenly the tree opened in half and smoke came from the trunk covering the top of the hill. A giant figure came out of the smoke.

Ric: Are you Superman?

Figure: Do I look like Superman?

Ric: Er.. No.

Figure: You want the power to see more than the eye shows? Why?

Ric: My friends and family are dying. I saved them once by a dream I had, But since then I have seen nothing.

The figure started to explain to Ric about the powers he already has but he needs to access them. The figure goes on Saying that Ric will be the one that will end it all.

Figure: There are 4 girls that can help you access the powers you...

The figure stared at Ric.

Figure: Take your hand out of your pants!

Ric quickly moved his hand, The figure sighed and pointed to the right.

Figure: Those girls will give you what you seek.

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