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Blast From The Past

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Story Title: Blast From The Past

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: J&M and others

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Jack and Martha have been happily married for 2 years. However, one day the past comes back to haunt Jack. It will turn their lives both upside down.

Yes, I have written another new fic. This one is about J/M. I know this chapter is short but the next one will be longer. I will update in the next couple of days. Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

Jack woke up and looked at his wife, Martha sleeping soundly. He didn't wake her as it was only eight and it was her day off work. He got out of bed and went into the kitchen to make himself and his wife a cup of tea. When Jack came back into the bedroom, Martha had already woken up and was looking at a photo on her bedside locker of them on their wedding day.

"The best day of my life" Jack said smiling as he gave his wife a cup of tea.

Martha sat up in the bed and replied "Same here!" and she kissed him.

They got out of bed and went in the bathroom to have a shower together. Jack loved sharing a shower with the woman he loved. They took of their clothes and got into the shower. Jack washed Martha down with the shower hose and she done the same to him. They dropped it and started to kiss. They got out, ran back into their bedroom, and jumped back into the bed.


Meanwhile, a dark brown haired woman drove into the Bay. It was her first time in the Bay and she did not know where she was going. She stopped her car and got out. She looked around trying to find someone that would help her. Any single man the would had pasted her would have offered to help. Who wouldn’t. She was very beautiful and could have been a supermodel. She was tall and seemed to had longs legs that went on forever. Finally, after a few minutes she saw a young man.

"Excuse me!"she called

Ric Dalby turned around and saw the most stunning girl he had ever seen in his life!

"Yes" he said

"Oh I was wondering, could you tell me where I would be able to get a drink. I am so thirsty" the brown haired woman said in a seducing tone.

"Em..In...in the diner...just down the road." Ric said nervously.

"Thank You!" she said and got back into her car and drive down the road.


Ric went into the Surf Club to meet Lucas.

"Mate! I just saw the most beautiful woman ever!" Ric said smiling

"Where?" Lucas said as his eyes lit up.

"Down the road." Ric said looking at the menu. Ric saw the woman walk into the Surf Club.

"That is her. Look! But don't look like you are looking" Ric said to Lucas.

Lucas turned around and got the shock of his life. He turned around hoping that the woman didn't see or notice him.

"Mate that girl is big trouble. Stay -"

"Lucas Holden" said the women "Look at you all grown up!"

"What do you what?" Lucas said in an annoyed tone

"I am looking for your big brother, Jacky" she said

"His name is Jack! Why would he want you see a slut like you!"Lucas said

At that moment Ric's felt his heart stop. What was he doing? He thought

"Oh Lucas! That is not a very nice way to speak to a lady." she said

"Here!" Lucas said as he gave a piece of paper to her "That is his address!"

The women left and Ric smacked Lucas over the head.

"That woman is trouble. Just wait and see!" Lucas said rubbing his head.


Jack and Martha were in bed. They had fallen back asleep. Jack woke up as he heard a knock on the door. He looked at Martha and she was still asleep. He quickly got up as the person knocked on the door again. He grabbed his dressing grown and opened the door. Jack got the shock of his life.

"Rebecca!" he said stunned.

"Hello Jacky!" Rebecca said

Preview: Who is Rebecca?

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Chapter 2

Jack was speechless. The last time he saw Rebecca was over 4 years ago. What was she doing here? What did she want?

“Well are you surprised to see me!” she smiled.

“What do you want? You screwed me over once and I will not let you do it again!” Jack said as he walked out onto the porch and closed the door over.

“We need to talk!” she said to him rubbing his face.

“Stop that! I don't want to know!” he said annoyed.

"It is very very important!" Recbecca said

"Fine...Meet me at the diner at 2. Do you kno where that is?" JAck asked

“Yes. A lovely young boy showed me this morning. I saw him with you little brother Lucas…My my, He is all grown up now!” said Rebecca.

“You have seen Lucas?” Jack said

“Yes, Jacky. He wasn’t very nice to me” she replied

“The name is Jack!” Jack said to her.

“Funny! That is exactly what Lucas said to me!” Rebecca said as she left to get in her car. “See you at 2”.

She got in the car and drove down the road. Jack went back into the house. What is she doing here? I am happily married now. He thought. Jack went into the bedroom. Martha was awake.

“Who was at the door?” she asked “I heard you closing it”

“Oh. Nobody! I was just bringing in the milk.” He said.


Rebecca went to the diner straight away as she had nowhere else to go. She sat down looking at the newspaper.

“Excuse me!” she called.

“Yes.” said Colleen Smart

“I am new in town and I was wondering could you tell me on what page of the newspaper can you find houses that are available to rent?” Rebecca asked

“Page 45.” Colleen said. She started at Rebecca in her mini shirt and very dressy top.

“That is all. Thank you!” Rebecca said.

Colleen went into the back where Irene was.

“Did you see that woman out there?” she said to Irene

“Colleen!” Irene said rolling her eyes.

“Look at her! She will be trouble.” Colleen said.


Jack got up. He quickly got dressed as he realised that it was quarter to 2. He kissed Martha and said he would be back later.

“When are you going?” Martha asked

“I will be back in a little while. I just have to go down to the station.” Jack said

“On your day off?” Martha said annoyed

“Yes. Listen. I am sorry. Here. There is 50 dollars. Go out and buy yourself a new dress and I will take you to that new restaurant you have been wanting to go to tonight.” Jack said and left.

Martha got out of bed and got dressed herself. She called Tasha.

“Wanna go shopping?” Martha asked smiling.


Jack went to the diner. Rebecca was sitting down.

“Jacky over here!” she shouted.

Jack came over. “What do you want?”


The evening had settled in nicely. Jack had gone home. What was he going to do? He had to tell Martha about Rebecca. He decided to call her to see where she was.

“Hey. Where are you?” Jack asked

“I am just walking into the diner to get a cup of coffee. Be back in 5, Jack” Martha said as she walked into the diner.

Rebecca was still sitting in the diner. She heard Martha say Jack. She went over to her.

“One coffee, please Irene.” Martha said

“Excuse me. Do you know Jack Holden?” Rebecca asked trying to fine out who this women was.

“Yes. I am his wife.” Martha said as she took out her purse to pay for the coffee.

“His wife?” Rebecca replied.

Martha smiled. “Yes.”

“There you go, doll.” Irene said handing the coffee to Martha.

“Thanks Irene….Oh and it was nice meeting you….Sorry I didn’t catch your name.” Martha said

“Rebecca” she smiled.

“Rebecca!” Martha said and left to go home.

Rebecca took out her phone as it just rang.

“Hello” she said

She waited a little while until she answered

“I will see you very very soon! I promise.”

Preview: What is Jack going to tell Martha? Will Rebecca stay in the Bay?

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Chapter 3

Martha opened the front door. She had bought I lovely dress that she was going to wear tonight. She went into the bedroom and got dressed straight away. When she came into the sitting room, Jack was there. He couldn’t tell her now. He would wait until they came home or maybe until the morning.

“You look lovely!” Jack said to Martha.

“Thanks!” Martha said

“Shall we go then?” Jack asked.

“Yes. I am ready.” she replied and the both went outside and got into the car.


Rebecca had sat down again in the diner. She was waiting for a women to come to show her to her new house that she had just purchased. She was going to start a new life here in the Bay. The women had arrived.

“Sally Fletcher. Lovely to meet you. I am the owner of the caravan park. Would you like to come with me?” Sally said

“Sure. Lets go.” Rebecca said

Both of the women left and headed for the caravan park. The went in Rebecca car's

"So what brought Summer Bay?" Sally asked

"Oh. Just a bit of business. I was here a few months ago and I loved it. So i decided ot move here." Rebecca said.

They reached the caravan park and got out of the car.

“This is it. Here is the key.” Sally said as she gave Rebecca the key to her new home.

“Thank You Sally.” Rebecca said.

“Well if you have any questions, you would were I am.” Sally said and left. Rebecca went out to her car and started to take some of her things into the caravan.


At around midnight, Jack and Martha arrived home. Martha went to have a shower while Jack sat out on the patio in the back garden wondering how he was going to tell Martha. After a while, Martha went into the kitchen. She couldn’t find Jack.

“Jack!” she shouted

“I am out the back.” Jack said.

Martha walked outside to the back garden onto the patio. There was Jack drinking a can of beer.

“Martha I need to tell you something.” Jack said looking at her.

“What is it? What’s wrong Jack?’ she said.

Martha sat down beside him. He couldn’t find the words to tell her. Finally after a few minutes, he spoke.

“This morning. There was a women at the door. A women I have not seen in a long time. A blast from the past I guess you could call it - ” Jack stopped.

“Who is she? Did you have an affair with her? What is she doing here?” Martha said annoyed.

“Her name is Rebecca.” Jack said

“Rebecca…. I saw her down at the diner earlier on.” Martha said still very annoyed.

“What did she say to you?” Jack asked concerned.

“She just asked me did I know you and I said I am your wife. That is besides the point. Tell me now. Who is she? She can just come here and not want something. What does she want - ”

“I have a son, Martha” Jack said looking at the ground.

Preview: How will Martha react to Jack shocking news? Jason, Jack’s son arrives in the Bay.

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Chapter 4

“Martha say something!” Jack begged her as she stood up.

“What can I say? How come you never told me? All these years together and you never told me!” Martha said annoyed.

“Martha I didn’t know! Rebecca only told me earlier on.” Jack got up and hugged Martha.

“What? How come you didn’t know.” Martha asked looking into Jack’s eyes.

“Well…We were dating for about a year and a half. We moved into together and we were happy. About three months after we moved in together, I came home and I saw her with some other guy in our bed. I told her it was over. And that is when my family came to the Bay. That was four years ago. Rebecca wanted me to know so her came in town a few months ago, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell me that I have a son.” Jack said

“What is his name?” Martha asked.

“Jason. He is nearly four year old. I have never knew him” Jack said

Martha hugged Jack again. What was she meant to do? Jack had a son. But it was a son from a previous relationship. Jack never cheated on her. She would just have to except Jason and unfortually Rebecca.


The next morning, Rebecca woke up. She opened the door of the caravan. This was the beginning of her new life with Jason and Jack. She was determined to get him back. She never would of thought that he would be married. This didn’t put her off trying to get Jack back, it just meant that it would be a small bit harder. She went back into the caravan and got dressed. Today her plan was going to start. She would begin to get Jack back. She drove over to Jack’s house.

“Hello…Is anyone here?” She said

Jack came out to the front door and saw Rebecca standing at the door. He opened it and let her in.

“Jack I know this is hard for you to expect but you have responsibilities now.” she said

“I have expected it. It is Martha, my wife I am worried about.” Jack said

“Yes. I met her last night. She seems nice. If she cant expect this maybe you are better off without her.” Rebecca said

“I can expect it. It may take some time. I will had know problem with Jack wanting to be with his son.” Martha said as her walked out into the sitting room

“Oh. Well that is good then. Jack, Jason will be arriving later. I am sure he would love to meet his father.” Rebecca said as she walked out the door “The diner. 6 o‘clock. I will be there will Jason.”

“I will be there. Where are you going to be staying?” Jack asked

“Oh. Didn’t I mention. I will be living here from now on. I figured that I have taken Jason away from you for too long so now he can be in your life. I am staying at the caravan park. I will eventually get a house. See you later, Jack. Goodbye Martha.” Rebecca said as she saw Martha come out of the house.


“I am granddad! I am granddad!” Tony said jumping around like a little school girl!

“DAD!” Jack shouted

“Sorry. Mate. How did Martha take the news?” Tony asked.

“She was okay with me bonding with my son, but I am sure she hates the idea of Rebecca living so close by” Jack said

“Martha is a strong women. She will hang in there.” Tony said.

“Yeah…I hope. I have to go. Talk to you later.” Jack left.

“I am a granddad!” Tony said again.


Martha was at home when Jack returned. He went into the bedroom. Martha was looking a photo’s of them together.

“Hey” said Jack

“Hi. What time are you going at?” Martha asked

“Are you not coming?” Jack asked

“Jack. The invite was for you to meet your son” Martha said looking at him

“Well I want you to come as well! I would love for you to meet him. After all we will all be spending a lot of time together” Jack said as her grabbed Martha’s hand.

“Are you sure, Jack. Why don’t you go meet him and you can introduce him to me tomorrow.” Martha said

“Well, If that is what you want” Jack replied

“Yes…It is. You go and I will meet Jason tomorrow.” Martha said


Jack left the house and went to the diner. He got a seat and waited for Rebecca to arrive with Jason. Irene came over to Jack

“Want to order anything, doll” she said

“No…I am waiting on someone.” He replied

“OK…Well I will come back” Irene said and left Jack.

Rebecca walked in with Jason. He took one look at him and loved him. Jack thought that he looked so like him when he was a child.

“Jack, This is Jason” Rebecca said.

“Hey Jason.” said Jack smiling.

“Hi daddy!” Jason said and he ran and gave his dad a hug.

They talked and talked for ages and ages. Jason told Jack all about where they used to live. He said that he loved to play football and loved going to the beach. Jack was so happy. He couldn’t wait to spend time with Jason and introduce him to Martha.

“Oh. Look at the time. Nearly 9. Better start to head home and get you to bed.” Rebecca said as she looked at her watch. The time had gone by some quickly.

“Jack, If you like, you can spend the day with Jason tomorrow” Rebecca said.

“That would be great. Would you like to do that with me?” Jack asked his son.

Jason nodded. They all walked of the diner together.

“Well. I will see you tomorrow.” Jack smiled at Jason “See you Rebecca.”

Jack went off in a different direction to Jason and Rebecca.

“Mammy, why didn’t daddy go the way we are about to go?” Jason asked

“Oh, Well Daddy has a new women in his life and he lives with her” Rebecca said to Jason

“Oh Ok….so I have two mammy‘s” Jason smiled

“Well…yes I guess you do.” she said laughing.

Rebecca looked at Jack walking and said to herself “Soon…It will be just me, you and Jason”

Preview: Jack takes Jason out for the day with his family. How does it go?

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Chapter 5

Jack went home. Martha was in the sitting room watching the television.

“Hey!” Jack said smiling as he hung his coat on the coat rack.

“So. What he is like?” Martha asked as she turned off the television.

“Martha you are going to love him. He looks just like me when I was that age. He is smart and best of all he likes football!”

“That is great Jack! I am so happy for you. When are you going to see he?” said Martha

“Tomorrow. I have to collect him ad we are going to spend the day together with you!” He said smiling.

“What? Did you tell him about me?” Martha asked.

“Well…no but I am sure that Rebecca would have said something.” Jack replied.

“Oh…ok….Well I guess we could go to the park.” Martha suggested.

“Yeah and play some footy. I am sure Lucas and my dad would also love to meet him. You should of seen my day today when I told him.” Jack said doing an impression of Tony jumping up and down like a school girl.

“Oh My God!” said Martha laughing.

“Ok. Well I am going to go to bed. See you in there?” Jack said smiling

“Yes. I will be in there in a minute.” Martha said.

Martha got up off the sofa. She loved the idea of having Jason around as it would get her ready for when she and Jack decided to have their own children. But she didn’t like having Rebecca around. She didn’t want to lose Jack.


The next morning, the sun was shining high in the sky. It was a great day to go to the park. Jack woke up bright and early. He rang his father and asked would he and Lucas and Beth like to come along to the park. They agreed to come. Jack went in and woke up Martha. Was she ok with all of this? he wondered as he sat beside her on the bed. Martha woke up and saw Jack.

“Good morning!” said Martha smiling.

“Here you go!” Jack said as he handed her a bouquet of red roses.

“Jack! They are lovely!” Martha said

“Well…Thank you for being so good about this. I know it was not easy for you to find out about Rebecca and Jason” Jack said looking at her.

“I don’t mind Jason! But Rebecca….I have a feeling that she had a plan of some sort.” said Martha

“Martha you will never ever lose me!” Jack said.

Martha smiled and looked at the flowers again “How can I ever repay you!”

“Well you can buy me some flowers!” Jack said sarcastically.

“Ha…funny….come here” she said and grabbed him and kissed him.


Jack and Martha went over to Tony’s house. They got Lucas, Beth and Tony and got into the car. Martha noticed that Tony and Beth very excited about meeting Jason. However Lucas didn’t look to happy about it. They arrived at the caravan park and Jason was looking out the window. Jack stopped the car and they all got out.

“Daddy!” Jason said. Jason ran out of the caravan and gave his dad a big hug. Rebecca followed him out.

“Rebecca…you remember my dad, Tony.” Jack said

“Of course I do! Hello Tony. It is good to see you!” Rebecca said

“This is Beth, my step mum.” Jack said

“Lovely to meet you, Rebecca!” Beth said to her.

“And of course Lucas!” Jack said looking at him.

“Well it is all lovely to meet you again” Rebecca said looking at Tony, Lucas and Martha. “And you too, Beth. I hope we will see more of each other!”

Jason had gone back in the house to get his bag. He ran out.

“And this is Jason” Jack smiled.

“Hello” Jason said to them all very slyly hiding behind Jack’s leg.

“Well he wasn’t like this yesterday.” Jack laughed.

“Ok…well we better be off.” Tony said.

“Goodbye Rebecca. I will have him back to you tonight at around 7” Jack said.

They all left. Rebecca stood and watched them leave. She went back into the caravan. She had a whole day to kill. What was she going to do with it?


After a while they reached the park. There was a lot of people there including Dan and Leah with their children VJ and Ryan. Jack went over and introduced Jason to them. He had to explain how he had a son. Jack, Tony, Dan, Lucas and the kids went and played football leaving Martha, Leah and Beth.

“This is great news. Having a son that he never knew about. And Jason seems to be getting on with him great!” Leah said.

“I remember when my kids were that age. They were great. So innocent and they would do everything. Once they are teenagers you will never know what the get up to with they friends!” Beth said.

“Having Jason around has made me realise that I would like to have my own children” Martha said with a big grin on her face. “I mean, Jack loves having him and he came home last night so happy. I am ready and I am sure he is as well”

“Martha….I don’t want you to think that I am against this idea of you guys having children together because I am not but don’t you think this is way to soon after him only finding out had he had a son that he never new about for almost 4 years. The first 4 years of your child‘s life is the most important. They learn to talk, walk, they will start school and so much more. Jack has missed all of that.” Beth said.

“I know….but I am 24 years old and be have been married for 2 years. I think we should start to have or at least start planning our of kids.” Martha said

“I agree with Beth on this one. Let Jack catch up on all the time he has lost with his son first.” Leah replied.

Martha didn’t reply. She knew that she would always want children. She wanted to have them when he and Jack first got married. Seeing Jack with Jason made her want children but maybe Beth and Leah were right. Maybe she should wait and let Jack catch up on all the time that he has missed out on. She would mention it to him in a couple of months.

Preview: Rebecca has a new love interest. Will she leave Martha and Jack alone?

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This was originally part of chapter 5, but it was too long so I made it into two chapters.

Chapter 6

Rebecca went down to the diner. She had to look for a job. She walked in, in her normal clothes, a mini skirt, top that was you could see through and of course her knee high boots. She looked like a h**ker. All she needed was the fish net tights and she was ready to stand on the end of a street corner. She walked in and sat down. Everyone was looking at her but she didn’t care. There was one guy who was staring at her. She watched him as he continued looking at her. He looked like a biker. With all his tattoos and his ripped shirt. She liked him! He walked over to Rebecca.

“Hello…My name is AJ. Can I buy you a coffee?” he asked

“Make is a beer and you are on!” Rebecca said laughing.

They left the diner and headed over to the Surf Club. They talked and laughed. Rebecca told him everything about her and he said the same. They found out that they have a lot in common. He also had a son. But his son lived in Europe and he didn’t see him a lot. After a few hours Rebecca looked at her watch. It half 6. She had to go. Jack would be back with Jason.

“Listen I have to go. My son is being dropped home.” Rebecca said.

“Oh…right. I would love to meet him!” AJ said.

“I don’t think that is a good idea. He had been introduced to enough people over the last couple of days!” Rebecca said grabbing her coat.

“Come on. Please!” AJ said

“Alright. Then come on.” Rebecca said to him laughing.


Rebecca and AJ went over to her house. Jack was not there yet. They went into the caravan. Rebecca turned on the heating and sat on the sofa beside AJ. He looked at her and suddenly their clothes were on the floor and they were having sex on the sofa. After a while, Rebecca noticed car lights. She looked out the window and saw Jack’s car pulling up.

“Sh*t! Jack is here. Quick get your trousers back on” Rebecca said as she hopped of him and put her clothes back on. Rebecca went outside and greeted Jack and Jason while AJ was putting his clothes on.

“Hey Jack. Did you have a good day with your daddy?” Rebecca said looking at Jason

“Yes. Mammy. I did. We went to the park and then for an ice cream.” Jason said smiling

Suddenly, AJ came out of the house.

“I cant find my other shoe” he whispered to Rebecca.

Rebecca looked down at his feet and went red hoping Jack didn’t hear.

“Hey mate. I am AJ.” he said to Jack

“Jack. Jason‘s dad!” Jack said shaking AJ’s hand.

Jason went into the house with AJ.

“Guess what I have” Jason said to AJ as they walked into the house.

“What?” asked AJ

“I have two mammy‘s!” Jason said delighted with himself.

“That is really cool.” AJ said

“Will I be getting two daddy‘s?” Jason asked looking at AJ

“I don’t know about that mate!” AJ said laughing. "Come on. You can help me find my other shoe!"

“Well…you don’t wait do you!” Jack said annoyed.

“Excuse me!” Rebecca said

“Sleeping with a guy. God only knows when you met him. More that likely today! That was how it was with Ricky! You remember Ricky don’t you! The guy you cheated on me with!” Jack replied. He was so angry at Rebecca.

“Jack don’t you dare talk to me - ”

“Save it for someone who cares, Rebecca because I don’t give a sh*t! Also I don’t want that guy near my son! He is a bad influence” Jack said

“You don’t even know him! So don’t - ”

Jack interrupted her again “I don’t care! He is my son! I should have a say in you is around him and who isn’t.”

“I don’t mind him seeing Martha! Do I?” Rebecca said very annoyed.

“Martha is my wife, Rebecca. There is a difference to being married and having a son from a pervious relationship that to be dating a guy that you picked up on the job!” Jack said to her, fumming.

By now most people had emerged from there homes.

“What do you mean by that?” Rebecca shouted

“Do I need to spell it out! You dress like a wh*r* so I thought that you were one!” Jack said as her got into his car leaving Rebecca.

Rebecca was so angry. How dare he talk to me that way. I have every mind to keep on dating AJ and leave him with that b*tch of a wife and also keep him away from Jason. Yes, I think that is what I will do. Stick with AJ and leave him with that fat cow, Martha. That will p*ss him of even more! Rebecca thought. She went back into her caravan. She noticed that everyone was staring at her. She turned around and said

“What the f*ck are you all staring at? Have you never seen two people fighting. F*ck off, you b*st*rds!”


Jack want home and slammed the door shut.

“That f*cking b*tch!” Jack said.

“Jack? What is wrong?” Martha asked as she came out of the bedroom.

“That f*cking wh*r*! She is doing someone that she only meet today! He is trouble and he is going to be around my son. I cant take it!” Jack shouted.

“Jack! Calm down!” Martha shouted at him.

“Martha! How the f*ck can I calm down! That wh*r* is with the biggest trouble maker in the Bay!” Jack shouted back at her. He went into the bedroom and slammed the door. Martha was stunned. She had never seen Jack like that before. Rebecca being with AJ really p*ssed him off. Why? She thought. Even though, Martha hated Rebecca, she deserved to be happy! Martha went into bed later that night. Jack was already a sleep. It was their fight as a married couple. She hoped everything would be okay the next morning.

Preview: Will Rebecca let Jack see their son after their recent row?

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This chapter is dedicated to beakyboo. :cool:

Chapter 7

When Martha woke up the next morning, Jack was not in the bed. She got up and looked around the house. He wasn’t in the house. She got dressed and went to the beach. Maybe he went for a surf. She got to the beach and he was sitting on the beach. She went over and sat beside him.

“Martha I am sorry about shouting at you last night” Jack said to her.

“It is okay. I know she made you mad but it doesn’t mean that you can come home and take your anger out on me.” Martha replied.

“I know Martha. I am so sorry. I have to go over to Rebecca‘s and talk to her about it” Jack said.

“Is that a good idea, Jack” Martha asked.

“Well I have to see Jason. My dad is spending the day with him” Jack said

“Why don’t I go and get him. That way you and Rebecca can both cool off.” Martha suggested.

“Ok. I will ring dad and tell him that you will be dropping Jason over.” Jack said as they both got up and walked home.


Martha was nervous as she reached Rebecca home. She knocked on the door. Rebecca opened it. She looked p*ssed off.

“Oh. I thought Jack was collecting him! To scared to show his f*cking face!” Rebecca said rudely.

“No. It was my idea because I think I would be nice to try and get to know my step son!” Martha replied.

“He is my son and Jack‘s! Not yours!” Rebecca shouted.

“Listen! me and Jack are married! He is my step son now and if you don’t like it tough sh*t!” Martha said to her.

“After last night, I have every right not to allow Jack to see our son” Rebecca said.

“Mammy! Are I not allowed to go and see granddad Tony?” Jason said as he came out to the door.

“Maybe another time Jason” She said to him.

“Rebecca please don’t do this to Jack and Tony. You have taken Jason about from them for to long. If you have decided after last night not to allow them or me see Jason well I think there is no point on you being here.” Martha said calmly.

Rebecca looked at her and said “Jason get you stuff ready. You are going to see your granddad. Make sure Tony has him back before 8. Tell Jack if he ever talks to me like that I will not let him see Jason”

Martha smiled. They both walked back to Tony’s house and Martha could see how jack had loved him. He was the cutest child she had ever seen. Martha knocked on the door and Tony answered.

“Have him back by 8. Strict instructions by Rebecca” Martha said rolling her eyes.

Tony laughed and went into his house with Jason. Martha went home to Jack.


Rebecca was at home. AJ was calling over. She got dressed into her clothes, even though the minute AJ arrive they would be off. She lit candles and put on some slow music. AJ arrived and knocked on the door.

“I am coming!” Rebecca shouted.

“You will be soon!” laughed AJ.

Rebecca went and opened the door. The minute she did, AJ jumped on her. She fell on the floor and like she predicted her clothes were of in a matter of seconds. They moved into the bedroom. At the moment, Colleen Smart walked pasted the caravan. She was disgusted to here moaning and groaning. She quickly walked past the caravan. After a couple of hours, they got dressed. They were in the sitting area of the caravan.

“I hate living here!” She complained.

“Why?” AJ asked,

“It is way to small!” she said as she opened a can of beer.

“Why don’t you move?” AJ suggested.

“Well, lets see! I have no job which means I have no money!” she shouted.

“Why don’t you move in with me then?” AJ asked.

Rebecca was unsure. They had only met each other the day before. Sleeping with someone that you had only just met was a completely different thing than to moving in with them.

“I will think about that!” she replied.


Over at Martha and Jack’s house, they had a meal. It was now nearly 8. Jack was wondering did Tony get Jason home. He rang him and said yes. However, Tony also told him that some guy with many tattoo’s was there as well. Jack was not happy.

“That guy is near my son again!” Jack said to Martha.

“Jack, I know she hurt you but come on, she deserves to be happy!” Martha said

“I am going over there!” Jack said grabbing him coat.

“Jack! Don’t! Please” Martha begged.

“Why?” Jack asked

“Because you will regret it!” Martha replied.

“Why will I?” Jack said confused.

“Because, Rebecca said that if you ever talk to her the way you did last night, see will not let you see Jason. She wasn’t going to earlier on but I managed to convince her.” Martha said

“Why did you tell me this?” Jack shouted.

“Because I didn’t want to hurt you.” Martha said.

Jack went outside. He got in his car and drove off. Martha started to cry. Her marriage was breaking down. Would she lose Jack? She was not be able to take much more of this business with Rebecca.

Preview: Will Martha leave Jack?

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Chapter 8

Three weeks had pasted since Jack drove off that day. He came back and Martha had left him a note saying that she couldn’t take anymore of this business. She packed her bags and moved in with Sally. Jack had spend those three weeks with Jason. Rebecca was delighted to hear they were over. Jack however was devastated. His marriage was over. When Martha would see him, she would ignore him. Martha was so upset. They marriage was prefect before Rebecca came along. Jack heard the phone ring.

“Hello!” he said,

“Jack. Are you coming over to see Jason today?” Rebecca asked

Jack looked at his watch. He was meant to collect Jason at 11 and it was now half 11 “Sh*t! I will be over in 20 minutes”

Jack hung up the phone. He went in the bathroom. It looked like he hadn’t shaved in days. He quickly got ready and drove over to Rebecca’s


“Good morning, love” said Alf.

“Hello granddad” Martha replied.

“How are you this morning?” Alf asked.

“Not well!” Martha said getting the orange juice out of the fridge.

“What is the matter?” Alf asked.

“Headache!” Martha replied.

“Well hope you feel better!” Alf said.

Alf left Martha in the kitchen. When she finished her breakfast, she had a shower and went out.


“Jason!” Rebecca called “Daddy is here!”

Jason ran outside. Jack had just pulled up. He stepped out of the car.

“Hello Jack” said an annoyed Rebecca.

“Rebecca I am sorry! It went out of my head” Jack said “Heya sport!”

“Hello daddy!” Jason said “Bye mummy”

“How are you Jack?” Rebecca asked.

“I have been better” Jack replied

“If you need help I am hear for you!” Rebecca smiled.

“Thanks. Rebecca!” Jack said getting into the car.


Martha was walking along the beach. She saw Jack and Jason. Jason saw her.

“Daddy! Daddy! Look! It is mammy number 2!” Jason smiled and ran up to Martha.

“Jason! Jason!” Jack called after Jason and ran after him.

“Hello!” Martha said to him

“I haven’t seen you in a while” Jason said “Why?”

“Oh I have been busy!” Martha said.

“Jason! Come on! Sorry about that Martha” Jack said handing Jason hands.

“It is okay, Jack” Martha said

“Can you spend the day with me and daddy?” Jason asked.

“Jason!” Jack said

“I would love to!” Martha said.

They spend the day together like a family Jason was playing in the sand and Jack and Martha sat beside each other.

“Jack, this doesn’t mean that we are getting back together because we are not” Martha said breaking the silence.

“I know! But it was nice to spend the day together” Jack replied

“It was” Martha said looking at her watch “Oh! Is that the time. I have to go!”

Martha stood up. She said goodbye to Jack and Jason and left.


Martha waited in the doctors office. The doctor came in.

“I have the results of your tests” she said

Preview: What are the results of Martha’s tests

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Chapter 9

Martha looked into the doctors eyes. “Your pregnant” finally registered. Martha went home. What was she going to do? She wasn’t with Jack anymore and now she was pregnant with his baby. She always said to herself that if she ended up pregnant she would hoped that it would be with a person she loved. That was Jack. How would she tell him? She still loved Jack and she was sure that he still loved her. But all the things that had been happening lately had gotten to much.

“Heya, Sal” said Martha as her walked into the house.

“Hello Martha. How are you?” Sally asked drinking a glass of water

“Pregnant!” Martha said and sat down.

“What?” Sally said as she nearly chocked on her water.

“I found out today! What I am going to do?” Martha said.

“I think you know what you have to do” Sally said.

“I can’t tell him! It is over between you.” Martha said

“Martha….he has a right to know! Do you want what happened to him and Jason, happen again?” Sally said.

Martha didn’t reply. Sally was right. He needed to know. Maybe they could give their relationship another go. She decided that it was too late to go over tonight so she would go over the next day.


Rebecca woke up the next morning. She was happy because she was moving in with AJ. She had most of her things packed and set off with Jason. They arrived at AJ house. It was prefect she thought. It had more than one bathroom which would make Rebecca very happy.

“This is your room!” AJ said as he showed Jason his bedroom.

“Cool!” Jason said looking around his new room.

Rebecca kissed AJ and then they watched Jason play in his new room.


“Ok! Bye Rebecca!” Jack said. Jack put the phone down. He had learned to control his angry. Martha knocked on the door. She was going to tell him about the baby. Jack opened the door. He was stunned. He invited Martha in and she sat down. He wondered why she was here.

“Would you like a drink?” Jack asked.

“No. Thanks” Martha replied.

“Do you want anything?” Jack asked.

“Jack I have to tell you something.” Martha said

“What?” Jack said confused.

“Jack….I am pregnant!” Martha said

“What!?! That is great news!” Jack said smiling

“I don’t want our baby to grow up with divorced parents” Martha said

“He doesn’t have to!” Jack smiled.

“What makes you so sure it is a boy?” Martha laughed.

“Oh! I can tell!” Jack joked.

Jack hugged his wife. He was so happy that they were getting back together and now they were going to be having a new baby. She went over to Sally’s and got her things. She was back in her bed that night beside Jack

Preview: It is Jason’s 4th birthday. How will it go?

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Chapter 10

3 months later…..

Jason was turning four in a couple of days. As Jack had missed his birthdays since he was born, he made a great effort to make it up to him. Martha watched as each day before his birthday, Jack would bring home a present. So far he had got him, a television, lots of bob the builders dvd‘s, a train set, a bike and trampoline! Martha hoped that he would be this generous to their son or daughter. Martha was starting to show. She had a little bump. Pregnancy agreed with her. She wasn’t really sick that often and her skin was glowing. Rebecca was having difficulties with AJ. He had been going off and hitting on other girls while Rebecca’s head was turned. But Jason loved having two mammy’s and two daddy’s.

“Oh my god!” Martha said as she watched Jack bring in his next present. “What is that?”

“It is a bed! But it is shaped likes a car! Do you think he will like it? I think he will!” Jack said smiling. Martha was speechless. What was she meant to say.

“Well! That is all!” Jack said as he put all the presents in one corner of the spare bedroom “Do you think that is enough, Martha?”

“Yes! I do” laughed Martha.

“Don’t worry little one! I will treat you the same way” Jack said talking to Martha’s tummy.

“So! How will I get this all over to Rebecca's?” Jack said scratching his head.

“A truck maybe!” Martha smirked.

“Funny!” Jack replied.


“AJ! AJ! AJ” shouted Rebecca.

“What?” AJ shouted

“Get up!” she shouted in his ear.

“Why?” AJ asked,

“Because it is 2 o‘clock in the afternoon!” Rebecca said.

“Leave me for another few minutes” AJ said.

“NO!” Rebecca said as she pulled the covers off him

“I don’t feel well!” AJ complained

“Well, you shouldn’t spend all your time at the pub!” Rebecca said to him.

“I didn’t!” AJ said

“EM! Excuse me! You came home at 3 o clock in the morning!” Rebecca said.

“What? The last time I looked at my watch it was 11” AJ said getting out of the bed.

Rebecca left the room. She gave up.


The next day it was sunny out. It was a great day to have a party. Jack took all the presents over the night before when Jason was in bed. Rebecca was very grateful. It seemed that everyone was getting on. The party started at 3. All the children from Summer bay came as well as some of Rebecca's old friends from when she used to live in the city. AJ started drinking very early on in the afternoon. He was drunk by the time the party was over.

“Jason!” Martha called.

“Yes.” Jason said

“Here. This is a present from me!” Martha handing him a gift.

“That you Martha!” Jason said hugging her. “Your baby will have a great mammy!”

“What is that?” Jack said coming over.

“Look. daddy! It is a Super Mario game” Jason said showing Jack the title on the box.

“Oh We will have you play that - ” Jack stopped. He heard shouting. He ran into the house. It was AJ and Rebecca.

“Don’t you f*cking ever talk to me like that!” AJ said.

“F*ck off!” Rebecca said back.

“Listen here. If you ever talk to me like that you will be out of this f*cking house and on the street!” AJ said pushing Rebecca up against the wall. Jack ran over.

“I am f*cking out of here!” AJ said leaving the house.

“Are you ok?” Jack asked Rebecca.

“Yeah…thanks Jack” Rebecca said. Jack noticed at bruise on Rebecca’s arm. “Did he do that?”

“No!” Rebecca said

“Tell me! Did he hit you!” Jack asked her.

“I told you! No” Rebecca said

“Then how did it get there!” Jack asked.

“I walked into a door last week” Rebecca said

“Oh! Come on! Do you think I will actually believe that!” Jack said.

“Yes he did! Jack! I need help. I have nowhere to go!” Rebecca broke do into tears.

Jack looked into her eyes. He said that he would protect her. Rebecca held on tight to him. She knew that he would protect her. She felt safe around him. Was she starting to have feelings for him again?

Preview: How will Jack protect her?

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