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The Liar, The Lies And More Lies

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Hey guys, this is my next one.

I had an Idea of when the Hunters have JUST moved to the Bay,and it's the new year so it's a new school year. I have jumbled up the families a bit, but I think I've done pretty well if I do say so myself. There aren't a lot of families, but I'll make do.


They never went to boarding school, Jack is still alive, they moved straight from their farm into Summer Bay life, and live in Sally and Flynn's old house...remember that? Anyway, Henry and Matilda are brats, Robbie loves science, but his experiments don't always work, Kit's a rebel and Jack hates her, Scott tries to take care of everyone, like he was when he really DID move, Beth tries to be loving to all her children, but Jack favours Scott and is a bit rough with all the others, sort of. Question: Was Beth's first husband really named 'Jack? Coz I am not sure...


Kerry is still alive, and Kim doesn't know about Jonathan, and Kerry didn't kill him, he really did drown, but they didn't tell Kim. Barry and Kerry have been fighting a lot lately.


Owned by Irene, her foster children being Hayley who is dating Noah, but she drags him round a bit like a puppy (thanks Skykat for the inspiration to make Hayley a TOTAL cow!!) and Nick, no Tasha yet.


Shelley and Rhys are happily married (I didn't want them to have a bad marriage coz I didn't feel like it, maybe later) with their 3 girls and Max. Dani is Hayley's best friend, but secretly has a crush on Noah, Jade is dating Nick, and Kirsty is secretly dating Kane, with a bit of an enemy thing with Hayley, as she thinks she's a cow, and doesn't know how Dani is her best friend.


Irene, Colleen, Alf and Leah work their and Morag and Alf own the flat above the diner, but Morag only STAYS their sometimes, and Sally and Flynn live with Alf, with no kids, as Sally can't have them. Sally is a school teacher still, and Flynn works at the drop-in centre and the hospital


Not much has changed. Oh wait, yes it has! There's of course, Leah and VJ, but Vinnie is still alive, and works...where does Vinnie work? Does anyone know. Sorry, where DID he USED to work?? Anyway, that's tyhem done, sorry if my spelling is wonky, or my punctuation is wrong


Noah lives there to help it over night, and Shelley and Flynn work their, too.

Note: I have left out a lot of characters, but will add a lot in

Note: There is no palace

Note:Hayley, Dani, Noah, Kit and Kim are all the same age, because it's easier that way!

I'd love to know what you think!! Please read and reply, I'll try and update soon!!!

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It sounds good! Looking forward to reading it! I think Vinnie used to be a lifeguard? I'm not sure, but i do remember that he moonlighted as a stripper. lol.

yeah vinnie was a lifeguard...i memba coz i used to love watching him taking his yellow top off and running into the water :lol:

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LOL thanks for aLL YOUR COMMENTS here it is:

Hunter House

The kids are all getting ready for school " Oh my gosh!" Beth squeals "I can't believe it's Kit's last year! It seems like only yesterday she started...don't you think so Jack?"

" Ugh, whatever!" Jack replies, keeping his eye on the news.

" Oh, THANKS Dad" Kit exclaims sarcastically

"Kit, honestly, I'm TRYING to watch the news! Anyways, Scott me boy, coming down to the horses with me?" he asks his favourite son

" Yeah 'course Dad!" Scott replies, happy to be asked. When his father had left the room he continued with " And Kit? Don't worry about starting a new school. You might even meet a cute guy" he teased.

" Shut up Daddy's boy" Kit grumbles and leaves for school

Summer Bay High

Kim's locker won't open. He slams the door with his hand angrily. Kit comes up to the locker next to him and puts her stuff in. Kim hits his locker again. " you right there?" she asks

" Uh, not really, my lockers, uhhhhhhh.....sort of....." he stutters, staring at her.

" Stuffed?" Kit supplies

" yeah" Kit fiddles with the locker for awhile, and it swings open as she walks off, pleased with herself, leaving Kim gobsmacked. She turns her head around to take one more look at him, smiles at him, and Kim uncertainly smiles back, wondering who on earth that girl was.

The Diner

" COL-LEEN!!!! Stop gabbin' and get the flamin' hell ON with it!" Alf yells

" Anyway dear, you say you're new here? Well, you can come to me for all your gossip needs!" Colleen gabs, winking at Beth " COOOOOLLLLLLLEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!!!!!!!" Alf shouts at the top of his lungs.

Beth laughs slightly " ahh, I love this place, don't you?" She asks her husband.

"Uhhhhh, yeahhhhh" Jack replies, staring at kerry eating her breakfast alone.

Summer bay High

Kit walks past a group of boys, who happen to be Kim's " friends" Kim is in the group, but not doing what they're doing (which is jeering, and bullying Kit) but also doesn't stop them, which makes Kit angrier. She stops to take a look at them, and then realises Kim. 'I thought he seemed okay.I fixed his locker. Why won't he even stick up for me?' Kit wondered. she suddenly realised she was standing doing nothing and yelled " Get Stuffed!" at the crowd and walked off, feeling somwething strange stirring inside of her, as she looked back at Kim Hyde, who was refusing to make eye contact with her. He was a bit of a coward though. What was wrong with him? He didn't stand up for her, when she just KNEW he wanted to. Far out, now she was jumping to conclusions. But there was something about him. Kit could not just walk away from it, either. She'd never been like this. She'd always been independant, and could stick up for herself, and never wanted or need a friend, or more than that. Why now? She prayed he'd come after her. She wanted to just talk to him. She looked back one last time, catching his eyes for once, looked straight into them and gave the look that said " thanks a lot" Finally though, Kim camed to his senses just as she turned around and hurried off, he went after her. (Authors Note: Sorry if that bit didn't make a whole lot of sense, but , that's the way i wrote it, sorry!)

Hunter House

Scott is talking to someone on the phone about a ute.

He hangs up, just as his parents walk into the house, and runs up and hugs them both at the same time tightly. " You didn't tell me you bought a ute for me!" he exclaims

Beth turns around and glares at her husband " He didn't tell me, either." she says angrily.

Summer Bay High

Kim catches up to kit " Hey!" he pants, out of breath from running

" Um, hi, she says uncertainly, still walking, ignoring him a bit

" Okay, okay, look, I'm sorry, I porbably should've stuck up for you, even though I don't really know who your are, but you did fix my locker, so i guess that's the least i can do, right? So happy now?"

" Very" she smiles " Kit Hunter, by the way, incase you care. I was like that at my old school. No one liked me or anything, teased me and stuff, but i thought I'd be able to start new, actually have friends. I was probably wrong again then. I mean, when I helped you with your locker, you didn't tease me or anything, so you seemed okay, and I was hoping we'd be friends or something, but..."

" You talk fast. And a lot. Deep breath, okay? Yeah, well, maybe we are friends now. But, I don't know, you might ruin my image" Kim teases

" You have an image? Don't make me laugh!"

I have to sytop their, more soon!!! PS. Not much of a cliffhanger, but there will be trouble. The next few chapters are trouble in the Hunter family, so, I'll do that then, not much of a soapie just yet, but just you wait, it's coming!

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Thanks for your replies. Here's the next bit:

Hunter House

"OKay, let me get this straight. You bought a Ute, a Ute we bareley even NEED with out one hint, not even a WORD to me, and expect me to be okay with it? We're not made of money, Jack!! And even if we were, why SCOTT!!! We have 4 other children, incase you haven't noticed, who could use with your love and care once in awhile. Don't you think they'd be hurt? Jealous that you picked Scott over them?" Beth yelled at her husband

"Oh, come ON Beth!! You know very well Scott deserves it more than any of our kids do! The twins are brats, Robbie will always find someway to muck things up, and Kit!! Well, Kit does everything I DON'T want her to do!!"Jack shot back angrily, thinking there was nothing wrong in what he'd done

"UH!"Beths eyes widened as if she'd been slapped as Jack said those words, and stormed into their room angrily, slamming the door like a bratty teenager would do, but she couldn't contain herself, although she''d told her very own children off for doing that very thing. Jack, also angry about their argument, stormed out of the house off to a bar to, hopefully meet a young sheila to take his mind of all this, to get away from his old, pesty family, and to drink himself silly, spending all the money he'd earnt on drinks, which he had no problem with.

Hyde House

Kim and Kit have walked back to Kim's house to "hang out" for a bit, but stop suddenly when they reach the front door. They can hear two loud voices going off at eachother, and Kim would recognise them anywhere. Hé was used to his parents fighting all the time, and barely got a break from it. Hopefully this Kit Hunter girl would be able to get his mind off all this. They both jumped at the sound of a glass being thrown to the floor being smashed into a million minute little pieces. Kim looks at Kit and mouths the word "We do NOT want to go in there" he gestures to the beaten up yellow car in the driveway, and Kit nods, impressed. 'He has a car and his P's toö' she thinks to herself, hopping in and they speed off down the road.

Hyde House, inside

"Barry! Why are you all of a sudden turning this around on ME? You're the one never home!" Kerry shouts at him, and unexpectedly slams her fist on the wall angrily, screams "UGH!!! I've had enough, I'm getting OUT!" and runs out of the house crying, jhops into HER car and speeds off. Barry sits at their table and sighs.

Beach House (Irene's)

Hayley and Noah are making out on the lounge, when Dani walks in. She watches for a moment longingly, and all of a sudden shakes herself, and gets their attention

Hunter House

It's dark out, and the Hunters (Beth, Matilda, Henry, Robbie and Scott) are sitting around their living area. "Mum I'm hungry!" Matilda whines. "Can't Kit and Dad hurry up and get home!"

"Yeah, I'm hungry too" Henry joins in

"Guys, just give Mum a BREAK!" Scott exclaims, frustrated with the twins

"Yeah, give us all one"Robbie adds

"You know what kids? I don't care. Let's eat!" Beth says, exasperated, and she serves their food


Kerry skulls the last of her drink, and Jack walks up to her "Can I buy you a drink there, Miss?" Jack asks

"Well, aren't you the gentlemen" Kerry jokes sort of drunkingly

Hunter House

Beth and the kids (not Kit) finish off their dinner when Kit waltzes in. "Hey everyone!"She exclaims happily

"Kit! I was worried sick! Why didn't you CALL!! I was so worried. You just didn't show up home!" Beth exclaims

"Mum, chill. I'm okay. I was just hanging! No biggie!" Kit replies without a care in the world

"Yes, it is. What if you were HURT? Where were you?"

"Just having a ride with a guy from school" Kit responds

"A ride with a stranger! Kit, I thought you were more mature than that!" Beth says

"Mum, Kim is NOT a stranger. He's cool. Besides, I'll do what I want. I can hang out if I want to you know!"

"Kit! Why do you always have to argue. You know what, maybe your father was right."

"Right? Right about what?" Kit asks suspiciously

"Nothing. Forget it" Beth replies quickly

"No come on. Tell me. That I'm useless? That I'm a horrible daughter? That everyone hates me? You know what, FINE! Be like that! I'll just go live my own life if you hate me soi much!" Kit cries and runs out of the house


Kerry and Jack have been talking for awhile

"So. Are you married?" Jack asks flirtatiously.

"Yes, but 'we can pretend I'm not"

"Sure" Jack responds, and they leave together

The Beach

Kim walks along and sees Kit crying and runs over to her

"Hey! Are you okay?" he asks

"No! My family all hate me" she cries sobbing onto Kims shoulder. He holds her for awhile, and she slowly looks up. After a moment of URST, they kiss.

That was that. CLIFFHANGER:

Will Jack and Kerry have an affair? How far will it go?

What will happen between Dani and Noah, or Hayley and another man?

Will Kit and Kim's relationship last?

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