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  2. You wrote that chapter so well! It had the empathy it needed wihtout going to far. It was so sweet, and tragic and you set the scene briliantly! Keep going with it! I dread the day this fic is finished
  3. O No! please say Beth wasn't on it...... poor mattie thats just what she needs - haha or it could be cassie trying to ruin the wedding and her plan is foiled muahaha
  4. yay keep it coming!!! i want to see if they are ok!!!! please make Mattie live!!!
  5. YAY i loved it! can't wait for the next update... hope matties ok. You wrote Tony so well - i just hope they get to matilda in time!
  6. AWW i loved it!! yay new tension and Pippa was so cute!
  7. This was awesum. I love this fic. Pippas comment was so cute!!
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