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I've just been messing around with a few Mattie and Tasha screen caps I found on here, and I thought I'd show you all the results.

Be kind though, these are first attempts, and I'm definitely not any good at this!

Matilda avatars

1)liespurplepq5.jpg 2)matildaiieo6.jpg 3)matildaixpalelu3.jpg 4)matildavfreshkl4.jpg

5)matildaviiforyouxf1.jpg 6)matildaxiupsideredtx8.jpg 7)mattieiiswirlsxv1.jpg 8) matildaviiiyg5.jpg

9)mattienameisharosefunkyaz3.jpg 10)matildaxiaquabo5.jpg

Tasha avatars

1)tashaibluewx9.jpg 2)tashabluervz7.jpg 3)tashaivkw8.jpg 4)lonelyasyouea1.jpg


Please let me know what you think, and if anyone has a pointers on how to improve then I'd love to hear them!! I'm planning to start a Martha collection next -x-

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