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A Special Connection

Guest *~Abi~*

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Story Title: A Special Connection

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Peter Baker + new character Libby

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Peter Baker wakes from his coma to find out that his life has completely changed, Zoe is finally gone for good but in his friends and family's eyes so is he. Witness protection strains Pete to the core knowing there is barely anything he can do but the only thing that keeps him going is Libby, the girl that he shares a connection with, a special connection.

Hi, this is my first fic on here I've written fics before but this is my first H&A fic , I appreciate everyones thoughts on the story. Thanks. Abi xx


Peter started to wake, his eyes felt heavy, he blinked a few times until his vision become clear. Peter looked around his surrounding he didn’t recognise where he was, he started to cough it was when he tried to put his hand to his face that he let out a muffled groan of pain.

‘It’s ok Peter I’ve got it’ a women’s voice said a hand went to the oxygen mask that was covering his mouth and nose, ‘there you go, would you like some water?’ the young women asks as she places the mask on the side, Peter nods unable to speak, after pouring the water the women places a straw into the glass, moving over to him she places a hand behind his head to support him after taking a few sips she takes that glass away and moves her hand away gently before putting the glass back on the side. Peter rests his head back on the pillow and turns to face the women that had just helped him

‘What happened? Where am I?’ Peter asks, the women sat in a seat next to Peter’s bed moves to face him before speaking

‘it’s ok Peter your safe now, do you remember anything that happened 2 weeks ago? She asks Peter looks at her confused

‘it’s been that long?’ he asks she nods her head as Pete continues ‘Tracey and Zoë came into the barn where Jack and Martha’s wedding party was being held so why am I here’ Pete said getting very confused looking around the four walls that he has never seen before.

‘What’s the last thing you remember you tell me that then I can fill in the blanks’ she says smiling softly at him

‘I remember seeing a girl coming in with the cake then Sally telling me she could smell gas after that…. Well that’s when I jumped to the ground knowing the barn was going to blow. I think I can remember hearing Leah and Dan around me. But that’s about it, now I’m here wherever here is’ he says wincing slightly

‘I don’t actually know if I’m meant to tell you were you are but Arthur and Jan have told me to look after you so by telling you that’s what I’m doing’ she says as she notices Peter place his hand to his side ‘before I start are you in any pain?’ she asks Peter nods, she stands up and opens a large medical bag before coming back over and injecting something into a catheter that’s in Peter’s right hand ’that will work in about 10 or so minuets’ she says as she sits back down.

‘Thanks, so you going to tell me where the hell am I’ Peter says getting a little frustrated

‘your in witness protection and…’ she’s interrupted by Peter

‘I’m in what? Why?’ Peter says angrily

‘as I said your in witness protection I don’t know why, Arthur and Jan will explain, the first time I knew about it was when they sent me in here and there you were lying in a coma, they asked me to look after you and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks ’ she says ‘well thanks I guess’ Peter says smiling gently

‘that’s ok Peter you’ve given me something to do, it’s gets boring being stuck in witness protection which you will soon find out’ she says pouring herself a glass of water and taking a sip

‘so mystery girl that’s been looking after for 2 weeks, does she have a name?’ he says smiling at her

‘oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Libby , Libby Lawson’ she says smiling back.

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That was awesome Abi =p update soon

Thanks so much hun, here's the next part. xx


‘Well thanks for looking after me Libby’ Peter says, he goes to speak but are interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and voices coming from downstairs

‘sounds like Arthur and Jan are back, I’ll tell them you’re awake and get one of them to explain why you’re here. Sorry I couldn’t tell you’ Libby says getting up and going over to the bedroom door

‘that’s ok’ Pete says, Libby opens the bedroom door ‘Libby’ Peter calls her name, Libby turns to face him

‘yes Peter’ she says ‘will you come back and see me later, please? I could do with the company’ he says smiling at her

‘will be back once they’ve spoken to you, don’t worry you wont get rid of me that easily I’m stuck here too’ Libby says turning and leaving the room closing the door gently behind her.

There’s a knock at Peter’s bedroom door ‘come in’ he calls out softly; an older man around late 50s enters the room. ‘So you’re finally back with us then?’ the man says

‘something like that, you Arthur?’ Peter asks, trying to sit back up unlike Libby the man does not help him ‘that’s me’ Arthur says sitting down in the chair that Libby had previously sat in ‘so Libby was telling me you wanted to know why you’re here’

‘well yeah, I’ve just woken up from what Libby tells me is a 2 week coma and in a place that I’ve never been to before with people I’ve never met so yeah I would like to know’ Peter says with a slightly annoyed tone to his voice

‘ your in witness protection and this is a safe house, Jan and I are a registered safe house to do with the fact we live in the middle of nowhere is the reason we do it. You want to know why you’re here, well we got a call telling us that there had been an explosion in a barn and one of those that was injured needed to be placed in witness protection because a man that he had put in prison was being released and you were going to be in danger as they want you dead’ Arthur says Peter looks at him confused

‘who’s been released, and why would they want me dead?’ Peter asks getting cross

‘The Gillan’s ring a bell’ Arthur says getting up and going to the wardrobe

‘yes my partner Clare and I put them away years ago, all of them got life sentences’

‘A few days before the explosion Dennis Gillan was released and as you may recall he wants revenge and that’s why you’re here’ Arthur says coming back over with a folder in hand, he passes it to Peter, ‘read through the file it will more or less explain everything’ he says before going to the door and leaving slamming the door behind him making Peter wince. Peter looks up as he flicks to the first page opening slowly adjusting his eyes to read through the large stack of paper.

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