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I Need You

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Story Title: I Need You

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: J&M

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D L and some SC

Summary: Follows the story of how J&M meet and their relationship.

Rated A but don't let that turn you off it! It only really has coarse lanuage and violence in the first chapter. First chapter will be up soon! tell me what you think

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Martha sighed as she walked into her empty house. It had been a long day; she had worked from 9am to 5pm and had been given little pay. That’s what you get for working in a bar, she thought to herself. After work, she had gone and picked her 5-year-old daughter up from after school care and come straight home. Basically, that’s what her life consisted of, sleeping, working, cooking, and caring for her husband and child. She knew the consequences if dinner wasn’t ready when her husband Greg came home, so she knew she should start preparing it then because she only had half an hour and there was little food to work with in the fridge.

“Mali, honey, why don’t you go upstairs and play, while mummy cooks dinner.” Martha said to her daughter. Maliyah Jasmine Scarlet Mackenzie was the spitting image of her mother. She was fair with long dark wavy hair and a small figure. She adored her mother but was slightly wary of her father. Even though she was only five, she knew what her father did to her mum sometimes. She knew because sometimes when she lay in bed trying to get to sleep, she would hear her mother’s cries and her fathers yelling. Sometimes when her mother woke her up in the morning, she would even see bruises and cuts from the night before. On these mornings, Mali would often cry or gently caress her mother’s wounds with her small hands. Her mum would also sometimes start crying and hold her daughter, rocking her gently in her arms.

“Ok, mummy,” answered Maliyah cheerfully. Martha stood watching as her daughter bounced up stairs. She was so lucky to have a daughter like Maliyah, who was always full of life and happiness and she always did what Martha said even if she didn’t want to.

Martha dumped her handbag on the lounge and turned on the TV. A travel show was on, and it was featuring a place along the coast called Summer Bay. It was about a four-hour drive from where they were living and it looked beautiful. Her grandfather, whom she had never met, lived there. Maybe one day, when she had and enough money and escaped the violence of Greg, she would take Maliyah there. She sighed and walked over to the kitchen and examined what was in the fridge. It wasn’t much, milk that was nearly off, some vegetables and a few other bits and pieces. Between Maliyah’s school fees and food, there wasn’t a lot of money left to do other things. Greg was an engineer; he left for work in the mornings at 5am and came home at 5:30pm. He always came home tired and if dinner wasn’t ready on the table when he came home, Martha would pay the consequences after Mali had gone to bed. On the weekends, Martha stayed home with Mali, while Greg spent his weekends at the pub. Often on the weekends, Greg would come home drunk and beat up Martha for no reason. However many times he may have beaten up Martha, he never lay a finger on his daughter, for that Martha was grateful. She knew she didn’t deserve this kind of life and she knew that it wasn’t the kind of environment a little girl should grow up in, but despite what he did to her, Martha still loved Greg. Greg was her high school sweetheart, and that was the man she married – a sweetheart. Somewhere over the last five years, that man had been lost and replaced with a violent man. However, as long as he never hit Mali, Martha would stay with him. Martha sighed, pulled out what she needed and began to prepare that nights dinner.

Half an hour later Greg walked in and dinner wasn’t ready. Martha drew sharp intake of breathe; dinner wouldn’t be ready for at least another 20 minutes.

“Hey honey, how was work?” Martha said softly. She didn’t want Greg to start yelling because Maliyah was only upstairs.

“How do you bloody think? And how many bloody times Martha do I have to tell you not to leave your bag on the lounge?” Greg yelled gruffly as he threw Martha’s bag onto the floor, spilling its contents everywhere. Martha quickly scooped up her bag and picked up everything, stuffing it quickly back into the bag, which she put neatly on the bench.

“Sorry, sweetie,” Martha said. Greg didn’t bother to answer. He just sat on the lounge, put his feet on the coffee table and immediately changed the channel.

“I was watching that,” Martha immediately regretted what she had said.

“You were watching that ay? Well let me tell you something woman, I’ve worked my ass off today to earn money for this family, which is more than I can say about you and I come home tired from a hard day’s work, change the channel, and you tell me you were watching that? And Martha, where the bloody hell is dinner, I’ve been home a full five minutes and it’s still not on the table.” Greg shouted.

“Greg please. It’s not going to be ready for another 20 minutes at least.” Martha answered, her voice growing softer every time she spoke, which was the complete opposite of Greg whose voice was growing louder and louder.

“What kind of wife are you Martha? That’s it; I’m going to the pub.”

“No please, Greg don’t” But Greg had already left and slammed the door behind him.


Martha and Maliyah were sitting on the lounge together watching Mali’s favorite video, Hi-5.

“Mali, sweetie it’s 9 o’clock, it’s getting late, it’s time to go to bed.” Martha said to her daughter.

“But mommy, I really want daddy to kiss me goodnight before I go to bed and …” Greg stormed through the door and cut Mali off mid-sentence. Martha could tell he was drunk.

“What’s she doing still up,” He shouted.

“She wanted to kiss you goodnight,” Martha answered.

“Wanted to kiss me goodnight did she?” Greg roared, grabbing Maliyah and pulling her towards him.

“Greg please,” Martha pleaded.

“Greg please, please Greg,” he mimicked as he walked over and slapped Martha across the face. But Martha didn’t care for herself, only for the safety of Mali.

10 minutes later Greg had gone to sleep and Mali and Martha were on the floor. Martha had blood trickling from the back of her ear and Mali’s face was red from where her father had repeatedly hit her. They were both crying. Martha crawled over and pulled Maliyah onto her lap, rocking her gently as she always did to comfort her. Mali buried her face in her mother neck and cried. Her cries soon subsided and her breathing became rhythmic and she drifted off to sleep. Martha knew she couldn’t stay there any more. Hitting her was one thing but beating their daughter was another. She’d have to leave that night, she thought to herself, but she’d have to wait a good 10 minutes until Greg was well and truly asleep.

20 minutes later, Martha and Mali were in the car. In the last 20 minutes, Martha had packed things up for herself and Maliyah and quietly packed the car, crying the whole time. She didn’t want Greg to know she was leaving. Mali was asleep, as Martha started the engine and drove away from her old home. She knew exactly where they were going, Summer Bay.


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so i know it's short but i really wanted to get a chapter up tonight. So i present you chapter 2 enjoy :D


Martha stopped her car and sighed. They had arrived. Summer Bay was even more beautiful than on the TV. After they had left the house the night before, Martha had driven for an hour, and then stopped for the night. As soon as it began to get light again, Martha had started the car and driven the remainder of the journey.

“Mummy, where are we?” Maliyah asked, staring out the window at the beach. It was 9am and already people were down there. Martha looked out and a person caught her eye. It was a man in his mid-20s and he was surfing. She watched as he surfed the wave as if it was a form of art. The wave lasted for what seemed like forever before it crashed and the man fell of the board. She hid a smile as she watched the wave wash over his head as he tried to grab his board. Within seconds, he was back up on his board and surfing the next wave. It was a hot day, even for summer, the sun shone brightly; touching everything around them and making them glow. The sea glistened as the waves kept rolling into shore. This was their new home, the place they could start anew. It was magical.

“Summer Bay,” Martha said smiling. Her smile soon vanished as she realized they had nowhere to live, very little money and she didn’t have a job.

“Mummy, I’m hungry,” said Mali

“OK honey, let’s go get some food.” They had parked next to some sort of kiosk or diner so Martha decided they would go in and have some breakfast. Maybe they might even have a job available, she thought to herself.


Martha walked into the diner, hand in hand with her daughter. She squeezed Mali’s hand and smiled down at her. They found an empty booth and sat down.

“Well hello,” came a voice. Martha looked up to see an elderly woman wearing a floral dress and an apron coming towards them. Martha smiled at her. “You must be new around her, I haven’t see you before, I’m Colleen.”

“My daughter and I just moved here, I’m Martha.”

“And I’m Mali,” Maliyah piped up, making both Colleen and Martha smile.

“Well what can I get you?” As Maliyah told Colleen her order, a flyer caught her eye.

“Mum, Mum, what do you want?” Maliyah asked, prying Martha’s eyes away from the flyer, she made a mental note to check it out later.

“Um…I’ll just have a chocolate milkshake thanks.” She said.

After their breakfast, Martha remembered the flyer. She went over to where it was pinned on the notice board. ‘Room for rent’ it read, and then it had a number to call.

Martha sighed as she pulled out her phone. It wasn’t a palace, or even their own house, but it was somewhere to live, for now at least.

“Hello,” said the voice on the other end of the line.

“Hi,” Martha said nervously, clutching Mali’s hand, “My name is Martha and I just want to inquire about the ad for a room to rent.”

“Oh, yea, sure,” the person sounded very laid back and relaxed. They sounded as if they had no worries or stresses. Martha wished her life could be the same way. “Come by this afternoon and check it out.”

“Ok, thanks,” Martha was pleased, the person seemed nice enough.

“My name is Jack, by the way, Jack Holden,”

“Well I’ll see you this afternoon Jack.” Said Martha. She hung up her phone and put it back into her bag. Then she scooped Maliyah up into a hug and twirled her around. They had started a new life!


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ok so i was planning to make this chapter a lot longer but some people (you know who you are) have been nagging me to put it up :P


Martha stood outside the door of the house. She looked down at Mali and smiled, before turning to face the door. They had arrived at Jack’s house. It was a nice looking house, made of brown bricks. It had a winding path that lead to the front door from the road. The front door had an old-fashioned, brass knocker, which Martha tightly clasped and knocked slowly three times. She was nervous. Not just because they were starting a new life, in a new town, where they knew nobody except the old lady in the floral dress, but also because the last time she had interacted with a male was the night before when… ‘no,’ she told herself, as she pushed last night’s memories out of her mind ‘don’t think about that, not now.’ She could tell Mali was missing her father. No matter what he had done to her the night before, he was still her father and she couldn’t help but miss him. On the way over to Jack’s house, Mali had not spoken, instead, she had spent the entire journey staring out the window and occasionally letting a single tear fall from her eyes. Martha couldn’t help but be proud of her daughter for the way she was handling all this. In a matter of hours, Mali had gone through so much. First her father had beaten her up, then she had been packed up and moved to a new town, and now they were about to move into a new house with a new man. Yet, through all this Mali had acted so much older than her tender age of five.

Slowly the front door opened and the sound of laughing and happy voices could be heard. Martha reached down for Mali’s hand and gave it a squeeze. The door opened and a familiar face appeared. It was the man Martha had seen surfing earlier that day. She smiled at him, he was kinda cute. He was tall and lean, but not too skinny, just fit. He had dark hair and was wearing red and white board shorts and a red t-shirt with the word ‘ripcurl’ written in white. He had a kind face, mischievous eyes and a cheeky smile on his face.

“Hi,” he said, holding out his hand, “You must be Martha.” She took his hand and shook it. He had a firm grip, not too firm, but firm enough that Martha knew she was welcome in his house. Their hands stopped shaking but they were still joined. They stood for what seemed like hours, their hands joined, gazing at each other.

‘There is something about this girl,’ Jack thought to himself, ‘she’s special.’ The moment was broken by two people coming up to the door. Their hands immediately broke apart and dropped to their sides.

“Dad, Luc, this is my new housemate Martha, maybe.” He said smiling. “Martha, this is my dad Tony and my little bro Lucas.” Martha smiled and said hello before the two men pushed their way past Martha and left. Nobody had yet noticed Maliyah and she was glad. She was nervous about having so many men around her. She was hiding behind Martha, her small hand intertwined with her mothers. She felt safe as long as her mum was around.

“Come in,” said Jack as he opened the door wider to reveal the inside of the house. It was tidy, but not too tidy, just homely. Martha liked it. It was cute, cosy, perfect.


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I know this isn't a very good or long chapter but i wanted to update before i go away so here is chapter 4


Martha and Jack were sitting across the table from each other, gazing into each other’s eyes. Jack got up and went around the table to sit next to Martha. He held her hand and gently stroked her face. He brought his hands up towards her shoulders and …began to shake her?

“Jack,” Martha murmured, but he continued to shake her.

“Mummy, mummy,” Said Mali, shaking her mother. “Mummy, wake up.” Martha opened her eyes and saw Mali peering down at her. She looked over at the clock, it was only 4pm! She must have fallen asleep while watching Hi-5 with Mali on the lounge. She smiled, after officially living in Jack’s house for 2 hours; she already made it her home.

“Where’s Jack,” Martha asked, slowly sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“Ummmm, I think he said he was going for a lay down.” Said Mali as she flopped herself on the lounge. She snuggled herself into her mum and Martha pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head. At that moment, Jack walked out of his bedroom.

“Hey, guys. What have you been doing,” he asked taking a seat kitchen table.

“We watched three and half episodes of Hi-5.” Said Mali, “Do you like Hi-5?”

“I love Hi-5,” said Jack smiling, “Maybe, one day we can watch an episode an episode together. Would you like that?” Martha smiled; Jack knew just the right thing to say to her daughter. Mali jumped up from the lounge and clapped her hands.

“Really? Then I could show my favourite character. Her name is Kelly and she’s a really good singer.” Mali skipped over to the TV and pressed play on the DVD player because it had been paused. She sat back on the lounge, grabbed her doll Emma and began to watch Hi-5 again. Emma was Maliyah’s best friend as well as her doll. Back at home, when her mum and dad had been fighting, Mali had lay in bed, listening to their screams, hugging Emma tightly and letting her silent tears fall onto her doll’s head. Emma had been with Mali through everything. Happy times, sad times, scary times, through feelings of nervousness, excitement, and anger. Maliyah loved Emma dearly.

Martha got up and went over to sit at the table with Jack. They didn’t say anything for a while, the silence binding them in a private moment. The sudden sound of Mali stole the moment. They both turned their heads to see Maliyah singing along to one of the songs on Hi-5. Martha sighed. What was she doing? Was it just her or was there something there? She shook her head, she knew nothing could happen; it just wasn’t fair on Mali. But she could still dream. Jack was thinking exactly the same thing. She must have felt it too, he hadn’t just imagined it, there was something there. Some would call in chemistry but Jack knew that it was more than just sparks, they had a connection. They understood each other without even speaking. Even though they had only known each other for a couple of hours, it was there.

“Thank you so much, Jack,” Martha said.

“For what?” asked Jack, smiling. Always smiling, thought Martha, always happy.

“For letting us move in here” said Martha laughing, “I mean I know you probably weren’t expecting a woman and a child moving in with you when you put that ad.”

“No, I wasn’t,” Jack confessed, “But I’m glad it was a woman and a child who answered the ad.”

“Oh, hey, I forgot to ask you, my grandfather, Alf Stewart lives in this bay, I think. I mean I have never met him before. Do you know him?”

“Your grandfathers Alf? Yea I know him, good bloke. Do you wanna go meet him? I think I know where he would be.”


Jack, Martha and Mali were walking on the beach. Mali was overwhelmed. Where she and Martha had lived before there had been no beaches. Mali took off her shoes and let the sand run through her toes. Martha laughed at her daughter’s amazement. It was beautiful, the sand a pure yellow and the water a clear blue. Just being at this remote place made Martha just forget all her worries and just enjoy the peaceful, tranquility of the beach.

“There he is,” said Jack, turning around, “I’ll stay here with Mali if you want.” Martha nodded, her eyes fixed on the man. He was fishing, he looked happy, relaxed. Martha took a deep breath and walked towards him.

NEXT CHAPTER – Martha meets Alf

- Martha gets a call from the unexpected


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thanks for all your feedback here is chapter 5


“Ouch,” Alf muttered as he sucked his finger. He had accidentally pricked his finger on his fishing hook. It had been a bad day all round. First, he had woken early in the morning with some chest pains, which had lasted for two intense hours. When the pains had finally gone, he had got out of bed but had had to sit down again. He had felt-light headed and dizzy. And now he was shaky. This had only happened a few times before, each time the pains, dizziness and shakiness becoming worse and lasting for longer. He wasn’t worried though. He just assumed it was to do with old age. Alf turned his thoughts and concentrated on hooking his bait. He nearly had it…when he was interrupted by a voice. The sudden but soft noise was enough to move his fingers and he pricked his finger again. He sighed and sucked his finger again while turning to face the person who was talking to him. He saw a young woman staring at him. She looked vaguely familiar and yet unfamiliar. He didn’t think he had met her before but there was something about her… She had long, dark, wavy hair and brown eyes. Her eyes were big, beautiful and yet they were sad, desperate. They seemed to be pleading him, for what he was not sure. She bit her lip and took a small step forward.

“Sorry, love, didn’t hear what you said,” said Alf kindly. The girl sighed with relief. He seemed nice. She took another step forward and began to speak again.

“Hi, sorry to bother you. My name is Martha. I was kind of wondering if we could have a talk, but I mean if you’re busy I can come back.”

“No, that’s ok. Come and sit down.” Alf walked over, took a seat on the sand, and watched as the girl followed. “As I said before, I’m Martha Mackenzie and…” Martha took a deep breath and continued, “I’m your granddaughter.” Alf was taken aback. He knew he had a granddaughter called Martha but he had never met her and he thought he never would.

“Your Roo’s daughter?” he asked. She nodded slowly. He believed her; he could tell by that look in her eyes that she was being sincere.

“I don’t want anything from you,” Martha explained, “I just moved to the bay and I thought… I thought we could finally meet. But if you don’t want to that’s fine. I understand.” Alf didn’t say anything, he just stared at her. Martha realized that he wasn’t going to say anything so she got up to leave.

“Wait,” Alf stopped her, “I’m sorry, it’s just that you look so much like you mother.” Martha stared into his eyes and at that moment, she saw the kindness in his eyes and knew that he was a good person. She smiled at Alf and he pulled her into a hug. A sudden noise parted them. Alf turned to see a young child running towards them, laughing and Jack Holden chasing her.

“Mummyyyyyyyyyy,” yelled the girl as she raced towards Martha, “Save me!” She was giggling uncontrollably as she flung herself at Martha. Martha scooped her up into a hug and just in time. Jack came running up to them and tried to grab the child out of Martha’s hands.

“Nooooo,” screamed the girl, still laughing.

“The tickle monster is coming to get you,” growled Jack. Martha pulled the girl into a tighter hug, so that Jack couldn’t get to her. Realising he wasn’t going to get to the child; Jack straightened up and smiled at Martha and Alf.

“Alf, this is my daughter Maliyah,” said Martha putting Maliyah down and rubbing her shoulders.

“Mali,” said Maliyah, “You can call me Mali.” Alf smiled and bent down to shake her hand.

“I’m Alf,” he said. She looked like Martha. She had long, brown, wavy hair and big, dark eyes. About five, he guessed. Then he turned back to Martha. “You mentioned you’ve just here,” she nodded, “Well you could stay with me and my family if you have nowhere else to stay.”

“Actually, I’m saying with Jack. He’s renting us a room.” Alf nodded respectively.

“Well, we’d better get going.” Martha said. She hugged Alf again before turning and walking slowly away. Jack and Mali had resumed their game and Mali could be seen running up the beach, screaming with laughter with Jack right on her heel, chasing her.


When they arrived back home, Martha realized what time it was.

“Oh my gosh, it’s 6pm, and I haven’t even got dinner ready yet!” Jack looked at her strangely.

“Who said your cooking dinner?”

“It’s just what I always did at our old house for…” Martha stopped, realising what she had been about to say. She had always cooked dinner for Greg. It felt strange not having to worry about what time dinner would be ready by, not having to worry about the consequences if it was not. Jack understood. He did not know what had gone on at dinner time at their old house, but judging from Martha’d reaction, it wasn’t good. He figured when Martha was ready, she’d tell him. Suddenly Martha remembered that it had ben only the night before when she had been rushing to get dinner ready by 5:30. Only the night before when Greg had come home drunk. Only the night before when Greg had beaten her and Mali up. The memories, which she had been working so hard to ignore, came flooding back to her. She felt a single tear roll down her cheeks, which she brushed carelessly with the back of her hands. She tried to smile, but instead she began to cry. Mali hated seeing her mother cry. She took a step towards Martha, ready to comfort her but Jack beat her to it. He put one arm around her and wiped away her tears with the other.

“Shh, it’s ok,” he soothed, “I’ll make dinner tonight. Why don’t you take Mali and go and have a bath.” Martha smiled at him through her tears and nodded.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

An hour dinner was finished and everyone were sitting on the lounge watching HI-5. It was 7 o’clock and time for Mali to go bed. Martha was just about to take Mali to bed when Jack’s phone rang. Martha sat stroking her daughter’s hair, watching the TV while Jack spoke on the phone. After five minutes, he hung up and turned to face Martha.

“That was work,” he said, “and I’ve got to go in. Sorry.”

“For what?” Martha asked, smiling.

“Well, it’s your first night and I’m rushing off to work,” he explained apologetically. Martha laughed.

“Don’t worry about it, we don’t mind.” Jack thanked her and got up to leave. “Jack,” Martha called, “Thanks again for dinner.” Jack smiled at her.

“Any time,” he said before rushing out the door. As soon as he was gone, Martha led Maliyah into her room.

“Mummy, do I really have to go to bed now?” Maliyah pleaded. Martha laughed.

“Yes, you do,” Martha said, imitating Mali’s whine. Mali giggled at her mother’s pout before jumping into bed. Martha knelt down next to the bed and pulled up the covers. It was a cold night and she didn’t want Maliyah getting sick.

“Mummy,” Maliyah said.

“Yes sweetie,”

“I miss daddy,” Maliyah whispered. Martha nodded. She saw silent tears falling from Maliyah’s eyes. “I want him to kiss me goodnight.” Said Maliyah even more softly. Martha wiped away Mali’s tears and stroked her hair and face.

“I know honey. So do I,” Martha said, crying too. She hopped into bed with her daughter and held her close. They were both sobbing. Martha hated seeing her daughter so upset but she knew she had done the right thing in leaving. Soon Maliyah’s sobs were replaced by rhythmic breathing and Martha knew she had fallen asleep. 10 minutes later Martha’s phone began to ring. She hopped out of Maliyah’s bed quickly because she didn’t want the phone to wake her. She thought it would be Jack calling, saying he was going to be late. She ran over and picked up her phone. She took a sharp intake of breath when she saw whose name was on the caller ID. It was Greg.


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here is the next bit because i don't know when i will next have a chance


It had been one month since Greg’s phone call. Martha had not answered the call, but Greg had also sent her a text message. It had said, ‘I know where you are, this is not over’. This had really shaken her at first but after a while, when she had heard nothing else from Greg, she had begun to think he was just trying to scare her that he didn’t really know where she was. He had succeeded in scaring her that was for sure. But no matter how scared she had been, she had not told anyone, not Jack, not Mali, not anyone. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t told anyone, she just had a feeling that she shouldn’t.

A lot had happened in that past month. Mali had started at the local school, which she loved. It had been hard for her at first, having to leave Martha, Jack and Emma, but after a while she began to enjoy going to school. She had made lots of little friends and her teacher adored her. She was at the top of her class in most subjects and was improving rapidly in the others. Also, Jack and Mali had become increasingly close over the last month, probably because Jack was the closest thing Mali had for a father. Mali looked up to Jack because he was really the only male in her life. Alf had also become close to Martha and Mali. Most Fridays he came over for dinner, which Mali loved. Martha had also discovered that she had a cousin in the bay. His name was Ric Dalby, he was 18 and he lived with Alf and the Fletchers. They had had lunch a couple of times, but Ric was always really busy with his girlfriend Mattie and his apprenticeship to do much more. Martha was happy in Summer Bay, but everything was about to change…

Martha was lying on the lounge, waiting for Mali to wake up. It was 8am, but Jack was already at work. The sound of footsteps made her turn around. Since the phone call, Martha had been quite nervous, even with the smallest sounds. Martha breathed a sigh of relief, it was only Mali.

“Morning sweetie,” said Martha, jumping off the lounge to give Mali a kiss. Mali murmured a response before flopping herself don on the lounge. Martha went over to make Mali’s breakfast. She turned to the fridge to see what was inside. Her thoughts ran back to their old fridge, the fridge that was usually empty. This fridge was always full with food.

“Well, well, well,” a loud voice made her turn quickly. She thought it might have been Jack home from work. But Jack had only just left, and this voice was deeper and crueler. Martha’s heart skipped a beat when she saw who was standing in the doorway. She silently cursed Jack for not locking the door. Mali jumped up from the lounge and started to run towards her mother. But Greg was too quick for her. He took a couple of steps and grabbed Mali’s arm, pulling her towards him.

“Greg,” Martha breathed softly, “Please Greg don’t do this, what do you want?”

“I want you both to come home with me now,” said Greg, tightening his grip on Mali’s arm. Mali screamed in pain as he slowly twisted her arm, pulling her towards the door.

“Greg, please don’t hurt her she’s only five,” Martha pleaded, walking slowly towards him, her arm outstretched for Mali’s hand, “I’d rather it be me than her.” Greg nodded, and walked towards her. Martha breathed a sigh of relief, ‘he was going to let Mali go,’ she thought to herself. But Greg only grabbed her too. Realising he couldn’t hurt Martha with only one hand, he pushed Mali to the floor and turned to Martha.

“It will be both of you if you don’t come home,” he growled digging his nails into her arm threateningly, “now.”

“No,” Martha said, trying to remain strong for Mali, who was lying on the floor crying, “We have a good life here. We are staying. You beat up your own wife, your own daughter for God’s sake.” Greg slapped her across the face, and Martha cried out in pain.

“I had my reasons,” said Greg.

“What reasons could you possibly have for hurting you wife and daughter. You deserve to be in jail” Martha screamed. Greg hit her again and again, each time getting harder and harder.

“You deserved it,” he said as he continued to beat Martha, “she deserved it!”

“ NO WE DIDN’T!” yelled Martha, “No one ever deserves it, especially not your own daughter!” Greg pushed her onto the ground. Martha crawled over to where Mali was laying, still crying. Mali sat up and clasped Martha’s hand. Martha squeezed it desperately. She and Mali were sitting facing the door and Greg had his back to the door.

“Daddy, please,” Mali sobbed. Greg bent down and slapped her. Martha screamed at him, begging him to stop. But he didn’t. Facing the door, Martha suddenly saw a shadow. Within seconds she saw Jack’s face appear at the door. She saw the look on his face when he realized what was going on and watched as he made a phone call, calling for backup Martha guessed. Jack ran into the room and grabbed Greg off Mali. Within seconds Jack had Greg pinned up against the wall and was holding his throat. But Greg wouldn’t give up without a fight. He punched Jack but Jack was ready. He kicked Greg in the groin and was soon on top of him, punching him. Jack grabbed him and pinned up against the wall again. He had hold of Greg’s throat, not so it was hurting him, but so Greg knew that Jack could hurt him if he wanted to.

“If you ever come near Martha or Mali ever again, you will regret it.” As soon as those words escaped Jack’s lips, the police came and arrested Greg. Jack ran over and pulled both Martha and Mali into a hug. They both clung onto him, sobbing into his shoulders. Jack didn’t say anything, he just held them.


Later that night Martha was sitting on the lounge. It was late so Mali had gone to bed. It had taken some persuasion to get her into bed, as she was still very upset and shaken after Greg’s appearance. Jack, however, finally had her to go to sleep by promising her that he wouldn’t be leaving the house and that he would always be there to protect her. Jack was in the kitchen making Martha a hot chocolate. He sat on the lounge next to Martha and handed her the cup. Martha thanked him quietly. After a few moments of silence, Martha finally spoke.

“I’m sorry Jack,”

“For what?” he asked softly

“For not telling you about Greg,” Martha whispered, tears falling down her cheeks.

“It’s ok,” jack murmured as he pulled her into a hug. Martha lay there letting him hold her until her tears finally subsided.

“Thank you,” Martha said, turning to face Jack, “For everything. For today, for now, for letting us stay here, for everything.” Jack nodded in response. He looked into her dark eyes and saw the hurt. Before Martha knew what she was doing, she had lent in to kiss jack. Jack returned the kiss. He pulled away.

“Is this what you want?” he asked. Martha responded by kissing him again. Jack didn't argue as he finally gave into temptation. He let his tongue explore the inside of Martha's mouth, his hands running up and down her body, getting to know it. Martha knew that this what she wanted, it felt so right. Her hands were already under Jack's shirt, feeling his smooth chest and his defined muscles. She couldn't wait any longer and neither could he. Before long, Martha was leading Jack into her bedroom…


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I have a feeling everyone is going to hate me after this chapter... But please, before all the JM fans kill me, just read the next chapter first because you might be pleasantly suprised :P *hint*


Martha was sitting on the edge of her bed, which Jack was asleep in. Mali was asleep in her room but it wouldn’t be long before she got up. Martha sighed, what was she doing?

Jack murmured in his sleep. She knew it was wrong, but why did it feel so right? She looked over at Jack sleeping peacefully in her bed. He looked so gorgeous … ‘Stop it!’ she told herself, pulling it together. She wished it were possible, but she knew it could never happen, never. Jack groaned as he began to wake up. Martha jumped up quickly and left the room. A few minutes later Jack came out into the kitchen wearing only his boxers. Martha looked over at him, and then realising what she was doing, quickly tore her eyes away. Jack laughed at her.

“Morning,” he said yawning. Martha didn’t reply. Jack frowned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, concerned. Still no reply from Martha. Finally, after a few moments of silence, Martha turned to face Jack, revealing her tear-stained eyes.

“Martha, babe, what’s wrong?” Jack asked wrapping his arms around her. Martha pushed him away. She saw the hurt in his eyes but Martha knew she was doing the right thing.

“Jack,” she began, choking on her tears, “I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I want to but I can’t.” Jack looked at her, confused.

“What? Why? I mean if you want it and I want it…”

“It’s not fair on Mali for me to have a boyfriend so soon after Greg.” Martha explained, still crying.

“But Martha… you know I would never do anything like that.” Martha nodded.

“But still jack. I’m sorry. Last night was great, but it was a mistake. I wasn’t thinking. I can’t do this to Mali, not yet.” Jack opened his mouth to speak but Martha cut him off, “She’s my daughter4 Jack, she comes first.” And with those as her last words, Martha left the kitchen, leaving a hurt Jack alone.


Martha stood outside the school gates. She knew it was only lunchtime but she had to pick Mali up early if they wanted to leave before Jack finished his shift. Martha took a deep breath and entered the school.

10 minutes later Martha and Mali were in the car.

“Mummy, where are we going?” Mali asked cheerfully.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry, we are leaving Summer Bay.” Mali’s smile suddenly disappeared.

“What?” she asked softly, tears forming in her eyes. Martha didn’t answer. The tears in Mali’s eyes started to fall.

”Please mummy,” Mali whispered, “not again.”


Jack walked into his house, arriving home for a lunch break.

“Martha,” he called as he closed the door behind him, “Martha please we need to talk.” He got no answer. Jack walked through the house, checking each room. He frowned as he walked back into the kitchen; it wasn’t like Martha to be not home. Suddenly his eyes rested on a note sitting on the bench. He picked it up.

Dearest Jack,

I’m so sorry. I know I have hurt you but it’s for the best. It’s not fair on Mali for me to have another boyfriend so soon after Greg. And as for me, I don’t think I’m ready yet either. But, Jack you deserve someone better than me as well. So I guess this is goodbye. Give my love to Granddad, Ric and the others. Maybe one day in the future, when Mali and I are ready, we will return to Summer Bay. You have been one of the best things in my life, Jack. Again, I am so sorry.

Forever yours




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Here is the next bit :P I know that it is really short but i wanted to leave you guys with some suspense. Enjoy



Martha sighed and pulled the car over to the edge of the road.

“Mummy, why are we stopping?” Mali asked from the back seat. Martha didn’t answer, she just got out of the car. She walked over to the sign and traced the letters slowly with her fingers. A single tear slipped from her eyes but she wiped it viciously away. Martha stood back and read the message again. She was trying desperately to hide the emotions that the message evoked. It was strange that four words could have so much meaning, hide so many memories, evoke so many emotions.

Welcome to Summer Bay

A small smile crept onto Martha’s lips. She walked quickly back to the car. She could not afford to waste anymore time or else it could be too late.


“Martha,” said Sally softly as she jumped up from her seat in the hospital waiting room and pulled Martha into a tight hug, “I’m so glad you came.” Martha pulled back and looked at Sally’s tearstained face.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” Sally smiled and gestured fro Martha to take a seat. Mali and Pippa were already talking. They had grown quite close while Martha and Mali had been living in the bay.

“Where is everyone else?” asked Martha looking around the hospital.

“Gone home. Everyone was here all last night, they needed a rest. But I couldn’t leave.” Sally explained.

“Any word on his condition?” Martha asked. Sally shook her head.

“He won’t be out of surgery for another couple of hours. It was a pretty big heart attack,” said Sally taking Martha’s hand, “Your granddad is a pretty tough man you know, he’ll get through this.” Martha nodded sadly.

“Is it alright if I leave Mali here with you? I’d like to go and see Jack.”

“Sure, I’ll give you a call if anything changes.”

“Thanks Sal,” Martha called as she left the room.


Martha was standing outside Jack’s front door. She was nervous about seeing him again. She knew she shouldn’t have left like that, She also knew that she hurt Jack. Martha was worried that he wouldn’t want to see her. ‘Well’, she thought to herself, ‘there’s only one way to find out.’ She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She waited a few moments. She sighed, he mustn’t be home. Martha was just about to leave when she heard the door open. She spun around to see Jack staring at her.

“Martha…” he said whispered.


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“Martha…” he whispered.

Martha looked down at her feet, this was even more awkward than she had imagined.

“Who is it babe?” came a female voice from inside. Jack looked at Martha’s sad face as she put two and two together.

“Nobody,” he called to the girl, then to Martha, “look Martha…” Martha cut him off.

“This is obviously a bad time,” she muttered as she turned on her heel and ran from Jack’s house.

“Martha, wait!” jack called but she was already gone.


Martha was sitting on the beach, looking out at the horizon. She should have known there’d be someone else but for some reason, she never thought there would be. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Jack taking a seat beside her on the sand.

“Martha…” he started.

“You don’t need to explain Jack,” said Martha, still looking out onto the horizon, “but I do.” She turned to face Jack. “I’m sorry I left you Jack, but I was scared. I kept making excuses, but deep down, I was scared. I couldn’t handle it so I did the only thing I’ve ever known, I ran away. It was stupid and wrong and I’m so sorry,” said Martha, tears falling from her eyes, “but now…now it’s too late.”

“Hey,” said Jack as he pulled Martha close to him, “It’s ok.” Martha rested her head on Jack’s chest and she let a million tears fall from her eyes. It felt good to be back in Jack’s arms. She always felt safe with his arms around her.

“Martha,” said Jack as he brought her face up to his, “It’s never too late.” Martha looked confused.

“But…the girl…” Martha stammered. Jack smiled at her.

“Rebecca’s not my girlfriend. Yea, I was with her last night. But we’re not together or anything.”

“You’re not?” Martha asked in a small voice. Jack shook his head. He touched her cheek gently, wiping away her tears. Martha leaned her face closer to his. Jack bent down and captured her lips in a kiss. Martha returned the kiss as she let herself get lost in the moment. Suddenly Martha’s phone rang, breaking the kiss. She looked down at the caller ID, it was Sally.

“Sal. Everything alright?” Martha asked, “Oh my God, yea sure I’ll be there.” Martha hung up her phone and looked at Jack. “It’s Granddad.”


10 minutes later Martha and Jack ran into the hospital.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Martha asked Sally.

“He arrested on the table. He’s stable now but they don’t know if he’ll wake up,” Sally said, crying, “Brad took Mali and Pippa back to our house.” Martha nodded, tears forming in her eyes. Jack wrapped his strong arms around her and Martha sobbed into his shirt. He kissed the top of her head and held her close. Martha didn’t need him to say anything, just to hold her. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours. Jack’s presence was all that was holding Martha together, he was helping her to hold onto that last ray of hope that her Grandfather would pull through. Suddenly a voice broke them apart. It was Rachel.

“Good news,” she said smiling, “He’s woken up.”


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