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My cute avatar!

Guest Bloom

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Bit of a pointless thread lol, but do you all think of my avatar? I am OBSESSED with that cute little girl, i have her on my MSN display pic, on all the forums i go on, myspace, everywhere! shes just so darn cute :D

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Your cute little avatar isn't allowed. Only Character or Actor avatars *if you understand what I'm on about*

9) Only Home and Away related Avatars (icons under your name) are permitted for use on the Forum. Images on other subjects are strictly not allowed. They must be of 100x100px and no more than around 25kb in file size. If you aren't using an image from our Gallery, it must be hosted on your own webspace or from a website you have permission to use. Please do not use flashing images as your avatar, in respect of members who suffer from epilepsy. Avatars should also be kept spoiler free. If you are unsure whether or not your avatar contains a spoiler, please post in the "Avatar Authorisation Thread" located in the "Comments and Suggestions" board, before you set it as your avatar.

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