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Boyd's time in Tasmania

Guest Josh

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The girl Boyd slept with in Tasmania is named Glennys Forrest, and one of the Finale week spoilers said "Boyd guiltily hides a Christmas message from Alex." Presumably Glennys is Alex, probably one is her middle name.

In Fatal Attraction, Glen Close played Alex Forrest, the woman who Michael Douglas had a one night stand with, and starts stalking him after he ignores him.

Does anyone else think this storyline is a thinly veiled homage to Fatal Attraction?

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Alex is what Glennys was going to be called by the story team before someone pointed out that there was likely to be confusion with Alex Kinski.

So her name was almost Alex Forrest, and they changed her first name to Glen? This is has gone past coincidence.

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Is Boyd really interesting enough to get himself a stalker? :blink::o:huh:

Was Dan Gallagher? Think about the facts - Boyd saves her from drowning, sleeps with her and abandons her to return to his wife. She has the same last name as the stalker from Fatal Attraction, and the same first name as the actor who played her. She is now trying to contact him, and according to TV guides, has tracked him down. I think this may be a fair indication of where the storyline is going.

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