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Thanks, the librarians.

Chapter One


"Perfect." Tony finished for me, as he rocked the new-born back and forth in his arms. It was something that I couldn't deny, everything about her was, quite simply, perfect. But that didn't mean she meant anything to me, it didn't mean that she was anything other than the empty shell I had given birth to earlier that day. By the look on Tony's face though, he felt anything but the same. He hadn't put her down since the moment she came into the world, he was always there, either hugging her close or playing with her, showing me just how much he loved his new little girl. I just lay in bed, nodding and smiling, and wishing that she'd never been born.

"Beth? Beth!" I snapped back into the real world, shaking my head slightly, hoping that it would kill all of the bitter thoughts in my mind. It didn't.

"We're going to leave you two to get some rest, but I think she might want a cuddle from her mummy before settling down!" Tony beamed at me and held the tiny bundle towards the outstretched arms, laying her in them gently. My only two choices now, were to either act like the loving, caring mother that I knew I could never be, or break the hearts of the people I loved most. I didn't even have to think about it.

Chapter Two

"Wow, she was gorgeous." Rachel spoke softly, a definite hint of sadness in her voice. I reached across the table and rubbed her arm, wanting to comfort her as much as possible, as I suddenly felt a huge twinge of painful guilt.

"Yeah, she really was. But…are you okay?" I meant my voice to sound strong and together, like this wasn't effecting me at all, but instead it came out as a pitiful squeak. Not what I had in mind! She nodded at me slowly, trying desperately to conceal the tears that were dripping down her face. I felt my heart break a little bit more.

"It's okay to be sad Rach, I don't mind you know?" I got up off my char and walked over the where she was sitting, facing the window of the diner. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into my chest, whispering softly into her neck. I felt people staring at us from all directions, and they muttered to each other, pointing and sniggering, trying to work out what was going on. The diner wasn't the place to be doing this.

"Let's go for a walk" I muttered, drawing myself away form her body and into a standing position. I knew then, that things were never going to go back to how they were.

Sorry about the shortness of both chapters, after I while they'll get longer!

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Here it is! Chapter 3:

Her eyes widened in surprised. There were so many of them! Tiny, gentle, silent, attention-seeking, stinky brats. They were fine when they were sleeping and cute, but wait until they start waking up her in the middle of the night, so she fkunks her exam in school the next day.

She didn't know which one was her baby sister, so she settled for despising them all. She knew they had done nothing in their tiny lives so far, apart from being born. They were innocent little people, sleeping silently while she fixed her hard glare on them. She spun on her heel, sick of the hatred filling her at the newborn babies in the nursery, leaving the dark hospital.

Kit Hunter bounced in her seat as her red automobile went over a speedbump quickly. She smiled pleasantly at the familiar, clean 'Welcome to Summer bay' sign. She had left so much behind, and was coming back to it all. Bringing a little something with her...

Eyes wide open, Beth struggled to close them. Whenever they were shut, an image of her innocent baby daughter flew to her mind. She tried to blink back her hot tears, but they slowly left her eyes, sliding down her face. She couldn't count how many times she had felt the same, depressed feeling that day. She sniffed quietly....how was she going to do this?

Kit opened the door gently, closing it in the same way. She didn't want to draw too much attention to herself. It was bad enough having to arrive in a queit street in her rattly old car at midnight. Suddenly, she could sense a figure behind her. She heard footsteps, and she heard a gulp from them, as though they were crying. She slowly turned around, hoping she and her baby were in no danger...

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