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Boyd Grow some Brains

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Yeah! i agree that was pathetic, i believe Janae did the rigt thing about it though!....

they're leaving!? >.< DAMNIT! Boyd reminds me of my boyfriend! :wub: (obviously not the bad side of him where he cheated and lied)

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Boyd seriously needs to grow some brains. He lied to Janae and is still in contact with Glenn of course Janae dosent like Glenn Boyd kissed her Boyd needs to get this through his thick head now

Who is Glenn?

A girl that Boyd had a one-night stand with after saving her from drowning in Tasmania, when he was looking for Max. Her name's Glennys Forrest, which to me is an obvious reference to Alex Forrest/Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction, especially since her name was originally going to be Alex.

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