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Mark Furze and Soapstars on This Morning

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If no one else saw it, there wasnt very much of Mark (then again, there wasnt very much of any of them because they had to split the time between 11 of them!) - basically the presenter said how excited the girls in her office (I think she's a soap columnist for a magazine maybe... she also reviews the soaps for This Morning) were that Mark is here becaue they love Ric. She mentioned how he had been in the running for sexiest bachelor in Australia, and he joked that he wasnt sure whether it was a good thing to be an obviously single bloke. She then commented on his favourite bands (AC/DC and 2 others I haven't heard of) and she then joked that they were her favourite bands too.

Mark was looking very nice for those of you who are interested, if a little bewildered at times! He and Alan Fletcher were sat next to each other - interestingly Alan said that if it wasnt for the huge Neighbours fanbase in the UK, Neighbours probably wouldnt still be on the air... don't know how accurate that really is.

Hope some people find this interesting!! :D

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Yeah, he looked very nervous and out of place, maybe he's not getting on too well with the other participents. I did notice the woman focused more on the British contestants, Alan Fletcher and Mark Furze just scraped in at the bottom of the barrel, which i thought was unfair as they've made the most effort to be able to be involved in it, i did notice that Alan got more of a cheer from the other sofa when the presenter was talking to him. I bet those two will do better than any of the rest. The only other ones besides Mark and Alan i really like are Antony Cotton, Jane Danson, Leon Lopez, Gemma Atkinson and Verity Rushworth, i don't have much time for the others.

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