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Night of Hell

Guest slinden

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Story Title: Night of Hell

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Lucas, Ric, Mattie, Belle, Drew + new characers Adam and Selina

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Lucas, Ric, Maddie, Belle, Drew, (new Characters Adam and Selina) all head out downtown to check out a new bar which has recently opened.

This fanfic is based on the rumours about Lucas being raped. I thought it would be challenging to try and write a fanfic based on this.


Chapter 1

In a taxi heading to 'Lush' nightclub are Lucas, Ric, Maddie and Belle. They discuss what the new nightclub is like and what is probably in store. Lucas hopes there will be “lush” woman inside. Belle is sitting in the taxi quietly…

Ric : You ok Belle

Belle : Yeah, I’m good

Ric : Gosh that sounded convincing

Belle doesn’t feel to well and wanted to stay at home, but felt this would make her feel better by coming out with her friends. At the club, Drew, Adam and Selina are waiting there for the rest to arrive.

Selina starts moaning its cold and wants to hurry up and go inside. Drew says it will be nearly bedtime soon if they don’t hurry up. Finally the taxi arrives and they get out. They swiftly head into the club.

Ric and Maddie get a seating area for them, with Drew and Adam getting the drinks in. At the bar, Drew asks Adam weather he is going to tell Lucas that he has a crush on him. Adam defiantly says no, he does not want him to know was it would ruin their relationship. Selina comes up behind them both. Adam worries that she overheard, but thankfully, she didn’t.

As some of them get on the dance floor, Belle tries to blend in the background with her Lemonade. They force her to get up on the dance floor, in which she subsequently faints.

Bouncers quickly come over thinking that Belle is drunk. Ric sets them straight and they take her outside for some fresh air. Drew sits with her and they get talking.

Back inside, Lucas is having the time of his life and feels that he is a new person. Lucas tells Adam that he will always be there for him, Adam thinks that he has clocked on and quickly goes to sit down.

On the dance floor, Ric and Maddie link with each other for a slow dance. Ric shocks everyone, including himself when at the end of the song he gets down on one knee and proposes to Maddie. Maddie is left speechless - will she say yes?

Outside, Belle is cuddling Drew and Belle goes and takes advantage by laying a kiss on him. She quickly regrets it and runs off, but Drew tells her not to worry about and then kisses her back. They call it a night and head off home.

Lucas heads of the toilet, where Adam quickly follows. They get talking about things, and as Adam is about to reveal that he is in love with him, a couple of lads come into the toilet, and Adam decides to let it go, and leaves.

Lucas decides to go into a cubical, just as he shuts the door, its knocked open. A lad puts hit hand over his mouth and tells him not to scream. The lad then locks them both in the cubical. Lucas tries to scream but the lad squeezes his mouth harder. Fades too……

As the dance floor goes silence, everyone waits for Maddie’s reply, she looks around at all the people looking at them. She says yes to Ric who picks her up of his feet and gives her a big kiss - but did she say yes to save humiliation?

Adam sits alone with his drink watching the toilet door for Lucas to appear, the two lads who entered previously come out and make a swift exit. Adam gets up and goes into the toilet. He bumps into Ric who is also on his way to the toilet. Adam congratulates him on his new engagement.

As Ric goes to the far cubical, he is taken a back when he sees Lucas slumped in the cubicle crying. Lucas has his arms around his body as if he is shivering. Ric asks several times what’s wrong. Adam pops his head round the cubical in shock.

Lucas continues to cry and shake. Ric kneels down and asks if he’s had to much to drink. Struggling Lucas stumbles the words, “I’ve been raped”.

Ric slowly stands up in total horror. Lucas looks up at them both. He stands up and runs out.

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(NOTES : Lucas, Ric and Maddie live in an apartment (A) together. Adam, Selina, Drew and Belle also live together (B) )

It’s the morning after the night before and Lucas is lying in bed staring into space. In the kitchen Maddie is getting some orange juice. Ric comes through and gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Have you spoken to him yet?” asks Maddie. Ric says no, he doesn’t know what to say, or do at times like this…”what do you say Maddie, I just don’t know”. Maddie tells him that he needs to go and speak to him, man to man as he is going to feel alone. Ric agrees and goes through to Lucas’s room.

Ric goes into his room, and gently closes the door. He stutters as he tries to figure what to say. “Luc, do you want to talk about it?” asks Ric as Lucas continues to stare into space. Lucas says what is he (himself) going to do, and then begins to cry. Ric sits down and puts his arm around him. Ric tells him he should go to the police, but he defiantly says no. Ric assures him that we are all here for him.

Adam is talking to Selina about what Lucas said, She is shocked and suggest that they go round there later. Drew comes out of his room. Drew suggests to Adam that he keep quiet about his “love” for Lucas as it may not help. Adam takes it the wrong way and thinks me means not to take advantage. He storms out.

Selina asks Drew who he had in last night as she could hear a lot of noise. Drew tells her that It was Belle and that they are back on. Selina claps her hand in delight of the news. Belle comes out of her own room. “Taking it slow then, Belle?” asks Selina to a confused looking Belle. Drew tells her that she has just told her, she grins at them, is she now having second thoughts?

Adam is outside the apartment A, he pulls himself together and knocks at the door. Maddie answers it and Adam comes in. Maddie tells him that Ric is in there speaking to him. She tells him to go on through.

Adam sheepishly goes into Lucas’s room, Lucas is now sitting on the edge of the bed. Lucas doesn’t say much. Ric tries to lighten the mood, but fails. You can cut the atmosphere with a knife. Adam asks Lucas as he is feeling. Lucas tries to put a brave face on.

Maddie comes in with some toast. She asks about going to the police but Lucas snaps and says No, no means no. Adam suggests that he go and get himself checked out at a clinic. Lucas looks up, a disgust look befalls his face. “What, in case ive got AIDS, that’s what all you gays get” says Lucas. A deafening silence fills the room.

“I think I better go” Adam says, he head out the door. A tear falls off his cheek as he heads of home.

Back at Apartment B, Belle is in the shower. Drew asks Selina if she is ok as she sits alone. She says yes, but he’s not convinced. Drew continues to ask, she asks him if he remembers about those one night stands they had a few months ago. Drew says yes…” I thought they were just a bit of fun, no, you don’t have anything for me do you”.

“God no” Selina says. I’m just going to get dressed. As she goes into her room, she locks the door and goes into her bedside cabinet and gets out a pregnancy test.

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