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The Pain of Death!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: the Pain of Death

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Dan, Amanda, Kelly, Ryan, Rebecca

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: Lives in Summer Bay.

Her headlights were the only ones on the road that night, was it she who ran over Peter Baker? She Amanda Vale who ran her recent husband over, or was he already lying there left for dead? She jumped out of her car and ran to Peter, she checked for a pulse but could only find a slight one,

"Peter, are you ok? Are you alive?" asked Amanda, sobbing, "please don't do this to me!"

He didn't reply to her, he just laid there with his eyes wide open, she drove off left him to lay there, for someone else to find him, she was angry at him, angry because he left her to look after there daughter together , now she was left to look after Rebecca and Ryan on her own.

Amanda ran straight to her sister, upset,

"Sis, Peters dead!!" screamed Amanda, out of breath from running,

"what he cant be, I was talking to him an hour ago" replied Kelli, shocked to hear that Peter was dead,

"he's dead Kelli, I drove past him, he was lying there, I found a slight pulse but didn't call an ambulance!" said Amanda, through tears, she couldn't believe her husband was dead, how could he leave her to look after there children, how could he be so cruel, how could she tell Ryan and Rebecca? How would she tell them?

"oh Amanda why didn't you call an ambulance?" asked Kelli,

"I was to scared to, I thought I did it for a second, because I was the only car on the road!" said Amanda, she could still see Peters dead body in her head,

"how are you going to tell Rebecca that her dads dead? And Ryan his uncle?" asked Kelli,

"I don't know Kelli, I need a drink!!" said Amanda, going to the fridge,

"turning to alcohol wont help Missy!" replied Kelli, trying to stop her sister from getting herself drunk,

"all I want is one drink sis, it wont do any harm!!" said Amanda, taking the bottle of vodka to her room.

"****, sis are you ok!" asked Kelli, "what have you done to yourself!!" said Kelli, shocked to see Amanda's arms,

"nothing sis, come have a drink with me" replied Amanda, her arms bleeding,

"ok, I think you way to drunk to have another drink, come on lets get you to a doctor!" said Kelli, worried that her sister might be self harming,

"no, I don't need to see a doctor I'm fine, really!" replied Amanda, grabbing the bottle off Kelli,

"Amanda you cant drink anymore come on!!" said Kelli, she couldn't bare to see her sister drunk any longer,

"Kelli, I'll be ok just let me finish the bottle its nearly finished anyway!!" Replied Amanda, she wasn't going to give into her sister, not now,

"god Amanda, you drink your self to death, yes you lost your husband I understand but there's no need to fcuking drink and slit your ****ing wrists I only care you know that!! What if Ryan or Rebecca were to walk n here and see aye what would you do then!!" shouted Kelli, storming out of Amanda's room.

Amanda put the rest of the vodka on her bedside table, Kelli had put her off, she hated her for doing that.

She grabbed a clot and wiped the blood from her wrists, it felt painful now, at the time she had done it she couldn't feel it, she decided she would listen to her sister and not drink anymore, though she didn't know why she'd listen to her, she was the oldest after all, she knew what she was doing, she ran down the stairs, slipping on the second to last step,

"sis," said Amanda lying on the floor after falling down the stairs,

"how'd you get down there Mandy?" asked Kelli, helping her sister up,

"I was coming to put the bottle away and fell down the second to last step" said Amanda, she felt dizzy really dizzy,

"silly thing, I told you, you had drunk to much!" replied Kelli, sitting a drunk Amanda on the couch and taking the bottle off her,

"I know sis, sorry for not listening to you in the first place!" said Amanda, she wasn't really sorry, she had a right to have a drink, her husband just died. He left her to tell the kids and Dan plus the Bay, Dan wouldn't take it so well,

"lets take you to bed, you need sleep before you tell people, I'll help you tell Dan in the morning!" replied Kelli, helping her sister up again,

"sis can you sleep with me tonight? Please" said Amanda, she didn't want to be on her own tonight, she wanted someone with her,

"of course I will sis, as long as you don't vomit all over me!" replied Kelli,

"I don't feel sick sis, I wont vomit, just please stay with me tonight" said Amanda, almost begging her sister to stay with her for the night,

"ok, ok don't panic sis!!" replied Kelli, she hated seeing her sister like this, it reminded her of there father, all he ever did was drink,

"I'm not panicking" said Amanda jumping into her bed.

"come on sis, you have to do it, it'll be easy, they're all together now!" said Kelli, trying to convince her sister to tell them,

"I know, I'm going to go in now, just let me catch my breath!" replied Amanda, knocking on Dan's door,

"Hey Amanda, Kelli, what brings you here, I thought we were having the kids for the weekend?" asked Dan,

"yeah you are, can we come in, I've got something to tell you" replied Amanda,

"uh yeah sure, what is it?" asked Dan,

"its Peter, he's dead!" replied Amanda, a tear fell from her eye when she told Dan,

"what! He cant be dead, I saw him this morning, he seemed perfectly fine then, what happened?" asked Dan

"someone ran him over Dan, I found a slight pulse, but he was dead!" replied Amanda, that was the hardest thing she's had to do in her life and she hoped she didn't have to do it again,

"Did you call an ambulance?" asked Dan, he couldn't believe his big brother was dead,

"uh yeah I did, but the ambo driver said it was to late, he was dead" replied Amanda, through tears,

"my brothers dead, I've got nothing to live for now! We'd only just sorted everything out" said Dan, storming out of the house.

Amanda took Ryan and Rebecca home with her, she was going to find it hard and upsetting repeating the bad news again, she didn't think she would be able to do it,

"Rebecca, Ryan have a seat please I have something to tell you, Dads dad he's dead, he was in an accident, someone ran him over!" said Amanda, Rebecca was crying her little eyes out and Ryan ran out of the room,

"Mummy he cant be dead, he just cant be!" replied Rebecca,

"I know sweetheart but he is, I wish he wasn't but he is" said Amanda,

"I hate daddy for leaving us!!" screamed Rebecca running out of the room after Ryan.

Ryan was sitting at his desk in his room, pen in hand he wrote a note to his mum and dad,

Dear Mum and Dad,

I cant live without Uncle Peter, so I've decided to go and join him, nothing you can say will change my mind and I know I have a life ahead of me to live, but I don't want it without Uncle Peter, I know he wasn't my father, but it felt like he was, good bye Mum and Dad and Rebecca.

Love from Ryan.

He set the note down on his desk and put Mum and Dad on the front of it and ran straight to the pool, he fell in head first, he laid the for 10 minutes then he died, Ryan Baker-Vale had committed Suicide in the pool.

"Has anyone seen Ryan?" asked Amanda, wondering where her son was,

"no, have you checked his room" replied Kelli,

"Mummy!! Mummy!!" screamed Rebecca, she looked scared,

:"what is it sweetheart? Where's your brother?" asked Amanda,

"he's in the pool, he's dead!" cried Rebecca,

"what!! No!! this cant be happening" screamed Amanda, running out to the pool Kelli behind her,

"Ryan!! Ryan!!" shouted Amanda, jumping in the pool, pulling her son out to see if he was alive, but there was no chance of that he was out cold,

"I'll call an ambulance and Dan!" said Kelli, dialling 000 from her cell phone.

"Dan, are you ok?" asked Amanda through tears, two people had left her in one day, two people she had cared about,

"no, I'm not ok, first my brother dies and now my son follows behind, weren't you looking after him, you should of kept a close eye on him!!" replied Dan, trying to hold back the tears but he couldn't,

"I was, he ran to his room after I told him about Peter, I had to stay with Rebecca, I couldn't just forget about her and run to Ryan, I thought he was ok" said Amanda, she could hardly speak through her tears,

"I'm sorry Amanda, I'm not blaming you, I'm just upset that's all, I cant believe Ryan would do such a thing, he must of really loved Peter" replied Dan, apologizing to Amanda, he didn't mean to have a go at her,

"its ok, I cant believe Ryan would do such a thing just to be with him, he was only young, he had his whole life ahead of him, now its, its gone!" said Amanda, crying more,

"well I'm going to go home, would you like me to take Rebecca with me for a few days?" asked Dan,

"uh yeah sure, if you don't mind that is" said Amanda, she needed some time on her own,

"no I don't mind, you need some time to take all this through!" replied Dan, getting his car keys out of his pocket,

"thanks Dan, bye!" said Amanda, wiping her nose,

"see you later Amanda, take care of yourself!" replied Dan, taking one last look at his sons lifeless body on the hospital bed.

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