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Spiral IV: Facing the Enemy.

Guest Natasha

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Story Title: Spiral IV: Facing the Enemy

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Morag, Josh West, Amanda, 3 ocs.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Laura suspects Morag may developing feelings for another…and will Morag act on these feelings? Is this the end for the couple? Meanwhile, an enemy from Morag's past returns to make Morag's life miserable


SUMMARY: Laura suspects Morag may developing feelings for another…and will Morag act on these feelings? Is this the end for the couple? Meanwhile, an enemy from Morag's past returns to make Morag's life miserable.

DISCLAIMER: The characters from Home and Away aren't mine.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: this takes place during the murder of Josh West and when you-know-who finally figured out who killed him-and then a few months after that. So, just in case anybody hasn't seen these episodes, they will contain spoilers. Will contain adult themes, so not suitable for those under 15 years of age. I think that covers everything.


Justice Morag Bellingham unlocked the door to her city apartment and found her girlfriend sitting on the couch. She was watching one of her favourite movies-for about the tenth millionth time. It was the Titanic.

" Aren't you sick of it by now?" Morag greeted her, pecking her cheek with a fond kiss.

" How can you get sick of your favourite movie? Hence why its called your favourite." Laura replied, her eyes never leaving the screen, " and besides, its the first time I've watched it since we got this new wide-screen, LCD TV. The picture is so perfect."

Morag rolled her eyes as she entered the kitchen. They have been living together in the city for almost three months now. Laura has not gone back to Summer Bay since her son Jacob, went off to boarding school. It held too many bad memories for her. Morag however, had to go back soon. Laura wasn't going to be too happy about her going. Morag had no choice, she had a few loose ends to tie up.

As they sat on their balcony, Morag delayed in telling her for awhile. Laura seemed to be in a good mood as she talked about her son.

" Are you okay?" Laura asked, " You've been really quiet." She took a sip of her coffee.

Morag winced, " Um, there's something I have to tell you." She began.

" Go on."

" I have to go back to Summer Bay." Morag told her and Laura frowned.

" What for? I know you have family there, but you've been phoning them and emailing them."

" There's a few things I must do. The police still have my files, and I want them back."

" How long wil you be away?" Laura asked stiffly. She was angry.

" A week." Morag paused.

" Don't expect me to come with you." Laura snapped.

" I would like you to though." Morag insisted.

" I don't want to argue with you about this again Morag." Laura protested but argued they did. Frustrated with Laura for being so stubborn, Morag stalked back into the apartment to pack.

* * *

Laura had dozed off on the couch while Morag was packing and didn't hear her leave. An hour later she woke. " Morag?" she called out and started looking for Morag. Her suitcase was gone. Morag had left without even saying goodbye.

And do you blame her? Laura demanded herself, she wanted to see her family and you didn't want her to go. You were looking after yourself—since when did you become selfish? She shook her head, angry and annoyed with herself. This fight will blow over, she thought hopefully. They usually do and making up is always fun.

* * *

Morag drove towards Summer Bay, lips tightened. She had gotten herself worked up and was now furious with Laura. It wasn't as if she needed permission to go! She should be able to go to the Bay anytime she liked-with Laura's support.

They've been together for nearly five months now and has been living together for three of those months. They've argued before-heaps of times. They could be both stubborn and set in their own ways. But for most part, they really did love each other.

I should feel lucky, Morag tried to console herself, I've finally found the one person who is meant to love me and yet I feel—she didn't know how she felt.

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Alfred looked very surprised to see his sister back home.

“ Morag!” he exclaimed, letting her in.

“ Hello Alfred.” Morag answered; she had not told him she was coming. She pulled her trolley-bag inside. Alfred glanced behind her, “ Where’s Laura?”

“ At home. Why?”

“ I thought she would have come with you.” Alfred replied.

“ Well, she isn’t” Morag said “ I came back to get some files from the police. They still have it.” She rooted around her suitcase until she found a bottle of scotch, “ It’s scotch-o-clock, would you like some?”

“ It’s three in the afternoon!” Alfred exclaimed.

Morag ignored this and headed into the kitchen.

* * *

Late the next morning, Morag returned home with the rest of her files and a box. Alfred walked down the stairs to finding her searching for something. She looked flustered-and his sister does not normally get flustered.

“ What’s up?” he asked.

“ Nothing. I’m fine.” Morag muttered as she hunted through the other boxes on the desk. Frustrated, she turned to Alfred. “ Did anyone touch any of my documents while I was gone?”

“ No of course not.” He frowned, “ Morag-“

“ Don’t start Alfred. I’ve had a very tiring day yesterday.”

“ No kidding. I couldn’t get two words from you last night.” He paused, “ I really thought Laura would be here too.”

“ Unlike myself, she doesn’t have any ties to Summer Bay.” Morag replied, rifling through a blue folder.

“ But she has friends here. We would have love to seen her.”

“ Well, she was-busy.”

“ Are you sure you’re all right-what about Laura?”

“ We’re fine. Stop asking so many questions. We are fine.” She actually trying to convince herself more than Alfred. She grabbed some things and told him she was heading out again.

* * *

Alfred sank down on the couch, too stunned to believe what he was just told. All this time-all this time and it had been Barry Hyde! Everyone liked Barry Hyde but he has fooled everyone. Just a few hours ago, his sister realized who had killed the town’s mayor Josh West. Some of her files were missing, files from the education department. She put two and two together and came up with her conclusion; Barry Hyde shot the mayor.

Barry was now arrested and Alfred was glad to see him go. His family had suffered months of interviews by the police who thought everyone had a motive for murder. Josh West wasn’t a popular bloke. He had a lot of enemies. And Barry Hyde just stood aside and watched the whole thing without saying a word!

A few nights later, Kim Hyde, his girlfriend Rachel and Morag arrived back at Morag’s place. Barry Hyde was now released on bail; Morag had put up his bail for two hundred thousand dollars. It was a lot of money and Barry couldn’t afford it. Morag was only happy to help.

Barry’s trial wasn’t far away-they had four weeks to prepare.

“ Where’s your father staying Kim?” Morag asked as Rachel began making them cups of coffee.

“ At a motel.” Kim replied and paused, “ I asked him to join us but he wants to be by himself. Listen Morag, I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us.”

“ That’s quite all right Kim.” Morag replied, “ I am hoping we’ll get your father a lighter sentence.”

“ Hopefully not too light a sentence!” a voice exclaimed. It was Alfred and he had overheard them talking.

“ Alfred!” Morag admonished him shocked. “ Barry Hyde is your friend!”

Was my friend Morag.” He corrected her then turned to Kim,

“ Look, I know he’s your father and all but he’s put my family through so much pain, I don’t care if he gets the death sentence!” he snapped, fury getting the better of him. Kim stared at him, hurt.

“ Alfred Stewart, you had better apologize to Kim this instant!” Morag ordered him.

“ I meant every word I said Morag!” Alfred insisted, “ If I ever see that man again, it will be too soon!” then he grabbed his hat and stormed out of the house.

* * *

Alf poked his head around the doorway, “ hello?” he called out but the house was dark. He lay low after his hasty retreat and was glad everyone had gone. He couldn’t face them. He felt ashamed about the way he spoke to Kim. Kim was a top bloke, it was just such a shame he was related to Barry Hyde.

And just last week, we had Barry Hyde over for dinner! Alfred though as he opened a bottle of beer, He was eating Sally’s lasagna as if he didn’t have a care in the world. The phone rang and he picked it up.

Summer Bay Caravan Park.”

“ Alf? It’s Laura.”

“ Laura! How are you?”

“ I’m fine.”

“ I was surprised when I didn’t see you with Morag the other day. Why didn’t you come down?”

“ I just have a few things to do that’s all.” Laura replied vaguely, “ Is Morag there?”

“ No, she’s with a client. Do you want to leave a message?”

“ Uh no, it’s not important.” She started to hung up.

“ Wait a minute-everyone would love to see you. Why can’t you come down…even if its just for a few days?”

“ No, that’s okay. I really am busy here.” Then Laura hung up on him.

Alfred frowned and replaced the receiver. Now he knew something was up. Laura and his sister were having troubles again.

* * *

A week went by and no sign of Morag. Laura stared at the phone. Morag hadn’t called once. She must be really mad this time. She has been gone a week and two days.

She was about to reach for the phone when it rang.

“ Hello?” she asked, trying to sound breathless-like she hasn’t been waiting by the phone.

“ Laura?” it was Morag!

“ Oh…hi.”

“ You’ve probably been wondering why I hadn’t called.”

“ Actually, no.” Laura fibbed.

“ I’m sick of playing these games I want us to patch things up but you have to come here.”

“ Morag, I already told you-“

“ Unless you don’t want to, that’s fine with me. Stuff is just taking a little longer that’s all. A good friend of mine is on trial for murder and I’ll be working on his case. I’ll be here for awhile.”

“ Well, you’ll be too busy with this new case to even bother with me.” Laura knew she sounded childish.

“ No I won’t. I want to patch things up. Even Alfred knows something is wrong. Can you please come down?”

“ All right then. I’ll be there in the morning.”

“ Good. You remember how to get to Sally’s house?”

Laura hung up and smiled to herself. She knew if she waited hard enough, Morag would be the first to call.

* * *

They can’t keep me locked up in here. When I get free, I’ll be finishing what I’ve started. The Patient in room 220 thought to herself as her nurse walked in with the medication.

“ Time for your medication.” The nurse chirped out, bringing over a tray.

“ Do I have to? I don’t like those pills. They make me see things.” The patient hugged her knees to her chest, “ Things that aren’t supposed to be there.”

“ Now you know if you don’t take them, they’ll strap you in again.” The nurse reminded her, “ the doctor did say if you’re cooperative you don’t have to be strapped to that bed.”

The patient scowled and dutifully took the medicine. The nurse made sure she swallowed them and finished them with a glass of water.

“ There, that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

The patient couldn’t stand this nurse. She was tall, with blonde curly hair was always so darn cheerful.

“ Lights out soon.” The nurse said as she straightened out her sheets.

“ When I get out, I will come for you.” She told the boy in the framed photograph. The nurse glanced over at it.

“ Who’s that there?”

“ My son. They took him away from me when he was born.”

“ How terrible! Who would do such a thing?”

“ My own sister and brother, that’s who.” The patient replied, “ I didn’t even get to say goodbye. They came and took him away. But I’ll be getting him back. He belongs with no one but me.”

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Morag waited for Laura’s arrival. She saw the familiar red Getz pulled up alongside the two other cars in the driveway.

“ Glad you could make it.” Morag greeted her, giving her a peck on the cheek. It wasn’t a warm, affectionate one either. She was still a little mad.

“ Is anyone home?” Laura asked, glancing towards Sally Fletcher’s house.

“ No. Alfred went fishing, Sally and Cassandra are at school. Ric is at work, and little Pippa is with Madge Wilkens. Did you want a drink? It’s a tiring drive from the city.”

“ A cup of coffee please.” Laura decided. She’s met the owner of this house several times and liked Sally Fletcher. She was acting principal at the local school. Laura glanced down at the newspaper she bought along the way and shook her head. She had just read the font-page news about Barry Hyde. To think all this time it had been him. She barely knew the man but apparently it wasn’t the first time he had killed someone. He had also murdered the mother of his son.

“ Is this your client?” Laura asked, pointing to the mug shot of Barry Hyde. “ I hope you get the toughest sentence there is.”

Morag sighed, “ Barry Hyde happens to be a good friend of mine. We are hoping for a lighter sentence.”

Laura stared at her, “ Whatever for Morag? He’s killed two people in cold blood and you think he deserves a lighter sentence?”

“ You aren’t the only one who thinks so. The whole town is divided over this. The murder of Josh West was an accident.”

“ The murder of that poor boy’s mother was certainly no accident. Hyde knew exactly what he was doing.”

“ He was protecting his son from his wife!” Morag exploded, “ he had no choice!”

Laura held up her hands in defeat, “ All right. I didn’t come down here to get in another fight with you. I thought we were going to talk things through.”

And they did and things were back on track. Morag had thawed a little but at least she was now back to being affectionate towards Laura.

“ Barry Hyde is being transferred to the city. His son and his girlfriend will be coming with us. How about it if you came along with us?”

“ I don’t know. I barely know them-“

“ To support me. We’ll leave in a couple of days. “

“ All right.” Laura agreed.

A few days later, they were on their way again. Kim Hyde and Rachel Armstrong were traveling in Morag’s car while Laura traveled in her own.

“ How is your father holding up?” Morag asked Kim.

“ Just barely. He’s trying to be strong for my sake, but I can see its tearing him inside. Morag, you have go to try to get him off. He does not belong in prison.”

“ A lot of people don’t see it that way.” Rachel murmured.

“ I know. But it’s worth a shot isn’t it?” Kim asked and they both nodded.

Morag took her eyes of the road for a split second to smile assuringly at the younger man.

“ Morag, watch out!” she heard Rachel scream from the backseat. Her head whipped around just in time to see a another car bearing down on them. She braked hard but the car went into a spin and slid off the road and into a tree.

Then there was nothing but blackness.

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