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Another Chance for Happiness

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Another Chance of Happiness

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack, Sam, Martha and Ash

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: Jack is with Sam and Martha is with Ash, Jack still has feelings for Martha and Martha doesnt know what she wants. A kiss changes their perspective of life.

Chapter 1

Martha was walking across the beach hand in hand with Ash, he had just left his wife for her and Ash didn’t want to disclose what Rianna had told her but he didn’t want to lie to Martha.

“What wrong? Martha asked

“You know I split up with Rianna right”


“Well now she is denying me access to Declan and Jess”

“Really that’s harsh”.

“Yeah I need your help to get Morag to help me get access”

“Whoa, she wont she hates your guts”

“I know but I have to at least try” Ash moaned

“I can ask Auntie Morag but I don’t think I will be any help.

“Look anything you can do will help me loads!”

“Ok I will talk to her”

Later on that day Martha went to talk to Morag’s hpuse she knocked on the door tentatively and Morag herself answered.

“Hey, what brings you here”

“Ok what’s seems to be the problem?”

“Ash came to see me this morning”

Morag made one of those faces.

“Look he needs help and he needs it from you.”

“What does he need?”

“Help with getting access to Declan and Jess”

“Why has Rianna seen sense and kicked him out?” smirking

“Auntie” Martha said glaring

“Ok I will see what I can do”


Next Chapter: Jack comes in with Sam and Rory

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Chapter 2 Thanks to Rach for proofing

Jack came into the house where Sam was sat watching TV. After running about all day in the garden, Rory came in so dirty and tired but happy nonetheless.

“Hey mate, whoa you stink”

“Bath now”

“I am going now” sticking his tongue out at Jack while Jack stuck his tongue at him.

Sam went into the kitchen and put the casserole in the oven.

Jack came in and said “Rory is totally mad”

“Hey that’s my son, you are talking about”

“Hmmm I know” as he bent down to kiss her

They began to lead themselves into the lounge and as soon as they got comfortable Rory came in.

He saw them and then he backed off.

He came in half an hour later. “Is the food burning?”

Jack and Sam broke apart while Sam began to swear. Jack said to Rory “open the door so the smoke can get out”

Rory trotted off to do as Jack said and later on that night Sam had some news for Jack.

“Jack I need to talk to you?”

“Ok what’s wrong?” he asked but didn’t want to push her

Meanwhile, Martha was telling Ash about Morag and how she talked to her about the situation and that Morag was happy to help.

“Indeed I am but there has to be no contact with Rianna till I can sort it out”

“Ok thank you” in a grateful tone

Jack and Martha were in the diner when a storm hit, it knocked the seven bells out of them both. The door jammed itself in and the room began to feel very eerie and cold. It got colder and colder but neither Jack nor Martha wanted to warm each other up because they were terrified that they wouldn’t be able to resist each other.

Jack edged towards her and told her “come here and get warm”

“No Im ok” she said while shivering

“Hmm yeah you really are”

“Jack stop it Im fine”

“You are going to freeze to death if you don’t”

“Ok then but it doesn’t mean anything”

“I know”

He hugged her close while Irene was being comforted by Alf in the upstairs flat to try and contact the outside world but couldn’t.

The storm lasted for about 12 hours and during that time Jack and Martha had got closer than they ever imagined they could just to keep themselves awake. Martha was so delirious from the cold that she thought Jack was Ash so she kissed him, Jack thought she wanted to be with him so he kissed her back and on thing led to another.

A couple of hours after that, the doors slid open and Ash and Sam came running in to be with their partners.

Jack and Martha walked out realising what they had done was totally and utterly shameful, yet happy, as they walked on what was the start of their amazing journey of love.

Next Chapter: Martha discovers she is pregnant but whose the father?

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Chapter 3 Thanks to Becky for proofing

2 weeks later

Martha had just found out that she was pregnant, she wasn't happy because she didn't know who the father was.

She went for a walk and after a while she was in such a daze that she did not realise she was walking straight into Jack who was out trying to clear his heads of the memories of the diner and how he had felt so many different emotions that he couldn't make sense of.

"Hey Martha"

"Hey" smiling at Jack

"What's up?

"You remember our liaison at the diner?"

"Yes I do but what that got to do with anything"

Martha didn't say anything at all and Jack cottoned onto she was trying to tell him.

"Are you telling me you are pregnant?"

"Yep I am but Ash could be the father"

"Oh my god"

"I am sorry but I have to tell Ash and I can't tell him you could be the father." and with that she walked off into the midst of anywhere so she could be alone and think things through.

Jacks thoughts

'What do I do? Maybe I should be there for the baby but cut all ties with Martha so I can make a fresh start but Ash is not going to like that! Jeez

Aarrggghhhhh I cant do this, I need to relax and do this one at a time and be there with my baby, Oh my God I Might be a dad! Oh jeez why does life has to be so complicated.'

Martha thoughts

'I scared Jack off I know I did, I mean telling him he could be a father after ages and our relationship is stone cold. He is with Sam and I think he likes it. Oh why do I ruin things? I am the stupidest person that ever existed. I shouldn't have told him yet but I don't want to do this on my own. I need to back off and leave them alone so he can take it in and deal with the fact he is to be a father. Ok so I have to avoid Jack and tell Ash oh joy!"

Nader was on the beach and he walked to the beach and as he was walking, he saw a girl she had the most amazing face, high cheekbones with the darkest green eyes he'd ever seen, they gave the illusion of being emeralds and her hair lay beneath her shoulders and waved around like a wave lapping up all the ocean as if it was the only thing it could to live.

Thinking to himself 'that's one pretty lady'

She walked up to him and asked if he knew where Jack Holden lived.

"Yes I do in fact I am on my way there so I can show you"

He led the way and as just as he was nearing Jack's, he got a text from Martha 'I need to talk to you xxx'

"I am afraid I have to go"

"Ok thanks" smiling

"It's just there" pointing to Jacks house before retreating

She walked to Jacks house and knocked on the door.

It opened a few moments later and there stood Jack looking gobsmacked

Next Chapter: Who is the mystery person?

Like I told Becky, someone will die in a few chapters and its not Sam or Ash.

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Chapter 4 Thanks to Becky for proofing.

Hey Jack” The mysterious person at the door

“Wwwhat are you doing here?” Jack stammered

“I came to put things right” The lady spoke up

“Oh” Was all Jack could say, not wanting to spoil anything

“Wheres Lucas and your Dad?” she asked him

“They are on a cruise and aren’t due back till tomorrow morning” he replied

“I will come back then” she sighed

“No come in” he said quickly

“Are you sure” she asked him

“Its good to see you….” He said truthfully

At Nader’s flat Martha had just told him about her being pregnant.

Ash was so happy that he kissed her and well one thing led to another. Ash was asleep and Martha was so unhappy she was pregnant to either her ex husband or her boyfriend she didt know who and it scared her.

She was so scared and at that moment she wanted one person and one person only but unfortunately for her, he was at that joyous point in his relationship with Sam that he wouldn’t want to be with Martha.

The next day, Jack went to pick up Lucas and Tony from the airport and wouldn’t tell them who wanted to see them.

He took them to his house and they walked in. Jack shouted out “come in”

They looked around and were so surprised to see her there…

“Oh my god” they both said

“It’s good to see you both” the lady said to them

“Mom” Lucas managed to say before he backed out of the room, Jack ran after him while his mum stood there looking very nervous

“What are you doing here after all this time?” Tony snapped at her

“I came to put things right especially as you wouldn’t let me near them” she sighed

Before Tony could respond Jack butted in. He had come back with Lucas who was watching them.

“Is that right?” Jack demanded of his dad

“Jack mate…” Tony began

“Don’t, you are telling me that I could have had a relationship with mum but you were too much of a jerk to let her” he asked getting angry

“I thought I was doing the right thing”

“For who?” asked Jack who was beginning to get very unhappy.

“Dad, Jack’s right you didn’t have the right to choose for us” Lucas retaliated with Jack

Kate at this moment spoke up “Boys don’t get angry, your dad did what he thought was right”

“Don’t defend him, he doesn’t deserve it” Jack said

“Look I will go and let you talk” Tony said

Tony walked out and to him he was walking out on his family which broke his heart. He didn’t know what he had done to make his sons turn on him like that. He went for a walk to clear his head and when he was walking he saw Martha crying on the beach and he went to see what was wrong.

He sat next to her and gently asked her what was wrong “Hey are you ok?”

Martha didn’t know what to say to him as fresh tears came out and Tony rocked her sideways. Martha began to spill her guts to Tony about how she was feeling really stressed but then she told Tony about the fact she was pregnant.

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Chapter 5

Martha was in the diner talking to Tash about her pregnancy and how it had made her reassess her feelings for Ash and Jack.

“You have to tell them about your feelings”

“I cant because if the baby is Ash’s then he doesn’t deserve it”

“And if it’s Jacks?”

“Then I will reassess the situation when the time comes”

“I hope you realises whatever decision you make you are going to hurt one of them inevitably”

“I know but I don’t want to have to”

“I know it will be ok I will be here with you all the way”

“Thanks Tash”

Tash smiled and the two girls carried on with their chat.

Jack walked into the diner and got a hamper and as he walked out Tash said to him “I know about you and Martha”

“OK I have to go but I will talk to you later ok”


Lucas, Jack and their mum went out for a drive the very next day so they could enjoy each other company and start to rebuild their relationship which was severely damaged. They drove for a long time till they ended up in a small village south of Summer Bay.

They got out and went for a walk on the village square where they watched mum, dads children run around enjoying themselves and the villagers were going about their everyday routine and getting annoyed by the level of noise the tourists were making.

“Boys I have to tell you something before we do anything else”

“Ok” they both said. They were wondering what could be so important that hse had to tell them at that moment in time. They shared a few worried and awkard moments before Kate told them what she was going to say.

A few months after Kate left Jack, Lucas and Tony.


Kate was in the bar a couple of miles away from summer bay where she knew that Tony and Jack had moved to. A man wearing a white shirt came up to her and asked her if she wanted a drink. She said “yes why not?”

“A white wine and a pint please mate” he said to the barman


A few hours later Kate was so zoned out that the man who was now named as Damien took her to his house. They became good friends and a few months later she fell pregnant.

At that time she was so scared of being pregnant and leaving Damien with a child that she left Damien and had the baby, when the baby was born she put it up for adoption and she was told that it went to a couple in Yabbie Creek. She named the baby Cameron.

End of Flashback

“Oh my god” Jack came out with

Lucas didn’t say anything as he struggled to take in what his mum had just told him.

“OK I know this is really hard to take in but I had to tell you”

“Do you want us to help you find him?”

“He would be about a year younger than you Jack so I need your help. Please?”

“Ok we will help” Lucas said to her.

“Good thanks”

They got in the car and began to drive home when Lucas began to get worked up over something; Kate and Jack were trying to get it out of him when they crashed into the trees and the watery depth below. As the car hit the water the Holden family hit their heads on the front of the car leaving them very badly injured but unfortunately for them, there was no one around.

Next chapter: Will they be found?

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Chapter 6 Thanks to Becky

Alf was driving along the ridge when he heard the distant cry of help but he thought it was his mind playing tricks on him. As the cry got louder, Alf realised that someone was in trouble and got the emergency services to help.

Ten minutes later the emergency arrived and dived into the water to get Lucas out, when Alf saw it was Jack he rang Tony to meet him there as soon as he could. The divers managed to get Kate out but Lucas had disappeared out of nowhere and no one could find him.

“Alf where’s Lucas” Tony said scared of the answer/

“Oh mate they couldn’t find him” Alf said gently

“Oh no he is around” Tony said

Tony dived in with Jack shouting “Dad don’t”

A couple of minutes later Tony surfaced to see Lucas on a nearby shore which was out of sight to everyone on the ridge. He swam to him and dragged him up so the divers could see them and helped.

Two hours later, Jack, Tony and Kate were in the hospital while Lucas was lying in the theatre hanging on by a thread. Kate fainted and was rushed into and was told that the internal bleeding had spread to her brain and that she had a few hours to live. She asked the nurse to give her some paper and a pen so she could write some letters for Jack, Lucas and Tony.

She wrote the letters and then asked to see them one at a time. She asked to see Lucas who was out of theatre and had enough strength to come in a wheelchair.

Lucas was wheeled in and he was placed next to her so she could see him as well hold his hand.

“Lucas, I hurt you so much when I left you I know that. But I want you to know that I love you and I never meant to hurt you.” Kate said softly to her youngest son

“I know and I forgive you” Lucas said to her

they sat there crying to each other but they made their peace with each other.

Next Jack came in and sat on the bed next to his mom “I am sorry about everything I never got a chance to do.

I never got a chance to watch you grow up and its not your Dads fault as he did what I would have did if our places were swapped.”

“Mum I am so happy that I can be here with you and be at peace with you, I love you” Jack cried

“Call your dad in and Lucas please”

“Ok “Jack went out and re-entered Lucas came in wheeled by Tony.

She looked at them and saw three men who were her perfect family. She saw Jack and Lucas as her two beautiful sons who would grow up to be heartbreakers and beside them she saw Tony, the man she had never stopped loving.

“Ok all of you have to promise one thing, if I arrest again you will let go” Kate said softly as tears rolled from her eyes and down her cheeks

They tried to persuade her but she wasn’t budging

“I need to die in peace” She told them “I love you all and I want you to live your life to the full please” she then added

“OK” Tony said

“We will” Lucas said

“I promise” Jack said.

“Before I forget I wrote these letters for you to read whenever you are ready after I pass away”

They took their letters and put them away. They sat with her and watched as she breathed her last breath and peacefully passed away. The Holden family were there crying all the tears that they could as their wife and mother left them forever

Next chapter: Jack reads his letter as well Tony.

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Chapter 7

Jack was at the ridge with Lucas and Tony where they planned to scatter Kate’s ashes in the place where it was that took her life away. She died as a result of the accident.

Jack drove home and greeted Sam who was finding hard to talk to him about his mother death.

“Sam, I am sorry I have been pushing you away the past few weeks” Jack sighed the only person he wanted to open up was with someone else

“Its ok I know you need space” Sam said sadly

“You really are remarkable, you know that” Jack said

“I know I am” Sam said hugging Jack “I have to pick up Rory” she added

“OK see you in a while” he said

Jack opened his letter and began to read

Jack by the time you read this letter I will be dead but my memory will live on as long as you are the best person you can be in wherever you end up in life. Your dad told me about Martha and I think you need to assess whether you want you child to live its life knowing that its parentage may not be right. Take the chance to be with Martha because I am sure you still love her. Jack live your life to the full for me and be the best you can be and look after yourself.

I love you now and forever.

Your mum.

He began to cry and he didn’t know how to stop. Tony came in and saw him with the letter and realised what had made him so upset.

Tony opened his letter and read it aloud to Jack

“I love you, there is no simple way to say this, right now you are hurting and you don’t want it to happen.

I love you and I want u to know that if you finds a special someone that you should be able to be with then don’t hesitate.

Love you always”

“You see mate, she loved us and doesn’t want you to spoil your life so don’t do it” tony said to her

“I need to see Martha now” Jack said as he jumped up

“I know about it” Tony said softly

“How?” he asked confused

“She told me as she is struggling to hold in her feelings for you” Tony said truthfully

”She knows how much I love her” Jack sighed “Ok I have to see her, tell Sam” he added and walked off

“I will, make the right choice son”

“I will” he said as he walked out the door and towards Martha’s apartment.

He walked to Martha and before he walked in he cleared his head of any past memories of sourness between him and Martha.

He knocked on the door and...

Next Chapter: Martha and Jack tell Ash that Jack could be the father.

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Chapter 8

Jack had arrived at the front of Martha’s apartment, truth be told he had no idea what he was going to say to her.

He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

“Jack hey” Ash said as he answered the door

“Ash hey is Martha there, I really need to talk to her” Jack said to him

“Yeh, sure come on in” Ash said thinking Jack needed his best friend to talk too after the death of his mother.

“I gota go, ive got some paperwork to do at the station, call me if you need anything” he said as he gave Martha a kiss on the cheek and left Martha and Jack to it.

“What are you doing here?”

“I had to tell you that either you tell Ash that I could be the father, or I will”

“Why, we aren’t together”

“I know but he needs to know that”

Ash, who had heard the conversation had walked back in.

“Jack go, I need to talk to Martha” giving her a deathly stare.

Jack spotted this and said “No, I'm not letting you take control over Martha or the baby that could be mine”

“Jack its ok” Secretly she was glad Jack wanted to protect her, as she realised how much she loved him and how much he must love her back.

“Are you sure”


Before he left, Martha called him back

“Jack, I love you”

“I love you too Martha” before leaving the building.

“Ash, don’t start, I made a mistake sleeping with him when I was with you”

“Fine, just don’t expect me to be nice to you if that babys mine”

9 months later.

The baby was lying in the nursery, while her mother and potential fathers were in a room awaiting the results. Jack and Martha were now officially together while Sam and Ash were together also.

“Ok” said the doctor as he walked in.

“The father of your baby is Mr Ashton Nader”

Next chapter: Lucas finally reads his letter.

Chapter 9 will be up later. :)

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Chapter 9 for rach

As soon as Jack heard Ash’s name he got up and walked out of the room with Martha running after him. Ash just sat there taking the news in that he was a father.

“Look Jack, it will be ok, I promise”

“How can it be? He's the father of your beautiful baby girl, not me”

“You are my boyfriend I love you”

“I love you too but I don’t know if I can be with you and raise Ash’s baby”

“What are you saying then?”

“I'm saying.... its over” and he walked away from her

Martha began to cry but didn’t go after him as she didn’t have the strength. When Jack got home Lucas was waiting for him. He was very upset.

“Luc, what’s wrong?”

“How did you find the courage to open the letter Mum Wrote?”

“I just did because it felt right; open it when it feels right for you”

“Thanks, by the way, who's the father of Emma?”



“Its fine I'm ok, besides I split up with Martha so we can both move on”

“Why, are you a total idiot, she loves you”

”I know but I cant raise Ash’s baby”

“Don’t think of it as Ash’s think of it as Martha’s”

“Thanks but I am having a shower, you can stay here if you want”

“Thanks, I am going to read mum’s letter”


Jack went for a shower while Lucas opened his letter.


I love you and I bet you were the last one to read your letter. Remember I know you better than you know yourself. I have one last thing to ask you, well two things, firstly to help Jack hold on to his life and the people he loves. The other thing is that please find Cameron and help him accept that he has two brothers.

I love you and I will never stop, hold on to life and never let go luc.

Your Mum.

Lucas began to let the tears fall and Jack sat next to him and comforted him.

“Look Jack, go and get Martha back otherwise youre going to be miserable”

He mulled it over and decided Lucas was right.

He went to speak to Martha and he saw her crying “Jack, I just heard, there was a mistake with the results.”


“its yours”

“Oh my god”

“What does this mean for us?”

“I shouldn’t have split up with you, Im really sorry”

“I love you and our baby Emma”

“I have a question to ask you”


He bent down on one knee and asked Martha “will you marry me again?”

Next Chapter: What is her answer? Lucas goes to look for Cameron.

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The chapters from now on will be shorter so I can update more regularly. The Lucas finding Cameron will be in a few chapters time.

Chapter 10

She was shell-shocked, she didn’t know how to let Jack down gently.

“I can’t marry you” she said after a long pause.

“Why not?” he asked in a bid to change her mind

“Because we already split up because of trying to juggle your job and our marriage”

“It would be different this time”


Jack was stumped, at that point, he had no answer. Martha walked him towards the nursery where Emma was lying. They stood beside her and watched her sleep, all her cares just fading away into her own little dream world.

“Lets concentrate on Emma for now, then think about marriage later on when Emma has grown up.”

Jack replied “Ok, maybe we should”

A nurse approached them and asked “are you Emma’s parents?”


“What’s the problem?”

“We ran some tests and we have discovered something”

“What’s wrong?” Martha said as Jack held onto her

“The doctor will come and talk to you in a moment”

“Thank you” Jack interjected as he watched Emma, whilst holding a very shaken Martha.

“Jack, if she is ill” she paused “I couldn’t handle it”

“Whatever it is, we'll cope with it together”

They waited for about 20 minutes, each of them picking Emma up and holding onto her for dear life. Jack held Martha as she held Emma in her arms. The doctor walked in and Jack turned to look at her expression, but much to his dismay, her expression was unreadable. Martha noticed this and felt very scared for Emma.

“Ok, I am Dr Atwood and Im here to tell you that after extensive tests that we carried out” she paused to catch her breath. “That Emma is deaf.”

“Deaf?” Martha asked “How? No one in my family or Jacks has been deaf and it is hereditary isn’t it?”

“Its not necessarily hereditary, but it can be in certain cases”

“How did Emma get it?”

“Its not clear how she became deaf”

“So where do we go from here?”

“I will book you an appointment with an audiologist to talk about your options”

“Thank you” Jack interjected.

Next Chapter: How do Jack and Martha react?

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