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Summer Bay Teens

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This is my first fic so I don't really know how it's going to turn out


Matilda, Cassie, Ric and Lucas were walking out of Summer Bay High.

Ric : Hey Matty come here a min.

Matilda : Yeah sure, what do you want?

Ric : Can we go for a walk later, down on the beach?

Matilda : Sure, any particular reason?

Ric : I'll tell you later. I'll meet you at the end of your drive at 6

Matilda and Cassie are in Matilda room with several outfits on the bed.

Matilda : So I need to look drop dead gorgeous but in a casual way.

Cassie : Right I understand.

Matilda : Not that I think that he wants to get together. He just said 'can we go for a walk'

Cassie : Of course he does. He thinks the absolute world of you. You should see the

looks he gives you when he thinks that no one is looking.

At the surf club

Lucas : So, tonight's the night.

Ric : Yep, I don't think I've ever been this nervous! Is everything set up at the beach?

Lucas : For the last time yes. Mate I don't think I've ever seen you like this.

Robbie walks over

Robbie : Ric, nervous? Did I just hear right? Why you nervous mate?

Ric : None of your business.

It's now 6 and Ric is waiting outside Matilda's house.

She comes out looking casually stunning wearing a halter top, skirt and flip

flops. Her hair was loose which is the way Ric likes it.

Matilda : So are you going to tell me why you want to talk to me alone without Cassie

or Lucas?

Ric : In a bit. Lets just walk for a bit first.

Matilda : Ok, fine.

They got to the beach and Ric lead Matilda round to a seculded part.

Matilda : Where are we going?

Ric : You'll see in a minute. But first just sit on that rock there.

Matilda sat on the rock.

Ric sat down beside her.

Ric : Matilda, we have been friends for a very long time, ever since I first moved to

the bay and you were the only one who would talk to me. We've been great

friends but there has always been part of me that wanted more.

So, Matilda, will you do the very great honour of being my girlfriend?

Matilda couldn't believe it, it was like all her dreams come true.

Matilda : YES, yes yes yes yes of course I will. I feel the exact same way!

Ric : Come here then

and Ric pulled Matilda into a hug.

Ric : And on that note I have a surprise for you. Come round here.

He led Matilda round the rocks where there was a table set out all posh

with a meal ready to eat and it was all candle lit.

Matilda : Wow this is amazing. Did you do all this?

Ric : Well I had a little help from Lucas …. And Cassie.

Matilda : Cassie was in on this?

Ric : Well I had to find out for sure how you felt about me. But I told her not to say


Matilda : I can't believe you'd go to all this trouble for me.

The evening went perfectly. They never once ran out of things to say and

both really liked being in each others company. But somewhere else, another

teenagers problems were just beginning to unravel which would change

some people's lives.

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This is just a short chapter and nothing much happens but they will soon.


Matilda : Hey Cass it’s Matilda, obviously you're busy but I just phoned to say that I had a

wonderful night last night and now me and Ric are going out! He told me that

you were in on it so I wanted to say thanks. Well, call me when you get this


At the beach - Lucas and Ric were walking out of the sea holding their

surf boards.

Lucas : So did you kiss her?

Ric : No, I didn’t want to pressure her into taking things too far too quickly.

Lucas : Fair enough

Meanwhile Cassie was just walking out of the chemist holding a bag.

Ric : Hey how are you?

Matilda : I'm just perfect thank you.

Ric : So are you busy later?

Matilda : Well I was going to see if Cass wanted to hang out but she's not answering

her phone.

Lucas : That's not like her! She's usually got that thing glued to her ear.

Ric : Well as you have nothing else to do, do you want to go for a walk along the


Matilda : Yeah sure, sounds fun. Let me just go home and tell mum I'm going to be out for

: the afternoon. And I might get changed into something more suitable.

Ric : What your wearing is fine but then you look good in anything.

Meanwhile Cassie was arriving home and going to the bathroom with a bag in

her hand. She pulled out the box and revealed a pregnancy test!!!!

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