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Friday 29 September 2006, 7:00 GMT Friday 29 September 2006



The Soap Show

"The Soap Show" is a Hit With Soap Stars and Their Fans

LONDON, September 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's first internet radio show devoted to British and Australian soaps is proving a hit with soap stars and fans alike.

The Soap Show (www.thesoapshow.com) features weekly interviews with the stars of soaps such as Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Neighbours, as well as classic soaps like Crossroads and Prisoner Cell Block H.

In just a few months the show has attracted tens of thousands of listeners from around the world, as well as some big names from the world of soap. Recent guests have included Blair McDonough (Stuart in Neighbours), currently starring in the West End smash The Vegemite Tales, former Bad Girls and Emmerdale star Claire King, Kerry Stacey who plays Tonicha in Emmerdale and stars of Aussie classics Prisoner and Sons & Daughters.

Soap Show host Ian explains: "We give actors the space to talk about their careers and share the stories the fans want to hear. Each topic in the interview is separated into individually named audio files, so listeners can scan down our radio player list and either listen to the whole interview, or just the part of it that interests them."

The weekly show is available to listen to on demand for seven days. It is accompanied by an extensive website which is full of features, interviews, reviews and weekly episode guides to the soaps. There is also an active forum for listeners to suggest questions for upcoming guests and request who they'd like to hear on future shows. "This means the show can be a much more interactive experience for both the listeners and the guests," says Ian.

The Soap Show has created a buzz on fan sites and discussion forums, as well as recently being featured on BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon programme.

Guests lined up for The Soap Show for October include Ryan Moloney (Toadfish in Neighbours), Lynne McGranger (Irene in Home & Away) and a host of other well known actors from shows such as Coronation Street, Bad Girls and Prisoner. Dream Team and Footballers Wives actress Emma Gilmour, soon to appear in Corrie, will also be on the show talking exclusively about the untrue tabloid rumours that her father is Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Here is the link for the Interview with Roger Oakly..Tom Fletcher.


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