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Icon Inspirations #1

Guest aejdude

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Ok, so i will now post the entries i have and then anyone who would to write a story on any one of the icons can then feel free to do so. You have two options:

1. You can email any icon entry based story to me, my email address is in my profile.


2. You can PM me with your story entry, this can either involve you sending me the story via PM i.e. copying the whole story into the PM or you can upload the word document flie to Yousendit or Megaupload and i can download it from there by you giving me the link.

It's up to you, whatever suits you best. :wink:

If you've thought of a more convienient way for you to send it then either PM me with your suggestions or post your ideas in the original Icon Inspirations thread.

Here are the entries :D:




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No, because it isn't a contest as such. People come in here just to look at the icons and then choose which one they would like to write a story on.

Guidelines for you all

The maximum length for any story is 1500 words, however you don't have to write this much for it to be an acceptable length for example if you start off by writing 500 words and you have finished the story in that length then that's ok, however the longer stories would probably be more fun to read! :)

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